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Raymond H. Dietrich
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May 14, 2014
The world has lost a great man - but his legacy will live through all his students.
January 11, 2014
Thoughts About Ray Dietrich (see attachment)
December 18, 2013
I know that Mr. Dietrich is now leading the heavenly choir with his musical gifts just as he touched so many of our own lives with the wonderful gifts and blessings he bestowed upon us all.
The world was a better place thanks to him...

Bay View HS, Class of '71
December 16, 2013
I was one of the fortunate ones to have Mr Dietrich as a teacher and mentor at BCHS(class of 83). The most useful skill is that practice applies to everything in ones life, not just music. My deepest condolences to the entire family. You were truly blessed with a special man.
December 14, 2013
What an awesome man. When I get to heaven I will be anticipating shaking his hand and thanking him for everything he has taught me.
December 14, 2013
My deepest condolences. Mr D and the rest of the Music Dept made my years at BVHS happy ones. I wish I would have tried out for Chorale as I missed time with a special educator. I was in Orchestra. Class of 83'
December 14, 2013
I'm sorry to here about your lose, I remember him from the choirs I was in at the church. 60s to 1970 the music world lost a good man
December 14, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was a great person. I did not have the pleasure of having him as a teacher, however he was a familiar face in the halls of his Alma Mater Bay View High School. I looked forward to talking to him and his wife each time I seen them. His memory shall live on. He was a faithful servant. May God bless his wife and family and may his legacy continue to impact countless individuals. God Bless. ~~~Class of 2010~~~
December 12, 2013
I did not have Mr. Dietrich as an instructor at Bay View High School, but I wish I had. My contact with him was mainly as a stage crew member for the many musical productions that occurred during the school year. It was no wonder why Bay View was the original arts specialty school in the MPS system. Mr. Dietrich, Mr. Seroogy, and Mr. Hepner made our school number one, hands down, in the musical arts. No doubt, Mr. Dietrich was the hub of that wheel which made up our musical department during that era.
He was not only an incomparable musician, but a teacher as well. Thank you Mr. Dietrich, for being such an awesome teacher, and role model. Thank you for all the beauty you gave us through your leadership and musicianship. There are many teachers and school districts that could learn from your sage experience. Another bright light has gone and will be sorely missed. God bless you sir. My deepest sympathies to the Dietrich family.
December 12, 2013
Mr. Dietrich is the reason I'm still singing today, at church, at home, in choirs at work. He was a special man and my prayers go out to his family. (class of 1975)
December 11, 2013
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Ray was my supervising teacher during my senior year at UWM. He was a wonderful musician, a dedicated teacher, and a true gentleman. He had a knack for producing the very best. He will be greatly missed but the ways he touched our lives will live on. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
December 10, 2013
I am Jen Eggers, BV '68 grad & had Mr Deitrich for A Capella Choir. A fine musician & wonderful person. Treasured memories of him. Sympathy to you all.
December 09, 2013
I too was so honored to be a student of Mr. Dietrich. He was a great teacher. He and Joe Seroogy were brave enough to take the orchestra and choir to Europe and what an amazing trip it was. Memories of which I brag about quite often. My condolences to the family.
December 09, 2013
What a great man! Mr.D taught me more than just music. I will never forget his dedication to teach both in and out of the classroom.
December 09, 2013
May you rest in peace. You were an awesome teacher at bayview. Yes you were one of my awesome teachers. God bless your family
December 09, 2013
I not only enjoyed being in Orchestra but also Acapella Choir. And most recently the Alumni Choir. What a dear and wonderful man, his love of music brought everyone together. My deepest sympathy to his family and all who loved him. Angels are definitly singing on high. Graduate 1969
December 09, 2013
One year at Bay View, Mr. Dietrich was my piano teacher. He was very knowledgable in music, and I was greatful to have him as my teacher. Rest in peace my friend
December 09, 2013
My deepest sympathies to the Dietrich family. Mr. Dietrich was a wonderful influence in my life (and countless others) as my choir director from age 6 to 18. He was an without question part of the fabric of the Ascension Lutheran family. It is not often that men which have his reach and influence come into our lives. He was a blessing to us all and will be missed. We on earth were richer for his life, heaven is richer with his passing. God speed.
December 09, 2013
Ellie. sorry to hear about Ray. I enjoyed talking to both of you at Ray doctor appointments. Ray touched my heart and will never be forgotten
December 09, 2013
I am an Honor Flight volunteer and want to thank Raymond (one last time) for his service to our country. I won't be able to attend his services, but will be saying an extra prayer for him and all veterans today.
December 09, 2013
Our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Dietrich and family. I was in the orchestra at Bay View under his direction. Class of 1959. My husband golfed with him during the last 20 years with the Oak Wood Men's Golf league. It was such a joy to see him have such a long life and so active. Sorry we will not beable to attend the funeral.
December 09, 2013
I am so very thankful that I had Ray Dietrich in my life both as a student and as an adult. I had the great honor of singing with him in the BVHS Alumni Choir in recent years, and hold those memories very dear. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you shared.
December 09, 2013
Mr Dietrich has been a huge influence on my life. I often refer to my singing experiences with him when speaking to my 8 children who all love singing. I am sure his influence will be felt by many generations to come. Thank you to his family for sharing him with us. Class of "77

Life's Puzzle
Life is like a puzzle with all the different pieces together making up
the picture of our life.
Periodically, a piece is yanked away and taken
to a place we cannot see.
At times, it may seem as though too many pieces
or too large of a piece is gone
to be able to see what the picture of our life is.
We may feel disconnected or as though we no longer have a puzzle
we belong to.
We may resist letting other pieces fill the missing spots,
feeling that the ones we love and miss
could never be replaced.
When we open our hearts and eyes,
we realize the pieces that are available to fill the void
are not replacements.
Instead, they make up a different picture, one that we too
are part of.
In the end, when we are yanked, we discover the pieces that went before us are assembled on the other side
waiting for our return.
It is then we see that the grand picture
is not only the original we so fondly remember,
but a composite of all the various
scenes of our life.
If we could only see that “grand composite” while here in this existence,
it would perhaps give us the courage to let go of pieces that need to leave
in order to allow others in
to help fill the grandeur
of what can be.
May we look beyond what we see as voids,
which are waiting for us elsewhere,
toward the possibilities of what our life can be…
ever changing.

Written by Rose Doty Voigt
December 09, 2013
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ann. -- Debbie and Jim Melcarek
December 09, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was not only an exceptional music director for Bay View, but an exceptionally kind man. I was fortunate to be in his concert choir from 1976 to 1977. My deepest sympathies to family and close friends.
December 08, 2013
It is often that I find myself reflecting upon my time at Bay View High School. Almost without exception, my first thoughts bring me into the company of Mr Dietrich. I was fortunate enough to perform under his tutelage in a variety of chiors, in a large number of venues. Those were magical times.On a visit to Milwaukee about 7 years ago I spotted Ray and Ellie in a store in New Berlin.It was I who recognized him but it was he who remembered me. We spoke for perhaps 15 minutes, he recalled things about me that I had long forgotten,he remembered things about my family that I never knew he knew. It was remarkable. Mr Dietrich was a gift to us all.
December 08, 2013
My prayers for the family of this wonderful man. I have always remembered him as my favorite teacher. I graduated Bay View in 1956. Was in two musicals back then and in the Acappella choir. Have never forgotten him and how I learned to appreciate and love music. Nancy Nimmer Nowak
December 08, 2013
Thank you Mr.Dietrich for being part of my life and filling my heart with the love of music. You were always so kind .
My deepest sympathy to the Dietrich family .
December 08, 2013
Thoughts and prayers for the Dietrich family. Mr Dietrich was a great influence on me during my years at Bay View. The choir, the Chorale and the Musicals will always be some of my best memories. God bless Mr. Dietrich.
December 08, 2013
I taught with Ray at Bay View High School for many years. He was one of the finest musicians I ever met, yet he taught so much more than music. Ray believed in teaching his students about life outside of the classroom and off the stage. He took his students to other parts of our country as well as Europe, exploring other cultures and meeting other young people. He taught kindness and decency. He taught respect and manners. He taught kids to have pride in their school and strength in their character, virtues that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I mourn his passing not only because I have lost a dear friend, but also because the world has lost a master teacher and an exemplary human being.
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich will always be a wonderful memory of my years at Bay View. I have always liked music but he taught me to appreciate it and love it. My most fondest memory will be our Alumni Choir. We had a good many years of fun. I also saw that his teaching ways have not changed but that's why we sounded great.

Our singing brought joy to many as he has brought joy to us.

A great man with great memories.

My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Dietrich and the entire family.

Love and prayers to you all.
Sonia Hass
Class of 1977
December 08, 2013
We have so many fond memories of singing in the Ascension Senior choir under Ray's outstanding direction. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Diedrich family.
Loren and Cindi Larsen
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was like no other. I have never known a kinder, gentler human being. He was beloved by everyone he touched. I am the class of '68 and still remember him fondly. I couldn't sing a note, but he tried his best! God bless him, God bless his family. Heaven is a much better place with Mr. Dietrich directing the heavenly choir. Tears and sadness for those who never knew this wonderful man. Godspeed.
December 08, 2013
To Ellie, Joan, Ann, John, and all the rest of Ray's family and friends.

Friday, I lost my friend and colleague of many years. We were friends since we were boys. He being 7 years older than me. We grew up together singing in the Ascension Choirs and later I became his assistant at Ascension for 11 years. I also joined him on the faculty, directing the band and some of the choral groups, at both of our alma maters, Bay View High School, for 23 years. Through the years, he and his wife Ellie, and I and my wife Rieanne, became good fiends. There was one common thread in our lives, the love of music. After retirement, we and our wives met regularly for lunch,reminiscing about all the great experiences we shared together in our lives. Music was our love, but also the love of our church and families.
And so, until we meet again, my friend. Goodby.

Hep and Rieanne Hepner

As most of you know, I'm blind (macular degeneration) so thanks to my wife for typing this.
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was a very bright light in my memories of Bay View High School. I remember fondly my choir audition as a very shy Freshman in 1980, in which his patience and encouragement helped me find my voice. Starting out very timidly, I sang "Silver Bells" while he accompanied me on the piano. By the end of the audition we were both smiling, me singing quite loudly as his animated and beautiful piano playing filled the room. I joined choir and swing choir just to be a part of the magical musical wonderland he created for BVHS. His kindness and support made my high school experience and the many, many students whose hearts he touched with his deep commitment to the arts absolutely unforgettable. Rest in peace, Mr. Dietrich! I am quite sure you are directing choirs of angels up in heaven.
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was the most influential music teacher in my life and the lives of so many. I will never forget him! "Listen to the music." Swing Choir - Class of 81
December 08, 2013
I will never forget Mr. Dietrich. He was a wonderful teacher and a great person. May God watch over his family here on earth while he leads the choir in heaven. God bless.
December 08, 2013
He was such a huge influence on me and passed his love for "good" music on to me. I will never forget him! A wonderful teacher and man! Prayers to his family!
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich played an important role in the most wonderful times of my teen years. He was an excellent role model, saw talent and beauty in me that I did not, and helped me to grow and build self-confidence. He encouraged me to join the chorale and try out for the musicals and I had a wonderful high school experience as a result. His faith was evident in the love and patience he exuded when working with all of his students.

I was glad to reconnect through the alumni choir and felt so privileged to again sing before him in the Bay View auditorium during that time.

He was a wonderful man, and I will be honored to sing for him one last time as a member of the alumni choir.
December 08, 2013
Mrs. Dietrich, Joan, Ann and John! I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Dietrich's passing. I was one of his high school kids in the Young People's Choir back in the late 60's and early 70's...when Jim Homme was pastor at Ascension. Please accept my condolences. He was a wonderful man. Heaven will now have a beautiful choir with a terrific director. Blessings to you and your family.
Susie Fuglesang Korevec
December 08, 2013
My years in the art dept./ musicals at BVHS, were always better than possible because of Ray's kindness, leadership & loving heart. He will be missed, but what a light he shone on everyone he touched.
December 08, 2013
Ray Dietrich touched so many,many lives with his musical gifts.He will always be remembered as a musical magician, after all not many people have an auditorium named after them! Ray worked endlessly to bring musical happiness to so many for so long. I just know that he is leading the angelic choir in heaven. Rest in Peace, dear teacher,dear friend.
Joyce(DeNoyer) Plewa-Richards.
December 08, 2013
Mr. Dietrich was my music teacher @ BVHS until 1981. He was & is the Teacher that influenced me the most. He & his wife Ellie became dear friends after I worked with & became lifelong friends with his son John. Ray was, is, & Always will be an Amazing Man!!!
December 08, 2013
I was one of those student who was taught by Mr. Dietrich. I am a better person because of his leadership and teaching skills. I was truly part of a music legacy at Bay View HS that will always bring warm memories of my youth and a great appreciation for music in a child's life. God Bless You. You are in a better place. 'Class of 68
December 08, 2013
Man is the composer of his own life
He can make it a symphony or a durge
Let us leave the funeral music to others
And concentrate on concertos

Mr Dietric" concentrated on music as his "life". He will be so missed by so many as our director is now answering his call to direct the choir on high. God Speed.
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