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December 13, 2017

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December 13, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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October 05, 2012
Today is the third anniversary of the day we lost our lovely daughter. I often re-read all of these entries when I need a reminder of all the people who knew and cared for Laura, and need to remind myself of all the lives she touched and that she lives on in remembrance of her acts and deeds. Thank you all for your kind and inspiring words. My grief is lessening as time goes on, but the pain of my loss remains. Bryan J. Dunlop
May 17, 2012
Almost 3 years later and I still miss Laura. She was a truly remarkable and kind person. Although I knew her briefly, she left an impact. I knew I had met someone that would remain with me forever. God's blessings.
November 17, 2010
Dear Harriet and Bryan. I wanted to send you my deepest sympathy on the loss of you daughter. It has been many years since we last spoke but I think of you often with fond memories. You are in my prayers.
Karen (Krabbenhoft) Caumartin
June 20, 2010
Dear Dunlop Family,

I think of Laura often and know that she would have just celebrated her 32nd birthday last week. Laura and I had just reunited last June for the first time in about 10 years. She was in DC for a conference and we got together for dinner and it was as if no time had passed at all. I was looking forward to visiting her in Atlanta.

Laura was such a wonderful person and I was very lucky to have called her a friend. She was great to me as I was the new girl at Portage Central my senior year of high school. We became inseparatable the summer before I went to MSU and I have lots of great memories including....our day trips to South Haven and digging for enough cans to buy huge ice cream cones from Shermans, our midnight Steak and Shake visits after clubbing (to age 18+ bars of course!), the Homestead vacation, visits to MSU and U of M.

I miss Laura greatly and am so sad that I don't get the opportunity to see her beautiful smile again.
June 14, 2010
Sweet Laura - still thinking of you.
March 09, 2010
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dunlop and Family,
I just happened to come upon this announcement while googling Laura's name. Laura and I became fast friends during our freshman year of college. She lived a few doors down from me at Stockwell Hall at U of M. We hung out together all the time, attending parties, goofing around, and just talking for hours. Laura was an amazing person. She was kind and considerate and deeply compassionate.
Although Laura and I lost touch as the years went on, I will always remember her as a fun-loving and caring individual. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I offer you my deepest condolences during this difficult time.
November 12, 2009
Dear Dr. & Mrs. Bryan Dunlop and Family, I was so sad to learn that Laura had passed away. I am so sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of knowing Laura when in 2005 she was an extern in my chambers working for the WA State Court of Appeals. She did a wonderful job for us. She was very smart, had a great personality, and we talked a lot about our dogs. She always made me laugh with all her stories. After her externship ended, we kept in touch on and off until she graduated from law school in 2007. I am certain you are all very proud of her. I know I was. I will miss her deeply.
October 30, 2009
Laura was one of the first kids I met when I moved to Portage from Pittsburgh around 5th grade. I was told that our fathers worked together, that our mothers had met, and that there was a girl in my grade that I would be meeting at school. My earliest memory was on the playground. Laura was on the swings with a giant blue bow in her blond hair and with the widest, cheerful smile on her face. I recall her shouting “hey, so you’re the new girl?” to my chagrin, and I distinctly remember her swinging very fast as she asked me this question, and oddly HIGHER than any of the other kids. I was extremely intimidated by her presence, probably because I was new, but also because Laura had such a powerful confidence in her young age. The other kids flocked to her in elementary school … she was introduced to me, and notoriously known, as one of the “coolest girls in school”.
I have few memories outside of our family vacations when we were young. I remember getting phone calls from Laura, trying to conceal my shyness upon answering, and hearing her energetic voice say “Hi! Do you want to play?” I remember being in awe of Laura on our various play dates. We would be in non-stop motion, and I think she could always tell I couldn’t really keep up. Her intensity never burned out. As a child, Laura had straight A’s, excelled in all of the sports, won most of the contests, and in her adulthood, Laura went to prestigious schools, moved around the country fearless and independent, and seemed to always know what she wanted next, and that it would be achieved. I recall several conversations with Laura in our early 20’s, when she would listen to me ramble on with my hypothetical impetuosity. Laura was too smart to “think too much”. She would eventually look me in the eye and say “just DO it”. All action, no talk. Laura had hard-core beliefs that she made passionately evident through the choices that she made. She was hard to please but easy to trust. THAT was one of the most beautiful things about Laura, and definitely what I most admired.
The truth is, and especially in her mid to late 20’s, if you ran into Laura and started a conversation, as many can confirm, she would sincerely only ask about your life, without one hint of how much she had already accomplished. Laura had an unmatched tenacity with her ambition, but she was also a rare individual who strived for success mainly to her own self-satisfaction. In fact, I have learned about her success over the years mostly from her family. Laura sometimes built around her an impenetrable wall that was hard to break through, but that was only because she was so hard on herself. Laura had a fire inside her. Very few people that burn with that intensity maintain stability and focus their energy in such positive and productive ways. I want every person who lost touch with Laura after high school to know how much guard she had let down in her early adulthood, that my last memories of her are mainly of her giggling, being silly, receiving her thank you and birthday cards, and of her sincere smile during our conversations. With time, she seemed to allow her natural sweet side to show more easily, and this was an observation I adored years ago. All of her friends at the funeral made this aspect of Laura take over the room … the women she had met throughout her life couldn’t have been more respectful, genuine, and loving individuals.
I do believe that Laura was hard to understand. I write that sentence with honesty and respect. To this day, when I am asked (the question we have all been asked, at least once) that if I could read one person’s secret journal out of all of the people I have met, Laura would be it, hands down. I have never been more reminded of Laura, and more impressed with Laura, than when I heard her father speak at the funeral. It is very true, as he said, that Laura loved her mother more than anything in the world, but I don’t think there is another father on this earth that could understand and relate to his daughter the way that Mr. Dunlop paid tribute. I learned more about Laura and what an amazing person she was during his speech than through my entire relationship with her, and I know that her father’s approval was paramount in her life. Actually, in the 20 or so years that I have known Laura, she spoke about her father more to me than about anyone else. He lauded her memory with the utmost honor and satiated her infinite spirit.
The last time I saw Laura she looked me right in the eye with that childhood confidence she so dearly owned, asked me about my life and, as always, listened intently. I’m sure I had nothing remarkable to say, but I remember her putting her arm on my back and saying “Neely, that’s excellent.” That is what I think of when I think of Laura. Excellence. There are very few people who use that word often, and Laura owned it. That day when she spoke it to me, her eyes were full of a soft, nonjudgmental love. Laura was a unique, brilliant and powerful woman. She was severely independent and never felt the need to declare it. I have thought of Laura in the past years many times when I have been in the hole of self doubt, because she is nothing short of an inspiration … and this will never change.

All my love in my heart forever Laura -Neely
October 18, 2009

We offer our deepest sympathy. When tragedy strikes and takes the life of our loved ones, many cry out with great sorrow. Your tears are not unnoticed by the Creator of Life. Never was it his purpose for our human lives to be taken away. Although your deep pain will not easily disappear, prayer to God will bring comfort to you as you grieve. The Bible assures us God "is healing the broken hearted ones, and is binding up their painful spot." Psalm 147:3
October 16, 2009
Dear Bryan and Harriett,
Although I never met Laura, I feel like I know her now through all of your words. However, I should have figured she was beautiful inside and out just knowing Harriet. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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