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Anthony Abato
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September 14, 2009
Anthony, Our 2nd Anniversary has come and gone since you have passed away. It's not any easier as time goes by. Phil is with you now. I bet between the two of you, you guys are keeping everyone in heaven laughing and smiling. I can hear your laughter, it makes me laugh and tears full my eyes. I love and miss you so much, Babe.
December 31, 2008
It's been 1 year and 1 day. I love you and miss you more and more. Let's pray for a better New Year for us all. Love you...
December 08, 2008
Happy Birthday...
I love and miss you so much.
Your Angel, Ruth
September 16, 2008
The next few days are going to be really rough for me. With you and God by my side watching over me makes the thought of it all a little more easier for me. I love and miss you, Forever and always, Your Angel, Ruth
September 03, 2008

Today is our 20th anniversary. I love you and miss you so much. I catch myself waiting for you to open the door, walk in and give me a big hug and kiss, then it hits me and I loose it. Some people tell me it's alright to cry and get it out, but on the other hand there is a few folks that tell me ''Tony never liked to see you cry. He doesn't want you sitting here crying for him. Smile and think of all the good times we all had with him.'' Both ways help a little, but neither can bring you back.

Your smile... you'd smile and it made everything better. It brightened the gloomiest of times and you had to smile with you. Your wink... always said I love you and made me feel so good. Your sense of humor got everybody laughing. You could deliver and pull off any joke. I miss your laugh.

Our love for each other has gotten us through so many goodtimes and the bad. I honesly don't think there is very many couples married or not that could stay together and still love each other like we do. It's the love and devotion for each other that made our love stronger each day that went by.

You, Monica and the boys were my life, everything is different now. I
ask God for courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, patience and tolerance. I ask him to watch over our families, friends and acquaintances and to let Monica and the boys know I love them and I always will.

Thank you for the best years of my life. I found a couple of pictures of us, before we were a couple. I can't believe we were so youthful. You hadn't changed much over the years. I told you that you are my tall, dark and very handsome man. Time and age will never change that.

I bet you have all the angels in heaven with you smiling and laughing. I hope we'll be in heaven togeher, side by side, hand in hand someday.

Happy Anniversary, Babe.
I LOVE YOU forever and always,
Your Angel... Ruth
July 21, 2008
I miss & love you so much. I miss your smile, your wink, your laugh, your joking around, your loving arms, your lips, your shoulders, our late night chats, gee I can go on & on.

You were God sent & we both know it. I asked God to change my life & he did. I was so numb and dumb I thought God truly listened and was answering me imediately. I thought the person my sister had with her was my answer, but I was totally wrong. I learned that the hard way. But it was a test... and a blessing because with all the stuff I was going through we met and got to know one another extremely well. As we told each other, we are soul-mates.

I remember the day I actually met you... I had the weirdest feeling & it kinda scared me. I never had that feeling before. A couple of months later you swore on your Maw-maw Mancini and your daughter that if I ever needed anything just let you know and you'd be there for me, it didn't matter what it maybe. At the time I didn't take it seriously, we were just friends then; I didn't know you very long, plus I didn't know very many people that kept their word.

The day you brought me up to meet your daughter, I knew something was up, but I didn't really realize how important it was for us until later.

After the Father's Day weekend ordeal you became very protective of me. You were detemined that nobody was going to get to me without going through you first. I felt very safe with you around.

I've been told that I was just your girlfriend, but other folks that know us better say... we are diffently more than friends, we are partners; we are truly in love; we are married in the eyes of most.
We always hoped neither of us was going anywhere away from the other... I can't believe your gone...I miss you so much.

I want to thank you for the best 20 years of my life. Of that we have been a couple for 19 yrs., 3 mos., and 28 days, before passed you away.

You kept telling me through the years that I couldn't die before you, because it wouldn't be fair to you & that you couldn't live without me. And I always told you "yeah you can" & I'd ask you, ''what I do for you that makes you think you couldn't live without me?'' You always replied "more than you'll ever know." I never understood it until it hit me a couple of months ago. We love each other for the way we are, through the goodtimes and the bad, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer. We've been through it all. You hung in there until you thought I was strong enough. You made me the way I am....thank you, Sweetheart.

It's hard, Babe, being here witthout you. I keep going over everything in my mind, you know, the we should of, could of, if this, if that, hind sight is 20/20. I wish we would of done several things differently.

I know your in heaven, painfree & whole. And that someday we'll be together again, I'll be painfree & whole with you. I love you so much, Babe...

Love you forever & always,
Your Angel... Ruth
July 10, 2008
Ruth and family
Our deepest sorrow is felt in the loss of Tony. He was such a special man. No one can compare, his humor, his kindness, and his love shined through. Our prayers and thought are with you.
March 02, 2008
Dear Anthony,

I'll see you soon.

Love, Ginny
February 01, 2008
I lived next to Tony (and Ruth) for over 10 years-best neighbors of all time!!! Tony was always caring helpful and definately funny!!! Me and Tiffany miss you!!!!!
January 08, 2008
Anthony, you were my best bud and you will be in my heart & memory forever. We had so many good times together back in the day. You always told the coolest & funniest stories. You made me smile everytime we got together. Say Hi to Frank Zappa for me dude!
Love Rog
January 08, 2008
Anthony, I choose to remember the good times we had together back in the day: you played harmonica & sang, and I danced. We knew each other for 41 yrs and I have never put you out of my heart, and never will. Thank you for our beautiful daughter Monica. Love Deb
January 08, 2008
My father was such a good man. He helped everyone and anyone. He was such a great father and grandfather to my children, they are who he lived for. It never mattered how bad he was feeling or what mood he was in, he would say bring my grandkids over. We can all hang out. He was so strong, to go thru what he went through. He will be missed greatly. I can remember the facial expressions he made, the jokes he told the songs he sang, he had so much soul. I was very lucky to have such a handsome father, that was so cool. He is the coolest man I know. I hated to see him pass so young, he had the rest of his life to live. But one thing I know I will see him in Heaven and I cant wait for that day. I Love him so much.
January 08, 2008
Dear Paw-paw u were the best grandpa I ever had. Paw-Paw used to swing with me all the time. I love u see u in Heaven. Your Grandson Angelo! Im sorry Grandpa that you died, I will always remeber all the good times we had, like, playing football when you tackled us that was so fun Love You, your Grandson Markeese. Hey Paw-Paw this is Anthony we had a lot of good times I love you! See u in Heaven.
January 06, 2008
Anthony was more than an Uncle he was like my Dad. I lived with Ruth and him for many years. He always knew how to make me smile. There wasn't anything that he would not do for me. He will be greatly missed. He had a smile and laugh that was contagious. Some of the best memories that I have of Anthony are on the pontoon boat. He always used to let me drive from the passenger side of the car when I was little and it always made me feel special. It was all the things that Anthony did that made him a great man. I can see Anthony at the gates of heaven introducing himself like he always did, "Hi I am toe-knee-chest-nut". (Pointing at his toe, then his knee, then his chest and then his head). He will even be making people smile in heaven.
January 04, 2008
Ruth and Family. Anthony stopped in Hen House, and talked to me while waiting for his brother Michael, the day bofore Christmas. We talked about school,if I had run into any old classmates, and how he enjoyed seeing everyone at the last Class Reunion. I told him that I just recently got married, and he was so excited for me, and wanted to look at my Wedding Ring. Anthony would come by IGA where I worked for the last 25 years, and always find me to just say hi. When I moved to the Hen House, and he found out I was working there, it was just like nothing had changed for us. I was always excited to see him, and will miss him. Seeing him and talking to him before Christmas, was now I realize, the best Christmas Gift I will ever have. I'm so sorry for your loss.
January 03, 2008
Carmela, Cathy and I are so very sorry about your loss.
We should treasure the wondeful memories we have from those earlier years we all shared together. I remember those Sundays at Noni's when we all would gather and laugh until we hurt.
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Donnie
January 03, 2008
Carmela I am so sorry to hear about your son. You have my deepest sympathy. God has a place for all good people. I will pray for you and I will pray for Philip. I hope everyone is holding up fine. I will call you soon. Love you with all my heart Anna and Andy Schranz
January 03, 2008
Ruth and Family,
Anthony was a very kind and wonderful man... We will miss him greatly...Our heart goes out to you all... Chaun,Jenn,Brandon,and Anna
January 03, 2008
Ruth, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You will be in my prayers. Jimi always enjoyed teasing Anthony as he went by this summer about the weather. Jimi and Vicky House
January 03, 2008
Ruth and Family, My prayers go out to you at this time. You have always been dear to my heart.
Jo Anne Holman
January 02, 2008
i saw anthony as more then just a boyfriend to my aunt, i saw him as my uncle. i was closer to him then most of my family. i will truly miss him.
January 02, 2008
Ruth, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. the loss of someone you have shared you life with is hard. I hope your memories of the love you shared helps you through. And please remember you have many people in your life that love you.We love you, don't hesitate to lets us know if we can help. Fred and Donna
January 02, 2008
Ruth, my heart goes out to you. I know how much Tony meant to you. We will all miss him so much. Love you.
January 02, 2008
Ruth, you and Tony have always been special to us. We think of you often, and send to you and all of his family our sincerest condolances.
January 02, 2008
Anthony: a brother-in-law that was tops, enjoying fishing and BBQs. We would talk about the fish we would catch, and the ones we didn't. Also enjoyed playing pool, which he did better than fishing. We will all miss him greatly.
January 02, 2008
Ruth and family we are so sorry for your loss and we are here for anything you may need. You are all in our prayers and we will miss Anthony dearly..
January 02, 2008
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
January 01, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.
January 01, 2008
I'am so glad to have met such a wonder person like you Anthony Love Rosalind.
January 01, 2008
Sorry for your loss. Anthony was a friend of mine all through our years in school together at LSHS. He will be missed and my prayers go out to his family and his loving woman Ruth. May God bless you all.
January 01, 2008
Ruth and family, We are so sorry for your loss. He will be missed so much by so many. Our prayers are with you.The Thompson Family
January 01, 2008
To Ruth and Family, I was so sorry to hear about Anthony as was my family. Anthony was a great guy, and shared his many stories with myself & Travis. He will be missed coming up the street in his van to see his good old boy, Jim, and Wanda. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
January 01, 2008
Ruth, I can't begin to imagine the pain you must feel at the loss of your beloved Anthony. I only got to meet him once but the photograph we took of him that day, huge smile on his face, and the hospitality he showed us in your home that day, will always stay with me. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Anthony's family. God will see you through this. Much love, your cousin.
January 01, 2008
Dear Carmela and family,
I am so sorry to hear about your son. I will remember you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Please forgive me for not being able to come to the visitation, I'm not able to get out much these days. I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.
Love & Prayers, Judy Bax
January 01, 2008
To Anthony's family:
When we were children I would chase him around the playground at St. Aloysius. He was so adorable. I just lost my brother on December 11, Ralph Sola, at the age of 48 and we are at such a loss. So as a family you will mourn the loss but always keep him so very close in your heart. My New Year has never been the same nor were the holidays. There is such an emptiness deep inside my heart.
My prayers and thoughts are with each and every one of you at this trying time as a family.
Take care and may god bless you,
Jennie Sola
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