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June 04, 2014
Bill,I've tried to leave a message to you,but for some reason,none have gone through. Three years ago today you were called home. Three years and one month ago today I flew up to be with you. A very precious month to me. It hurt to see you in such pain,but you impressed me how you kept your sense of humor. I'm thankful for that month. You were and are a very special person.and your mom loved,and still love you.
June 04, 2014
Bill,I sent you a message this morning,but it isn't on here. Three years ago may 4th. I flew up to be with you,was given a full month before God took you home. I think of that month so often. Think of little things you did and said while you were little,then growing up. The month I had with you,it was amazing,you were in so much pain,but kept your sense of humor. When Bobbie handed you(I don't know what it's called,but to reach things that are out of reach) what you first did with it,I knew before you did it,what you was going to do. And told me you were still wondering how you could be 67 and me,your mom, was only 40.You were so amazing. I love my oldest son very much.
June 03, 2014
Tomorrow it will be 3 years since you left us. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Even more so now as Alistair gets bigger and makes faces or does things that make me think of you. I miss and love you so much daddy. Soon you will see your son and I know it will be a beautiful reunion. I am sure you, Dan, George and all the other guys are causing trouble up there! Love you daddy!
April 15, 2014
Well today I married you and spent 33 wonderful years together. I would change nothing in our life you cant change perfect. I will miss you for eternity until I am called home to be with you again, and finish our journey together.
Love your wife
January 02, 2014
Well today I sent our dog to you now you can call stupid and he will come to you.
think jean is ready to pop the boy out anyday now like tomorrow.
Also dan may not make it through the night the one that sang for you on your last day. be there to help him cross over and introduce him to your nutty friends that are with you. keep sunny safe until i come home. love and miss you especially today when all things are falling apart.
love you my hubby and still miss you alot
your wife
September 10, 2013
Hmmmm.....you would be 70 today...man that is old!!!! :) You will have a new Grandson soon. I am sure you know this, but wanted to tell you anyway. I hope he inherits your sarcasm. Love and miss you daddy!
September 10, 2013
You have been on my mind so much here lately. Today is my first borns' birthday.In some ways it doesn't seem like it's been 70 years since I first held you. And, you was a good kisser when you were not quite one year old! I'd take you to a little theater,as soon as the lights went out,you started kissing all over my face. My face would be wet,but I didn't care. Some times I have wished we could go back living some years over
I've loved you over 70years. Love from your Mom
September 09, 2013
They said he was a hard man to get to know. We got along right off .We always had something to talk about. He would almost always smile when I saw him. Bill was always giving me pointers for life. Love him and miss him.
September 09, 2013
Well my love 70 tomorrow and i miss you so much. Some bad things have happened but good things too. You are about to have another grandson believe it or not its Jean. She is so excited and scared at the same time, but I know that you held him close before God sent him to her and I know he will be so much like you, because he will have one of the best moms ever, but she learned from the best. Crying right now don't know what to do about your son, please help. Love to my best friend and hubby I miss you so bad now when I need your strength the most.

Love your wife always forever
June 18, 2013
Had the five kids here for a couple days,ones' place was empty. Bill,you were thought of,your name came up a few times.A few times my mind went to me being with you your last month.
I love my eldest son. Mom
June 08, 2013
I miss you just as much today as ever! I know you are watching over us all the time though! Love you Daddy!
June 05, 2013
Well my love I made it through yesterday, only had one meltdown. I miss you so much. I have to get the girls to sign this book I keep forgetting. Trying to find where to keep it on line so we can always enjoy it but as always nothing is as it should be. This is not how it was suppose to be but it is and was God's choice. Love you my dear.
your loving wife for always.
June 03, 2013
I know there is just a day or two left that I can let you know on here,how much I loved you all your life,and still love you with all my heart. I am so thankful I got to spend the last month of your life with you. Was so sorry I had fell asleep the last breath you took. Would have loved it if I could have said that I love you,there at the end.You and your dad are in my mind and heart forever.
Your mom
April 20, 2013
Well my love seems I am having a meltdown today. Sitting here thinking about telling Gregory you were gone and the painful cry that came from him.
And the day you left this old world the pain I saw and felt from your mother. Never do I want to ever witness that again. That is one sob and scream that tore me apart. Its getting close to this book being gone. But I think I should get one for the kids to share. I so miss you and our life together. It seems strange to know that we were all each other needed in this life. Thank my dear for the love and 33 years we shared together, the tears and the laughter.

love you so much your wife
September 10, 2012
For everyone else, it is just another Monday but for me it is another birthday that you are not here for! Happy Birthday in Heaven daddy! I still miss you so much every day!
September 10, 2012
Today,September 10th.,my oldest son Bill is spending his birthday with God,family and friends who have passed on.
You are still missed,and loved down here.
August 13, 2012
I know you have been gone. I wish I had. The time and distance kept me from getting to your house. I know that you are watching us from heaven keeping tabs on us. You were a good man. I know that you loved you Grandkids with all your heart! You also loved your being, You had such a way of making people laugh. You also loved teasing people til they would quit when they realized they take themselves way too seriously. You were such a rainbow in our lives and now you are a beautiful rainbow to share with the angels. You will be dearly missed.
July 17, 2012
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We understand why you left this earth so soon, even though we weren't ready to say good-bye. We begin to remember not just why you died, but that you lived, and that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.
June 21, 2012
I have many wonderful memories of Uncle Bill. There has always been and will always be a soft spot in my heart for this family. Much love, thoughts and prayers for you.
June 18, 2012
You always said Father's Day was "just another day" but I know you always saved our cards. I miss you every day, but missed you a lot yesterday. It was weird being in the house and not bringing fishing stuff, hunting, stuff, tools, etc. Miss and love you daddy!
June 09, 2012
You were a great brother and I miss u Glad I got to spend some time with u it gave me great peace talking about God. Love and miss you. Dale
June 08, 2012
My grandpa was a great person in my life.He helped me a lot and we spent a lot of quality time together.We were like best friends.I love him so much.
June 08, 2012
My fondest memories will always be the jokes he told me. He enjoyed making people laugh. You could see the love he had for his grandchildren, he would sit and watch them play and I could see the twinkle in his eyes. He would do anything to make them happy and seeing their joy obviously made him happy. He was a family man, and a person I feel lucky to have known. He will always be missed, but when I see his grandchildren, I see the influence he had on them, so in a way, he will always live on through them.
June 06, 2012
Still miss my son a lot.Was happy I was with you your last month. Flew in on May 4th.got to be with you until you left this old world,all your pain,on June 4th.My thoughts have been going back to when you were just a little baby. And things you did and said when you started talking. Your mama loves you so very much.
June 06, 2012
Have missed the years we were so far apart.I am so happy I spent your last month with each other. I flew in there on May 4th.,we lost you on June 4th. Wish we had had more time. I think of you so often,think back when you were growing up. Your mom loves you.
June 06, 2012
I wish we hadnt lived so far away from each other so we could have spent more time together. I miss the times lost. I am so glad we were able to spend time together before you left us. Love and miss ya.
June 06, 2012
Your legacy will always be the wonderful family you left behind!!!
June 04, 2012
365 days my dear that you crossed over.
I miss you so much so many times a day.
It has been hard but we get through each day and one foot in front of the other.
I will see you when I to come home.

your loving wife
June 04, 2012
One year ago today we lost a truly great man in this physical world. Daddy, I miss you just as much today as then! Love you!
February 02, 2012
Well it has been 8 months and I still miss you every single day! Love you daddy!
November 06, 2011
Miss you more and more every day daddy! Love you!
June 08, 2011
I worked with Bill at Oram, he was a very kind person. He would do anything for any one. I am so sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
June 08, 2011
Our thoughts are with your family as you heal from the loss of someone who was loved by so many. Laura Wynn and family
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