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November 21, 2018

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November 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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November 16, 2018
Well today nov 16 last year this was the last day I got to spend with my beautiful kind and intelligent wife Roxie . how I wish i could have this day back a year ago .and some how save her life .I think about her everyday morning noon and nite . its been a year with out you love and I hate being alone here in our dream home that we both loved so much. I so much want you back but know that cant be. at times I feel you are near me and telling me things. I so many times since losing you have asked God just protect her lord as long as shes safe and in a good place by you . I try to move ahead in life now with out you. but find myself missing your good advice and help when a problem arises . I will ask out loud Honey what do you think I should do? and hope for some sign from you .your kittys that you loved so dear they all miss Mom. they look for you and if I bring out something you once wore they run up and sniff it reconizing it was yours .we all miss you. I am so empty today thinking of every minute I can remember of the events of this day one year ago. I never expected our journey through life would be cut short so early . I know you always said were together forever and then reunite in heaven . so when my time comes youll be there waiting for me . with all my love .I miss you so much .
October 11, 2018
Hello again my love . tommorows my 64 th birthday. and the first time in 25 years I wont be happy while spending the day with you. as we always did with each other on our birthdays. You always either baked a home made cake or bought one which you then used your creative genius to create a master piece one of a kind cake with a Harley or some thing else. yes first time in 25 years I wont get a sweet card expressing your love for me . im really going to miss that. my brother and sister sent B-Day cards they arrived in todays mail . I found a card from a previous year it was so sweet and love filled . I placed it next to the other two on the breakfast bar where we always display our cards. God I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH. not a day or nite has passed where you werent on my mind or in my thoughts . the most BEAUTIFUL SMART SEXY CAREING PERSON I EVER MET IS NOT HERE WITH ME ANY LONGER. ID GIVE UP EVERYTHING I HAVE TO GET YOU BACK . miss you so much my Lover my best friend my soul mate. I know your waiting for me in heaven . ill try to be strong like you would want me to be . but inside im broken .I love you my Roxie .for ever yours.....
June 18, 2018
Hello my LOVE I wanted to say your favorite uncle Danny Edwards passed away on 6-7-2018 I hope the two of you are having a great reunion in Heaven. theres still not a day I dont think of you. and the places we went together . when im out ridiing the harley you are my co pilot. I miss you sooooo much my love. we will reunite in Heaven as you wrote to me in your cards as you said Roxie + Brian 4 ever and then in Heaven too. I feel lost here on earth with out you baby. your always on my mind my honey honey my sweet angel..I included your name on uncle Dannys obit. love you always your husband BRIAN
April 24, 2018
Well I still think of you day after day . missing you so much. why did this have to happen to you. you had some many plans you spoke about . and now everything has ended . I MISS YOU BABY I LOVE YOU . YOU ARE MY SOUL MATE . now I live day to with out you. sadly missed by all.
March 12, 2018
JR called me today . said hes missing you too. he said Ive been thinking about her today. its like they say you dont realize how much youll miss a person till there gone he said. I said yeah I know . I think about her every day and nite. not a day has gone by that I haven't. 2017 was just another mundane year nothing special about it till BAM on the 17 th of November everything changed and it is now the official suck year in my book. missing you today cards no cake no flowers the breakfast bar is empty where the cards and flowers would have been. the house is quiet and empty now. your friends and family miss you today baby.
March 12, 2018
February 21, 2018
You and I had many many years together as best friends, I will see you again on the otherside.Its to painful to think your gone.May God Bless You Roxy(my moe) Kathy Herrpie
February 14, 2018
Today was our 19 th wedding anniversary baby doll. I really miss you today. we were together 26 yrs as of today married 19 of them. I know you planned on us renewing our vows and taking pictures at the event. how I wish we could still do that. there will be no cards or flowers today no gifts no hugs and kisses. but I will still think of you and remember the great life we had together. the places we went the things we said and did together. the touch of your hands the look of beauty in those brown eyes that sparkled so bright . the beautiful smile you had. the sweet voice I long to hear saying I love you to me. You were SO SPECIAL there will never be another like you. I remember telling you how all I ever wanted to do was just to make you HAPPY. give you the love you deserved and things in life you wanted. you were such a good person nobody knew you like I did. I thank God for being able to be with you and take care of you for the years we were together.I learned so much from you. I think back and cherish the memories I have of our life together. I still cant belive your gone....I look over in the morning and almost think I can see you sleeping there next to me. your kittys they miss you also. they lay in your chair or on your side of the bed waiting for you to return. some days are better some are worse today is a sad day for me. My lover, my Best Friend, my Soul Mate isn't here with me I wish I could have you back again. we shall meet up again like you always said in Heaven. I pray to God and ask Jesus to comfort you and keep your soul safe with him. we are all going on with this life on earth .but when its done I want to be with you again for eternity. LOVE YOU your husband Brian ALWAYS YOURS.
January 25, 2018
Was really young when we met, but I was glad to know who you were, my God be with you and your family!
January 23, 2018
back in November you had asked me to pick up two shrimp trays from the grocery store. you loved shrimp cocktail they come already cooked and frozen with a cup of sauce for dipping them in. before you passed away that week you took one out and thawed it in the fridge. you said one nite as we watched tv honey would you bring me my shrimp tray I got a taste for them. and I did and as we sat on the king size bed watching tv you started in on the shrimp . I remember you started handing me one after another as well as you eating them . I said honey why are you giving me so many these are your favorite there suppose to be for you. and you turned to me and said "but you like em too" and at that we shared the tray. recently I thawed out your other tray and ate them myself. I said out loud baby these are for you and me Im eating some for you too. you used to say remember the first time we had these ? and I did at was back in the early 90's at the Holiday Inn hotel on the lake harbor side before it was an express it was full service we stayed there we had dinner there at the resturaunt and swam in the beautiful pool. nothing was too good for my beautiful lady. you would say "your the one who turned me on to these shrimp cocktail now I love this stuff. you also would tell me how much you loved it when I took you to the fancy restaurant the CASINO TOWN HOUSE its gone long since too now it was on Sheridan rd by the also gone old st catherines hospital the place was soooo nice and high class we went there and you had surf and turf for the first time (steak and lobster tail) youd say to me I love this lobster tail you just created a monster here . I never had this till we went here. we ended up having that at the outback steak house on wakkii beach in Honolulu Hawaii. on our honeymoon and also out on fishermans warf in SF calif. at the famous ALLIOTAS were so happy and so was I. God I miss you baby . so many great memories with you . and im thankfull we took so many pictures .we were going to grow old here together in our big beautiful house that you decorated so superbly. now I dont know whats next for me.its just not the same here anymore . I love you my honey honey.I miss you so very much. how I wish you were here again.

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