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Mr. Steven Charles Young

Mr. Steven Charles Young

This Guest Book will remain online until 3/16/2015 courtesy of His Loving Wife, Children, and Grandbabies.
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February 28, 2015

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February 28, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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February 23, 2015
To My Wonderful Husband on His Birthday,

Today, as you celebrate your birthday in Heaven, I hold on to the belief that you are my forever love. Even though I cannot reach out and touch you, I know you are watching over me, you never really left me because you live in my heart and soul.

But, I wish just for one more time on this earth, I could see your smile, hear your laughter, feel your kiss, feel your arms around me, and hear your voice as you call me Babe. For only then would my wish for your birthday come true!
February 14, 2015
My Sweet Steven,

Happy Valentines Day in Heaven! I miss you so much. I am blowing kisses to you wrapped in hugs sealed with my love.
February 11, 2015
It has been one year today since you began your eternal life in Heaven. It is hard to believe that you have been gone from us for a whole year. I miss you so much. I miss your laugh and the way you would to tease the kids. I miss being able to call and ask you how to fix something or just advice for living life in general.
I thank God for every second that we were blessed to have you as a father.
I could not have asked for a more caring and loving father than you.

I love you Dad!
February 11, 2015

Today, February 11, 2015, marks the one year anniversary of when I stood next to your bed, holding your hand, and hearing your final words to me, telling me, "Everything's Okay." Today marks the day when I lost you, when you made your journey to Heaven. I still find it hard to believe a whole year has come and gone since the day you took your last breath. Nothing has been the same since that day, the tears still flow, and my heart still feels like it has been shattered into a million pieces because the sorrow and pain remains.

I thought of so many things I was going to say to you on this one year anniversary but then I realized I could sum up everything by just saying I miss you more than words can say, and I always will. I love you and will never stop loving you. You were not only my husband but my best friend. You completed me, you broke through my walls, you put a smile back on my face, and laughter back into my soul. You showed me in so many ways spoken and unspoken how much you loved me. I truly was blessed beyond measure when God brought you into my life. You were and always will be my one and only true love.

Thank you my dear sweet husband for loving me, for it was your love that made me whole, and even though tears still fall a year after you left, I know one day we will be back together, and we will dance that special dance among the angels.

Steven, you will always be a part of me, and I hold you close in my heart and soul. I know I will see you again for you are truly only a breath and heartbeat away!
January 09, 2015
Hi Honey,

Today, January 9th, brings back so many memories. I wish I could reverse the hands of time. As I think about last year at this time, I wish I would never have gone to the hospital because I was not home when they took you to the hospital the next day on the 10th. I should have been!

The 10th is going to be hard tomorrow because it was the last time you were home. When you went to the hospital on January 10, 2014, I never thought you would never come home. Or, maybe I just didn't want to admit to myself you were dying. I will never be able to celebrate another birthday, January 10th, in the same way because that day has changed forever. That day represents your final journey, your final struggle to survive; however, it didn't matter how hard you fought, your struggle ended the next month.

It has been a hard long year without you. However, it also seems like it was just yesterday when you left. This past year without you has brought so many emotions, so many tears, and so much sorrow. As the New Year continues, and the first year anniversary of your death draws closer, I can feel the emotions swelling up inside causing a roller-coaster of feelings. I miss you so much; I cannot even put into words how much I miss you. They say it gets easier as time passes, it doesn't! The void your absence created does not become smaller; it is there, a constant reminder of what I have lost, and a constant reminder of not having my best friend, my husband, by my side, sharing life, making memories!

I will forever love you, I hold you close in my heart and my soul. I will one day see you again, and then we will dance that special dance you are saving for me!
January 02, 2015

Wow, it is 2015, a new year, it seems impossible, it seems like it was just yesterday you were here, and yet it seems like a lifetime since you left.

This past year has brought so much sorrow and unhappiness. There has been so many “Firsts” we have gone through without you. The last two was Christmas and Angela's birthday.

Now, I am faced with starting a new year without you. The past few weeks (holiday season) have been an emotional roller-coaster. I know I have many good memories, but memories are not the same as having you here to celebrate these special days or having you here everyday!

Reflecting on this past year, I keep wishing this was a bad dream, and I would wake up from it. But, it's not a dream; it is what life has dished out to us …. I have no clue why, and probably will never know why.

So, the beginning of 2015 brings many emotions and tears. I know this New Year means I have to face the first year anniversary of your death, which will be here before I know it. This New Year means I have to continue to face life without my best friend, you. That scares me because I have a huge part of me gone which is you, and how do I function without you!

Plus, I have an upcoming event that I wish you were here for. I wish you were going to be by my side; but, you will not be. It scares me because you have always been there. Anyways, I know you will be watching over me but it still is not the same.

Honey, I miss you so much. Everyone says it gets easier but it does not. I think it gets worse. Just know I love you and I will always love you. Until we meet again, remember to save that special dance for me.
December 24, 2014

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas in Heaven this year. I miss you so much and wish so badly that you were here with us. It has been a hard long road this year with you not here. As Christmas comes tomorrow it is going to be a happy day to see how excited the kids are but it is going to be a sad day as well knowing that you are not here with us. However, you may not be here in flesh but I know you will be with us in spirit.
I hope your first Christmas in Heaven is spectacular. Wait, what else would it be? You are with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Your Christmas is going to be AMAZING!!
I love you Dad. Please give Papa Hamman and Grandma Hamman a hug and kiss for me.

Love you,
Your Daughter,
December 24, 2014
Hi Honey,

Tomorrow is Christmas, tomorrow is another first we will endure without you. I know thoughts of you will constantly cross my mind on Christmas Day, because a day does not go by that you are not in my thoughts, and memories of you flood my heart and soul every day.

I find myself making a selfish Christmas wish, wanting and desiring you to be here, and not in Heaven. Wishing you was spending not only Christmas day with us but also every day. That is a selfish and self-centered wish because you are in Heaven, and what a joyous and wonderful way it must be to spend Christmas. You are in Heaven and free of pain and suffering. So, how can I be so selfish as to want you back on this earth? I guess it is because I miss you more than I ever thought was possible.

Honey, as Christmas Day comes to an end tomorrow, I will have shed many tears because of missing you, and wishing you, was here with us. Sorrow and unhappiness will creep into the very depths of my heart and soul because of missing you and wishing you were here. Plus, as the evening comes to an end, and I find myself alone, more tears will flow down my cheeks because every night since you left, tears have moistened my cheeks. These tears signify how lost I am without you, how much I wish you were here, and how much I miss and love you. Tears that will fall on Christmas Day are no different than the tears that flow every day. For these tears come because of the memory of you, the memory of the love we shared, the memory of the life we shared, and the memory of how happy we were. These tears come because precious memories of you flood my heart and soul, memories of a time when I felt complete because I was with my true love, my best friend, my husband. Those times were filled with happiness; but, now the contentment, joy, and happiness that thrived in my heart and soul is replaced with loneliness, sadness, and unhappiness because of the void your absence has created within my heart.

Even so, as Christmas Day emerges as today fades away, there is a flicker of hope that grows, because as we celebrate Christmas Day, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a birth that has given us hope, and it is this hope birthed on Christmas Day, that gives me the reassurance that I will see you again. When that day comes, I will no longer be missing you, I will no longer shed tears of sorrow, because we will once again look upon each other's face with the realization we will never be apart again. So, until that day, Honey, save that special dance for me!

Finally, my sweet husband, as you celebrate your first Christmas in Heaven, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and may you dance with the angels, run and play with our pups, and most of all, celebrate Christ's birth in a way that we on earth cannot even begin to grasp or fathom.

Forever missing and loving you!
December 23, 2014
Dear Dad,
Michael proposed to me on December 21st and it was a good surprise, I just wish you could have been there to see Michael propose to me. I wish you where here with us all, we miss you so much. We are planning on getting married on December 21st at Wild Adventures and that day will be a happy but sad day. Because you cannot be here with us on that day. Love and miss you
December 22, 2014

Another first without you. Our oldest daughter, Angela, is now engaged to be married. Michael proposed to her yesterday. Michael surprised her at Wild Adventures with his proposal. It was unique and special. You would have loved it. It was definitely a wonderful day; but, there was one major thing missing, and that was you!!!

Wishing you were with us .... Missing you more than words can express.

Love you, Steven Charles, with my whole heart and soul.

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