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Mr. Steven Charles Young

Mr. Steven Charles Young

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September 21, 2014

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September 21, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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September 11, 2014

I cannot believe it has been seven months since you made your journey to Heaven. It seems like yesterday when I was saying goodbye to you, and yet it seems like a lifetime. As each day passes I miss you more and more.

I realize, there are things in this world that is just out of our control, and trying to make sense of these things can drive a person crazy. The past seven months, I have tried to make sense out of what has happened, and I have tried to find the reason or the “why” but there is no answer to any of this. Logically, I know your passing was out of my control; but, trying to convenience my heart of that is impossible. My heart does not want to accept what my mind says is so.

So, Honey, with each passing day, I go about life's chores; but, when darkness falls, the tears begin because the mind won't let go of the events of the day you made your heavenly journey, and my heart won't surrender. Yes, life goes on; but, for me life's meaning and purpose became unclear with your final heartbeat. It was that last heartbeat that brought my world crashing down; it was that last heartbeat that changed my life forever.

I miss you Steven Charles, and always will.
August 29, 2014
Hi Honey,

Today, August 29th, is extremely hard because this is our first anniversary we are not physically sharing together. Of all the first special days so far we have gone through without you, this is the hardest of them all. There were so many things I thought about writing today; but, as I reflected on our life together, the one bright and shining miracle of our love that is unmistakable, is that I know in my heart and soul I was definitely blessed because God allowed me to share my life with you, and I was truly loved by you!

Happy Anniversary My Sweet Steven!
August 16, 2014
I miss you!!!!
August 11, 2014
Hi Dad,

I can't believe it has been six months since you made your journey to Heaven. It still doesn't seem real. I wish so bad your were still here with us.
I love you and I know that one day we will all be together.

Love you Dad <3
August 11, 2014
My Dear Husband,

Honey, today, August 11th, is the six month anniversary of your journey to Heaven. Six months, seems unreal. I miss you so much, and with every passing day, I miss you more. The kids and grandbabies miss you so much, and of course your pups do also!

I am blowing kisses wrapped in love and hugs to you in Heaven. Remember, save that special dance for me, for one day our souls will reunite, and we will be together forever! Until that day, you live in my heart and soul. I love you my sweet Steven, and always will.
August 10, 2014

Just wanted to let you know how much I miss you. My heart aches, and there has not been one day that tears have not fallen. How I wish I could hear your voice and see your smile.

It seems impossible it will be six months tomorrow, Monday, the 11th, since you went to your heavenly home. How I wish I could reach into Heaven and bring you back to us. But, I know Heaven is now your home. I know you fought a good fight and tried to stay with us; but, you finished your course, you ran your earthly race, and through it all you kept your faith. You placed your trust and hope in our Lord, and you never took your eyes off of Jesus even through everything you endured.

I don't understand why God took you from us; but, I know you are no longer suffering, your body is whole, and you are not only dancing with the angels, but also running and playing with our pups that were waiting for you.

I know I cannot change what has happen; I miss you more and more with each passing day. But, my dear Steven, know that you will always live in my heart and soul; and, someday, my soul will join your soul, and we will once again be together but this time it will be forever! So, until then, save that special dance for me!
July 29, 2014
Hi Honey,

Clyde, Misty, and the grandbabies came down for a visit. It was bittersweet because it was good to see them but it was sad because you were not here.

We went to Wild Adventures and the St. Augustine Beach. The beach brought back a lot of memories because the last time I was there was when we (you and I) went with all the kids.

I miss you so much and it is these types of things (outings with the kids) that make missing you worse yet. I can't help but think to myself how unfair it is that you are not here with us. Honey, how I wish I could reverse the hands of time and bring you back to us, bring you back to me!
July 11, 2014
Honey …. Today marks the five month anniversary of your journey to Heaven. Five months, it seems impossible, seems like just yesterday and yet seems like forever. I miss you so much. Everyone keeps saying it gets easier, it doesn't.

Anyways, I was going to get a tattoo in honor of our unique love; but, the more I thought about it, the more I realized getting a tattoo was going to be something you never wanted me to do.

So, instead, I took the design I made for the tattoo, and had a 24 x 36 poster made of it. The picture attached to this writing is the design I made.

The two oriental symbols mean: Eternal Love – Which our love is eternal. The flowering branch is a Cherry Blossom branch; I picked that because I knew you loved cherry blossoms. The two rings symbolize our hearts being given to each other forever, us truly becoming one.

Finally, right in the center is your final words to me: “Everything's Okay.”

I have a frame coming, and after I get the frame, I am going to hang it up and around it I will put the pictures of us together. So, Honey, I hope you like it; it was made from my heart, from me to you.

I miss and love you so much. Remember my sweet husband save that special dance for me!
July 07, 2014
Hey Dad,

I miss you so much, there is not a day that goes by I do not think about you and how wonderful of a Dad you were and still are. I wish I could go outside and see you sitting on the swing with a cup of coffee in your hand and I also miss being able to talk to ya even about the dumbest things. I also miss you saying hey Ang I will give you a nickel if you make a half pot of coffee. I know you are happy and enjoying yourself up in Heaven with all of your pups, family, Bill and friends. You was such a wonderful Dad and I just don't understand why you had to leave? But I know you had the ultimate healing and you are not hurting and able to breath. But that does make the pain any easier.

Love and miss you
your Daughter Ang
July 05, 2014
Hi Honey,

Another first …. July 4th was yesterday and it was really hard because I kept thinking about our last July 4th we had together. I never dreamt that was going to be our last. I remember talking you into going outside and watching the fireworks from the front of the hospital. I can still see you with your beanie hat on that the nurse gave you to keep your head warm.

As I think back now, I never imagined that first hospitalization was the beginning of this nightmare that has no end. I find myself missing you more and more. I never knew you could miss a person so much that it hurts to the inner depths of your soul, but I know now, because that is what missing you has done; it has dug down into the core of my soul. It has created an emptiness that is surrounded by the hurt, sorrow, and pain of not having you here with me.

I miss you more than words can express, I miss you so much, and as I go through each 1st without you, the loneliness becomes more and more of a reality, because without you I will always be lonely.

My world stopped and my life fell apart when you left, I am now in this constant state of loss and unhappiness. The only positive thing that has come out of you leaving us to go to Heaven, is that your body is now whole, you are no longer in pain, your not suffering anymore, and you are playing with our pups that went to Heaven before you. So, as you and the pups are dancing with the angel, and I am here on earth waiting for the day I see you again, remember to save that special dance for me!

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