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December 12, 2017

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December 12, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 18, 2001
My prayers are with you each day. Your loss will never be forgotten. God will bless you and the USA.
September 18, 2001
"Tomorrow's Memo"

I wrote this poem September 14, 2001 after watching the life-changing events that transpired over the previous days. I am appreciative of the sensitve and informative coverage I saw in the major print and TV media. And, I also applaud the forward-oriented, solution-seeking discourse which now occupies our planetary community. I encourage it to continue.

Like many in the country, I would like to feel that I can make a "difference" and "help" eventhough I am far from New York City. So, I post my poem here.

I sincerely hope that these words will comfort the families who have lost SO much, and that these words will also be a beacon for all of us on the new roads we have found blasted into memory and into our physical, everyday life.

Much good can come from this tragedy, if the best parts of us as individuals, and the best parts of our national conscience and resolve are what rise from the ashes - immortal, unviolated, always central in our choices and committments to one another.

May all of us find Peace and practice Tolerance and Unity.


"Tomorrow's Memo"

Sweet Hearts:
I've been called home - not to the hearth we've shared,
But to the Center - where all are safe and so completely loved.

Please remember me as I have lived.
Do fill the measure-of-your-days with the fortune of caring we have built together,
And please renew it each day - with acts of loving-kindness and growth.

Until we meet again - in Love, Always

(c)2001 Margalite

Please feel free to use this in personal, non-commercial e-mails, as long as you include the (c) copyright information and my e-mail address. Permission is required for any other use.
September 18, 2001
This past week has shown everyone how strong our country can be. Our hearts are with the families that have been lost someone they truely love, it could have been anyone of us. The people that lost their lives are now known as our heros. They showed us how they yearned for freedom.
The Rice Family
New Hampshire
September 18, 2001
It breaks my heart still today as it did a week ago. My step-children till this day want to sleep with me because of the horrific attack on US land. Our family have grown closer because of this tragedy. Their is good amongst the bad. I pray DAILY for all the lives that have been taken from this world for no apparent reason. Innocent lives...God Bless them all and their families. I have The nation in our family's prayer.
September 18, 2001
My thoughts go out to the victims and the families of this tragic day.
September 18, 2001
May those who have gone before us find eternal peace. And may their loved ones be comforted by the fact they will have eternal peace.
You will not be forgotten our Prayers will be with you.
Mr. Mrs. Fehn
September 18, 2001
I woke up Tuesday to a tragedy and tear rolled down my eyes for those who lost family and there own lifes.

My sympathy goes out to the families and friends who lost loved ones. I don't know the pain and heart ache many are going through. All I know is that we all have to come united as a nation all this hate has to stop and turn into love.
This can happen again and in a different state and our families can be those families in New York and in Washigton.

My love and deepest concerns go out to the many victims and families.

Emily Perez
Chicago, IL.
September 18, 2001
i just feel bad about all the people that got hurt and the families and my prayers are with them god knows who they are whoever did this i just hope their brought to justice this looks bad in usa god bless everyone...
September 18, 2001
To The Families & Friends
Of Loved Ones Lost

Innocence stolen from faces
Bright futures forever lost.
The actions of two dark souls,
Came with a tearful cost.

A light from your hearts is dimmed,
A voice is forever silenced.
By two men's unneeded acts of rage,
And two men's senseless violence.

The pain you all feel,
I can see in your eyes.
In your tears, in your voices,
And in the hurt in your whys.

But despite all the anger,
We must keep our faith alive,
For the ones you all lost,
They really did survive.

They dance across your memories,
And leave footprints in your thoughts.
And looking upon you now,
They can see you love them lots.

They may have left this world,
But they never went alone.
For in the kingdom of our hearts,
They sit upon a diamond throne.

Their spirits are now free,
And God embraced them with open arms,
They flourish in a safe place,
Where they live without worries or harms.

And in God's grace,
They are showered with praise and love to give,
Can you imagine a better paradise,
Where you would want your child to live?

For life's greatest gift,
Is our place in heaven above,
A place where happiness thrives,
And hearts are filled with love.

So take your time to cry,
And let emotions run deep,
But never forget that in your hearts,
The memories you will eternally keep.

I beg you to hold your child close,
And create a relationship of trust,
But above all just adore them,
And saying you care is a must.

And send your love to those in need,
And embrace the mother that cries,
And as the hands of time continue to turn,
It will become much easier to rise.

All we can do is miss them,
And be happy that they are free,
And focus on the fact,
That the future resides in you and me.

For we all have the power,
In our integrity and how we pray,
And always, always remember,
That after the darkest nights,
Rises the brightest day.

-Matthew Phillips

September 18, 2001
When IM called to duty, God
where’re the flames may rage
give me strength to save some lives
help me embrace a little child
before it to late,
or save some old person from
the horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert,
and hear the weakest shout
and quickly and effectively
To put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling and
give the best in Me.
The guard my every neighbor
and protect his property;
and according to your will,
I have to loose my life
Please bless with your protecting hand
MY children and my wife.
author unknown

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