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March 28, 2017

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March 28, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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August 9, 2002
Today is August 9, 2002 and this is the first time I've written about Linda. I live in LA and was expecting to spend time with her on Sept. 11, 12, and 13th. It never happened. Three years had passed since I'd spent any quality time with her, so I was damn excited to see her. I met Linda on our first day of college in 1992. She and my cousin Michele were randomly placed together as roommates. We first bonded over how to make Michele stop crying about being away from home. That was step one of a great friendship. Over the years we grew to become very close, sharing countless unforgettable experiences. For those memories I am forever grateful. As well as being a very "fun" friend, she also truly helped me to see the light during dark times in my life. A great listener, always available. Although we didn't talk as much over the past few years, I don't have any regrets. Linda and I had a strong bond, weekly phone calls didn't need to confirm it. The only regret I have is not remembering the last time I hugged and kissed her goodbye, telling her I love her. That I will have to live with. My love and prayers go out to Jeff and the George family. You're always in my thoughts. Love, Eddie Hunt
July 31, 2002
Here it is, July 31, 2002 and I was sitting at my desk at work and I heard this song on the radio and it got me thinking about Linda. It was on a mix tape that she gave me for my thirteenth birthday. I literally grew up with Linda-she lived right up the street from me. We became close friends in jr. high. I can remember getting in trouble for giggling late into the night while sleeping over each other's houses, bike riding to get penny candy, playing soccer, soccer and more soccer(sometimes as team mates, sometimes as opponents), I remember that in her folks' den they had all of her class pictures, every year since kindergarten framed and displayed proudly, I remember when she got glasses, countless pool parties, I remember the day she got her water bed, the day she got her own phone number (she called me and asked me to guess where she was calling from and it turned out to be her bedroom on Chapel St.!), I remember braiding each other's hair and counting the astronomical number of times Steve Winwood repeated "Roll With It, Baby" in his hit song, putting together our junior high yearbook and how we put together our 8th grade graduation dance with an Under the Sea theme that turned out better than we ever expected, watching Mason, Eden and Cruise on Santa Barbara, more importantly watching Felicia and Jack Wagner on General Hospital (Linda just loved Jack back then), at mountview, we always had classes together and since her last name was G and mine was H we usually ended up sitting one in front of the other, she worked for a family as a nanny/babysitter and she was SO good with children, changing a diaper in a flash, she worked hard and saved money to buy her first car, and even found time to volunteer at NEADS-the hearing ear dog program in nearby Princeton-she even adopted a NEADS dog that didn't quite make the standard to become a service dog.
I only caught up with Linda a few times after college-she came over to my house right after we got out for the summer after our first year and we picked up right where we left off, without skipping a beat. We did always continue to exchange Christmas cards every year and I spoke with her briefly on the phone when I was living in Washington DC because her brother Bryan was also living in DC at the time.

Last July I was out for my midday run and her Dad spotted me near Rice School and he pulled over to say hello-he told me that she was getting married. I remember going home and telling my parents and I was so happy for her to have found her soulmate.
On September 11th, my office closed early and I went home to my parent's house. On the drive home I heard the news that a TJX contingent was on board and the absoilute first thing I said to my father when I walked in the door was "Linda was a buyer at TJX, I pray to God she was not on that plane". It was almost like I already knew even before her name was released. On the morning of September 12th, my mother came into my room very early in the morning with tears in her eyes to tell me that Linda was on the plane and we both sat down on my bed, for a minute I was in shock and I just cried and cried at the terrible injustice of it, such a loss is incapable of being quantified. All I could think of was her wonderful family and how she loved her nieces and that she was supposed to be married and live happily ever after. Linda was just a quality person, intelligent and caring, loving and absolutely true. That evening I flipped through my old photographs-what a trip it was to see us in our stirrup pants and acid washed jeans, playing basketball and soccer and swimming and volleyball. She had this great hot pink two piece that made her look like a million bucks. I also popped in that mix tape, which to this day I still have- it has some vintage 80s rock and also some oldies (after all, Dirty Dancing came out while we were in jr. high. and was a big hit with us back then!)and how we wore the same exact hemline to our eighth grade graduation. I have a picture of us holding our diplomas. Do you remember Rugged Wear?

Linda, I keep hoping you will be back in a "wesley", (for anyone who has ever watched "The Princess Bride", maybe you'll understand-it was a long standing inside joke).
It was a privilege to have know you and to have spent some of the best years of my young, carfree existence in your company. Now I count you among my angels in heaven-and please do me a favor and look in on my niece, Mary Karol who died only four days after she was born in August of 2001-she needs a good babysitter.
Linda Mae Alice George-you were a wonderful friend may you rest in peace.

Liebe dich,
July 25, 2002
Für mich war 11.September auch sehr schlimm.Ich bin zwar sehr weit weg von Amerika,aber ich saß zu Hause vor dem TV und muste sehr weinen,das ist etwas was mann nie vergisst aber auch alle menschen näher bringt.Mein tiefes Mitgefühl den Angehörigen von Linda und auch all den anderen Familien.Sie werden immer in unseren Herzen sein und über alle anderen wachen.Janet Bruhn,Bobbauerstraße 51, 06766 Wolfen, Germany
July 17, 2002
I used to work for TJX in Framingham, MA which is where I met Jeff, Linda's fiance. I rememeber being at mutual friend's wedding, years after I had left TJMaxx, where Jeff introduced me to Linda. I could see how very happy they were, both smiling, both in love and it was a great feeling to see two people together that completely complemented each other.

On that day, like everyone around the world, I was horrified and in complete disbelief at what took place. Being from New York I assumed I had to have known someone in the world trade center but it was not until later that night that I had heard the news of Jeff's fiance on flight 11. I was silent, shocked, numb and could only think of Jeff and Linda and how they were that when I had met Linda. I sat there, staring at the invitation to Jeff and Linda's wedding, sitting on my desk because I had not gotten around to mailing in the RSVP.

While I never got the opportunity to know Linda well, I knew Jeff had found the woman he had always been searching for. Perhaps the words are hard to say in person but I hope Jeff knows I am always here for him, no matter what.

May God bless Linda and all of those taken from us that day. My heart goes out to Jeff and Linda's family.

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