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Thomas Ervin Campen 1949-2012
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November 03, 2013
Rest in peace my good friend
December 01, 2012
Hi Tom--Happy Birthday!!!

We are having a great day in your honor. I am sure you will be with all of us.

All my love. Mom
November 12, 2012
Sorry my friend to hear you are gone. Thank for the cd. I was wondering where you were. I hope what you told about life and death is true.
God bless you,

Orlando Bustos
October 24, 2012
Tom, I hope everything you said was real, because if it was, your right here with all of us. Found a few pennies, I cant believe how one minute your here, laughing and the next your gone.. and life goes on as we know it. Miss you bunches
October 22, 2012
Condolences to your family for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Christopher, cherish the moments with your dad and be comforted by knowing you will see him again in the earth made new.
Rhonda Reece (Galt, Ca)
October 17, 2012
To the Campen family,
My prayers are with you in this time of remembrance of Tom. I'm the Trans Manager with Home Depot at the Tracy Distribution Center. I was formally the Trans Manager at the Lathrop DC. That's where I met Tom. We first hooked up when I saw Tom drive up in his Ducati. Ducati was my fist bike. We'd share stories of our motor cycle adventures and the various cars each of us owned. Tom was always upbeat and a gentleman. Be comforted to know that he was loved by many and touched everyone he met.
God bless Tom.
Hal Fong
October 16, 2012
To the Campen deepest sympathy on the loss of Tom. I am sure at one time or another our paths crossed since I use to hang at your house all the time. But I do believe Tom was living out of the house then. But I know he must of been an amazing person, because is part of an amazing family. Rest in Peace.
October 15, 2012
Tom, There are more memories of you than I can list without writing a book. So I will list two: Cars and Motorcycles. I remember watching you drag race your 57' Chevy at the drag strip. The pale yellow 69' Chevelle that you had repainted dark metalic green. The Ford Bronco you took us out 4 wheeling in after a deep snow and going through a ditch and hitting a bump sending me to the roof hitting my head "ok put your seat belt on". The Corvette you had we were going over Cedar Street Bridge about 100 mph and I thought we were ging to go air born going over the top of it. Last I remember coming back from Minnesota. You, Galen and I in his Dodge Demon. It was late at night and Galen was sleeping when we stopped to relieve ourselves. When we took of again you asked me if I wanted to drive (I was 14). Sure, I said, and we took off down the highway. When Galen woke up and looked between the seats and realized you were'nt driving he said if we get pulled over you were paying the ticket. Now motorcycles, I remember the BSA you bought new years ago when I was young and you took us up the hill by McCluggage bridge. It was so exciting I couldn't believe it. Years later you bought a old Husqvarna 250 that I rode all summer at the Cat proving grounds. Late that summer we were sitting on the back porch at Mom and Dads one night and you asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on your 76' Sporster. We were on some back roads when you pulled over and asked me if I wanted to drive (I was 15). You said that I've been riding that Husky all summer and that I could handle the Sporster. I remember going with you down to Oakland and looking at your last new Harley through the side of the crate, but lastly I remember the trip you, Ed, and little Tom made back to Illinois. Before you guys arrived I found a nice batch of Morel mushrooms. The day after you arrived we fried them up and they were excellent. After we enjoyed the mushrooms, little Tom was looking around the back yard in wonder when he asked what kind of mushrooms we just ate were. We all busted out laughing because he had never seen lightning bugs. I will miss you!
Love, your brother Matt
October 14, 2012
My condolences to the Campen family. Tom was a best friend in grade school. He loved fast cars and the 396 cu. in. 375 hp '69 Chevy was one of his first and maybe his favorite. He also loved cats.
October 13, 2012
Tom, thanks for all your wonderfull photos. You will be missed at Radio Paradise.
October 12, 2012
Our most sincere condolences for the loss of Tom .
It was really great to meet Tom as family-in-law.
We want to meet you again in Japan.
Our sympathy to you and your family.
October 12, 2012
I remember Tom from grade school days at Sacre Coeur. I am a couple years older, but everyone knew the Campen family. Monica is my sister-in-law, so I am able to keep up with the family through her. I am so sorry for your great loss and wish I could be there in person to express my deep sympathy.
October 11, 2012
Uncle Tom,
I am saddened I never got the chance to meet you. The messages left here by so many who knew you, shows how wonderful of person you are and how much you will be missed. May you forever Rest In Peace Uncle Tom.
With Love & Prayers,
October 11, 2012
Tom I will miss going to the hockey games with you, in fact Friday is opening nite and I left a message for you not knowing that you have gone to a better place it won't be the same. Ive enjoyed knowing you and will miss you. Love Nan
October 11, 2012
You were a constant, always there for Dylon and me. For the past 7 years if I had any questions I knew you would know the answer and did. Everyone year we would have a race to see who could put up Christmas lights first and you usually won cuz you hated losing. And I'm going to miss you lurking around my patio at odd hours vandalizing my flowers with little nome dudes. Happy hour, the Porch Club, and the Pool Polo club are missing you. Every night I look up waiting for you to come out of your condo and tell me suprize I was just joking. But I know we won't be able to joke ever again. We miss you so much. We loved you so much. I miss our walks and hugs. Farewell my dearest friend! - signed, Your Down Stairs Neighbor.
October 11, 2012
Tom I've been thinking about you in the morning walking your cat and in the evening at the porch club and stumbling up the stairs after latenite after work. Your are in my and Dylons heart. You were always there for us, we loved and adored you dearly, we are missing you dearly.
October 11, 2012
Tom, your were a good brother. Remember when you would take me to the drag races in the 1970's? You took me to a car show and I saw the real "Bat Mobile". I love you and will miss you very much.
October 11, 2012
My dearest Tom-No.1 of 6. I love you so much and will miss you the rest of my life. I'll cherish our talk on Wednesday night on your trip through Wyoming and I will deeply miss our 2 hour talks every week.I wish you could be here to teach me more about this computer. I was planning on that!!I love you so much. We appreciate your impact on all of our lives.
each of us in a different way. You had so many great qualities and prayerfully we will benefit from them. I believe you know us. You will join our memories of your Dad,Alan and Janice, because this is the way we are!! One more big hug--

October 10, 2012
We always enjoyed having you around at family gatherings. You could be quite entertaining. Your love for your family was known to all. Rest in Peace. Love and hugs to the family.
Bob, Joyce, and Debbie Bowen
October 10, 2012
Lu and Family. Our heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow..God will be with you thru it all.. We're praying for you. Love ya, Carl and Wilma Phelps (neighbors down the street)
October 10, 2012
Tom will definitely be missed by those who loved him. We were clasmates and friends in school and Tom was so sharp .
He could have done anything he set his mind to do .
Chooseing to be happy with and in life was his best choice .
My prayers go out to his family .

Dennis Glore Groveland Il.
October 10, 2012
Here's another picture!
October 10, 2012
I'm honored to say that he was my uncle. He was so incredibly smart, funny and always up for a great conversation! I always looked forward to our discussions and will miss his smile. I'm happy to share a couple great pictures of him with family and hope everyone will enjoy. Love you Tom, Sar
October 10, 2012
I was very sorry to hear of Tom's(Tommy's) passing. My heart goes out to your family in this darkest time. Please say hi to Janice, Alan and your dad for me. I miss them to this day. Your mom has been so much. I know Gog is watching out for her. Sorry I didn't get to know you as a man. Nina (Bandy) Harr. Neighbor up the street from your parents home.
October 10, 2012
This was quite a shock and a major loss for our families, friends, Chris and Saori. Mom enjoyed October 5th with Tom when he stopped by her new apartment in Kansas City -- she said they laughed and she had a wonderful time with her Godson. Going to miss you and our email bantering and your wonderful stories and beautiful photography. God bless - Cathie
October 10, 2012
My dearest brother Tom,
My heart is breaking. So many memories, our shared experiences, you taught me how to laugh, cry, enjoy life. You were there through my childhood, teenage years and adulthood. Through all the highs and lows you were there. I will miss you so much, your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor, your hugs, your emails, our conversations and your advice. When I see Chris, I see you. He is so like you. Your legacy is your son, I am so proud. I will remember what you told me about living life and try to live it. Now, I will try to stop crying and celebrate your life.
Love always,
October 10, 2012
I didn't know Tom well, but grew up with the family in Creve Coeur. In the few times I was around Tom, he was someone you could always talk to and had a positive attitude - a good person. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
October 09, 2012
tom, your the best!! I will miss our talks alot, and remember to toss me those pennies from heaven we talked about.
October 09, 2012
You are a great father-in-law and a wonderful friend. You are always there for Chris and me whenever we need. You touched so much of my life in such a short time. Thank you for driving down to Kansas City to spend time with us. I miss you, Tom-Daddy.
with love and hugs
October 09, 2012
I have just finished my crying and being so selfish about Tom really being gone. It is just too unbeliveable. We shall all miss Tom. He trully was a friend, with whomever he met. Our journey with Tom was short, but we will never forget Tom. His stories, his life lessons, his smile, his laughter and most of all his outlook on life.................. HAPPINESS...................
Catch our Hugs
Novie and Renee
Lodi, Ca
October 09, 2012
No more baseball or hockey games--I'll miss those, our discussions and Tom's intellect. A good man, gone too soon.
October 09, 2012
Though we weren't good at being married we were good friends for over 30 years. You were a terrific person and father to our son! I know that Chris got his brilliance from you! I love you and will dearly miss you.

Love, LIsa
October 09, 2012
Hi Dad. I am so happy to have been with you in your final two days. You guided my life and will always be in my heart and my thoughts. Your life in no small way will be reflected in how I live mine. Thank you for always being available and honest (even when I didn't like what you had to say). Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your love. Thank you for being the best father I could ever ask for.
October 09, 2012
Going to miss you and your laugh Tom, Chris your dad was so proud of you. When ever he was back in Creve Coeur he would tell us of all your accomplishments. Our prayers are with all of his family and friends. Tom will be greatly missed he always had a smile on his face. Love you Tom, Bev and Scott.
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