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October 24, 2014

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October 24, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 24, 2014
September 24, 2014
Thank you for answering my prayers. In both cases. I love and miss you. These are new pictures of Scotts Kids. Henry has gotten so big and Weston. Marilyn and Noelle are great, Big Sisters.
September 19, 2014
Thank you Dad, for answered prayers. Thank you for holding tight through the toughest part, and continue to hold tight for the duration. I love and miss you Dad, forever and a day. Thank you with all my heart.
August 29, 2014
God and you answered my plea
and send Maggie the Angel to me.

Thank you, I feel you presence.

Love Hon.
August 29, 2014


I know it had to have hurt you
to see Mah and us kids around your bed,
just knowing that it wont be long
had to have torn at your heart and head.

I can't begin to imagine what you felt
or the thought that went through your mind,
as we talked and cried and said our good byes
knowing that we'd all be left behind.

You were here for so long,
I prayed you would never leave.
I though you had a few more years
hiding up your sleeve.

The dreadfully day that you left
was the saddest day of my life,
we were there touching some part of you
while you crossed over in the arms of your wife.

I know It may sound selfish
but I wish that you were still here,
or maybe if you could have stayed
for just another year.

I know how much you loved me
and you know how much I loved you,
I'm trying hard to be strong Dad
because that's what you'd want me to do.

I know you had to let go
even though you held on for so long,
there's not a day I don't think of you
And how you were so strong.

I just want to tell you Dad
that you're always in my heart,
even though 4 years have gone by
I know that we're never apart.

I know I'll see you again one day
and until then remember this:
I love and miss you forever and a day,
and I seal it with a kiss.

I love you Dad, forever and a day

Daughter #4

by Leighsa Theriault - 12/02/2010 -
Revised 08/29/2014 on the 4th anniversary of Dad earning his Angel wings
August 29, 2014
Hi Dad. its been 4 years ago today, well in 10 hrs and 14 minutes. that you were taken out of our lives in the physical since we miss you terribly. Ma is going through some stuff i hope you can be with her every step of the way,if there is any way dad please find a way to let her feel your presents so she knows your with her every step she takes in this new journey i think she is feeling alone right now and no matter what we say she still has her feelings and we need to respect that but i know if you can show her somehow you are with her i know it would make her feel better.I love and miss you so much. your son always David
August 05, 2014
Hi Dad,
Can you believe Adonis turned 1 year old today... he's gotten so big, he's into everything, walking everywhere. he's got 2 top front teeth coming in. he's so cute, but you can see that.

I love and miss you Dad, forever and day
July 30, 2014

Hi Dad.
I went to see Mah yesterday. it was her 86th birthday (I'm sure your aware of that though) . She had a busy day. Throughout the day everyone stopped by, then later in the evening, she got birthday wish's by phone. she had a good birthday. She had a beautiful cake. I'm not sure if she took a picture of it or not, but I'll ask her.

Adonis is walking now, and into EVERYTHING, He's also got his first tooth coming in, and oddly enough, Angel just lost his first tooth. The tooth fairy came. he was excited. it was really loose, he could bend it over with his tongue. I told him how you use to take your hanky and pull ours out when they were like that. I love remembering the stories from growing up.

We had some pretty major thunder storm the last week. I'm sure you had seen and heard it all. my phone was constantly going off with a warning letting me know " Severe thunderstorm warning until such and such a time". we even had 2 tornado warnings. I call Mah every time I got a warning. I told her I'm her personal weather girl.

Anyway, I'm going to get going. I need to go make Azriel Supper. I'll be over to see you soon Dad.
I love and miss you forever and a day.
July 04, 2014

Hi Dad,
Happy 4th of July. the fireworks have been rescheduled till Saturday the 5th due to weather, so you may have to watch them over another area tonight, but come back this way tomorrow night. I'm going to go to the house tomorrow to watch them with Mah.

We've had some pretty messed up weather as I'm sure your aware of. We had sever thunder storms Wednesday evening, hail and rain and thunder (no lightning) Friday, and tornado warnings Friday late afternoon. Today is rain. So pretty odd rain for here, but the lightning was so pretty.

it must be beautiful from your view. Someday I'll sit back and watch it with you. but then again, one day well all watch them like we use to as a family, when we use to all watch them from the back yard at the house before the trees got too tall. I love memories..

I love and miss you forever and a day Dad
June 25, 2014

Hi Dad,
I went to see you with David, today, we met Mah and Marie over there, We brought you balloons as I'm sure you had seen, and released them for you with notes attached. Hope they make it to you.

Did you hear Angel and Azriel out on the deck tonight, looking up in the sky singing happy birthday to you.. It was sweet.

I hope Mah will be able to see your star from the house that I had named for you, for your Birthday. I need to figure out where it is, from the house for her. its in the constellation "Cygnus"

"Happy Birthday In Heaven"

Happy 90th Birthday up in Heaven
from your family here below.
We love you and we miss you,
and want to let you know.

Your birthdays aren't forgotten.
and your memory yet lives on.
We celebrate your life with us
even though you've gone.

Were God to grant us just one wish,
then make that wish come true,
you'd be here right beside us
and we'd spend this day with you.

And while here for your birthday
you would be so hugged and kissed
that you would know before you go
how much you're loved and missed.

I love and Miss you Dad, Forever and a Day.

June 24, 2014

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