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December 28, 2014

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December 28, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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December 27, 2014
Another year but it's just the same, my heart and mind calls your name.

Merry Christmas
December 26, 2014
I hope you don't mind, but I check in on your dad's guest book page occasionally. When he and my mother were in the hospital together in the early 70's, you all became like family to my family and that was much appreciated. Your dad and my mom had the same birthday. She has been gone now for 41 (going on 42) years and I still miss her every day. Your dad was a good man and your mom will always be one of my favorite people. You are lucky to have her. I know how much you all love and appreciate her and how much you miss your father. Keep loving them....that's all you can do and is the most important gift of all. Merry Christmas to all of you and a special hug for Wilda!!!
December 26, 2014
Hi Dad,
I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas before I went to bed.

I had Angel and Azriel for the night Christmas Eve and they woke up at my place, and we went to Ashley's in the AM. we had our tree with her and Adonis, and Azriel and I went to see Mah and have dinner with her and Marie. Mah cooked. We stayed for a while.

Last week Ashton came to Ashley's, it's the first time in a few years, it was nice to see him. He called Mah and talked to her. she sounded happy to talk to him. he's coming to Ashley's tomorrow Friday the 26th, and I'm going to go pick Mah up, and bring her over so she can see Ashton. It will be nice, that they can se each other, its been too long.

A week ago Saturday (12/13/2014) I was out Christmas shopping, and someone stole my wallet, it had all my credit cards and $500 cash. I had to cancel the cards, but no making up for the lost cash. The Freeport police called me to let me know a few days later that they had my wallet there. someone had dropped it in the mail box and the mailman brought it to them. so someone stole it in South Portland, and it was found in Freeport. 2 credit cards were missing, the rest were there. luckily I had already canceled them all, but no surprise the cash was gone. I know Mah had talked to you and prayed about my wallet being stolen and to help with it, and to show some sign. well, how to police found my phone number, where my phone is a cell phone..... it could have been just mailing it to me, through my license and mailing address, but no.. they found my GENEALOGY business cards in my wallet. now, I know you had something to do with that Dad. Thank you, and yes, with them finding the genealogy/family tree card, that was the sign and I hear it loud and clear. Thank you for being there still for me Dad, even from so far away.

I hope you could see the beautiful lights. I wasn't going to put a tree up this year, I really wasn't in the Christmas spirit. I had the little metal one I had bought you last year, I had that on the table, well, I had an App on my phone, that Azriel could call Santa, and he could call and press 1 to be added to the bad boy/girl list, press 2 to be added to the good boy/girl list, and press 3 to leave a message with name and present request... so he wanted to press , so we did, and he asked Santa for a Christmas tree.. So that changed my tree though for this year. I didn't put up the large 6 foot one though, I went out and bought a 4 foot one and put it on the end table. only Christmas ornaments on it were one at the top with al the grand kids name on it, and one Mah got us the year you left, the "Merry Christmas from heaven" Plain, but Azriel got his wish... A tree..

Anyway Dad, I'm going to go for now... I love and miss you forever and a day..
December 25, 2014
Hi Dad
its been awhile since i last visited here. Christmas doesn't feel right to me this year i really don't know why but i could take it or leave it this year. i did want to say Merry Christmas and i miss you allot especially on days like today its a time of family and its hard when a very important part of the family isn't with us anymore. we were not ready to loose you. and even though its been 4 years i'm still not ready there are so many days that i just want to hear your voice,you have always been able to make everything okay,with just a word. i miss you dad and love you so very much...
November 29, 2014
Happy Belated Turkey day Dad. Sorry I'm late. Hope you enjoyed all those delicious smells coming up to you, I had dinner with Mah. It was nice. Ashley cooked dinner for her and the boys. Portland High won the turkey game against Deering again this year.

Mah is doing well, she's healing every day and doing so well with it. The Dr's are pretty much amazed. she doesn't give herself enough credit, but she IS amazing.

We had our first snow storm Wednesday. we got about 6" . NY got a lot, they have gotten about 7 feet of snow, they've had deaths, injuries. its very sad.

I have been doing my genealogy still (big surprise ha? lol) and found some of Mah's family on Grampies side. they are her 2nd cousins. her Dads brother Joseph grand kids. I contacted them and everyone's thrilled, them and us. the 2nd cousins name is Leo, he's 88. I'm trying to go through his daughter to have him talk to Mah on the phone. I don't know his health and don't feel I should be blunt and ask, so I'm just going through her mentioning things, I know Mah would love it, she doesn't know yet that I'm trying to get it so they have communication, (secret..sshhh)

I don't remember if I told you or not, I met with this historical society in South Berwick. They are using the Pelletiers as learning tools called journey through time, for the kids in schools teaching the kids about the immigrants and the journeys from Canada to Maine and what life was like. I found that on line and when I contacted them letting them know that I was the great granddaughter of Joseph and Mah being the granddaughter, they asked if I could meet them and they wanted others to meet me as well. So David and I met with them. They were nice, unfortunately they didn't have any information to give me that I didn't already have, but I did have info for them that they were thrilled to have.
I walked the bridges that Great Grampy would have walked to go to work, and made sure Mah was on the phone for the walk, I wanted her to make the journey through time with me. the first family making the walk with the intent of their memory, not just to walk over the bridge with no intent other then to get to the other side. This upcoming spring I want Mah to actually walk it with me, it would mean a lot and something I'd treasure and never forget.

I'm still searching for the final resting place of great Grammy and Grampy in St Michael's, still no luck, so as of now, we have just the cemetery, but no location IN it.

Anyway Dad. That's the update for now.

I Love and Miss you Forever and a Day.
October 31, 2014
I just wanted to say:
Happy Halloween Dad, from your baby girl.

I love and miss you, forever and a day.
October 24, 2014
Hi Dad,
I'm sure your aware of the wonderful news about Mah. Thank you for always looking out for her.

I wanted to let you know that your name a star that I had done for you this past June, your star name got launched into space this morning at 7:30 AM (well, Thursday AM, I'm still awake so its still Thursday. lolol) on the Conestoga Flight. (This picture is the actual lift off) It was a successful launce, orbited and back to earth where it was recovered, details of the launch will be sent to me. and I will send them to you, although I'm sure you seen it all. It was saposto be launched the 20th but due to lightning strike on the launch pad they had to postpone in. Anyway. I wanted to let you know.

I miss and love you forever and a day Dad.
September 24, 2014
September 24, 2014
Thank you for answering my prayers. In both cases. I love and miss you. These are new pictures of Scotts Kids. Henry has gotten so big and Weston. Marilyn and Noelle are great, Big Sisters.
September 19, 2014
Thank you Dad, for answered prayers. Thank you for holding tight through the toughest part, and continue to hold tight for the duration. I love and miss you Dad, forever and a day. Thank you with all my heart.

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