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November 17, 2017

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November 17, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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November 03, 2017
Hi Dad,
Just checking in. Not much going on around here. Halloween was a few days ago. the kids had fun. Angel, Azriel, Adonis, Cayden, Keegan, and Gracie, walked around the block with Me, Ashley, David, Raeleen, Hans, Mariah, Daniel, Sydnee and a friend of Sydnee's, it was a nice night. I'll leave you the picture.

Weather had been nice for October and November so far, thank you for that, keep that snow button locked up behind the lock box, we don't want any of that white stuff except on Christmas day.

I'm going to New Hampshire Sunday with David, Mah and Marie, going to the cemetery, finally got the cemetery to agree to let us to hang a plaque for Great Grampy Pelletier acknowledging him, where they don't know where he's buried there anymore. I know it's not locating his grave IN the cemetery, but at lease its saying he's there. I wrote a poem and it's on the plaque, and signed with all our names. I'll continue looking for his burial site despite the plaque being hung. I want to know where he is, just like we found his wife, Great Grammy in there. I wish it was as easy as saying there buried together, but him dying 20 years earlier makes the chances very unlikely as she's so far from the front of where the old graves are.

Angel and Azriel are going there 3rd session of swim class. Adonis started them last session too so this is his 2nd session. They started that last night. There doing well in that, and love it.

Mah is doing ok, misses you as always. She just re-did the floors. They came out good. We all went over after trick or treating the other day, so she had a house full.

Well Dad, I'm going to go, I need to go to the grocery store, Azriel asked if we can have Italians for Supper tonight so I need to pick up the fixings for them.

I love and miss you forever and a day
August 29, 2017
Always in my mind, forever in my heart.

August 29, 2017
7 years today you earned your angel wings. The days come and go, but the memories remain forever. I love and miss you forever and a day Dad.
July 22, 2017
Hi Dad,
Thought Id drop you a note to say hi and give the updates. The kids have 2 weeks left of camp. I cant believe its gone that fast already, doesn't feel like its already been 5 weeks. They have loved it.

Happy belated 4th, Me, ANgel, Azriel, David, Sydnee. Raeleen, Cayden, Keegan, and Hans went to spend it with Mah. we watched the fireworks from the road, as we usually do. you had the best seat of all again. they were very pretty.

Today's wicked hot, its 84 but very humid. I'm going to go hibernate in the bedroom where the AC is.

David and I got Mah to go feed the ducks the other day (little bit of guilt goes a long way.. LOL) I think she enjoyed it, I know I really did. there was a... darn, I cant remember the name of it, I want to say crane but I know that's not it, anyway, it looked like a crane, it was beautiful, all white, and it stayed in the water where we were, almost like it know Mah was watching it. there were the ducks, and turtles, so they all came out for a show for her. believe it or no this is on Stevens avenue.

well Dad, the kids just ran in from upstairs and there acting like animals, LOL so I've got to go for now,

I love and miss you forever and a day
June 28, 2017
Hi Dad
Its been a little bit since I've been here and I'm sorry about that. I know you've been watching everything that's been gone on, I've felt you around and seen little signs of you around me.

Not a lot going on. Azriel and Angel are all done school for the summer. They started summer camp for the next 7 weeks on Monday, they like it so far. I bring them in the AM, and pick them up in the afternoon. They also started swim lessons last Thursday. remember, Azriel wants to swim in the Olympics, so he says he started training for the Olympics. he's funny

Adonis is going to go into pre-k in September, that will make all the grand babies in school. makes me feel so old.

As you know. Azriel, Adonis and I laid out a blanket on fathers day with you and had a picnic, its funny, Azriel swears he sen the potato chip move he put down near your stone for you.

We came up to spend some time with you on your birthday on the 24th, but Adonis doesn't understand that when I say going to Grampies, that its not the same as going to see Grammy. I cant even begin to explain to him at 3 years old, that your there but not.

Mah and Marie went out to visit on your birthday too. and David had been there, I seen the new card he had left for you.

I went over to spend the day with Mah today after the kids got dropped off at camp, it was a really nice visit, but then again, it always is.the sky was so blue today and the cloud so white that the white clouds hurt my eyes.

well Dad, not much has been going on here, kinda booring.. LOL. I'll keep ya updated as stuff happens.

I love and miss you forever and a day.
April 01, 2017
Hi Dad. Sorry for the long delay in stopping by, but nothing really to report. Today is April 1st (April fools day), and I really don't think a snow storm today was any sort of April fools joke, especially when the snow was melting so nicely from the last storm you guys dropped on us.. now please be so kind as to let the sun shine bright and hot so it will melt this nonsence..

As you may know by now, Bobby B died the 21st of March. Very unexpected, he went into the hospital a few days before, the day he died, he was doing better and the Dr's were moving him into another room, but some how he took a turn for the worse. he as only 68.

Aunt Bev also died the other day, March 27th.

Everyone seems to be doing well here. I went to a teachers conference for Azriel. he's doing really well in school. Adonis is signed up for Pre K, to start in September this year.

Not a lot happening, so not a lot to report.

I love and miss you Dad forever and a day
February 13, 2017
Hi Dad,
Just stopping by to ask a favor of you. Someone must have been playing a joke and jammed the snow storm lever, because we have gotten nailed with snow, and its still coming down. We have gotten so far since yesterday about 15", and that's not including the storm from last week. We were down to ground, we could walk around with no jacket on, it was nice, we had 50 degree weather the other day. now were up to our butts in snow. Can you try to find the snow lever and un jam it for me, so we can stop the snow? My car looks like its been swallowed up by the storm.
February 07, 2017

Hi Dad,
Just wanted to stop by and say Hi.
Its been snowing out today, its pretty but I would rather you keep it up there. I have to admit, we have had a decent winter this year so far. I can handle these kind of winters. not a lot of snow.

So I turned 51 as you know 2 days ago.. UUGGG. I don't like the number but thank goodness I don't feel it, but then again, I've never been 51, so I don't know what 51 is saposto feel like. Ashley made me a carrot cake which was my order. love my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

So on Thursday I took a "trip" got some bruises but it could have been worse, I'm assuming It wasn't as bad as It could have been because you helped me. Thank you.. but next time, can you move a bit faster so I avoid the fall period. LOL. just kidding Dad.. Anyway, I went to rush into the laundry room to fix the washer because it was unbalanced, and didn't know Azriel put his jacket on the floor instead of hanging it up, and it hooked my feet, he also left his Pogo stick on the floor, so when I fell, my knee landed on the pogo stick, my hip landed on the floor and smacked my head so hard of a 2 1/2 Gallon mason jar drinking container that I broke the bottom out of it, it is was sitting flat on the floor as I wants using it, so my head hit the top of it. didn't split my head open surprisingly, but it still hurts. the swelling has gone down but Mah wants me to get it checked because its still hurts to the touch, even to wash my hair. my hip has a good size bruise. but on the high side, my knee is healing, and the bruise is going away, and as long as I don't touch my head, THAT doesn't hurt. :)

I don't know if you have seen him yet or not, but WWE wrestler Jimmy Superfly Snuka died a few weeks ago. we've lost a lot of wrestlers/mangers over the last 24 months. hope heaven has a big wrestling ring, because I always liked us watching wrestling together on Saturdays growing up.

Everyone seems to be doing ok. Mah is doing well. she misses you as always.

That's it for now Dad. just a few updates..
I love and miss you forever and a day.
January 01, 2017
Hi Dad,
Its New Years Eve, 11:27 PM. thought I would have you ring in the new year with me this year. I'll send this at midnight at the same time I hit call to call Mah.

So to start the update..
First. Happy Thanksgiving late. A few days after thanksgiving I ended up in the ER with sever stomach pains. they found my intestines had twisted and caused a blockage and in another spot, they looped. I don't know what happened to cause it but it hurt like crazy. They ended up doing surgery, I was in the hospital a total of 10 days. Teri stayed at my house to take care of Azriel. The day I got out I stopped at the house to see Mah. she came top the hospital to see me but I needed to see my Mah. Teri stayed another week at my house once I got home, and she went home and David continued taking Azriel to the bus stop. finally the 23rd I went to the Dr's and they released me and I can now drive again and walk Azriel to the bus stop again. so Once vacation is over I will start that again. its been a long month.

Merry Christmas Dad.. My Christmas tree this year is the most beautiful tree ever, its the 1950's aluminum Pom Pom Christmas Tree. 7' tall, decorated in red and gold only, very simply decorated. I don't have the color wheel, so I am using kind of like a disco light and it makes it look beautiful, IM sure it sparkles all the way up to you. I lay on the couch with the lights off and just watch it. This is the first tree since you've been gone that I've really enjoyed looking at. I put a picture of it on my facebook, and everyone commented how pretty it was, One person said it was beyond beautiful. I have to agree with her.

I was sick this year with some sort of a cold that wont go away so I couldn't go to eat Christmas Dinner with Mah. That really bothered me. Teri, Mike and David went over this year. its 7 days later and I', still sick and cant seem to kick it. before my intestinal issue I had phenomena, IO hope it doesn't turn into that again.

I went over to Ashley's for the tree with the kids and ended up eating with her and the boys.

I went to bring you a few large candy canes to put with your stone the other day, Mah has your wreath decorated and put out. this is 6 Christmas without you.

Well Dad, I'm going to close for now, I want to make sure this is able to be sent at midnight.

Happy New Year Dad. I love you forever and a day.
November 10, 2016
Hi Dad,
Sorry its been a while since Ive been here, really nothing happening new.

Happy belated Halloween. I walked around the block with Ashley and the boys this year, then brought Azriel and Angel over to see Mah. Halloween isnt like it use to be though. Not many people out anymore. I forsee trick or treating being done within the next 5 years.

The weathers getting colder, seems like we lost our summer really fast. I have to walk Azriel to the bus stop this year instead of bringing him to school so I notice the cold more this year then last, and its not even snowing yet...

So, we had the election this year, and Donald Trump won the presidency. Hillary clinton was running against him.

This weekend Me, Azriel, David, Teri and Mike are going to NH so we can show Teri where great Grammy Pelletier is buried. We still cant find the exact spot in the cemetery for great Grampy Pelletier yet. We're going to show her the Shoe Shop and the textile mill and the bridge they walked to get to work and the street and lot that they own the house on. I think she's going to really enjoy it.

I brought my grandkids over to show them the house that Grammy and Grampy (your parents) owned in Portland and noticed that it's for sale. So I went home and looked it up online and was able to view some of the photos of the inside of it. Unfortunately it was under contract so I could not set up a showing like I wanted to do, I wanted to set one up so I can go inside and see the whole thing in person again for myself, just to look around again. It has been a very long time since I've been in that house. I did save the pictures of the house that I found on the realtors site and when my cold is gone I'm going to show them to Mah and see if she thinks the inside looks the same to her because it's been that long since I was in the house I don't remwmber what it looked like back then.

Well Dad, im going to go for now. I'll be back soon.

I love and miss you forever and a day.

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