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Peter Bishop Allen
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December 31, 2012
I was fortunate to have known Pete. He was very kind to me and my brother. I visited with him and my brother several times in and around 1989 1990 at Stinson beach. An extraordinary talent and charismatic man. I was very sorry to hear that he had passed. He surely will be missed by many. I'll never forget him saying, (kid,I aint queer but I love ya) I met him at Artworks in Berkeley, and worked on some of his bronzes with my brother Steve. Best wishes to his family . John Mitchell
December 22, 2012
We are so sad to learn of Peter's sudden death in 2004. We met him while he was in NZ in about 1976. He was hitch hiking with his friend Elmer in Auckland. They ended up staying with us. What a laugh we had. We won't forget them swimming out behind the breakers for miles at Muriwai Beach and then running back along the beach. So fit, So tall! He will never will be forgotten by us in NZ. Take care...
December 22, 2012
We are very sad to read that Peterdied so young. We met Peter about 1976 in NZ. He was hitch hiking with his friend Elmer in Auckland, NZ. We gave them a ride in the back of our ute. What a hard case to spend time with them both. They stayed with my family and we all had a fabulous time together. We will never forget the both of them swimming out the back of the huge waves for miles along the beach and then they would run back! It was a pleasure to have met him and we both pass on our condolences to his family and friends. xxx Nigel & Carolin Tibbits, Auckland, NZ
July 30, 2012
Well Pete you were on my mind today... was thinking of the waves at Stinson. I now live in Wanganui, New Zealand a long way from Marin County, the memorys are amazing... You were a funny great guy and stilll your memory lives on. I remember the mental health day excuse to maintain sanity... how right you are. Miss you dude...
May 16, 2012
I still miss you Petie, each and every day....your little Sister SUZ
October 01, 2011
July 02, 2009
Dear Molly, I knew you when you were just a kid. I haven't seen you in a long time. I lost a close surfing buddy and thought of you and the good times we had. I hope your doing well.
May 30, 2009
Dear Molly- I knew your dad very long ago in the early 1970's. He was a very special man and I am certain that he sits on your shoulder and watches over you.
November 26, 2008
After all these years, I just now learned of Pete's passing. I spent an afternoon at Pete's house in Stinson Beach after we took my cousin Ben's ashes out to the waves. Pete was sad and angry about the loss of his dear friend Big Ben, he roared and cried and laughed with me. I never saw him again, but have always remembered him. I only wish we'd been able to see each other again.
December 23, 2007
Peter was a truly amazing man and a good friend to me when I went to the College of Marin in the early 1960's. He was in one of my business classes and we became friends. He introduced me to what was great in Marin County at that time - the people - the land -hunting, fishing and his family and friends.I had been in the Navy for three years and got out just to go to college. From midnight rides in his old black jeep to duck hunting in Vallejo - hunting doves in the Pope Valley with the family it was all good. Meeting Howdy and Anne's friends - camp boy at the Wild Oats camp at the Grove for three years. Living with the family for a fantastic two and a half years in Kent Woodlands - seeing two wonderful young girls Joel and Suzy become fine young women. The time Pete and Wheatly were away I truly enjoyed working at their home was really amazing. The ambush in my bed at the little house by Pete and Ben will always be with me.Howdie and Anne were always concerned that my family in
Colorado knew that I was in good health and really appreciated has been with me for many years. The man I am today was influence in a great way by Peter Bishop Allen and his family. I love you Pete sorry it took so long for me to realize your departure. You will always be rembered by me good friend.

Ted Braun
Scottsdale, Arizona
December 23, 2007
February 27, 2006
Peter's father, Howdy, was my father's best friend. They grew up together in Marin. The Allens and Griffiths have always been my second set of brothers and sisters. Whenever we see each other, we still share stories about a trip our families took together to Aetna Springs in 1961. Pete's vast array of athletic dives into the swimming pool were so much fun to watch. Pete was one of my roommates in Newport Beach in 1968 and taught me so much about simply enjoying life. We spent a lot of time in the water! He will always be one of my heroes. In the late 80's, I spent several hours with Pete trying to assist him in saving a stranded steelhead trout. I was so moved by Pete's compassion and love of nature that I wrote a poem about it. I wish I had shared it with him... Peter, I love you and miss you. There will never be anyone else like you...
February 01, 2005
I was fortunate enough to have met Peter Bishop Allen and as I am sure, he made us all feel that he was and is our true friend,
Thanks Peter for the for the role model that seemed to be inchanted with laughs and music and art and the opportunity to be your friend
July 28, 2004
I have a "Pete" story to tell. I met him in second grade, but haven't seen him since my 20's. I think from reading all of your notes, that the story is archetypical in that it well exemplifies his humor, his iconoclasm and his contempt for danger as long as something funny (and uncomfortable!)could be done.
(Now I am sure there are those who know more about this moment than I do. I confess it has moved into the realm of myth for me. Which is where it well belongs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.)

It begins on a sunny day at Bolinas beach, around 1960 or so. There had been one of the Coast's shark scares that summer and parents were keeping a close eye on their children, keeping them near to shore if they let them get wet at all.All of a sudden,someone yelled "Shark!" And there, sure enough was a black fin swimming horizontal to the beach just beyond the breakers. Everyone was screaming and standing and pointing in shocked amazement at this brazen fish daring to come to "our" beach. Now I don't remember if this happened or not, or if it just grew as part of the legend. Someone.....one of the Dads........maybe an uncle of Pete's got a gun to shoot the thing, but it was out of range.

I am sure by now you have guessed that the shark was Peter with a self-crafted fin strapped to his back! He and Ben had cooked up this perfect stunt to stir things up in that (in those days) placid and conservative scene. Was this Pete's first conceptual art piece?
My love to all of his family and friends.
June 29, 2004
For a while, I lived on the same street as Pete. Day or night, when I would wander around Sierra, I would see Pete up to something or other. One of the things he always seemed to do was to leave his car doors open. I never knew if he had just forgotten to close it, just for a second, or if he had become engrossed with something else and the car door was completely forgotten. I would always speculate: IS he coming or going? Over time I got used to the always open door policy. In my mind, it meant he would soon be running around again with some project or another. I am so sad that I won't be soon seeing Peter again!!! He had that rare quality of enchanting you AND driving you nuts at the same time. I loved his answer to most anything: With a big smile he would say "maybe!" How I miss that "maybe, maybe, baby!! "His eyes would lightup over so many things. Especially when he spoke of his darling daughter, Molly. One of the many memories I have of uncle pete was when he painted his little boat, named it MOLLY placed a little USA flag on it, launched it from the end of Sierra and roared off to Bolinas >waves a spraying< on the 4th of july (2002). He turned and waved to all of us standing, watching skeptical on the sierra beach and laughed the most audible fantastic, King of the ocean laugh. I really miss you, peter...
June 28, 2004
Yes I too was always proud to say I am Peter Allen's cousin. The music, the art, the jokes. There we all were in Kentfield, Ross, Trinity, Tahoe and the Beach. Kids of the TWINS. Peter the jokster making up names, making faces, sneaking around behind, teasing. He was bigger than life so talented "watch this I'll add a little fat roll on this here seal!!" ah ha there was another incredible piece. Take care of the relatives up there Peter, Tickle those ivories, Blow that horn, Finger that banjo and gut bucket I Love You Constance.
June 23, 2004
I never had the good fortune to meet Peter only having happened upon the surfer's funeral on a recent trip to the coast. I was moved by the sense of friendship and love of those participating in the service and the sheer number of people who turned out to celebrate his life. Especially after reading the numerous entries in this guestbook, I feel as though I was fortunate, at least, to meet Peter in spirit. I'm sure all these kind words are a great deal of comfort and pride for his friends and family.
June 23, 2004
Of course I had a crush on Peter from the day I met him, but not just for his incredible good looks. Peter was one of those rare individuals who exude so much life force they dominate a room just by standing in it. His charm and charisma is known by all who knew him. And he taught us all a few things, too.
While driving together down the street where I live he waved at a passerby and explained why. They are your neighbors aren't they? To Peter, everyone was a neighbor and all were greeted with the same open heart. That was the lesson Pete taught me. I am sure there are hundreds of you out there remembering a little lesson of life that Pete taught you. Here is a wave to all of you from me.
June 23, 2004
Dear Peter - There is so much I want to say to you. I am so very sad that you are gone. Memories of growing up with you are flooding in. You truly were my hero, I adored you. You loved me right back. We were a team, you and I. I was so proud to be your sister. I followed you everywhere, and you let me. I was constantly asking: "can I go?" and I went everywhere with you, because you loved me. You were so handsome (all my girlfriends had a crush on you) and so hysterically funny!! Some of the proudest words that I ever spoke are these: "I'm Susie, I'm Peter Allen's sister".... I was so lucky, and it felt so cool, to hang out with you and your handsome friends. You never minded a bit, because you loved me. I'll always remember those completely goofy faces, the fake trips and stumbles over a big rock, or a fake slam into some sort of a pole or doorway in front of you. God, you were funny! You taught me how to do all kinds of dangerous dives in our pool, including front & back flips. You tickled me, you teased me, you cuddled with me and you loved me. And I loved you back - so much! Loved watching you surf, with such grace and beauty on those long boards. Surfing was your religion. I hope you're hangin' ten now, out there... on that eternal "perfect wave"! I am so sad now - - but I'll see you when I get there. Love, FOREVER & EVER, your SISTER SUZ
June 18, 2004
Dear Brother Pete,(worlds greatest frustrated stunt man)
I have always been proud that you considered me your surrogate little brother. Thanks for taking me stripper fishing day after day after day at four in the morning. Thanks for paying me for years to sand your fine art, when all I did was have fun. Thanks for working work into our busy surf schedule. Thanks for the endless surf sessions, Thanks for the many hours sitting in the Kapu playing slack key guitar. Thanks for being a great employee when you worked for me, all my clients from those jobs ask about you. I have a million great memories about our time together, and they all make me laugh. And finally,thanks for showing me that work is for those who can’t surf. Hope to surf with you on the other side, but not right away.
Comin down,
Brother Dars
Aka kidman
June 17, 2004
It was so much fun for Shelby & I to be your neighbor for 20+ years. The time I spent watching you carve was magicial. The time you handed me your chisel and said "Give it a go Smitty, you can't screw it up", I will remember forever. Your Impromptu art was my favorite. I did not wash the back window of my truck for a month after you drew the Grey Whale in the dust on it. The Seal's head that you did in minutes from the leftover concrete from a construction job. God I loved those creations. Some of that art still sits where you created it in Stinson Beach. Rest in Peace Pete - - Butch & Shelby
June 17, 2004
Peter will be sorely missed. He and I go back to Ross Grammar School days.
June 11, 2004
Peter, Happy trails from all Dipsea runners. I won't see you riding on the bluff, but my thoughts will be with you during Sunday's race.
June 11, 2004

Among most of the West Marin beach crowd you are legend, not only as a popular skilled surfer but also your gregareous personality and stature. Of those that did not know you personally, you were nonetheless "known". Many loved you. Your physical presence will be missed. However, legends and loved ones never really die, they continue to live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved them, and in the countless stories that will be remembered and told for many years. May your spirit soar and find peace with God.
June 11, 2004
Pete - I'm sorry I won't be able to attend your surfer's send-off at Stinson on Saturday - I will be in Monterey with the family - Know, however, I'll be there in thought and spirit. At that hour, we'll give you a sendoff from the beach in Monterey - I can't belive I'm saying good-bye to such a friend...I'll never forget the two weeks on the Farallones...you will be sadly missed, Peter.
June 09, 2004

You made my tour of the Marine Corps Reserve almost enjoyable. You and Ben were the true leaders of our unit. You were tough as nails, smart as a mountain lion and gentle as a baby lamb. I would have followed you into battle in a moments notice. I hope you can now rest in peace.
June 09, 2004
June 09, 2004
I met Pete about 20 years ago, through mutual friends in Bolinas. What a great person he was! Always friendly to everyone and always smiling.I loved that old truck he used to drive around in,leaning out the window and waving as he went by.He was such a figure out there in west marin.I'm going to miss you Pete.
June 08, 2004
Pete was so full of love for his friends and family and his beach...a dear friend to my late husband Bob, the tandem surboard he gave Bob to surf on is now a bench in my backyard today. Pete videoed our wedding on the clifts over Stinson Beach in the 80's and my mom will never forget catching a ride down into town with Pete at the wheel of his convertible caddy! If you knew Pete you know that was a thrilling ride!Our prayers are with Molly Ann whom he dearly loved. It comforts me to know that Pete is finally together with his father,his dear friend Big Ben and he can give Big Bob a huge hug...what a reunioun they must be having! May you be at peace now, Pete. Lovingly, Jane, Sofi and Leif
June 08, 2004
God rest your soul, Pete. I will be unable to attend the surfer's burial, but as a fellow waterman, I shall be there in spirit, knowing yours will be present as well. My sincere condolences to your family. Fair winds, me ke aloha. John
June 08, 2004
Pete was one of the best people I have ever known. I got to know him when I was a teenager and he was in his thirties. He was a strong and charismatic individual who guided me along the path of growing up. When I got to know him as an adult, he had the same character on the inside - which is all I ever saw. I will miss seeing Pete from time to time, but will always think about him.
June 07, 2004
In Peter, we remember an extremely tan, gregarious and very unique individual who was quite a character. He was destined to be a legend in his own time and he has fulfilled his destiny. Peter always had a quick smile, a hearty laugh and a kind word to share. A member of one of Marin's pioneer families he will be sorely missed. Only after years of friendship did we learn that we were also distant kin ... this makes the loss even more poignant.
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