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July 12, 2014

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July 12, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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June 15, 2014
Happy Father's day daddy. You are the best daddy ever!! I love you and I miss you so much!! Thank you so much for always loving me. I love you always and forever daddy!!!
June 11, 2014
Hey daddy. I miss you so much! Every day I wake up I wish you were here. So many things have happened that we needed you here to be a part of. Josh and Heather got married! I know that you are so happy for them. We always knew Heather was a keeper:) Well daddy Fathers Day is in a few days and I can't believe this will be our 2nd Father's Day without you here. It is tough but everyday is tough without you here! You are such an amazing daddy!! We are lucky that God chose us to be your children! I thank God that you are my daddy because he gave me the best daddy in world!! I love you and I miss you so much!! I miss being with you and talking to you and just hearing your laugh. I posted our softball picture on facebook and all the girls commented about how you were the best coach they ever had because you cared about them as young ladies not only softball players. You left a wonderful legacy for so many. You showed love and care for so many daddy. I love daddy and I will see you again!!!
March 26, 2014
It is so hard to believe that it has been a year already, It is still so fresh on my mind and heart. It is like still having the bad dream!
My heart hurts so badly to see Jamie hurt so bad and struggle to function each day without her daddy! Tomorrow would have been a fun filled day full of birthday celebrating!
I am so honored to hear stories & memories told by Jamie, Josh, Reed & John Preston. Especially John Preston, bless his heart he is so innocent minded. He and Reed both talk about their Pops all of the time!
It truly is a blessing to have known you and be apart of your life.

Love Always,
Christy Baxley
March 18, 2014
Hey daddy, I miss you so much!!! Your birthday is almost here, and it has almost been an entire year now. It has been the hardest, saddest, and most miserable year of my life. I wish we could have had more time! I wish so much that you were still here!! Everything is so different now, daddy!! We need you so much for so many reasons. You are the best daddy in the world and we are lucky to have you for our daddy!! It was such a wonderful feeling to know that I always would have someone on my side, someone that would always be there to protect me, and someone that was always going to love me and be there for me no matter what. You are such an awesome daddy!!! I will always try to protect my boys like you always protected us. The boys miss you so much daddy we talk about you daily. Reed reminds me so much of you, it's really funny, he does some things sometimes and I just laugh and think about how much y'all act alike and even look alike:) I miss you daddy and I love you so very much!!!
December 20, 2013
Hey daddy, every day there is something I need you for. I wish you were here!! I didn't realize how much we talked, how much we were together, but I do now. Monday through Friday from about 8-2, that was our time. Kids were at school, everyone was at work, except us, we could do whatever we wanted to do. Now it's so lonely without you here. I so often want to call you and talk to you, go eat lunch with you, go to the boats with you, make plans with you, or just stop by to hug you and tell you that I love you. Both of the boys had there school Christmas parties this week, it was so hard going by myself, I needed you there so bad. The holidays are so hard without you, but so is just everyday life. I depended on you for so much, for all my life. So much makes me think of you daddy. It is so hard to except that you really aren't here, you really aren't going to call me, I'm really not going to see you, (sometimes I do think I see you, (out of the corner of my eye) and when I turn around you aren't there. Oh it hurts so bad!! I feel like I have had the breath knocked out of me. Life is not the same without you and it hurts! I wish I could fix everything daddy, but I can't, I wish I could make things like you wanted it to be, but I can't, I wish I could be happy, TRULEY happy, but I can't. I need you daddy, you could make all of this right. Josh reminds me so much of you now. He has really stepped up to the plate to be the man of the family like you wanted him to be. I know your proud:) I love you daddy and I miss you very much, and you will always be my first wish, I wish you were here!!

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