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January 17, 2018

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January 17, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Jamie Rhodes Brannan.
April 14, 2016
Hey daddy. It's been 3 years and some days it seems like yesterday, yet other days it seems like it's been forever ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Losing you has been so hard to have to face every single day. When you left part of me went with you, most of me went with you. It has forever changed me. I have tried so hard to be happy but it's impossible. On the days that should be the happiest days, it seems to be the saddest days because I want you to be here. So many things I wish you were here to see, so many things have happened I just think I would love to see the smile on daddy's face. I know that you are in heaven watching over us and so it gives me the strength to face another day. No doubt it's still hard every day here without you but I do know I will see you again, I can't wait until I see you, I am going to run to you and hug you! To know that there will be no more pain and heartache, and that we will all spend eternity together is a day I look forward to, but until that day I will miss you so much, and I will wish you were here. I love you so much daddy, you will always be my hero!!!
September 14, 2014
Hey daddy. It's been a little over a year and a half since I last seen you and believe me, I only miss you more and more every day! You were always there for the good times and bad times, you always had time for us, but not only that you wanted to be there. I wish we could have had more time. I still need you our family still needs you! I have so many great memories. I always knew how lucky I was to have you as my daddy. I was so proud of who you were. You always put your family first, you worked hard to give us all we ever wanted, you were our daddy, our coach, our best friend, and my hero, you loved to laugh and make others laugh, you loved life! You could always make things ok, so forgiving, always wanted to help others, you wanted the best for everyone. I will always remember the things you have taught me and I play things you have told me over and over in my head. I try so hard to do what I know you would have wanted me to do, but its really hard sometimes. You would be proud that I have tried so hard to keep some things to myself, because over and over in my head i can hear you say...Jamie, not everybody needs to know what you think. I can hear you telling me that and us just laughing, even though I knew you meant it, we would still just laugh. Well, since we can't make plans together anymore I have too much time alone, it's really sad. I noticed the other day what I have been doing, and I am just trying to stay busy in the yard, I can stay out there all day and you can't even tell I have done anything, I don't even carry my phone with me because I always think no need, no one's going to call, my daddy is not here to call me, but when I am out there I see so many butterflies and I just think of you. Almost everyday I see you out the corner of my eye, at sometime through out the day, and I turn and look but then I don't see you. I really wonder if it really is you? Are you really here watching over me? Are you standing behind to catch me if I fall or like you have always said, "I will always have your back, I am and will always be your best friend." You know what I love most about hearing you say that? It was not just words, you showed us so many times that it was the truth! I miss you and I love you so very much!
June 15, 2014
Happy Father's day daddy. You are the best daddy ever!! I love you and I miss you so much!! Thank you so much for always loving me. I love you always and forever daddy!!!
June 11, 2014
Hey daddy. I miss you so much! Every day I wake up I wish you were here. So many things have happened that we needed you here to be a part of. Josh and Heather got married! I know that you are so happy for them. We always knew Heather was a keeper:) Well daddy Fathers Day is in a few days and I can't believe this will be our 2nd Father's Day without you here. It is tough but everyday is tough without you here! You are such an amazing daddy!! We are lucky that God chose us to be your children! I thank God that you are my daddy because he gave me the best daddy in world!! I love you and I miss you so much!! I miss being with you and talking to you and just hearing your laugh. I posted our softball picture on facebook and all the girls commented about how you were the best coach they ever had because you cared about them as young ladies not only softball players. You left a wonderful legacy for so many. You showed love and care for so many daddy. I love daddy and I will see you again!!!
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