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TRUTH BE TOLD, We love you and miss you everyday. XX
Always in our thoughts and prayers, keep sending Anna, Bianca and Nicolai strength in helping them to go on without their beloved husband and daddy. We miss you always,

Love Joanne and Peter xxxx
Miss you, Love you
This candle is for health and peace to your family in their sorrow. Give them strength to cope daily and their friends and family will continue to give them their support and love.
Dearest Emilio. As you can see from your friends and family everyone misses you terribly. You have left an emptiness in our heart. Although we each have our lives you are not forgotten we just pray that you send courage and strength to Anna Nicolai Bianca to cope daily with their sorrow. Your mother also is so frail. There are no words to describe all the loss in the family. We know you are watching over everyone and are sure you will send them all peace and courage. We love you always Anna Bianca and Nicolai. Keep strong xxxooo
Thinking & Missing you. Your light Shines upon your family and friends.
Tight hugs to Anna, Bianca & Nicolai.
I think of you on Christmas' day, Anna and the kids
I miss you Zio
Eternal Rest

Eternal rest grant unto Emilio , O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon Emilio . May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
I miss you I love you
Anna, Bianca and Nicolai
Sending you strength, courage, love and peace.....
God Bless you
With love, Marisa Martucci
in loving memory
from oscar and family spain
Been thinking of you Emi, miss you a lot
In memory of great person that I respected very much. Kind and loving will always be missed and remembered as a true gentlemen and friend to all that new him
Dear Anna, Bianca and Nicolai,
Cherish the special memories that you all made
And may they comfort you in these hard times.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you...xox
With Love Joseph, Laura and Gerlando Sciascia

We light this candle for you and your beloved family. Your light will always shine in our hearts. Your smile will never be forgotten. But most of all your generosity and love to all will inspire us to be better in our daily lives.
Always thinking about you
Chris, Giovanna, Daniela and John Dylan
Not too long ago you appeared in my dream, smiling and enjoying your ride on a motorcycle, You told me you were happy and to tell everyone you are and always be amongst us, looking our your beautiful family, loving wife Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. RIP Emi love always Connie and Tony
I will always remember you as truth friend,great guy and respectfull person.I hope and believe that i will see you again up there.From now on,every december 8 , i will have a cheers for you.Rest in peace.I miss your visit and friendship.Fred
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Emilio. May you continue to rest in peace and shine your light on your beautiful and strong family.
Connie& Gaby Lemmo
My Friend,
I miss you. Not day a goes by that I do not think of you.
May peace be with you at this time.
To dear Anna, Bianca and Nicolai,
You are in our hearts & prayers. Emilio...never far and never forgotten.
All our love,
Nicholas, David, Umiko, Watson ~Miyuki~
Dearest Emilio, Dearest Daddy,
Dearest Dad,
Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers. So many words we have written to and about you. The tears are plenty. The devastating loss we feel will be with us forever.
We wish we could turn back time or wake up from this horrible dream, but we are awake and shaken to the core over losing you.
We know you are not here but we feel your presence and we feel your immense love constantly. Because of that, our beloved Emilio, we will face each day together and cherish our beautiful memories together, knowing that you have impacted not only us but so many others since you've been gone, and you, beloved Emilio, will always be the greatest and most important man in our lives.
May you rest in Eternal Peace,
With our devoted Love and in God's Light forever.
Your loving family
Anna, Bianca and Nicolai
All our love always
Dear Emilio, almost a year has past since you left us and still can not believe it. We will cherish the memories and there are many.....miss you but never forgotten. Rest in peace cugi...Love you xoxoxo

Peter & Joanne
Emilio, Anna, Bianca, Nicolai, thinking of you all today. God Bless.
My dearest Anna, Bianca, and Nicolai,
I find myself constantly thinking of you all , but especially Emilio, who is no longer here. Our sadness for your loss is always present. I know he is here with you in spirit...His love for you all was immeasurable. You are always in our hearts.The year has gone so quickly and with it, I hope that some of the pain has subsided. There are no words that will take the pain away but know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

With love always,

Maria, Philip and David
Dearest Emilio
We can't believe it's been almost a year since you've been taken from all who love you and miss you terribly.
Not a day goes by without missing you and remembering so many beautiful memories we were lucky to share with you. We are heartbroken of being deprived of so many more.
You shall forever live in our hearts and we shall never forget your warm smile and big heart.
Rest in peace our dear friend we miss you and love you always.
Vince, Grace, Michael and Daniel xoxoxoxo
Hello Anna,
Emilio appeared in my dreams not to long ago and I was very happy to see him. He asked to inform you guys not to worry because he would always look over you. I miss him very much as well.
Just turned 40...had a great story to tell you and then hear your witty response. Miss that...there is no greater proof that you were so loved than by just reading all these heartfelt messages and knowing you read them as well and must just smile because you know...We miss you my friend no one more than Anna, Bianca and Nicolai but it comes damn close. You will forever remain in our hearts and we will always have a piece of you in your precious family who we will always be here for. RIP Emilio, you were taken way too soon but I will tell myself time and time again that God needed a "cool" Angel...and there is no one cooler than you. xoxo. With love, Helen and Peppi
Con Affetto.
Love you, Love Love
Mamma Colitto
We miss you!
I miss you so much. Not a day goes bye where i don't think about you. I love you so much dad.
My dear friend Emilio,
2 years ago today, my nephew Joshua passed away at an early
age of 17 years old. I can't stop thinking about him and I know your day is coming up as well. It hurts inside because I miss you both so much. The pain is like no other pain I've
been through. I just want you to know that it hurts and I'm
afraid that pain will never go away.
You and Joshua will always be in my heart forever and ever!
I read: that Legacy germinates unity consciousness, is not an entity but an ongoing activity and is what you do between here and eternity. The legacy you leave is the life you lead and therefore legacy is the residue of a life well lived. Creating your legacy is a pathway resulting in a deep sense of significance, where true meaning is found somewhere beyond the pursuit of success, which results in a ripple effect that positively impacts society. Inherently, when you shift to living your legacy, your influence comes from who you are authentically at the core and you measure value and life purpose other than by emphasis on accomplishments, wealth, recognition, prestige, acclaim, power or position.
Job well done Emilio.

With much affection, Anna be strong.
Love U
Our dearest Emi
Our hearts ache every day and we are still in disbelief that you are gone. The memories we shared will last forever but we were definitely deprived of so many more. We were supposed to grow old together, but we promise you this, we will take care of Anna, Bianca and Nicolai and be together as a family forever. We know you are watching over all of us from heaven, but know that we will watch over your precious family from earth. Rest our dear Emilio, we love you and miss you from the bottom of our hearts. Always, Gerry & Tatsy, and your loving godson Kiyoshi xoxox
This year has gone by so fast and zio let me tell you not a day goes by without me thinking of you. I wrote you a promise letter and I will stand by it every word written in that letter is a goal for myself and you watching me up above smiling and being proud of me. You always pushed me to see a bigger picture. Every word every advise you gave me has been giving me the drive to do great things I love you and miss you. Coming to see you a couple weeks ago was the hardest thing I've ever done but I felt you near me felt your spirit your love and comfort. RIP zio
I love you
miss you
As I read all these wonderful stories about Emilio, I can only think that heaven was missing an Angel and Emilio was the chosen one. How beautiful that his legacy is being carried on through the love & admiration shared by ALL those whose lives he touched, but mostly you, Anna, Bianca & Nicolai. I'm sure that there's an Angel smiling down on you from Heaven above....rightfully so! xoxoxoxo Deb
Wonderful Angel !!!
We love you and we miss are and will always be a part of our family and forever in our hearts.

We are here always to support and love Anna, Nicolai and Bianca…
...I'm sure you could not be more proud of each and every one of them. Through their heartbreak and sadness they have managed to stay loving, kind and grateful…through their grief and confusion they have continued to be warriors and messengers of your true legacy... and every day they honor you and your memory by simply being who they are.
Anna,Bianca and Nicolai, always thinking of u.xoxo RIP Emilio
Still sending our love & strength your way. Missing Emilio very much.
Hello Anna, Bianca and Nicolai,Hope all is good and day by day things will get better. Keep your strength and believe in GOD and I know Emilio will help and protect you all!! All our Love Rose and Domenic Marcogliese
Missing you constantly, loving you endlessly.
Miss you so much

John Dylan
Hi Anna Jenna bumped into Bianca the other day and I was so glad to hear she is back taking classes. I think of you and the the family so often. Hoping and praying you can all move on. I really enjoyed your company and I got a kick out of Bianca, was so self assured, like someone else I know .I hope she has been able to cope and that you have been able to lean on each other. My love to all of you as you continue to recover. Heather Holdham
miss u rip
Hi Emilio,
I am sure that you are having a drink with my brother up there and saying dont worried guys.i am good.Please send some energy to your lovely family they needed it.For me you are still alive and around.God blessed you and your family.see you one day.fred
It's still a struggle to put all the emotions we have and want to express in words... but you know how we feel.
We think about you every day...we love you and miss you and we will never forget you. Team Emi forever
Love you, miss you, love you, miss you, love you, miss you. Do you understand how much we love and miss you? I pray that you are well and at peace in Heaven, I pray that you somehow give Anna, Bianca and Nicolai the strength they need to get by, I pray that justice is served but mostly I pray/wish we can go back and erase this tragedy and go back to how it was....I pray/hope you knew how much you were loved and please continue being a watchful Angel....Team Emy 4ever!!! Xoxoxo
My condoleances to your family

You were someone special, very special, I haven't see you since very long time, but everytime I saw you I was glad, you were very nice, a good dad and a good husband but not long enough. The life is not fear.

I need you as my angel because I have problem since 2002.

I miss you

you are missed are the wind on our faces, the warm sun in summer, the rain to cool us off, the snow to make a are the song of beautiful will forever be in our hearts.....EMY
You are truly missed by so many. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of, spoken of, but most importantly, loved by so many. Xx
Not a minute goes by that you are not on our minds and in our hearts.
We Love You!
Hope we made you proud today!
Team Emi!!!
We miss you so much my love, every minute of every day.
I love you my love
I love you daddy
I love you dad
Always and forever TEAM EMY!
Your Persona, your smile, your joie de vivre, your kindness, your charm, your respect, your loving heart and all Goodness of the universe. This is what you engraved in our hearts.
Miss you Emilio. RIP
You are truly missed, now and always.
In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.
I love you zio with all my heart these past few months have been extremely hard not having you around. I think of you each day and there is not a moment that goes by without my heart loving you more and more. I believe you are our angel to guide and protect. I love you so much sending you a big hug and kiss zio xxxxx
I am reminded of your legacy every morning when I wake up and see your beautiful face on my dresser. It is no secret you are missed by all you loved. I light a candle in your honor and know that you are watching down on all of us. I will remember you forever. Love, Daniela
We miss you
So sad. I still can't believe it. My condolences to your family.
My condolences to all of you for such an immense loss. I have no words to describe my sadness. What a loss to such a beautiful family. May he rest in eternal peace and may you all find a way to move forward through life without him. God Bless
Miss you.

Dear Emi....still can't stop the tears....You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
Thank you for touching our lives...God bless
Dear Emilio, It's been a month and as I light a candle, I still can not believe you're gone. I'm waiting to wake up from this bad dream. I'm so sorry you left us way too soon. Our life will never be the same without you in it. Even with all the teasing I knew you loved me, especially when I found out you bought decaffeinated coffee for me. We will miss you very much, you will always be in our special memories in our hearts.I know you will continue being the great husband and father in looking over my cousin and the kids from up above. Our prayers are with you and your family. God bless you. We love you always. xxxxx
Anna and family,

I am so deeply sorry for your loss. We all hope you find God's healing love inside your sorrows. May God bless you and your family in this time of need. Be strong and believe.
Love your New Jersey family
Our heart, thoughts and prayers goes to all of you: Anna, Bianca, Nicola, Domenico, Mathilde, Dino, Lucia and all Cordileone family
Our Sincere sympathy
Philippe ,Rosetta & family
To Nicolai and your family, my most sincere condolences for the loss of your father, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. From Luca P and family
Our most heartfelt condolences to you, Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. Emilio was always regarded by our family as a man of true honour and respect. He will be dearly missed. Our sympathies to you and your family.

Nicholas, David, Umiko
Watson and ~Miyuki~
My condolences to the family. Your brother Dino and I were always hanging out and I will always remember his older brother's been so many years but I remember you and your family like it was yesterday. RIP.
Dear Anna My heart breaks for you and your children. I know Bianca is strong I watched her the past two years.I am sure with her strength and your love your son will also be able to get through this terrible loss. Thinking of you with tears but great hope that your hearts can eventually mend with the help of love of family and friends. The Holdams JENNA ( one soccer mom to another xxooo)
Mis mas sinceras condolencias a toda la familia hos acompaño en vuestro dolor oscar y familia reus españa
Sinceramente os acompaño en estos momentos de dolor ha toda la familia con respeto mis profundas condolencias a todos oscar garcia y familia españa
Our deepest sympathy to you Anna, Bianca & Nicolai... Our prayers are with you. Mary, Franco, Giacomo & Massimo Maggiore
Dino my prayers are with you Anna and the rest of your family. My deepest condolences.
Emilio will be remembered as a friend and a true gentlemen who was always there when needed.
Avec sympathie

Toutes nos pensées vers vous sont tournées pour vous apporter un peu de réconfort dans l'épreuve que vous vivez. Sachez que dans le deuil vous n'êtes pas seuls puisque vous pouvez compter sur notre sincère amitié.

Veuillez accepter nos plus sincères condoléances.
our deepest sympathies to anna,bianca and nicolai and the cordileone family...the truth to be told,emilio will never be forgotten,his spirit will stay with us forever,an amazing and outstanding human being...
Dear Anna and family
Our deepest condolence to you and the family.
Vicky and Paul Rossi
Our thoughts are with you during this time. Emilio will always be remembered as a gentleman, someone who was kind and generous.

Angelo Marchese and Family
•We are thinking of you at this time of sorrow. Truly, Aurelio and I looked forward to come to our children's soccer games to meet with you and Emilio since you were such fun, loving people. We will always remember Emilio as a wonderful, dedicated father and a true gentlemen.
Anna my sincere sympathies to you and your children and to the Cordileone family.
This is but a dream, a nightmare that I wish to wake up from everyday. Unfortunately, it's finally becoming all too real. Truth be told, you were a gentleman that was loved and respected by all. You know what you meant to my family, and you are finally at peace. Know this, we will always be there for Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. I love you very much, we all love you very much! We are "Compare" to the end! I will always be there, always......and I take comfort in knowing that you already know that.
My dearest Emilio,
I cannot find the words to express the depth of sadness in my heart.
I love you and will miss you forever.
Our deepest sympathy to you Anna Bianca and Nicolai. May God give you courage and strength . Emilio will be dearly missed. May he rest in peace. I will miss his salute as he jogged around the corner in his sweat drenched t shirt . All you hear about Emilio from everybody is that he was a great guy. God bless your family
Sincere Condolence to the Cordileone family, to the parents of Emilio and brother, and wife and children the Di Tullio family send our sincere condolence, this is a sad time for us all
I can still hear Emilio, ....
Last minutes of the 3rd period,
Standing in his seat,
Yelling at the top of his lungs,
Hockey parents spending hours watching our boys turn into men.
Our deepest condolences. We are very saddened by your loss.
sympathy from perugino family
My deepest sympathies to the Cordileone family. Emilio, your spirit will live forever in my heart. You'll be missed.
To Anna Bianca and Nicolai
Emilio was one true gentleman, great husband and fabulous father, and a great cousin, may he rest in peace and
The Truth Be Told.........
love you always

Josie, Mario and Yvanna Rinaldi
condolences to all family members -- great guy -- will be missed
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.
My deepest sympathies to you; Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. It was an honour to have known Emilio and always considered him a true gentleman. He welcomed me with open arms into your home and always made me feel welcome.

With all my Love and care, Mitsuo
Anna...My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
condoglianze a tutti i relativi di un grande uomo....Emilio era una persona che comandava rispetto....spero che sia in pace nelle mani di mio cuore va con Bianca e Nicolai..
I was so sad and shocked to hear the news. Emilio was a true gentleman and a sweet soul. My condolences to the family.
May this light be with you and comfort you from above.
My deepest sympathies. We will cherish the great memories.
My deepest condolences to the Cordileone family. Emilio was a verry good person. I was honord to have met him and is family. Its a sad day for family and friends. He was a happy person. Emilio when you walk thru the gate of God I know my cousin Mike is waiting for you with open harms. EMILIO CORDILEONE R.I.P. U WILL BE MIST A LOT FROM EVRY ONE. YOU WHERE A GREAT MEN ON EARTH AND NOW YOU BECAME AN ANGEL UP THERE LOOKING OVER YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.
Dear Anna, Bianca & Nicolai, I wish you my warmest sympathies. Emilio was a great person. I am very greatful towards Emilio for giving me the opportunity to work at Piccola Italia when I was in school. I will only have great memories of him. He will definetly be missed.
his sprit will live on
My deepest condolences to you Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. Emilio was and will always be a true gentleman, I will never forget those conversations we had at 6:30 in the morning at the train station, I will never forget you.
This candle represents eternal life for Emilio, as well as his eternal love for his family, which was evident each and every time I saw him. May you R.I.P. at Gods side.
My deepest sympathies Anna, Bianca, and Nicolai. My thoughts are with you, and my prayers are for you. Take what little comfort you can in knowing that Emilio is at peace at Gods side.

All my love Monica Demers and family.
Dear Anna, Carlo and I are truly and deeply sorry that Emilio has left so soon...we remember him being so united with you and speaking of the kids when we saw yous and ran into him jogging...a proud family man. May the memories live on. We liked him a lot.
Praying for you and family. Xxx
Our deepest sympathies go out to Anna, Bianca, Nicolai and all of Emilio's family. Emmy, TRUTH BE TOLD, you were a gentleman, and exceptional father, an incredible husband and an unbelievable friend. We will never forget all the great times spent together. Salute! Our Friend!.... May you forever rest in peace.

With all our love!
I had alot of fun with you watching our sons enjoy hockey and growing up. Truth is we probably enjoyed it more than our sons. Our condoleances go out to you and your family.

Rest in peace.
Our condolences to Anna, Bianca and Nicolia.

I have lost my walking buddy. You always treated me with respect and as a true friend. I will miss our walks and your great stories. Your friend always

Pietro Iannarone
My deepest condolence to his family.
I will never forget all the good memories I had on 15th ave growing up with Emilio.
Even tough he was 7 yrs older than me growing up, my friends and I always idolized him, I only remember good things with Emilio.
He was the only person to still call me Gigi.
He will definitely be missed and now he is at a place where he can rest in peace.

Your friend
Vince and family
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
I am so sorry for your lost. Emilio was long time friend that i haven't seen in 40years my brother and I have been looking for him. I was shock when I heard the news. I would like to wish my deepest symanptie to the family.
From old friends from the 15th Avenue.

Gina, Pierre Marino
My deepest condolences go out to the entire family.
Emilio, you were a true friend and we shared so many of the same likes and dislikes. We had great respect for each other and it was always a big thing when we meet; whether it was planned or not!
You said we had this special bond because our birthdays were only two days're right, but I believe it was much more than that.
My Dear Friend, I will miss will I fill this void?

Our hearts and prayers are with your family. We will always cherish the moments we spent with you at Christmas time, delivering the numerous baskets. My son will always remember those memories, surrounded by caring people such as yourselves. Emilio, this is the legacy which you will be remembered for.

The Baker family, Glenn, Sandra, Michael-Anthony and Celia.
My deepest condolences go out to the entire family.
Emilio, you were a true friend, we shared so many of the same likes and dislikes. We had great respect for each other and it was always a big thing when we saw each other, whether it was planned or not.
You said we had this special bond because our birthdays were only two days apart; you're right but I believe it was much more than that!

My dear friend, I'm going to miss will I fill this void?

Dear Anna and Family,
My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Emilio. May God soothe the sorrow you're feeling right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Warm Regards The Benzimra Family
You will forever live on in Bianca and and Anna are a true modern love story that ended way too soon. You were, are and will always be loved and respected as the TRUE gentleman you always were. We will NEVER forget you....continue charming them in Heaven....with much love and respect xoxoxo
You will be forever in our hearts. Our countless memories are everlasting and you will always be with us. We miss you so much and we want you to know that we will always be there for Anna, Bianca and Nicolai. We love you (more!) Your compare Tatsy, Gerry and your godson Kiyoshi
There are no words that can express how deeply sorry we are for your loss. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the entire family.
Steve, Debra and family
I will never forget the day he gave me an expensive cigar to smoke as we were on one of our walks in the neighbourhood. I told him that it was too expensive a cigar to waste on me because I was not a true conneseur like him. His reply was "this is the way I treat my friends" and he lit me up. I will never forget those words or my friend. I will miss our walks. My deepest condolences.
We'll never forget the memories and the especially the
laughs we had whenever we were together. We love you.
Rest in Peace my friend
The Leitch Family
Our heartfelt condolance on the passing of your beloved husband and father.
Our love and support goes out to Emilio's family.

"TRUTH BE TOLD" Emilio was a Family Man a Gentleman and a True and Loved Friend. He was so much to so many.

We will cherish our many memories we shared together. You shall forever live in our hearts, we love you and will miss you always.

Vince, Grace Michael and Daniel Marchese
Mes plus sincères condoléances.His friendship will always stayed with me.May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
my condolences from SAM n SLS limousines staff
Our love and support goes out to Emilio's family.

"TRUTH BE TOLD" Emilio was a Family Man, a Gentleman a Loved and True Friend. He was so much to so many.

We will cherish our many memories we shared together, you shall forever live in our hearts. We love you and will miss you always.

Vince, Grace, Michael and Daniel Marchese
Nos condoléances les plus sincères.
Nos condoléances les plus sincères.
Claire et Claude Doré
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