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Michael E. Veninshek
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October 20, 2014
Mike you are heavy on my mind these last few days. It comforts me to know you still are able to make your presence known. You were a great teacher and an amazing mentor and friend. Your wisdom and friendship is always missed.
September 10, 2014
Mike, I think it is funny that how i have found a beautiful woman like you did in the Philippines. It was fate, believe it or not. i never intended to follow in the same footsteps as you did. So with love in the air I will be going there next year with the intentions of marrying the woman of my dreams.I know your watching from above. And amazed at how this happened.Simply amazed..Thanks old friend for all you have taught me over the years; Even now after your passing. you continue to be missed. Thank you.
July 29, 2014
I can never express the loss I feel with your passing. You taught me so much about life. I would not have ended up half the man I am without knowing you. You are the personification of a true friend and mentor. I love and miss you Mike.
April 10, 2014
Here we are in 2014, I still miss my friend, so much has changed that I wish I could share with you, I could always call you and talk about anything and you always made me feel better, you are greatly missed and thought of often...
August 31, 2013
When you taught me meditation, it changed my focus and made me understand my inner strength was way more important than how hard I was able to punch. I think fishing is like meditation.
August 30, 2013
I am trying to find members of Midwest Kenpo or Mike's family members. I would like to get a You Tube channel going of Mike's Kenpo. I understand that Mike made VHS Video tapes at his dojo that had the introduction to Kenpo all the way through Black Belt. Mike was a very exceptional Martial Artist. I hope that a family member reads this, or can be contacted about my idea and goal. We must not forget who Mike was and his knowledge of Kenpo must not be lost. Please contact me at My idea is to open a you tube channel called "Mid-West Kenpo : In Memory of Associate Professor Mike Veninshek"
May his Kenpo live on forever!
August 02, 2013
Mike sold me his blue mustang he had in the 80's. I think it was about a 1977 or so. when AI went to pick it up, it had a flat tire on the driver's rear. Mike handed me the jack and told me to put it in front of the tire so it would not roll. He then told me to try to pick up the back end of the car and he would put the other tire on it...I just couldn't get it up all the way off the ground. He had a friend of his there and he asked him to assist me..we couldn't do it...He then told us "Wuss"s to step aside and he picked up the back end of the car and I replaced the tire...Amazing his strength. In another incident, he was in my dojo on West 100th and Lorain, across from Schider's bike shop. He jumped into the air so his body was sideways like in the movie the Matrix and did a windmill kick which went into a breakfall~! Again, I have never in my life seen anyone with this kind of ability. That was in 1984, or so...Now you know why I used Mike's ability when I saw "other people that claimed they knew the Martial Arts
July 10, 2013
Mike: I still regret not coming to see you in 2011, when I came back to the Cleveland /Penn. Area to training Ralph Share in the Martial Arts. You wanted to pass on your book you wrote on motion in the fighting Arts. I have decided to train in the Ed Parker system and learn it all, instead of the al a carte techniques I learned in the early 80's at my dojo
I think I owe that to you, my old friend. As I have told Master Speakman, you were the best Kemp fighter I ever met and I used your ability that I saw in grading others.
Sensei Dan Horvath
Rising Sun Martial Arts (1979-1991) Cleveland Ohio

Wish you could have taught me the whole system now Mike. I hope that I can be almost as good as you were. But age is taking it's toll.
July 07, 2013
Here we are in July 2013 and I still miss my fishing buddy, I talk to you in dreams sometimes and you're just the way I remember you, someday my friend, we'll fish again, I love and miss you buddy..
January 29, 2013
Mike i remember your hot red car, in the 80's you was our friend, rick and i , Theresa wright then. and you knew my to girls candace and Brittany.You was always the best friend and we miss you now and always.Bet you are up in heaven racing the red car. Love You always Theresa Wright
January 16, 2013
Mike is a legend I don't want to forget. Please update this guest book and share memories.
January 16, 2013
I just want everyone to keep writing about Mike for as long as they want.
January 16, 2013
I still remember what I learned from Mike at MidWest Kenpo. I'm saddened for his family and children. He was a great guy. I made him laugh every time I made a fist. He was a joy to be around.
Miss T.
September 07, 2012
Well it's been 9 months since you left and I think about you daily, I wish I could just call you up and say, Let's go fishing or Check out this car I found. I know one day we'll do those things again. just like others that love and miss you, we'll just have to wait. RIP my friend...
July 18, 2012
Mike I am so sad to hear of your passing..I really wish I could have come and seen you last year, but I could not..I will always remember you as a great Master in the Martial Arts and I always used your ability as a guide when grading others in their ability of Kenpo/kARATE...I learned a lot from you my friend and will remember you forever.
May 01, 2012
I miss you terribly Michael~
January 16, 2012
Ah, Mikey. The times we all had living at West Blvd are among my best times. You were always a real,true friend. You had my back. Harleys n Hotrods, nothing but green lights where you are. Rest In Peace, Bano.
January 16, 2012
when i made my comment i forgot to say one thing, i take comfort in knowing that you will be with your mom elaine and my mom, your grandmother...namo, i love you michael and although we hadnt seen eachother for so long, i will miss you and all the good memories i have of you, me, and linda when i was
January 16, 2012
i am so sorry to hear about michael, i was searching facebook trying to find family members and saw this. my condolences go out toall of the family and linda if you see this somehow call me at 773 754 0819
January 09, 2012
I met Michael in high school and he was a great friend. Caring, patient, kind, and a had a great talent for making people laugh. I miss you!! See you on the other side, my friend.
January 09, 2012
May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.
January 09, 2012
Forever greatful for all you shared! I will not forget and will honor your memory for the rest of my life. ~Sgt Ibrahim, Sami
January 07, 2012
Mike was a friend of mine from St. Ignatius, a pal of my husband in high school,a great neighbor from Western Avenue area. So deeply saddened for your loss. Mike loved an adventure. Rest in peace, my friend. God Bless and watch over your family.
January 07, 2012
A great guy was he. Loved by many. He will be missed. Rely on all the fond memories. May God be merciful to Mike and comforting to family and friends.
January 07, 2012
Michael you were a very dear friend to me. Always there for me especially in'77.I have never forgot you Michael. You were such a free spirit~ Rest in peace dear one.
January 07, 2012
Mike, as is your wont, you will be bringing people together
January 06, 2012
RIP Bano. Great times rooming on w blvd. Mike was a great guy with good nature and humor. God bless you and yours. Dean
January 06, 2012
To all the Veninshek family (his wife, children, father, sister, etc.......) our sincerest sympathies for your loss of a husband, father, son, brother and all his friends and relatives. We all have fond memories of michael. He was a lot of fun. Our families used to snow ski together. My brother and I were the same ages as his sister and him. He will be greatly missed. God Bless, take care.
John and Emily Oravec
Pam (Oravec) Huston
John Oravec Jr.
January 06, 2012
Mike, I will always remember you and all the good times we had. I can't look at a hotrod or a boat without thinking of you, all the countless hours of wood working, looking through junk yards for parts, I love you my friend,may GOD hold you...
January 06, 2012
Michael I always enjoyed babsitting ,you were a challenge! Rest in peace. Love you Always Casey
January 06, 2012
All the great times we had over the years will remain with me forever. Race cars, Martial arts, Boating, and all the crazy things we did will never be forgotten. You were like a brother and I will miss you deeply

John Smetanko
January 06, 2012
Linda sorry for ur loss rest in peace Mike
January 06, 2012
Mike was one of the nicest guys I grew up with in the neighborhood. One night he saved me from some weird man chasing me in a car. His discipline with karate was very impressive. He drove my car home in a blizzard from the Coliseum when everyone else slide off the road.
January 06, 2012
Lifting Michael's family up in prayer during this most difficult time.

I knew Michael in grade school at St. Ignatius, and grew up down the street on West Blvd near Madison. I recall one time when Michael lead the way on our bikes to show me Sunrise Park and its new bike track -- such great fun we had and a wonderful memory!
January 06, 2012
January 06, 2012
You will surely be missed Mike. May your soul rest in peace.
January 06, 2012
Rest in peace, Michael. God bless the bereaved family. May they find comfort from good memories.
January 06, 2012
You will always live in our hearts and prayers.
January 06, 2012
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
January 06, 2012
i still cant believe your in peace my friend
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