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Wilma Peters

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November 21, 2018

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November 21, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 05, 2018
i can easily recall many wonderful times that my family and i spent down at 2609 nw 6 ave...Fred & Wilma treated our kids like they were their own grandkids...Wilma was simply a doll of a person...Fred was one of the best friends i have ever had down here on S. Florida...deja vu here...was at Coral Ridge Mall yesterday and ran into an old friend who also was invited to the Peters home to watch boxing matches and football games in years long past...we both spoke of fond memories there...
Wilma is with Fred now...and for that i am happy...we loved them both...
March 07, 2018
My Aunt Wilma was an integral part of my life. I considered her my second mother. I spent a great deal of my childhood at her house. She and my Uncle Fred were very generous with their time, money and love. This relationship continued into my adult years. I loved spending time with them. I would take my family to visit in Florida and especially, the mountains. She welcomed many of my friends to visit her mountain home. Wilma was fun. She was down to earth. She was comforting and compassionate; she was loyal. Wilma had a way to make you feel important, always making you feel good about yourself. In a very important time in my life, after my mom had passed, I sought Wilma out in making a major decision. I valued her opinion. Through her wisdom, warmth, love, and humor - I was assured I was making the right decision. We were lucky to experience Wilma's love her whole life. Every time we talked, she would ask about my entire family: children, grandchildren, sister, and brother, nieces and nephews. She was truly interested. Our last phone call was no different. I miss my Aunt Wilma. She was one special woman. I am comforted to know she is with Fred, Mike, my brother, Rick, and my parents, Betty and Bob. I know she is smiling. She is happy.
January 24, 2018
My Aunt Wilma was prominent in my life. She was truly a special person. After my mother passed away she made a point to stay connected by emailing and talking on the phone on a regular basis. I always felt better after a phone conversation with her because we always tried to laugh about something. My mother, her sister Betty, told me they talked on the phone for at least an hour everyday when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale. Funny, they lived in the same town. I remember spending the night at their house hanging out with my cousins. At their house they had Charlie Chip cookies, doodad for dinner and we had to wear bathing caps to swim in their pool. Well, that is what a small child remembers. I did get my first black eye playing football with the boys which I was told not to do at her house.
I was lucky enough to be included in a few of their family car trips to their summer home in Ashville. Wilma packed the car, drove, unpacked; Im sure with the help of all us kids (haha) and Grandma. Freds busiest time at work was summer so he remained in FL. As I think back she had to be tired when arriving from such a long trip, she was a trouper. When I was a teenager my parents took me up there to stay a week or so during summers. I had so much fun. We were allowed to roam the mountain by ourselves till the lunch bell rang and the dinner bell rang. We took walks, shot guns at targets, ate fresh vegetables from the community garden, went down to the lake and even went to the bottom of the mountain on hikes. We read a lot of books and I love fresh garden tomatoes because of those trips. We got a whole tomato to our self and sprinkled salt on it and just ate. It was so good.
I dont remember any hobbies Wilma had except for sewing, which Im sure was passed down from her Mother. Maybe we can call watching soap operas a hobby. She was the first person I knew who knew how to use email. She also loved to play video games to stay connected with her grandkids. She loved to sort through her pictures. In my heart I believe she lived for her family. She loved to take care of them. She wanted the best for them. She loved all of them. My heart goes out to her children because I know Patti, Julie & Joe have fond memories of their Mom and will miss her.
Wilma was also very strong. She and Fred took in our Grandmother after our Grandfather passed, raised four children, while her husband worked two jobs. She had a way to live by using humor and her laugh will be with me always.
When I brought my then boyfriend, now husband, to the mountains the first time to meet her, he was a bit shy. He did not like to eat with his fingers. And of course, Wilma served BBQ chicken for dinner. Bill proceeded to use his fork as everyone else ate with their fingers and of course jokes flew from the table. I was blessed she came to our wedding. She flew which she hated, so I felt very special. She helped me get ready to leave from my wedding reception which was probably one of the rare times I had her to myself. Wilma was with us when our Mom passed away which I know was as hard for her as it was for us but together made it better. We were with her when her son, Mike, passed and she was with us when our brother, Rick, passed. We were together for our brother Johns 60th and again for Wilmas 90th. Living so far apart made getting together difficult but when we did I have very wonderful memories.
I will miss her but know in my heart she is with her husband Fred, son Mike, parents, sisters & brother and all the other relatives who have passed before. Im envisioning them laughing, singing and playing cards Hearts.
Love you Wilma! Beth

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