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John Daub

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April 18, 2014

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April 18, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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July 20, 2013
As I sit here early in the morning looking out at the peaceful ocean I remember how I first met you here in the Hamptons in Aug 1992.  The Andris family was celebrating Jeanette's birthday and it was going to be the first time I was meeting the family.  We had a great day and on the drive home I remember commenting to Rob that I thought "everyone in his family was very nice but being especially  impressed with Jeanette's husband John."

As I would come to know almost 21 years later, that was a feeling that everyone had when they met you and even more so as they got to know you!   As I sat at your funeral, everyone who was present could feel the intense love and incredible respect that every single person had for you whether young, old , friend or family.  You were such a humble man and I don't know if you knew the extent of that while here on earth.

As Natalie stated in her talk you were someone we all aspire to be like.  I know that I could never begin to exhibit all the personality traits/qualities that made you who you were but as I continue my journey here on earth I will strive to be like the person you were.  When my time is finished here on this earth I hope that I can earn half the love and respect that you earned by everyone who knew you!  Like all of us I will always miss you but know you will live on in all our hearts forever
Until we meet again someday.....
I love you John!

July 20, 2013
I don't remember this,but I remember someone telling me this story. When I was younger I had speech problems and i would mumble alot.
July 03, 2013

Uncle, Dad, My Husband, Popup, Brother, Neighbor, and Friend. Though each us of may call him by a different name, we are all here joined together to celebrate the life of John Joseph Daub. It's hard to describe a man who meant so many things to so many people.
Uncle John was compassionate, loving, forgiving, curious, patient, charming, kind, a great listener, funny, honest. He will forever be someone we all aspire to be like. No matter what life threw at him, he would learn from it and be better for it, always finding the silver lining. He always put others first, even if they hadn't done the same. He treated everyone with equal respect, no judgments or preconceptions. He took you at face value and loved you for it.

THEME 1 – Humble Beginnings & Qualities

Uncle John's life started from humble beginnings. At age 17 he entered the Navy. After four-years of seasickness and an honorable discharge he raised three children. His life would be complete when he found his soul mate, Jeanette, at a nightclub in New Jersey.

THEME 2 – Love

Through the years Jeanette and John's love has inspired everyone around them. His wife said it best … ‘John lived by the cardinal rule to love your neighbor as you love yourself.' Uncle John demonstrated this love on a daily basis with simple gestures. He always cooked a perfect breakfast: the bacon was straight and crispy, the eggs were yolky, and the bagels were golden brown dripping with butter. He always told an animated story: time would stand still and you would feel like you were there watching him at target practice in preparation for getting those pesky squirrels, roped in with his “yous guys” and his facial expressions. He always listened: he made you feel like he genuinely cared about you…he listened to stories about video games, baseball tournaments, recitals, relationships. He always inquired about small moments and big events going on in our lives.

THEME 3 – Silver Lining / Learn from Uncle John

When we first received the news back in the fall that Uncle John was very sick it was devastating and difficult to find a silver lining. As usual Uncle John found it for us. We realized that in the treasured time he had left, he was able to learn how much he was liked and respected by his family and friends.

Aunt Jeanette had prepared a “roast” for him where she invited his loved ones to read their favorite John stories. I shared how I loved picking the cotton from in between his toes, while my Aunt Donna thanked him for transforming her stark house into a warm and inviting home with fresh coats of paint. The funniest story of course came my Aunt Linda when she described in great detail how Uncle John drew the line when they were building their “dream” kitchen back in Oradell. After a Viking stove, subzero refrigerator, and marble countertops, he decided that adding a second line of green tiles was just too much.

After everyone read their stories Uncle John whispered to Aunt Jeanette, ‘I guess people really like me.'

Uncle John, what you may have missed is that people didn't just like you; they loved you and always will.
July 03, 2013
My Uncle John story is about one very special Thanksgiving Dinner. Daddy was hosting at 81 (or should I say Linda was hosting) and the whole family was there. And yes, there was lots of noise and excitement, being the “quiet” group that we are, and before I knew what was happening Jeanette was engaged!

I honestly do not remember any of the details; I was so overjoyed (although I am sure that John does) like:
Did we know that John was proposing that night?
Did John ask Jeanette to be his wife in front of us all?
Did John get down on one knee?
Did Jeanette know that John was going to ask her to be his wife?

I don't have a clue. But what I do remember clearly, truly like it was yesterday, was the expression on Jeanette & John's face. I can close my eyes and see their smiles that showed their beloved love and true joy! John you made my sister very very very happy that night 25 years ago! And I knew that night that your love story was just beginning!

I love you with all my heart
Your sister Vivian
July 03, 2013
John, I cannot believe that you have left us. I am sad that we did not keep in better touch though out the years. When last we spoke you sounded well and we talked about how our lives had led us on different paths. I remember our days at Aunt Wee's, Florence and all the family getting together. I remember your wedding day like it was yesterday, where have those years gone. Remember Uncle Henny and his cataract surgery, who ever thought we would see all the things we did. I will always remember our fun times together as teenagers, the parties we attended and the many fond memories. I was always so proud of your accomplishments, you did good John. Tell the rest of the family I send my regards. Until we meet again. I love you John, Cousin Frances............

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