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December 26, 2014
Billy - The holidays are here, and I miss you so very much. I can't but remember growing up together and how much fun we had playing with the village under the tree. Remember the hours on end that it would take mommy and daddy to do that for us - we sure made them feel good playing with it. Remember when Cotton was a kitten and she would sit on the caboose of the train riding around, swatting each ornament as she went by. I cherish the jewelry you gave me the last Christmas you were here. I loved it when you gave it to me, never recognizing it was the last Christmas gift you would have given me. They say that these diamonds are a girls best friend, but the truth be told, brothers are a girls best friend. I love you my dear brother always and forever. Hugs and Kisses to you in heaven above. Pass some on to mommy and daddy for me. Debbie
November 11, 2014
Billy: It is Veteran's Day and I simply had to write to you to thank you for your service and for all you did to help Veteran's after you served in Vietnam. I can hear you speak your motivational words. Today, in heaven, you share this special day with so many other vets, like you and daddy served our country. I think of you and him everyday. I talk with you everyday, but that I know you know. I love you Bill with all my heart. Hugs and Kisses to the best brother in the world. Kiss daddy for me too and, our momma too.
October 15, 2014
I can't help but think of you every day but as the holidays begin, even Halloween. I fondly remember our growing up and trick or treating – you walking me by the hand as my older brother, carving pumpkins together and of course, eating the mounds of candy we would get from our generous neighbors. How lucky we were. I then fast forward to us with our own children building on the family memories we had as children – doing the same activities with them. Mike always loved how you would complement him on looking very much like the real character he was, and Jen tickled that you would have her try on her costume again and again (simply because you knew she wanted to wear it). Now our family has your grandchildren who will go through these holidays without you there, without you making the fun for them, as you did for me and for them and that makes me sad, as they are missing the strength and solid figure you were to the family. I listen still to your voice in the tapes you recorded from your house, in the videos and the many voicemail messages you left me. I have them all my dear brother. I love you with all my heart – and you will be part of my Halloween. That I promise you. Love you always and forever, Debbie.
July 25, 2014
Bill - It is hard to believe that another grandchild of yours will not get to know you. Sara and Jeff's new baby girl will join Adam and Charlene among the children to grow up without their "pop". While it is beautiful and happy news to have a new one in the family, it is so very sad to realize you won't share in the joy. My heart hurts but I know what you, mom and dad will say - and I shall do so. Love to the three angels that look down at me from above. Love all of you! Miss you more than you know.
July 25, 2014
Bill - My dear friend Barb just lost her brother and wow, I know how that feels. With this, she found this beautiful piece written by "unknown" but I wanted to share it with you, my brother - while she shares with hers. I like it that much!!! Here it is:

I'm sending a dove from heaven with a parcel on its wings. Be careful when you open it, it is full of beautiful things. Inside are a million kisses, wrapped up in a million hugs, to say how much I miss you and to send you all my love. I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain, to walk with me throughout my life until I see you again.

My life has a huge gap in it without you here and I continue to work on all we talked to accomplish my dear brother but I know you are guiding me along the way. Until I write again, Hugs and Kisses.
July 08, 2014
Thinking of you today - think of you every day but I wanted to let you know. I wrote a lot and I know you loved reading my writings, so . . . couldn't help but think of you. Hope you, mom and dad are together watching the ball games!! Can't hear or see the Yankees without thinking of you guys. Miss you all - Love Debbie
April 19, 2014
You are on my mind my dear brother as we prepare our easter eggs, bake and prepare for the Easter bunny. Remember the baking venture with my family, you and me and the kids the last year we had with Mommy - how we all laughed and laughed with the cookie decorating, your rabbits looking just like Jen's and she was five. So many cooking ventures we had - I also remember Easter growing up with you and how you would hide those eggs for me over and over and over - I loved it and cherish the memories - you gave my kids, our parents and me beautiful warm holiday memories and I am happy you always found time in your crazy schedule to make time special with us to keep traditions going in the family. Miss ya my brother. Love always, Debbie
February 19, 2014
I can't stop thinking of you today as it is a few days since Jennifer had her first competition in dance of the year. You were so looking forward to attending one and we thought for sure you'd be here seeing the sights and watching your niece dance the night away. She was amazing but I know you saw that as you watched from heaven above. I miss you Bill everyday and I am delighted that I have your beautiful messages of love and the silliest one you sent for my birthday, the last you were here for. I listen still to it daily. I still can't believe 4 weeks following that loving and comical "Brother Billy" message that you left us. Heart still aches my brother. I trust it always will. You left too soon. Way too soon. Love you. Debbie
January 14, 2014
Today is your birthday - I miss you so very much. My heart is missing a huge part of it since you left us. I listen to your voice and your wishes every day. I will never forget you and I will continue to make the birthday meal I made for you, coupled with those cookies you could not stop eating . . . I'll make them and we will celebrate our beautiful memories with you - I trust you are watching from above. I will never stop our rituals Bill - never - I simply can't let you go.
December 30, 2013
Today is one year since you left us and I wanted to be short and sweet so here goes: From earth below, to heaven above, my dear older brother and hero - I love you today as I did from the moment we met when I was born - I love all the time we spent together - and all of our adventures - oh so many in all we did for so many years. I loved sharing our hopes and dreams throughout life and sharing the love that mommy and daddy taught us. I was blessed to have you and them in my life. I miss you each day. My heart forever you will hold! Your loving sister, Debbie
December 29, 2013
Billy – tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of your death. In honor of you, my dear older brother, I have requested this legacy stay online – I simply can't let you go. I miss you so very much. I love you with all of my heart - today as I did throughout our lives together. Miss you.
January 13, 2013
Sorry to read about you father. It is unfortunate that we have to keep in contact under these circumstances. You
and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Barbara Carroll
January 04, 2013
Sorry for your loss,I knew Bill through
the U.S.P.S.
I worked in Hamburg as a clerk,204B
January 04, 2013
Bill it was my honor to have known you and thank you for bringing my husband so much happiness. Rest in Peace.
January 04, 2013
Bill it wasn't humanly possible to be a better friend than you were to me. Life will never be the same without you and you will never ever be forgotten. Rest in Peace Brother.
January 03, 2013
Bill, Thank you for being a good neighbor and friend to Bob and I. The world has lost a kind soul. Heart felt sympathy and prayer goes out to the Seland family.
January 02, 2013
Rest in peace Bill and condolences to your family.

The Morro Family
January 02, 2013
Thanks for the memories. Vacations in Ocean City and Cape Cod, for being the "pack horse" and carrying the keys, for your bartender skills, for finding us the best "vacation home" ever. Rest in peace my dear brother-in-law. You will be missed.
January 02, 2013
Rest in Peace Bill.
The Morse Family
January 01, 2013
January 01, 2013
Rest In Peace Bill. We Will Miss You And Always Remember You Fondly.
January 01, 2013
Rest In Peace Bill. We Will Miss You And Always Remember You Fondly.
January 01, 2013
Rest In Peace Bill.We Will Miss You and Always Remember You Fondly.
January 01, 2013
Rest In Peace Bill.We Will Miss You and Always Remember You Fondly.
January 01, 2013
Although you are gone now, you left behind three beautiful children , one being my precious god daughter, and two wonderful grandchildren. I will miss you very much my dear friend.
January 01, 2013
It's sad to think that Adam and baby Charlene will never know what a wonderful grandfather you were
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