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September 21, 2014

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September 21, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 17, 2014
Hello mom just to let you know that you're always on my mind and will always be the apple of my eye miss you know that I missing you more doing football season always mike was watching it on TV with me Monday night and was saying go look feet ball I said I know that you would have loved that. Your saints look bad you need to send them a little help down here smile well old girl love you will write more later. Your oldest daughter bell
July 22, 2014
Hello mom I know it's been a while since I have logged in but you know me better than anyone. It's almost that time of year your birthday old girl by the way I took khole and Michael to the grave to see you and clean you and the rest of the family khole asked where you I told her you were in heaven she asked why I told her god wanted you home with him.she told me she doesn't like God anymore I asked her why she said because she wanted you here with her because she love you I told her that God loved you and needed you with him because you were an angel to help him now she says she wants to come by you I told her you are here with all of us watching out for us I miss you my love wish you were here just to here you say what are you buying now.i hear your voice every time I go to the store well I am getting ready for bed work tomorrow love you old girl your oldest daughter. Good night
May 11, 2014
Hi My QUEEN, Just wanted to wish you a very BEAUTIFUL MOTHER'S DAY today. You've been on my mind everyday since you went to set up our new house with God last year, so you're never forgotten by any of us. Momma today is not the same without my being able to call and hear your wonderful voice, but today as I remember you I can remember your voice, smile and most of all YOUR LOVE that you have given me over my years on this earth. I often talk to my siblings and we reminisce of our good times with you and we smile, we cry and we are joyous and feeling blessed that we have you in our lives. My children often speak of you and say that they have beautiful memories of a GREAT GRANDMA AND GRANNIE and couldn't have asked for anyone better to have grown up with. I must apologize that I was unable to make the trip this year to visit you today, but my spirit is always there. I must commend my Big Sister Bell for always looking after you and our other elders ie... Grandma and Grandpa Perkins, Uncles Roy and Harrang and Auntie Beulah.

I must tell you that things in my life are good and challenging at this time, but I am keeping the faith that they will work themselves out. As you would say "this is the calm before the storm and God will work it out". So thank you for all your teachings of the faith and your warm heart that still fills mine.

February 17, 2014
Hey Grannie!! It's been a year since I last saw your beautiful face and spoke with you. I know you would be so proud of the things that the family is doing. They are holding each other down in so many ways it's great. I know you saw the NBA All-Star game last night. I watched it also. It was a good game. I miss you so much words cannot explain. I went to church yesterday the first time in a long time. And it felt amazing. I MISS AND LOVE YOU HUNNY
February 16, 2014
Ok Ole Girl, I guess I was getting too voicetrious and ran out of space to keep typing, but just to finish I do talk to you all day every day and keep you in my prayers 24-7, 365 days per year. So my QUEEN I'll close this conversation now but NEVER MY HEART. Take care of yourself and Daddy, Grandpa and Grandmother. LOVE YOU ALL...JAMIE...your BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE BABY GIRL
February 16, 2014
Hello Big Deuce, Just wanted to say hi today as I approach the day of the year that you gave me LIFE and WELCOMED INTO THE WORLD. As I approach my Birthday, the day you and the LORD gave me LIFE, I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER AND TEACHING ME HOW TO BE A LADY, MOTHER, AND FRIEND TO ALL WHOM I TOUCH on a daily basis. It has been a very difficult year not having you to visit in person or to hear your voice daily. It's ironic that you reach out to me when I'm having a difficult situation or a bad day by making my phone call your cell phone on it's own. I know that may sound creepy but it actually happens often, I now it's your way of telling me that you are watching over all of us and that everything will be ok. I must apologize for not writing to you on your one year anniversary, but it was a very difficult time and I just couldn't find the words to put down in your book. I know that things will get better this year and I will visit you more often here and in New Orleans. I do say hello
February 10, 2014
Moma I just had to keep this book open I need to talk to you a little longer I need to know I have that one person I can still do that with I always feel better after I do it love and miss you sweetheart rest in peace I will visit you're grave and clean you up dear I know you see me there love you
January 06, 2014
As I sit here trying to write you a few words (with tears in my eyes)to let you know I'm missing you more and more as the days go pass .welli'm trying to keep everyone together and play cards with the ones here.jamies holding down your spot.this day will be very hard on me because one years ago today was the last time I saw your beautiful face and spent time with you also.this world will never be the same without your smile and you input on everything or eveyones business.thanks for being the one griend I could ALWAYS count on ,i'll always love you and try to respect your memories.keyman ask about you often and miss coming to your heart is so heavy right now (missing you ),but I know your time here with us was over and you had to go home with jesus and he loved you just a little more than we could.tell daddy,grandma/grandpa/and all of your other friends and loves thanks for watching over all of us here.I LOVE AND WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU,,,,,,,YOUR BABY GIRL LAURA.
December 29, 2013
Well moma I know you're smiling now that your team will be in the playoffs again i can hear you now. And know that you and Tony would be on the phone talking trash. Todays date is December 29 2013 will let you know how your team make out . smile on my girl love you. Moma I will need strength to get me through the next week. But I believe that you will help me with it . just needed to talk to you.
December 28, 2013
Hello moma yes its christmas and the first without you I just keep in my heart the last one we shared together I know you're still here with me showing me the way to go we shared so much together wish you were here with me to make sure that I would stay on the right track I can still here you saying what are you buying now I guess you knew me better than I knew my self I still do it only to take it back and you're lil girl khole still ask about you one day soon I will bring her to put some flower's on your grave so she can understand better were you are you left so much love here you would be glad to hear that the family is getting along better because of the love you left us with as I sit I remember the drive back to Texas that is why its so hard had I known it would be the last I would have been selfish and kelp you here with me but you're home now and we'll see you again love you moma it still hurts like hell.

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