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Douglas Owen BEDGGOOD Obituary
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Monday, 23 July 2018

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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December 31, 2016
I first met Mr Bedggood when I was a student at Bay of Islands College and got to know him better over many years through my friendship with Gavin. I can only describe him as a true gentleman in the very best sense of the word.

As a teacher, he often looked for the "ratbags" to have in his Technical Arts class as he believed these people were probably the most creative, and he was so often proved right. He always encouraged people to reach their potential and worked hard to help them achieve it with his "ask me how but never what" policy.

I remember also the little sign he engraved which said "I long for boredom", how untrue that statement is! I am grateful to have known this kind and generous man who has gently enriched my life with his dry sense of humour and down to earth practicality.
December 30, 2016
Doug will be remembered fondly by the organisers and all those who played with him at the Auckland String Quartet Summer School each January. He will be missed in the Australian and New Zealand Viola Society, of which he was a member since its inception in 1985. Doug was always very generous with his musical knowledge and shared his (beautifully catalogued) vast library of Chamber Music with his keen musician friends.
December 30, 2016
Many years ago I subscribed to the Reader's Digest. One of the first articles I would read in each issue was My Most Memorable Character. I have to say that Doug was undisputedly the most memorable character I've ever met.

I will always remember Doug as a most dedicated and passionate and utterly indefatigable musician, especially as a violist and chamber music player. When Doug was living at Paihia, he often used to drive down to Whangarei to play string trios with delightful violinist Lesley and myself, a humble cellist, and we would play from the moment he arrived mid-morning, virtually non-stop for twelve hours apart from lunch and dinner breaks.

His commitment to string quartets was unshakeable - but only just. As a string trio, we shared a love of the music of Haydn, to the extent that we called our trio The Haydn Seekers. After Doug's move to Hamilton I visited occasionally, and as well as quartets we played just a few arrangements of the one hundred and twenty three trios which Haydn wrote for Baryton, viola and cello. I always tried to convince him that a string trio was the ultimate, not a string quartet, and although he did waver occasionally after a very successful and enjoyable session, he never gave in!

Over the last 25 years or so Doug became my best mate. He was the one person whom I knew I could talk to about anything, any personal problem that I had which I couldn't solve myself and about which I couldn't talk to anyone else. He had the ability to listen, and after some thought would make some simple, completely logical and sensible comment which basically sorted it for me, and keep it confidential. A rare talent, I admired him for that: I consulted him on many such occasions and he never let me down.

So, a heartfelt thank you to you, Doug, my Best Mate, for enriching my life so very much.

Go well, play well, say hello to Joe Haydn, and get stuck in to the rest of those string trios for me.

And Doug will understand me when I sign off With extra string, from Fred.
December 30, 2016
From the desk of Josef Haydn

I am delighted to inform you of the most welcome arrival up here of Mr. Douglas Owen Bedggood. We are delighted to be able to invite such a devoted violist to our humble Company of Musicians. As you will know, I have been playing second violin here in a reasonably proficient string quartet almost continuously since 1809, along with first violinist Mr. Dittersdorf, violist Mr. Mozart, and cellists Mr. Wranitzky or Mr. Vanhal, all of whom Mr. Bedggood already knew.

I have to say that there had been a little difficulty with Mozart. He has never forgiven Salieri for ah . well, you know. For what he possibly did. The two of them are constantly arguing somewhere, Heaven knows where, and as a result the viola playing of Mr. Mozart has deteriorated considerably - through lack of practise, I surmise. Thus, I have the greatest pleasure in telling you that Doug Bedggood has slipped very comfortably into the vacant viola chair, and has kindly agreed to accept the offer of a permanent position.

We are somewhat relieved, however, that Doug did not bring his expansive collection of music with him. There would be difficulty in finding somewhere to put it, as space is at a premium since you people started to insist on Cloud Storage for everything.

Doug asks that you remember him kindly, and I am sure that you will.

I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, with the greatest and most humble respect, your eternal servant,