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Kari Anne Henry June 10, 1975 - January 5, 2015

Kari Anne Henry

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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Everyday is a struggle, life has changed so much for me, I think and miss you everyday. I know you are with me though, I feel you all the time. I hope you can see how much I need you, but I know you are safe and at peace.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the best nurse in the world!
First year without you, and it will never get better. So very sad that you can't be here to rejoice on what you pursued for your family Kari Anne. We know you are in OUR midst because you leave signs we know is only you. WE LOVE YOU.
The end of our marathon is nearing, yesterday it was our turn to testify. It has been so hard not having you sit beside me, I miss you each and everyday, all day, but right now I am really missing your physical presence. For months I had been thinking about how important it was for me to be able to give you a voice, and let them know how you were affected by dads loss. It was so important because you couldn't do it yourself. I did my best to tell our story honestly, try and articulate the words effectively to tell them what it meant to not have a dad taken away from us, and how hard it was to have the childhood we did. There were times I felt like freaking out, but I was able to calm down and get the words out. I know it was you who helped get me through yesterday, you kept me focused on what i needed to do. When I got home, I reached for the phone to call you, and that is what it is like, I still can't believe your gone, i somehow thought you just couldn't come and so I was going to call and tell you what happened. This does not get easier with time, it gets harder and harder not having you here. I love you Kari, i hope I made you proud.
We are at the last part of the marathon Kari, it has been so hard to be at the court and not have you sitting beside me. I miss you everyday, but really feel the loss of your physical presence right now. Yesterday it was our turn to testify. Kari, I did my best to give you a voice. I wanted them to know how hard we worked to gt dad out, how badly you were really affected by not having a dad, loosing your mom and that you just couldn't recover from all the lost time. I told our story honestly and tried my best to articulate the toll our childhood took on our life. I know you were there with me, you gave me strength to speak at times when i thought I couldn't. When I came home, I sat down and wanted to call you. My brain was playing tricks on me, I was thinking you just couldn't be at court for some reason so i reached for my phone. This is what happens, I still really can't believe your gone. I miss you so much, this just gets harder each day your not here. I love you so much Kari xoxo
I'm thinking of you so much these last few days. Missing you so much. Thankyou for many great years of friendship. I love you!
So sorry to learn of Kari's passing. She was going through my mind when I heard news stories of her dad's court case and I read that Kari was gone. We worked together on 7E-last was in 2010. I worked with some great nurses on 7E and Kari was one of them. We had some crazy shifts together with some challenging patients, but we could always laugh together and work as a team. We worked well together and we worked hard. When we had time to catch our breath we would laugh and joke or debate about whether to order pizza or not when we were on night shift. We then would wonder how much crazier our shift would get and just keep on laughing. We used to joke about how many times our names were on security reports for 'code white patients' because we got so many on that floor. The memories of the fire alarms going off and getting seemingly stuck forever, the ice machine breaking and having to run back and forth to 7W in the heat, getting stuck in the elevator together, the old-school taped shift reports when I first started at the hospital and Kari, Sharon and I would have to try to translate because the tapes were getting so old, the jokes we would share at afternoon tea time, the good times, and the sad times when patients died. Even before I got my position on 7E and used to float everywhere, 7E was always home. It was the very first unit I ever worked on at LGH, and ironically the very last. Kari was one of the first people I met while floating or working on 7E. I am so sorry for all the sadness in her life and her struggles. I realize now that one reason we got along is because we each had gone through so much pain and loss in our lives that you just connect with another person that just "gets it," without saying anything. Thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family. Rest in peace, Kari. -Teresa, fellow LPN
Still missing you, my favorite nurse.
I didn't know Kari very well, but I know her father Ivan, one of my dearest friends. When he told me of Kari going to Glory, I grieved, as friends do for friends,as brothers do for brothers.
Ivan and I have been close friends for several years. So many times he has spoken of his daughters and how much he loves them. How one day his daughters and their families would want for nothing.
His dream for Kari never came true on this plain, but I know they have for her on the right hand side of our Lord.
I know in God's good time, Ivan and his Kari will be re-united in Glory and their happiness will abound.
The greatest thing in life is to be loved, and respected by ones family and friends. Today June 14th, 2015 we gathered to celebrate the life of Kari Anne Henry. She was OUR Sister,Mother, Niece and Daughter. Kari Anne had friends that never betrayed her, they and with her family stood solid. When leaving the memorial we collectively left with the glow that she was very special and was a pillar to all of us.
May GOD grant you the happiness that you shared so lovingly with us Kari Anne. You are seriously missed by so many.

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