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October 20, 2017

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October 20, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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September 13, 2011
Dear Dr. Meadow,

You have inspired, seen and mentored me even in our brief and meaningful encounter. I shall continue the vision ...
April 12, 2005
Do not go where the path may lead..
Go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail..
That was Dr.Meadow and her life.
And... she sure knew how to push my buttons !
She leaves a remarkable legacy.

Barry Beloff
Montreal, Canada
February 23, 2005
Her charisma was a combination of clinical insight and wit. Dr Meadow moved with grace in a field where most people cannot help but appear guarded. She touched my mind with her mind, leaving a permanent trace there and—perhaps more significantly—she touched my heart as well. I find solace in the thought that remembrance is a small triumph of life over death and oblivion...
February 07, 2005
When I met Dr. Meadow in 1989 while I was applying for admission to BGSP, she told me that I don’t have to be smart to get in to the program just to get out. She immediately put me at ease and at the same time she impressed me. Dr. Meadow was an amazing woman: she was a lover of life, brilliant, bold and determined. She was a major inspiration both personally and professionally and she made a powerful impact on my life.

Dr. Meadow shared her love for Ireland and the Irish stories with me. When she and her husband visited my friends back home in Ireland they all had a grand time! Another time she called me from Dublin on her cell phone as she was driving on busy streets -- I heard her yell out to the officer “how do I get to the other side of the river?” These were special connections for me.

I witnessed Dr. Meadow’s enthusiasm, hard work and passion as she founded the doctorial program in Vermont named for her late husband Cyril Z. Meadow. I saw CZMI quickly proceed from the development stage, get accredited to become a flourishing institute due to her love and dedication for psychoanalysis.

And I cherish two recent occasions with Dr. Meadow: One was last May at the Seattle conference where she was the featured speaker and I saw how the audience immediately responded to her ability to work emotionally with the group -- it was both a wonderful professional and intimate experience. And at graduation last June I received the greatest personal gift from Dr. Meadow when she jumped up on stage to join her daughter Dr. Reed in personally giving me my certificate – in the midst of other concerns Dr. Meadow had remembered that I asked her a month earlier if she’d present my certificate.

Dr. Meadow, I greatly miss seeing you but you will never die in my heart because you will always be with me. I will continue to work at CZMI to carry on the legacy you started in your husband’s name. Thank you!
February 06, 2005
Dr. Meadow was the modern analyst who most effectively reached out to the other psychoanalytic disciplines, and for that I cherish her.
February 04, 2005
I have never in my life seen so many incredible inspiring words of my close friend’s late grandmother Dr. Phyllis Meadow. Dr. Meadow was truly a remarkable, intelligent, inspiring woman to so many people and I feel honored to know that my best college friend, Dr. Meadow’s very own granddaughter Amanda Reed, is a living kin to her. I wish in so many ways that I could have met Amanda long ago so that I would have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Meadow. It just so happens that I have a profound interest in psychology for my present undergraduate studies and would have loved to continue my graduate studies under Dr. Meadow’s instruction. I didn’t realize the extent to what she had done until her recent passing; though saddened, I am positively delighted to hear of her impact in so many lives! I would be honored to see the schools she has established and taught at, if only to understand the tremendous legacy she has left behind her. She was truly amazing! I know first-hand that Dr. Meadow has inspired her granddaughter and now me indirectly through hearing about her accomplishments. She will undoubtedly be missed by many-including those, like I, who can only hope to know about her.
February 02, 2005
I first encountered the community of CMPS, BGSP, and CZMI at the summer, 2004, conference, entitled, "Liberating Desire." Dr. Meadow was expected to have been there and it remained unclear as the week went on, whether she would be able to be there or not, due to health concerns. As it turned out, she was not able to be there, and the void that was created by her absence spoke volumes. I longed for the experience of meeting and being able to get to know this extraordinary woman. I did meet her. It was at the December 11 conference. I went to that conference primarily because I wanted to see her, and I am glad I did. But I did not have an opportunity to get to know her, to experience the wonderful gifts of which those who have known her speak so eloquently. I believe I will feel the loss of what could not be for me, for years to come.
February 02, 2005
I only knew Dr. Meadow for a short time but in that time she had a powerful impact. Her energy and lust for life, her vivaciousness and strength were inspiring. Her thoughts and comments were life-changing and I'm sorry I won't have a chance to hear more, although her work will live on and reverbate in those she touched and those they impact.
January 30, 2005
Our community has lost a leader, whose intelligence, talent, perserverance,and wisdom has been an inspiration to many.
She will be sorely missed and remain in our hearts forever.
January 28, 2005
For the past 25 years, Phyllis Meadow has been the single most influential person in my professional and personal development. She always knew what feeling I needed from her, and she gave it. Like when she braved a snowstorm to attend a group session, saying “Nothing could keep me from group this week. Eva is furious with me!” And when she came out to Seattle because I needed her to bless it for me. And when she allowed me to hang out with her the Sunday afternoon after her last conference, to say goodbye. I have been immeasurably enriched by her, and I will miss her terribly.