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William M. Archer
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December 26, 2011
As a boy, our family visited the Blue roofs almost every summer. my mom was an Archer and my Dad's family had a fishing camp on the Trent as well! I recall many great times with my Uncle Bid and his son Rick telling us scary stories, and going into town for a tin roof sundae. The fishing was great then and I still have the buck tail lures my Uncle made for me.God bless him and Ida too
August 11, 2010
Was just looking up Jakes Blue Roof cottages and came across the guest book for Bill. Just sitting remembering all the times at the cottages and the trouble we all got into there. Bill is in heaven fishing Im sure and my Dad is with him.
September 19, 2008
I just learned and I'm very saddened of Mr. Archer's passing. For many years we visited Archers Blue Roof Cottages the last week in June and every labor and memorial weekends. In fact, watching the old movies and later slides, you can say I grew up there. I met my first girlfriend Margie Dufore of Ackron, leaned how to catch bull frogs, (we got a candy bar for each bull frog we gave your dad). Your dad taught us how to catch bigger Northern Pike by trolling and using his buck tails (red and white, orange and black with silver and gold spinners) which we have to this day. The best part was going in his perterboro wooden boat. Wow was that boat beautiful. I remember hanging out with Rick and even helping a little when they were building the duplex. I remember cooling off in the swimming hole, having the choir of getting pals of water from the well, evening campfires and the scary snip hunting. Boy what great memories Mr. Archer created for us all. My mom and dad are in their mid 70's and uncle 88. We are going this weekend to Jake’s Blue Roof Cottages for what they call their last hurrah. If I remember, I think Mr. Archer even built the blue wooden boats which today one is displayed along side the entrance to the main office. As a young child I probable fell asleep in that boat many times. My brother and aunt have since passed. They are missed dearly. I'm now in my mid 50's and together with my mom, dad and uncle want to thank your family so much for such wonderful memories.

My deepest sympathy, warmest regard and prayers go out to Mr. Archer and his family.

God Bless Mr. Archer and your family,
Tom Ferlito
James Ferlito Jr. (passed)
James Ferlito Sr.
Jenney Ferlito
Joseph Fantrazzo
Phyliss Fantrazzo (passed)
December 18, 2006
December 12, 2006
Our family would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this difficult time.

We really appreciate all of the beautiful flowers, gifts, cards, excellent food, desserts, phone calls, emails, removing snow from the driveway and your precious time and kindness.

We loved him and will miss him each and everyday.

Just remember when you find pennies on the ground . . . they are pennies from Heaven that Dad has sent to us!

Thanks again!
December 09, 2006
Bill's Dad and my Dad were cousins. I remember Bill installing a door at our house in Green, Ohio when I was about 10. Also the fishing trips we made to Canada at Archer's Blue Roof Cabins. We always had a great time. Best wishes to Tina and family.
December 08, 2006
I'd like to share the Eulogy for my father-in-law which I delivered at his funeral on December 8th.

On behalf of Bill's entire family, I would like to thank all of you for joining us here today to pay our last respects to the man who we called our husband, our dad, our father-in-law, our grandfather, our great-grandfather, our brother, our brother-in-law and our friend.

For those you who don't know me, my name is Gary and I have been blessed to have been happily married to Bill's only daughter, Becki, for more than 27 years. I pray that Becki and I will enjoy the same long, loving life together that Bill and Tina shared for over 63 years.

As Becki's husband, I was legally Bill and Tina's son-in-law. But we shared a special relationship. They always treated me as though I was one of their own children, and likewise, to me they were the same as my own dad and mom, God rest their souls. I will never forget the love that Bill had for me and me for him, and I promise that I will continue to love Tina that same way forever.

Bill loved his wife, his children, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren as only a father could. I hope that we can all appreciate Bill's never-ending love for us, and that we can pay honor to him by always loving each other that same way.

I was always amazed by Bill's vitality and by how much he knew about so many different trades and activities. Whether it was carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, painting, welding, auto repair, boat building, or his true passion, fishing, Bill was a wealth of knowledge. Best of all he was always eager to share his knowledge, provide advice, and pitch in to help his family and friends. Everyone who came in contact with Bill knew that he was a good, decent, hard-working and God-loving man.

Almost 8 years ago, Bill had open heart surgery, suffered a stroke and spent nearly every waking hour since then in his power chair. Bill got discouraged, and he cried, and often he wished he didn't have to keep living as a stroke-survivor. Throughout it all, Tina made caring for Bill her #1 priority, unselfishly sacrificing herself for the wavy, dark-haired young man that she gave her heart to so long ago. No one could have given Bill better care than that which Tina gave him and it stands as a testament to the love which she had for Bill.

Even on the darkest of days, Bill never stopped trying to regain his mobility. All he wanted to do was to walk again. Shortly after Bill returned to his winter home in Florida in late October, he became ill and was weaker than before. But Becki told me that she watched him one morning on her way to work, still using his parallel bars, walking as best he could, even though it wa s hard for him to raise his left foot.

Just over a month ago, Bill was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. After learning about his disease, he pleaded with all of us to make sure that we began a regular schedule of preventative examinations. Although he had said many times before that he wouldn't have any more surgery, he decided to fight his illness and had surgery about three weeks ago. His recovery was progressing slowing, but steadily, until last week when he took a sudden turn for the worse.

Throughout Bill's entire hospital stay, his loving wife Tina and devoted daughter Becki stayed by his side nearly 24 hours a day. They were both there with him in his room all night before he went to the operating room last Saturday morning. Although we all prayed for a miracle that morning, it was God's will to call Bill up home where he could be free of this life's pain and suffering, to live forevermore with all of God's children.

Today our hearts are broken, and our tears fall like rain. We wonder if we have the strength to live on without Bill. But I know that if we are blessed with only a fraction of his strength and perseverance, we'll be able to carry on in the way that he would want us to. Never doubting what happened, always remembering his life and his love for us, loving each other, and always looking forward to the time when we will be reunited with him on the streets of Glory.

Christ, as we know, called the fishermen to follow him. Today I am sure Bill has taken his place with the apostles.

God bless you Bill. I'll miss you.
December 08, 2006
Bill Archer was an incredible fisherman. He was a wonderful great grandpa. I wish I could have fished with you. I will miss you a lot. I loved you and always will. You watched the news a lot :) but that's ok my mom and dad do the same. It's good so you know what's going on. I also wish that I could have heard more stories from you up in Cannada but mabye my dad could tell me or even grandpa Gary or even Aunt Beck. I want to go to a real good fishing hole some day and fish almost all day or even almost a week on a boat. Grandpa Bill I love you and hope to see you up in heaven!!!!!!!
December 07, 2006
I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind thoughts about my Grandfather and share this poem I wrote for him.

A Poem

Grandpa Bill The Fisherman
So Many Lines You Have Cast
So Much Time Has Past
So Many Lives You Have Touched

Seems Like Only Yesterday I Was But A Boy Learning To Fish
When I Used To Ride On The Point Of That Old Green Boat
No Place On Earth Felt As Free For Me

In The End All We Really Have Are The Memories
Now That You’re Gone I Can Choose To Be Sad
Perhaps A Better Choice Is To Be Happy That I Knew You At All

Life Is Not About The Beginning
Life Is Not About The End
Life Is About Everything In Between
The Greatest Gift In Life Is What You Learn
For It Is What We Learn That Has Everlasting Value

To Continue To Be Sad Is To Be Selfish
Grandpa I know Your Not In Pain No More Wherever You Are
Your Reality Space Has Now Expanded Beyond The Physical
Perhaps One Day My Reality Will Some day Meet You Again

I Will Not Go On Sad And Selfish Wishing You Were Still Here
Instead I Will Know That I Knew You
You Have Advanced Out Of The Material World

When I fish Going Forward I Will Be Thinking
Wow I Just Caught A Big One
Did You Have Some Influence On That Fish

Until The Next Time We Meet
Words That Never Seem To Synchronize
So Long And Know That I Love You

Gary D. Archer II (Grandson)
December 07, 2006
I just heard of Bill's passing 4:30 today at closing. I am glad I had the pleasure of knowing and serving the two of you these pass two decades. He will be sorely missed at REX's. Please come in a see us when you can. I will be sure to inform the others of our loss of a great friend and lifetime customer. You and the family will be in my prayers.
December 07, 2006
Becky & Rick, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
December 07, 2006
Becki and Gary and all your Beautiful Family

You are in my thoughts and prayers. May all your memories and knowing that Bill is with our Lord bring you comfort. If I can do anything for you please let me know.
December 06, 2006
Tina, Gary, Rick, and Becki,
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
I have so many great memories of you all and the Blue Roof Cottages that it is hard to believe it has been over 30 years since that time.
Creme soda in the cooler,new Bucktail spinners hanging on the wall in the store,( I still have a few of those old spinners), watching all the fishermen and fisherladies unloading their fish at the docks.Heading out in the boat from the dock in the cool misty air of the morning, and the smell of Northern Pike or Walleye frying on the stove in the cabin for supper.
I hope the happy memories you all had with Bill help to carry you through.
You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
December 06, 2006
Dear Tina and family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
Wayne and I rembember the good times we had with you, Uncle Willie, and Aunt Ada when we went to Canada to your camp.
We know our Lord will be with all of you during this trying time.
Our love and prayers.
December 06, 2006
I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I have many fond memories of going to your fish camp in Canada. My thoughts are with the whole family.
Captain Buzz Steinbacher
Okeechobee, FL. (Formaly of Akron, Ohio)
December 06, 2006
I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Bill personally, but I worked with his daughter Becky and from her stories I felt I knew him. My condolences and prayers are with his family. Bill God bless you for the terrifci family you raised.
December 06, 2006
Rick, Brian & Family, We are so sorry to hear of your father's passing, I know how close you guys were to the family and how many good times you got to share together. Peace be with you.
December 06, 2006
Tanya and myself wish you and your family the best, Becki, with our deepest sympathy.
December 06, 2006
With Deepest Sympathy at this most difficult time.
December 06, 2006
Dear Mrs. Archer, Gary, Rick, Becky and all of the Archer Family,
Please accept my sincere sympathy on your loss. As a neighbor of close to 35 years, we will remember your husband/father as a great man. What a great mentor in business, family, and life in general. As he got up in years he was a true fighter for life. He never gave up and was an inspiration as he fought many battles to stay fit and active. He always liked to watch us work in the landscape next door and would offer us tips for improvement. May good memories flood your senses as you go through this very hard time. Those will remain his greatest gift.
Rick Parson & Family
December 05, 2006
Becki, My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you and your family comfort.
December 05, 2006
I did not know Mr. Archer, but my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time, as he enters into God's Kingdom.
December 05, 2006
Becki: My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My prayers and thoughts are with you; may your memories bring you comfort.
December 05, 2006
Dear Becki,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. God has summoned the most precious angels first. Your dad will always be there for you. Fondly, Kristy
December 05, 2006
I would like to express my sympathy in this time of need to Becki and her family and wish them the very best.
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