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Ruth E. (Sechrist) Rencevicz Obituary
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January 23, 2018

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January 23, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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September 8, 2009
Ruth,it's been one year since we hugged you "good-bye" in our driveway,not knowing that that would be our last time to see you. Our thoughts and memories of you are so vivid and strong,as I hope they always will be,that it's hard to believe so much time has passed. Before you left our house that day,you walked through the yard picking the old blooms off the flowerpots you and Jon had planted just as you had done many summers in a row. You always seemed so happy in the garden surrounded by pretty flowers and nature(void of snakes). The kids and I planted a whole bunch of tulip,hyacinth and daffodil bulbs to remind us of you when they bloom every spring. We will plant a little more every year to finally have that big bed of spring flowers you always wanted.

I'll always remember you,Ruth,as the most self-motivated,hard-working,organized and caring mother of six and grandmother of four as well as a blast to party with. My fondest memory is of you and Jon kicking it up on the dance floor at Eric & Andrea's wedding. Wherever we went or whatever party we were at,everyone always loved you and you were always a hit.

What I will forever remember about Ruth:
-Entre' of choice-Prime rib or steak-passed over the flames,the bloodier the better
-Favorite wardrobe colors-Navy blue and bright White accent red or pink
-Not big on sweets but always room for a Keystone Light
-Never seen without your make-up on
-Favorite flowers-Red,red tulips and pink or coral impatiens
-Favorite foods you made for us-Macaroni & egg,stuffed peppers,potato soup,chicken chow mein,beef stroganoff and chili(the kids favorite)
-Mayonnaise to shine your houseplants
-Parties must have shrimp cocktail on ice,deviled eggs and more food than humanly possible for your guests to finish

Casey says that she misses the times at your apartment when the two of you would stay up late watching T.V. in your bedroom eating popcorn after Samson fell asleep.

Samson misses staying with you and having grilled cheese sandwiches,yogurt and key lime pop.

I miss you,Ruth. We all miss you so much! I wish you'd walk in our house and say "Hi" in your high pitched happy tone of voice and give me the latest scoop on all your six kids and two other grandkids. Those hours were full of interesting stuff with you doing most of the talking.

I love you! We love you & miss you,
Chris,Jon,Casey & Samson
August 28, 2009
Hi Mom.Pretty hard day.I didn't expect it.I happened to drive by a lot of places today,that reminded me of you.Of course,the first had to be the oncologists office.I hadn't even realized,I'd been driving past it a couple times a week for the last 6 months.Then I went past Quaker Square,where I picked you up after all of your worldly travels.The hard one was Samson's baseball field.You never got to see him play.Worse than that,he never got to see you see him play.Went past a garden center,and all I could think of was that you didn't like mums.Of course you always told me to buy some anyway."It's not my house,do what you want".My last stop today,a Friday,was at the same place I was when I got the phone call from you telling me you have leukemia.That was also a Friday.I tried to calm you down,told you to wait for all the results to come in first.But when that didn't work,I went and bought a case of beer.A 12 pack for you,(Keystone light,the real Ruth beer)and a 12 pack for me(anything other than Keystone Light,otherwise known as real beer).I don't know if we drank it all that night.I do know we tried.

Casey was crying in bed about 2 weeks ago.She was missing you.I told her I'd been thinking a lot about you also lately,and I was very happy to know that she still felt so much for you after a years time.She misses you badly,as do I,Samson and Chris.She decided to make a small wooden box that says,"Notes for Grandma" on it.She wants us to write anything we want to you,and then put it in the box.She also wants to have keylime pie once week for dessert in memory of you.These are the things that are the toughest for me.

You never hesitated when it came to spending time with Casey and Samson.They'll never forget that.Neither will Chris and I.It's not easy finding a babysitter who will do the opposite of everything you ask,AND not get paid to do it.

So tonight is for you Mom.Bloody,rare steaks,cooked on the grill.Keystone Light(I have one left in the fridge,it's been there a year ,so it should pretty much taste the same as the fresh stuff),and keylime pie.

Happy Birthday Mom,I love you and miss you.We all love you and miss you.

Jon,Chris,Casey and Samson
August 13, 2009
I just wanted to let you know that Ruth has truly made an everlasting memory to many. I received an email in October 2008 from my Mom with Ruth's obit saying how funny this women must have been. I've kept that email since I've received it..and days when I'm upset, sad or even bored I look in my "saved funny emails" and always get a great laugh at this.

What a woman Ruth must have been! Losing a loved one is never easy, but I hope all of you know that her memory is living on in the lives of strangers who just stumble upon her very lively and playfully written obituary .. Cheers! (to floor wax.. haha)
June 17, 2009
Lisa and family, I was so sorry to hear of your moms passing!! She was a great lady and I will always remember all the great times at your house and Munroe Falls Park. She was the best cook out there!! I do feel your pain as we lost our dear brother Joe Dec. 22 due to cancer. I will always remember your mom with fond memories!! Cindy Estes Smith
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