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April 27, 2018

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April 27, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Donna Fisher.
November 6, 2013
Happy anniversary Baby. 5 years ago today we went to get our marriage license, not sure if we could get married that day or not. We had the church reserved for the 22nd but just wanted to go through a little ceremony before the church wedding so you could move in. We weren't getting any sleep because we couldn't bear to be apart. You would stay until 3 and then have to drive to Harrah and take Bear for his walk. We were only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night and you had just finished chemo a couple of weeks before. After we got our license we went to Spaghetti Warehouse for a late lunch and we were so nervous that we couldn't stop held me and called Bobby Dee to see if he could marry us. And we called Carol,Anne, and Sharon to see if they wanted to come and be witnesses. The "wedding" was going to be a couple of weeks later with the kids there, friends, and acquaintances, and I hated the idea! I never wanted a wedding in my life, just a private ceremony. But we were going to have one for the kids. That didn't work out after we had the little private ceremony. But, I want to thank you John, for loving me, not giving up for three years, for marrying me, taking me on two honeymoons to Florida, trips to Tennessee ,Dallas,Chicago, and so many trips to Branson. You made me sing again, introduced me to hundreds of people, took me everywhere you went, loved buying me presents, taking me to movies. And everywhere we went people came to our table and said"Someday I want to be in love like you guys". That amazed us that people just saw how much we loved each other when we were just sitting together talking or eating. I adored you and you adored me. And I know that will last were always so proud of me, and I was proud to be your wife.thank you for the absolute joy in living, the courage and passion that were such a huge part of the essence of John Fisher.i listen to your CDs and am astounded by the unique power and beauty of your voice. Your incredible voice, talking or singing. Thank you for those CDs and videos, I never want to forget your voice. Thank you for a million beautiful moments, a four year honeymoon. Thank you for changing me and blessing me, and healing my broken heart and spirit. Thank you for saving my life. I miss you with every fiber of my being, every heartbeat. I love you with all my heart my John Fisher. My beautiful boy.
October 18, 2013
John, it has been over a year. So many anniversaries the last two months. Sept. 11 when I finally gave you my number and we talked until 3 AM. Then we couldn't stop talking on the phone. It was 3 or later every day. Then the day before our first real date you raced from Harrah to Denny's on I35 just to give me a hug and sit and talk. You were singing at the Fair that afternoon and we met at IHOP on Meridian afterward. We always sat next to each other in the booth and couldn't stop talking. You wanted me right beside you, against your shoulder. Tuesday night was our first date and the first time I rode with you in your car. The moonroof was open and it was beautiful.just riding beside you.You took me to Spaghetti Warehouse and we could barely eat. Then for a carriage ride and walking holding hands along the canal.It was warm and beautiful and the air was soft and golden on our skin. Then to a movie, and back to Denny's after that because we didn't want it to end. After you took me home about 2:00 we talked on the phone while you drove home and took bear out for his walk. I finally went to sleep listening to your Elvis CD. You called the next morning and we spent the day and the evening together until 2 AM and talked until you got home and took Bear out again. That was the pattern of our lives, our days and nights. You told me on our first date that you were going to marry me no matter if it took 10 years, and that terrified me but thrilled me too. It had taken 3 years for be to say yes to a date, but I knew by then that I loved you.I told you it wouldn't take much time if you were the man that I saw in your eyes. I knew we didn't have years to waste, you were going to start chemo again the next week. And I went with you and held your hand and prayed with you and for you and the hours flew by. You were so proud to introduce me to the nurses and the doctor. So proud always of me, of us. Every day that week we went to your chemo and then spent the rest of the day together. Oh John I miss you. Every minute,every breath, every heartbeat, I miss you. We spent every second together except for a few hours in the early morning when you went home to sleep. And sleep was our enemy because it robbed us of conscious time together. You drove me to DFW Airport when I was going on the cruise to The Virgin Islands that Jan and Maria had paid for because you didn't want me sitting there for 3 or 4 hours between planes. Besides the drive meant we would be together for another day before we were separated. You sat and held my hand and held me and we both cried so much that they pulled me out of line and X-rayed me. I guess they thought I must be a suicide bomber saying goodbye for the last time. We weren't good at being apart. We always hated it. I still do.You gave me so much,loved me so much, and transformed my life. I thank God for you John. I thank God for every day we had together. I'm keeping my promises, I'm still singing. Your birthday is Sunday. Your second one in Heaven. Happy birthday baby. I love you
October 5, 2013
We are coming up on the first anniversary of your heavenly flight John and just wanted you know that we miss you and look forward to our reunion in the sky with you and Jesus and all our other loved ones. We are still praying for Donna and love you both very much!!!! Tom & Debby Lakin
October 5, 2013
Still cannot thank you enough for the joy you brought to my sister Donna. You gave her the courage to sing again and gave her love that she had never known before. We miss you John. You were an inspiration to everyone around you. Your memories will be in our hearts forever.