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March 24, 2018

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March 24, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling.

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 Memories & Condolences
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June 6, 2015
My dear husband, when our son had his accident on May 28, 2015 and passed away the next day, I knew you would waiting for him. Now he can be with you no pains anymore just freedom from all the pain and problems he had. The accident he had did not seem life threatening to the doctors, so Billy asked to not have anyone call me. He would do so the next day. He knew I wasn't comfortable driving at night. He was always so protective of me. At the hospital, he was in pain but was talking with some friends from the convalescence home where he lived. After they left, he stopped breathing and was resuscitated. I guess he was in a hurry to be with you. Or maybe you knew and wanted him to come to you sooner knowing how I would suffer watching him die. I was told when he awakened after the resuscitation, he tried to talk but could not because of the breathing tube down his throat. He fought it so the doctor ordered a sedative for him. When I received a call from his CNA the next morning, she told me to hurry to the hospital, he had fallen. Roxanna and I went right away but were not able to see him for a couple of hours. I do not know if he ever knew we were there with him. Roxanna and Daniel went to get his wallet from the convalescence home. Billy stopped breathing twice while they were gone but started breathing again. The third time he did not breathe again. Our son had died while they were gone. Now I have lost the two most important men to me only three days short of when you left me two years ago. I was not ready for you to leave me. Now I must live without him, also.
It seems so strange. I feel that God was trying to prepare me for this. We had a yard sale on Saturday and Billy managed to take three buses and joined us during the sale. That was wonderful. Roxanna and Daniel got a chance to visit with him separately before he had to take the buses back. Then on the following Thursday morning I visited Billy. I wanted to talk to him privately, not in his room where anyone could hear us. We went into the parking lot. I told him that I had a dr. appointment in the afternoon and was going to get a DNR signed by her. Then I wanted to know if he had done that. NO, but he would Sunday when his doctor made his rounds. I already knew for years that he wanted to donate his body to UCLA. But he had not registered with them. They could not accept him, neither could the other donation center. I was frantic. I tried to find some company that would pick him up and take him to a crematory. Ronnie came by with the name of a company that had taken care of his mother when she passed. Roxanna and I went there and signed the papers. They picked him up Saturday. Sunday he had to be at the Coroner's office. I hope I did right in letting him go. Everyone tells me I did but it hurts so much. At least now you can see what he would have been like if he had not had all the medical problems. This so hard, I wish you were here. I miss and need you.
September 10, 2013
Dad, I know yesterday was ONE of your birthdays but I didn't want to upset Grandma so happy belated birthday.Mom already brought you up to date. I miss you a lot, but I am at peace you are in heaven with all the others that went on ahead. I spend a lot of evenings just sitting outside looking at the stars. Every time I see a shooting star I know it is you riding across the sky on the baddest Motorcycle in the universe. I also know you are teasing me till I can join you. Pick me out a good ride Dad and I will be right alongside you forever.Love, your son.
September 9, 2013
Happy Birthday, Bill. You were born 83 years ago today. I know birthdays never seemed a big deal with you but they were with me. You left me a little over three months ago. But I know that you are with your parents and Tom, Naomi, Jim and Bud now. I bet you were happy to see them. I hope you are able to see how we are doing. The gathering on July 6 was a success with many nieces and nephews showing up, plus a few of our friends. We set off firecrackers in memory of how you and your dad used to love our 4th of July parties. The firecrackers were not like we used to get, all they did was give off smoke and we had to keep lighting them. Our relatives remembered many of the good times we had at the farm. And there were many good times along with some bad. Roxanna and Ken are talking about taking a cruise –I hope they can. Bill got new glasses and I bought me a new bed. Boy, am I glad to not have to sleep another night in that uncomfortable twin bed. The lawnmower quit working so I had to buy another one. Dan put it together for me. It's bigger and heavier than the old one. I mowed the other day and it does a good job. This old house is really creaking lately. But it is still holding up OK. I haven't had to do any major repairs on it yet. The garbage disposal was acting up. I think I put too many orange peels down at one time. I thought I was going to have to replace it but now it seems to be all right. I am getting use to driving the car. I have just over 1300 miles on it now. I'm glad we got it while you were still able to enjoy it. Dan has been working on the '66. He got the steering wheel, horn, and radio to work OK now. I don't know what he has planned next but he wants to make it look as original as possible. Well, I guess that brings you up to date for now. Bill, I still expect to see you come through a door, or I want to tell you about something I saw or read but you are not here. I didn't expect to lose you so soon. We had a good life together. I feel so lost and alone. I miss you and your smile so much.
August 2, 2013
Its been years as a teenager and hanging out with Bill that I had the great opportunity to meet you. What I remember most was that infectious smile and the heart of gold. You will be well missed by many but will never be forgotten.