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August 03, 2015

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August 03, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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June 22, 2015
he was a amazing Dr and I was recommended to him by a different Dr but my 2 or third time seeing him was the last and we got called to give info about him since apparently we were his last patient
June 03, 2015
I just learned that this great man passed away last year and my heart breaks for his family. My husband was severely ill in 2007 and no one knew why. He was sent from Doctor to Doctor until he found someone who cared deeply... Dr. Demerell was our hero. Someone who worked hard to find the answers others were too busy for. He helped heal my husband. I am crying thinking of his family as our three kids are almost the same ages. What a wonderful, talented, and compassionate man. Thank you for finding the answers to my husband's illness... I am sorry no one found answers for yours in time.
April 27, 2015
It has been a little over a year since Dr. DeMerell left us and my heart still breaks every time I think of him. I think about his beautiful wife and beautiful children and I am unable to comprehend that great loss. You will always be missed and you will always be in our hearts.
September 09, 2014
My family is so sorry to learn of Dr. Demerell's passing and will always think of him fondly. He was the specialist who first diagnosed my daughter's allergy to peanuts as well as her asthma. He helped her to get her asthma under control. He taught us how to help turn her peanut allergy into a sensitivity and she can now enjoy an occasional peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was just going to make an appointment when I learned the news. It's been so long since we needed an office visit. May all your memories bring you and your family much joy and help ease your grief.
August 08, 2014
To the Family, Friends, Patients and Colleagues of Dr. DeMerrell:
It has been difficult to sit down and write this as I can't stop crying whenever I think about the loss you must all be suffering. My daughter, Megan, became his patient 5 yrs. ago when she was 17. After spending her life being sick all the time and having docs treat her as if she was depressed or hormonal, Dr. DeMerrell was able to determine that her illnesses were complicated by an improperly functioning immune system. What a relief!! We weren't crazy after all!! Ultimately, we only saw him a few times but if was quite comforting to "understand" why Megan was always sick. It also empowered us to manage her condition better. Last year, Megan suffered a Serious Life Threatening Event and during the crisis, I had called his office to get records forwarded to me. Not only did I get the records promptly, Dr DeMerrell called me at home personally a few weeks later to "check" on Megan's recovery but also answer any questions we might have. He only saw her maybe fewer than six times!! The doctors who saw her regularly NEVER spent that kind of time with her!!

In addition, Megan's father became disabled three years ago and as we've had to "fight" to get his diagnosis (he also has a "rare" condition), and disability, we have had the unfortunate necessity to seek treatment and care from MANY providers and I can assure you (as if you didn't already know) that Dr. DeMerrell was a RARE practitioner and indeed, a "special" man.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you whose lives have been affected by his passing but mostly my thoughts are with his patients who relied on him and his wife and children. As the years go by, I hope that these remembrances as well as the many remembrances you all have of him will help fill the void for his children as they try to "know" their father.

Megan and I had just been to see him about a month before his passing. We we supposed to follow-up in December. We should all be reminded by these things that life can be cut short in an instant and to be "present" in the moment, something Dr. DeMerrell always was when we saw him. For that, we thank him.
August 04, 2014
My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this great loss (his family & the community). Dr. DeMerell was such an awesome and amazing doctor! I had been seeing him for years for allergies and immunology issues and I have to say, he was always so patient, kind, very personable, and passionate about the care he gave me. These days, it is so rare to find such a great doctor that you can just trust to care for you, and now that he's gone, it's hard to imagine who might fill his shoes. He will be truly missed! My heart goes out to you, Connie, and your beautiful children! May God bless you always!
July 02, 2014
I just learned Of Dr. DeMerrel's passing today. It was such a shock. He is only a year younger than I am. I had one appointment with him after I had a serious allergic reaction which caused asthma like symptoms. He helped me to gain control so I wouldn't need medications and diagnosed several allergies I never knew I had. During that first visit, the kindness and compassion he showed was amazing. He took the time to really know me and my medical history. Heaven has gained a wonderful soul and I will miss him.
June 28, 2014
We miss you, Dr. D! We are so grateful for all the tips and tricks you have given us over the years! And for your un-failing med combo that keeps us out of the ER!

Our prayers continue to be lifted over your beautiful family!
June 27, 2014
OMG, I can't believe we lost such a valuable person.. this is just not at all fair!!!!!!!!!
June 24, 2014
i only met him once, but could tell he had a passion for his profession. i will pray for his family.

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