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Christine and Megan,

Please know that my thoughts are with you both. I pray that God continues to give you strength.

Cathy Fortin
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you my little "brother". Even though I know you are at peace and in a better place, I still miss our conversations and the close bond we shared together. You will always be in my heart...until we meet again Tom ..your bro
Dear Chris
Your continued interest to educate Meg will no doubt please Tom.
May you be at peace with your efforts and look to the future with hope and understanding.
Our thoughts are with you.
Miss you more than words can say. Love you for ever.
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
Eulogy to Tom Allisat

Tom was my friend.
My earliest memories of Tom are from 1974 at Inverness Park where we played defense for the Carleton Cougars Football club. We were thirteen and this was our senior year. I remember that he wore a big horse collar and J-pads to try and look tough on the field. He wasn’t the biggest linebacker in the league but he was fearless and a natural athlete. We won the B-side championship that year and Tom was awarded the Most Valuable Defensive Player.
Tom’s natural athletic ability shone on the ball diamond where, as a pitcher, he mastered the upshoot – A windmill pitch his cousin Steve taught him. I never played at his level but was amazed at the speed he could generate with that pitch.
Tom was always in good shape. He started working out regularly after recovering from a broken collarbone: Peter Winnia checked him into the boards during a broomball game at General Burns park. Tom continued this dedication to fitness his entire life. He was always so fit and strong but you would never know it – Tom didn’t flaunt or take advantage if his strength because it was a personal thing. I always respected him for that.
At fifteen, I remember sitting in the parking lot of Huron Towers wondering how Tom had pulled together enough money to buy that ’71 Mustang Fastback. Tom was always good at planning and saving. When he had a goal he wouldn’t let anything get in his way. In this case, the Mustang was the prize. We used to sit in those brown vinyl bucket seats and just listen to music, dreaming of when we would get our licenses and where we would go. Later, when Tom did get on the road, I recall always having to pitch in $2 bucks for gas. I was always amazed at how far Tom could make that $2.00 go.
Tom always seemed to have a job. There was this one job at a scrap yard that lasted maybe one hour – Tom was responsible for preparing cars for the crusher by punching holes in the gas tanks to drain the fuel. He forgot to do this for the second or third car. I’ll never forget that grin on Tom’s face as he recounted how huge that explosion was.
We worked together at Cicero’s for a while. What a great job delivering pizzas for $3.00/hr plus tips. One busy Friday night Tom called in to cancel his shift. Frenchie and John were not happy and told him if he didn’t show up he was fired. Tom quit on the spot and never looked back. Later that weekend Tom told me he had a big date that he couldn’t cancel. I think it was Chris. Tom always had his priorities.
Tom and I used to talk, but never about anything serious or intense – He used to save that for Rick Jarret. Those two would ‘discuss’ anything as long as they disagreed about it. One time, in the basement of our townhouse on Chesterton Drive, the debate got so heated my mother actually kicked them out of the house. There was never a winner in any debate. They always agreed to disagree and remained friends.
After high school Tom and I didn’t see each other for a while.
Tom took off to UBC then Western, but we always got together when he came home for the holidays or summer vacation. We’d usually end up riding our motorcycles around town or go somewhere to play Ms. Packman. As I recall Tom was pretty good at that too. Tom had really good reflexes.
After Chris and Tom were married we started to see more of each other. Regular visits to Ottawa usually included a stay with Chris’s family, Tom’s family and at least one visit with Steve, but Tom and Chris always made time to have dinner or a visit with us. It was great to know we were close friends.
Tom and I usually found time for a round of golf too. It was rare that we both had a good round on the same day but there was this one round at the J.S. Woodsworth High School reunion. We both shot 78. To top it off, Tom and I were partners in a match play against Rick and another guy. We beat them bad. Of all the golf I ever played, that was the most memorable round. I remember Tom had that grin – It was a good day.
I had a conversation with Tom a couple of years after he and Chris were establishing their careers in Toronto. He was sitting on a park bench eating his sandwich, watching the people and birds. He decided right there that he didn’t want the promising career at the TSE. There had to be more and he wanted to know.
One life long dream Tom had was to fly fighter planes. He applied to the Air Force, went through a bunch of tests then got accepted into their pilot program. Tom & Chris talked it over for a while, then they decided to decline the offer. Who declines an offer like that? I would have jumped at the chance if I were good enough to get into the program.
Then they changed their minds and re-applied. I guess Tom was good because the Air Force’s offer was still good and he was back into the program. I had a hard time understanding how Tom again changed his mind and turned them down. He explained that it wasn’t fair to Chris or her career. “Fine, I’ll get my private pilot’s license and get a job as an air traffic controller”. Tom had his priorities.
So Tom started visiting from TCTE on weekends until he completed his ATC training. There wasn’t much he couldn’t do when he put his mind to it.
The years went by, we all had families of our own and we still made time for visits and golf. When Tom, Chris and Megan moved to Vancouver we didn’t see each other as much so we started calling more often. It became a regular thing to get a call from Tom on a Friday night. We talked about our kids, the job, renovations, anything. It was great to have a friend to talk to. Tom always had time to listen. He was a good friend.
I’ll always remember the time Chris, Sue, Tom and I went to Mt. Tremblant for a weekend summer holiday. We stayed in a Chalet and had a great time cooking, eating, walking and just talking. There was this large putting green in the back of the Chalet so Tom and I ended up having an 18-hole mini-put championship. We were both on our game and the gallery grew as our chalet neighbors took notice of the competition. On the final hole Tom made a 50-foot put to win. That grin on his face said it all.
It was a good day.
I’ll always remember those good days with my friend Tom.
Chris & Megan, I knew Tommy since we were about 8 or 9 years old. We played fastball (Tommy hated it if you called it softball) together until age 16. Tommy was an awesome pitcher we won a lot of games because of Tommy. Tommy was a grade ahead in school he skipped a year along the way, that put him 2 grades ahead of me at JS. I remember getting drives in his Mustang as a 15 year old it was exciting. (Tommy didn't exactly drive slow). The next time I saw Tommy was about 10 years later at an ATC hockey tournament. We were on the same team again, we spent several hours getting caught up on old times. My dad had passed away at the same age Tommy did and Tommy made me feel very good when he told me how my Dad meant so much to him as his baseball coach when we were kids. Tommy didn't go out with us that night he wanted to get home and be with you Megan because you weren't well and he was very concerned. The next time I saw Tommy was at the JS reunion, he had moved to Vancouver I remember he was very happy that Megan was doing so well. I know Tommy was well respected for his work in ATC in both Toronto and Vancouver our thoughts and hearts our with Chris, Megan and the rest of the family. Scott Forbes.
Chris & Megan
My heart goes out to both of you for I knew the man you called your husband & your Dad. Tom was a very passionate & caring guy. He could be funny but always warm & kind. Sorry Megan, I'm sorry I wasn't around while he was your Dad but I bet he was a great one. He was a great husband. That I was a witness to.
My prayers are with you & Tom.
Eulogy to Thomas John Allisat

I met Tom in the early 1980's washing dishes at Central Park Lodge Retirement home. He was known as the Egg man and I was the Pot man. No comment on that one. One of his duties was to boil up all the eggs for breakfast. Lots and lots of eggs every morning, and we sang the Beetles tune"I'm the eggman..."
Tommy and I hit it off right away, we were both a little wild, intense and well 20. We would work all day then party at night, work, party, then party some more.
Once in a while we would head up to the quiet hallways of the Lodge, late at night to race. I do not remember who's idea it was, but we raced wheel chairs down the long and wide hallways wheelly style. Tom was very competative and quick to master the art of ballancing on two wheels and rolling quickly down the hallway. Once I got the hang of it, the racing got really intense.
Practically every night after hours Tommy and I would steel up to one of the floors to race.
One of the many calamaties we got ourselves into was when we were racing neck in neck,at top flight when we bumped wheels and I slammed into the corner of a door- way with a very loud crash. As we scrammbled to the exit, laughing histerically and I limping, we heard some old guy yelling and chasing after us. We narrowly escaped back to the kitchen. That was our refuge, raiding the giant refridge loaded with food. There we would plan and plot our next scheam.
Those where great times, so imature, so right on target.
For another laugh Tom and I took this power seminar for selling nick nacks out of the trunks of our cars. That was scary! Tom always seemed to sell all his stuff though.
The year wore on and I got a job with BC Tel and Tommy went back to T.O. But he had to store his beloved Mustang at my sisters house. Promising to come back for it, that's another story. I lost track of Tommy after 1982, his mustang got toed to the impound. I knew he would be pissed about that when he called.

That call came in 1996, when out of the blue I hear this voice, Lester... remember me, Tom?.. Tom Allisat!...he continued to prompt me. Central Park Lodge?... wheel chair races.... remember... Lester?... "Oh my God" was my bewildered response. "Tommy?... really?..." Yeh it's me. I'm calling from Whistler. Lets get together for a coffee tomorrow. I'll pick you up at your house. Just keep a look out for a bald fat guy.
That was the start of a new chapter in our friendship. Now Tom was a professional, devoted husband and father.
What followed was years of wonderful friendship. My wife Maria and I Met Chris and Megan for the first time in 1996. New friendships blossomed and old ones picked up where they left off. This time though Tom was the family man. No mre wheellys at midnight.
Now we played squash, went out for dinners together and met at Star Bucks for our favorite java. I fully enjoyed that adventure as much as the one before, perhaps more, it lasted longer.
Tom was such a devoted father to Megan, always putting his family first, proud of his little girl and committed to his best friend and wife Chris. He was such a good role model for me. Everything he did he did it with zeal,passion and precision. I loved that about him. His intesity his attention to detail. He did'nt compromise. I will miss him, God I already do, as do you all and will, for the rest or our lives.
Maybe someday I'll get another call out of the blue 'Lester... remember me.. Tom!.. Tom Allisat?!
Neighbor Tom
Your passing may have been sudden but the memories last forever, I'll never forget you.
Neighbor Jim
Tom - we played, fought, laughed, talked, grew apart and then together. I will miss you always and carry memories & recollections of you with pride, forever. May you have peace. My love to you. My love to Chris and Megan and the family, friends & neighbours who grieve with me on our loss of you - Bob
Christine and Meghan,
I am so sorry to hear about Tom's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Meghan during this difficult time. It was a pleasure to have known Tom and to get to know you as more than my customer. My heart goes out to you both.
Dear Chris and Meghan,

We are at a loss for words at this tragedy that has come upon your family. Tom will be truly missed. Always remember you had the best part of him and he will never leave your hearts.
If you need anything at all at any time at all... just call! Our thoughts are with you both!

God speed Tom!

So sorry to hear about your loss, we are praying for you and also Megan. Maybe later you could give me a call and let me know how things are going.

God bless for now.

Dear Chris & Megan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. We feel blessed to have shared many happy times with you and Tom over the last few years and are grateful that our paths have crossed in life. Hugs to you both.
I remember the Carleton Cougars, hockey at G.B., The Warriors, math exams, law projects, the Mustang and $2.00 for gas, Ciceros, the exploding gas tank, the Dart. All those jobs. The Chaud. The Disco Viva. UBC. The Seca 550. Western.

We were happy to be part of your new beginning with Chris. We remember the stag at Walter Baker, the Chapel Room at the Talisman. Then a beautiful new daughter, Megan and her Christening in Westboro. The surgeries at Sick Kids. The Toronto visits. Goldie. Moving to Vancouver. Stealing Dr. Duncan from us. Touring Stanley Park. Starbucks. Caviar on the water front. That beautiful sunset. The Reunion. The Cottage and the Maxima, and … Bunker. Great times in Tremblant. That fifty foot putt. The diets (way too many nuts!), but the wine… The long telephone calls. The Ottawa visits. The kids having fun in the pool. The plans we made.
These memories will forever keep alive the love we shared.
We will miss you Tom.
Dear Chris and Megan
No words will ever explain how we feel at Tom's passing. Our memories of Tom are too numerous to put down on paper. Tom was always one of the boys who spent time at our home from the time he was 15, he and our son Tom were the best of pals. We will always remember the superb athelete Tom was in high school and his keen sense of humour and his numerous friendly arguments with Rick J. We watched Tom grow up to be a respomnsible man and we attended your wedding. You were a beautiful couple. We will always miss Tom as you will, Chris and Megan. With sincere regrets at your great loss. Jim and Barbara Norton
Chris & Megan:
We have been with you the past twenty years and have many happy memories together. We're with you now and we will be with you no matter what obstacles cross our paths.
We are blessed to have you in our lives and are richer to have known Tom.
Forever Friends,
Love & Prayers
Kent, Pauline & children
You are in our hearts and prayers. We share in your grief and send you our love.
Whether it was playing sports or as Shaun wrote "wreaking havoc" I'll never forget all those fun times from long ago.
So long Tom

I was shocked to read that you had passed away. My sincere sympathies to your family. My memories of you back in High School @ JS Woodsworth are great, I enjoyed chatting with you at the Last High School reunion and I do remember you speaking about your wife and daughter - I am sure you were a wonderful husband and father~ a terrible loss for your family. God bless your family at this difficult time.
Dear Chris & Megan,
We're so sorry for your loss, and not being able to be with you in this time of need.Our prayers are with you. We'll miss Tom and the happiness he brought to all of us. Tom's unconditional love for his family was overwelming by the insermountable photo"s, letters, and e mails of their incredable life together.The memories Tom left behind will be forever cherished.
Tom we miss you buddy God Bless.
Love,Des,Sandra,Paul,Dave and Mark. OOOOOXXXXX
Chris and Megan, We deeply and profoundly feel for your loss and sorrow. Our prayers go out to you through this very difficult time. Tom was a phenomenal human being and his presence, friendship and love will be sorely missed for the rest of our lives. Our deepest condolences Les and Maria
Chris & Megan we send you both our deepest sympathy.
Tom was such a super guy we feel blesssed to hve known him. We were so lucky to be able to spend time with the three of you over past chrismas holidays. We wish we could be with you today. Our love and prays go out to you both. May God bless and give you peace.
Love always.

Noni & Charlie
I can not describe how sad I am for you and Megan. My prayers will be with you through these challenging times. Stay strong and may God bless you all.

My deepest condolences,

Tino Perciballi
Chris and Megan: I am so sorry and shocked to hear of Tom's passing. My heart goes out to the both of you. I have such fond memories of you coming to South Arm and getting to know you. My deepest sympathy, Karen
I'm really sad to know of Tom passing. My deapest sympathy to you and Megan and I will pray that you
will able to cope with this difficult time of your life.

Emile Anonuevo
80 Coburg Crescent
Richmond Hill Ontario
L4B 4e4
Dearest Chris & daughter Megan:

I was shocked and deeply saddened when I heard the news. Please know that my thoughts & prayers are with you both. My daughters and I will pray to the Lord-for he will give you peace & strength during these difficult times.
It's been many years since we've seen each other, and much has changed. But I will always remember & cherish the fun times we shared together in Ottawa & Toronto.
The many stag & weddings receptions we attended, and especially the ones we crashed. The fun times at each others homes, & playing "bite the bag". Going out in TO for spicy chicken wings, and the picnic in Mississauga the day before Vanessa was born.
Always know...that just because we've been apart for many years, you have never been forgotten, and are forever loved.
I feel blessed & honored for the times we had together. Tom will always be fondly remembered, and forever missed by all who knew him.
Love Monika, Vanessa, and Natasha Jarrett.

I was so sorry to hear the news. I know I speak for many of your old colleagues when I say my prayers go out to you and Meghan. I also know your strength and fiestiness will serve you well in the challenging weeks and months ahead.

God Bless
Chris my heart and feelings are with you and your daugther. Keep the faith, as faith will guide you through these difficult times.
If there is anything I can do please don't hesitate!!!

Long lost friend
Richard Jarrett
Dear Chris and Megan: No words will ever explain the sadness and hurt we feel for you both at such a hard time. We offer our prayers and thoughts and are thinking of you guys each day. We're here for you both. So sorry we can't be there. Dear Meg: Your cousins send BIG HUGS AND KISSES, and to you Chris from your brother and sister-inlaw HUGS AND KISSES too. Hope we can see you both real soon. Hold on to your good memories, I'm sure there are many. We had a good visit with all of you this past summer at Mom and Dads, enjoyed our talks in the backyard while watching Megan and her cousins swim and play Marco Polo. Love: Ernie, Donna, Chris and Kevin. XXXX0000
Dear Chris and Meagan,

We've only known your family for a short time but we have many fond memories from the last 2-1/2 years. We will never forget how Chris and Tom would compete to have "Tom" or Chris" be one of our young son's first words. Sure enough it ended up being Tom. Just the other day my son put on my baseball cap and said "I look like Tom".

Tom and I both shared a love for softball, but he was one of those rare people who not only had playing talent, but the ability to teach the kids to learn the game he loved. Even rarer was his ability to teach the kids and still make it fun for them.

We were all sad to hear it when you were moving from Richmond last year and I can vividly remember Tom's grin when he shook my hand at our daughter's Guides meeting one night and said "Our paths will cross again." Sure enough they did but we never thought it would be cut so short. I hope when our paths cross again we will have more time with you.

Chris and Meagan, we can't express in words how sad we are for your loss. Rest assured that Tom touched everyone he came across and will always be in our hearts.

Our sincerest condolences,

Kevin, Laura, Nyla & Wyatt

It's been quite a few years, but I remember fondly those years you and I wreaked havoc in Parkwood Hills as young teenagers. I still remember those wild summer night rides - sneaking out with our parents car at 3:00am and driving around all night - all at the ripe old age of 15!! Although I've been a parent now myself for 20 years... to this day, I still lock my car keys away at night - and now that my oldest son "legally" has his own driver's licence do I now breathe a little easier at night!

God speed old friend. You'll be missed by many.
Dearest Tom,

We will truely miss you. You and I were as close as brothers and that is something that will be lacking in my life now until the day we meet again. I'll always remember our childhood and growing up in the same house with our grandparents until we were teenagers. I'll never forget the time you took me and Trevor for a wild, rough, white knuckled plane ride over downtown Toronto and after landing safely, you looked over at me and said with a grin on your face "this was the windiest day I've ever flown in". There are so many great memories. Until we meet again Bro.......
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