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Capt. Arthur J. Haggerty
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March 30, 2014
Please accept my sincere condolences on the death of your dear love one. “And no resident will say: I am sick…” Isa 33. In this time of a loss of someone special in our lives be comforted to know God cares and will help us endure through his love with comfort and peace. We miss this talented person whom many no doubt respected and admired.
February 27, 2011
My First job training dogs was in NYC with Capt. Haggerty. He was a nice Big man that tought me allot.
August 15, 2006
I knew Arthur for over twenty years. I have many fond memories of him. I can't think of my childhood without thinking of him. I will miss him.
August 15, 2006
I met Cap first online, when we were discussing a form of dog training I knew nothing about. Since I acknowledged that up front, we got along fine. We also swapped bad German puns a few times. He knocked me down verbally when I got out of line but responded well when I came back up and knocked back. We met in person twice, once at one of Margot Woods' gathers and again at an IACP meeting, where we stayed at the same hotel and commuted in my van. Then he was on time and gentlemanly. Good guy, Cap, and I'll miss learning from him.
August 15, 2006
Babette and family:
More than ten years ago I taught a dog training class for kids using 'Dog Tricks' as our big red bible. Somewhere there are a dozen dogs whose repertoire of tricks would make the Captain (and Carol Lea, too) very proud.

I was honored to have met the Cap in person at the IACP conference in 2004, to hear him tell stories and to talk Belgian Shepherds with him as a judge and admirer of the breeds.

His brilliance, his insights, his talents and his singular Voice linger in our hearts and minds so long as his books and his legacy continue to influence our appreciation and understanding of dogs in the human family, now and always.

Peace and comfort to you all at his passing.
August 14, 2006
I never knew the Captain personally, although we did correspond privately with e-mail on line occasionally. I knew of him before I joined the BT list by his writings...I would be reading along in a magazine thinking, "what a crochety person this trainer is...but how right on he is!" And then I would look at the by-line and it was the Cap! In fact it got so I wouldn't even have to look, I recognized his writings. I really enjoyed his recent articles on the past that were written before his illness. I miss his comments on line. I miss him although I hardly knew him. The dog world will miss the Captain. He was one in a billion! Good thoughts to Babette and her family in their loss. Keep the good name of Haggerty going for the dogs.
August 13, 2006
In 1973 I graduated from college and took a little break from the real world to attend a six week dog trainer's course in Walkill, New York. My little break became my lifelong career as I discovered that a passion for dogs could lead to my life long profession. Without Captain Haggerty and his school for dogs my life would not be what it is today. He was always generous with his knowledge and a born teacher,a dog man through and through. Although in later years we did not see him often, a visit from the Captain was something both Carlos and I looked forward to and we will both miss him.
August 06, 2006
Farewell my friend. I feel safe knowing that there's a dogman in heaven looking after those who cross the bridge. You inspred us, you confounded us, and most of all, you left an indelible impression on my own life.
August 05, 2006
Babette - We met your family when you were 2-1/2. Because of your Dad, Quent and I met and married 37 yrs. ago. Cap. was more than an employer -- he was a good friend who cared. The dog world, but more importantly, the world, has lost a good person. Your Dad will truly be missed.

Our condolences.
August 03, 2006
I was honored to know Arthur,I am his second cousin and have been overjoyed to get to spend time with his daughter Babette,who by the way hasnt aged in oh i dont know 32 years?Shes amazing and Im so proud of her own accomplishments ,With much love Babette,Cousin Tara
July 30, 2006
I was lucky to know and joke with Capt on many ocasions. He will always be remembered for all he did to help dogs, but I think the best thing he did for the world and to be remembered for was Babette.He left us a remarkable woman. love ya Capt..see ya one day..Is God really Irish???
July 26, 2006
I only had the privilege of meeting the Captain once, at a conference in ValleyForge, but "spoke" with him occasionally via email; I treasure each and every one of those correspondences.

My deepest sympathies to Babette and her family.
July 25, 2006
Dearest Babette and Family,

I want say we all in the Dog World have suffered a tremendous loss, but
none so much as you. I will remember the front row seats at the Garden, our trip
to the Eukanuba Classic, dinners discussing “dog stuff” and the many articles and books he left behind for us all. I know he is proud of you and your achievements and hope
Ryan and Sarah will hear many wonderful stories of their Grandfather when they get older.

The Captain, one of a kind and a true treasure. We shall never forget.
July 24, 2006
The passing of your Dad will leave a huge hole in the world of dog trainers. My first contact with him was about 9 years ago, on an internet list where he dared to contradict the party line, as he referred to it. He got such a kick out of ruffling feathers, although his real mission was to share his vast knowledge with others. He always had time to give advise to anyone who asked. There is no way to measure the number of trainers his words impacted. I will miss him.
July 24, 2006
Cap has inspired so many people. He was always giving of his time, whether in person or on the phone. I feel very lucky to have known him and will miss his wisdom, knowledge, and sense of humor.
July 24, 2006
I never had the honor of meeting Cap in person, but we corresponded over several years. I came to know him as a staunch friend and an unfailing source of extremely forthright and down-to-earth wisdom and insight in matters of dog training and behavior - and in wider perspectives too. He was in every respect larger than life and I shall miss his presence very much.

Babette, please accept my heartfelt condolences, and my fervent best wishes for your continuation of Cap's work.
July 23, 2006
I miss your wisdom and guidance
but most of all... I miss you, my good friend.
July 23, 2006
Even though our methods were very different, Captain Haggerty was always available to answer many of my questions.

When he moved to Fla. the dog trainer meeting here in Los Angeles was.....calmer and lots less entertaining
July 23, 2006
The Captain was one of my favorite dog trainers. I loved his sense of humor and ingenuity. I have several of his books. God bless him.
July 23, 2006
I knew the Capt through his books and contributions to discussion forums - he has left behind a wonderful legacy and will be remembered.
July 23, 2006
Dear Babette and family,

May the memory of your dear father and all he meant to the dog training world help comfort you and yours in this most difficult time.
July 23, 2006
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
Capt. touched my life over 10 years ago helping me with my training. He even put me in his dog trick book...something I am proud of to this day. Whenever someone asked who I thought was the greatest trainer ever..I always sent them on to the BT list and specifically, Capt. Arthur J Haggerty, He will be sorely missed.
July 23, 2006
Something terribly important has happened here. Something of great value and something that is far reaching. Only time will heal this great loss but even now we are touched by the presence of Captain Haggery. His legacy will remain with us forever.

God rest you dear gentleman. Be at peace. We will heed your words, your advice and your thoughts forever.
July 23, 2006
No bond is as great as that between a parent and child. My deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
July 22, 2006
Babette and Family
Our deepest sympathies are with you.Your dad was a great guy who affected many humans and their pets.
Our prayers are with you.
July 22, 2006
I met the Captain and Babette at a seminar a few years ago, the Cap graciously signed my books I had of his and he inspired me to follow my dream.
He will be greatly missed in the dog world.
Rest Well Cap amongst all of your four legged friends.
July 22, 2006
I am numb at the thought that the dog world has lost one of its last Greats. I doubt we will ever see another like Captain Haggerty. He was a giant.
July 22, 2006
Dear Babette,

My sincere sympathy on the passing of Cap. Few individuals touch the number of people he did or have the impact he had. His public loved him lots; the dogs loved him more. He must have been very proud to leave you to carry on his mission.

You are in my thoughts.
July 22, 2006
Babette and family: My sincerest condolences to you on your loss. The Captain was there for me when I most needed support and professional guidance - when my dog (a deaf pit bull!) won the title role in a feature film. Cap never told me I was nuts - he gave me so much incredible advice, I really don't think I would have gotten through without him. I will truly miss him - what a wonderful guy. I'm deeply sorry we never got to meet in person, but I'll never, ever forget him or stop being grateful for what he did for me, a complete stranger.
July 22, 2006

Cap will be sorely missed. I always learned something from him (but not nearly enough)! Rest easy Cap and know that you made a difference in this world.
July 22, 2006
Babette & family, Cap was my mentor. He did more for the dog world then any one I know! he will be missed by all trainers. I miss him terrible. My heart goes out to my best friend Babette. The world lost a wondful trainer, and if I can do anything for Babette I would move mountains to do so. I for one will miss the man that made me want to train dogs. May he rest in peace and be around the dogs he loved and trained. God Bless him and thoe he left behind.
July 22, 2006
While I had only brief chances to meet Cap, I treasure those times, as well as his writings. It was an honor to be among his acquaintances and learn from him.

May the legacy of his wisdom continue through you and guide you always.
July 22, 2006
A warrior, a patriot, a champion for dogs: Cap was all of those three things to his beloved Nation. As a warrior, he was awarded three purple hearts. As a patriot, he brooked no nonsense about "His" America. As a champion for dogs, he made signal contributions that will continue to influence dog owners for generations to come.
The loss of a truly positive, larger-than-life, icon is always difficult for those directly influenced, and unfortunate for the masses that benefited without realizing the source of their largess. The old soldier will fade away. The patriot will suffer the fate of all patriots and be forgotten. But Cap Haggerty, the champion of dogs and mentor to their humans, will be with his friends for the rest of their lives. Cap, we're all going to work on teaching our dogs to talk.
July 22, 2006
The Cap was never afraid to express his opinion, and seemed to love being offbeat. But he was a master of his trade, and understood all animals.
I am not a dog person, but train pigs.
During the last years of his life, we considered doing a joint venture.
Cap opened his heart to other animals. Our paths crossed.
I was so sad to see him leave.....
He will be missed.
Pris Valentine
July 21, 2006
Babette and Family,
With deepest sympathies and regards to you and your family.
No one is ever gone as long as there is one left to remember them.
Cap will always be remembered by the many he mentored, helped and pushed into the reality of rational thinking nor by the thousand who come after into a world of dogs he created.
Unlike many who pioneer new direction and thought, he was able to see his work and
beliefs become real in those he knew directly and could touch through written word.
Cap will always be larger than life and simple terms cannot express who and what he meant to so many.
His energy is still here and will live on through so many who listened and learned.
They are large shoes to fill but your Dad made sure you could fit them!
July 21, 2006
It was great having Cap out here visiting when he did, having the honor of his presence at my first seminar, and at others, and having his approval of what we were doing and accomplishing, will always be remembered and treasured. Gonna miss you Cap.

Fred Hassen
July 21, 2006
Thank God for Capt. Haggerty
July 21, 2006
What a GREAT, Larger-Than-Life Guy!I so clearly remember his voice, I can almost hear him now, in one of his many comic incarnations. Selfishly speaking, my own world shrunk considerably now that Cap is not in it, and I will bet the number of people who feel the same is considerable. I sure hope we all get together with the dogs sometime in the great unknowable future. It was such a GIFT to have known him!
July 21, 2006
Dear Babette and Family....My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...."The Captain" will be deeply missed in and by the World of Dogs.. Sincerely
July 21, 2006
Cap will be missed by many. I'm sure he'll be stopping at the Bridge not only to pick up his own, but to make sure the rest are keeping in line!
Babette, sending good energy your way.
July 21, 2006
Your dad had many accomplishments. I'm sure his proudest is you. Knowing you are carrying on with his work will give him a peaceful rest.
July 21, 2006
Cap, durn your hide! Why did you have to pick now as the time to move on? I keep on thinking that you are going to call me any day now. Want me to look something up for you and go so far as to tell me which of my books I will find the information you need. I sure do miss you. Rest in peace, old friend.
July 21, 2006
Babbette is the person responsible for introducting me to the BT list and that is where I became familiar with Capt. Haggerty. Because of his responses on this list I looked him up on the web and learned so much about him. I have not been priviledged to have been personally introduced to Capt. Haggerty but learned to have a great deal of respect for his knowledge based on his responses to situations discussed on this list over the past couple of years. I am a novice to the canine world and Capt. Haggerty along with others have been names that I will not soon forget. I am truly sorry for the family's loss and also so very sorry for the dogs that will not have learned from his understanding and expertise of their world. Glenda Williams
July 21, 2006
Your dad will be sorely missed by all those who knew and loved him. His contributions to the dog world will long be remembered and appreciated.
July 21, 2006
Babette and family,
I am so sorry that Cap is gone. I am grateful that he was able to be in Florida with your family. Your father was one of a kind, a great man. The dog world is truly a sorrowful place without him. You are in our prayers and we love you.
July 21, 2006
To the Haggerty-Brennan family;
I hold your father's memory with the utmost respect and honor. Although my personal experiences with the good Captain were limited and all too brief, I always walked away from each experience wanting more. He was an exceptional and gifted trainer as well as a passionate man who would follow his convictions with tenacity and brilliance. It was an honor to have been in his presence.
July 21, 2006
Capt. H was a gentleman in action and words.
July 19, 2006
Babbette, I am sorry to read about your dad. You were one of the the best students I had in class. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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