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Jacob Westly "Jake" York

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October 05, 2015

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October 05, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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March 22, 2015
Thought of you today and all of your kindnesses! You were always a true angel and friend. I will always remember how kindly you welcomed me as a new, shy, and African American girl to Skyview! Thank you for being for so generous with your spirit. I know that All who met you will try and incorporate a as much of the fun, free, and kind spirit of Jacob York in how we see & treat life--and we will be the better for it. You have touched my life, and I will never ever forget you for it! God bless your mother and family always!
January 02, 2015
I miss you jake.take care of adam .I hope the both of you and riding the clouds .love you both
January 04, 2014
I miss you Jake. There's nobody around to kick my butt when I need it.. And boy do I need it. I can't believe two years have gone by. You're on my mind and in my heart daily big brother. Love you always
January 02, 2014
Hi Jake,
Been thinking of you a lot through this Holiday Season. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years yesterday since you started your walk in Heaven with Jesus. You sure are missed by everyone who knew you...more than you could ever know! Your contagious and enthusiastic energy plus your one in a million smile. Don't think anybody who knew you will ever forget how truly special you were. Found some old pictures of me and Rob's wedding the other day. There were several pictures of you and your Momma, smiling as always! Funny how seeing those old pictures of you guys can make me laugh and cry at the same time, kiddo. I really do miss hearing through your Mom what your latest escapades were and what kinda adventure you had planned out next. You never ceased to amaze me with your ability to live your life to the absolute fullest, regardless of being told you had medical limitations. I don't think you ever allowed yourself to have even one thing hinder you! You were an exceptionally loving son, an awesome youngest baby brother, a super loyal friend and faithfully sweet husband. Thank you, Jacob for being such an amazing human being during your all too short time on Earth. You will never be forgotten and always remembered with lots and lots love. Forever in our hearts,
Christina, Rob and The Kiddos
August 26, 2013
hey jake,its the end of august now. it seems like forever since ive seen you. I miss you so much. you would of loved this summer, not to hot,not to cold. looks like we're going to have an early winter. all the fireweed is bloomed out and the slope has snow. we're still getting things ready for cold weather. lots to do. so much news but not here. just wanted you to know how much your missed and always,always loved and in our hearts. miss you kiddo. love your mom.
April 23, 2013
hey jako, wrote you in march or april. cant seem to find it. but sent email to look into it for me. oh how i miss you kiddo. everyday. ikiss your pic everynite and pray for your peaceful rest. its so crazy down here now. im so thankful that our merciful God took you home so you wouldnt be stressed about our medical and the economy. you would of gone bonkers kiddo! we set our eyes and faith on Gods promise to return for us before the world collapes. that promise alone sustains us daily. i miss you, miss seeing you, and miss your hugs. i hold on to all our beautiful memories and remember them. you are so missed by everyone that knew you. you touched the lives of so many people jake. we are all better people because of you. thank you jake for being you. your dad passed away. it was hard. josh and me are texting each other,alittle. its good between us. as it should be. matt and melissa are expecting again. december 10th is the due date. we're excited for them. well jake, i'll sign off for now. i love you so much. til we're all together again,sweet dreams my baby. love your mom.
April 21, 2013
Just thinkin about you today. Miss seein you around town with your big smile and even bigger hugs. You'll never be forgotten Jake... we all miss you so much.
April 10, 2013
hey jake, it has been quite awhile since ive been here. valentines day came and went. march was cold as usual.zury turned 2 yrs on april 4th. your beautiful name sake. hes so fouuy. he loves any and all cars and trucks. the louder, the better. typical of any true Yorkster. then came your 2nd wedding anniversary, the 7th of april.Jake, for some reason, that was a very hard day for me.i kept thinking of all the things that you could of done,riding your lastest dirt bike, 4 wheeler or truck. sharing that day with your wife. making plans for your future. enjoying time with matt, melissa and zury.reconcilling your and matts hearts. matt is struggling. i pray for him, that peace will enter his heart thru the Holy Spirit and ease his pain. hes started going to church with his family every sunday now.i pray that everyone who reads this letter, remembers that Jesus came and died for each and everyone of us.HE took our punishment for all the sins that we have commited,past,present and the future. if we accept Jesus into our hearts,we will be able to stand before GOD and HE will see us thru HIS sons blood that was shed for us,and HE will by HIS word claim us judged and sanctified. but if we dont claim Jesus into our hearts as the one and only Savior,we will stand before GOD, and HE will see us as we are, dirty filthy rags, and by HIS word, HE'L have to judge and sentence us for each and every sin we've ever commited or thought. we then will lose eternal life with HIM. its so important that everyone understands whats at stake if they dont accept Jesus now. im doing my best to tell as many people as possible. i know you'd help me if you were here with us. well, its trying to be spring. more sun than snow. breakup will come. then our beautiful summer. time for fishing. im excited to be able to go to your favorite site, and get our limit. thank you for that tidbit of info. well son, i,ll leave off for now. you know your always in my heart and thoughts. cant tell you how much i miss you. but we,ll be together soon enough. all my love and smiles for you jake. rest well son,mama loves you always.
January 26, 2013
January 20, 2013
hey jake,again its been awhile since i checked in, but here i am.always and forever kiddo.i came across a beautiful song that a nurse sang to me in the middle of the waiting room at Stanford Univ when i went for a second opinion. thought others might think about their faith in God,and all that He provides us with everyday.we are so unworthy of all His grace,mercy and forgiveness,and yet because He loves each of us so much He freely opens His heart,and gives it to us.amazing. well kiddo heres the song she touched my heart with that day when i was so ill. its called His Grace is Greater.

...Well jako, i hope and pray for all who write or read your guest book, that they have a lighter heart than when they started reading.i miss you so much jake.not a single day goes by that i dont look at ur pictures on the wall and wish you were here still.but totally healthy. your cat Tigger is still here. hes 14yrs now.almost totally blind, but he gets around fine.he'l be here with me till i get sicker,then i'll call the vet. same with oso,hes 14yr as well.they've been good and faithful pets. we saw Heather the other day. of course i cried.typical mom. im doing my best to try to read my bible more. just to help build my faith up. i pray and talk to our Heavenly Father. its very comforting to me. i ask at the end of each prayer, if He would just whisper in your ear, how much i love and miss you. i know your getting the messages. well kiddo, its late,you are missed more than the heart can ever say. sleep well my son, til we meet up again,love you so much, your mom.

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