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Virginia Bernice (Robinson) Cole
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October 08, 2014
Happy 94th Birthday Mom! I know You and Dad are dancing in Heaven! Always know how much I Love, Honor and Respect You and Dad! I miss the two of You so very much! Your Loving Son, William
October 07, 2014
Thinking of you today on your Special day .
Happy Birthday Miss B !
September 24, 2014
Always thinking of you Mom & Dad! I Love and miss Both of You very much! I thank GOD everyday for Blessing me with the Greatest 2 Parents ever!
June 15, 2014
Happy Father's Day Dad: It gives me Peace in my Heart knowing that You and Mom are together Forever in Heaven. Thank You for trusting me with caring for Your Lovely Wife and my Mother. I was very honored that You Chose me and very grateful that GOD Blessed me. I Love You Mom, I Love You Dad, always and forever! You Sir, my Father, my Friend, my Dad, my Hero! Amen
June 08, 2014
Hello Mom & Dad: As I sit here on this June 8th 2014, it has been a dozen years since GOD called you home Dad. Always know Sir how very much I miss our conversations. I try to live my life based on the values You taught. Thank You!! Everyday I think of You and Mom, how very Blessed I am to have the Greatest 2 parents ever!! I will always Love, Honor, Respect and Miss both of You!! Your Loving Son,
May 12, 2014
Happy Mothers Day !!! I love and miss you,
May 10, 2014
Happy Mother's Day to You Mom! You're the Best! I will always Love, Honor and Respect You and Dad! As the years go by, I know GOD has Blessed the Cole Family with many Angels in Heaven! Amen, amen
April 17, 2014
Happy Easter, I miss you and Olivia misses you too. Enjoy and rejoice with your family.
missing you today and every day. I love you Mother Cole.
April 07, 2014
Hello Mom & Dad today is April 7th, 2014. Dad's 95th Birthday! I Pray that the 2 of You are celebrating! GOD has reunited You Mom & Dad with Eternal Happiness in Heaven! Together Forever! Happy Birthday Dad, I Love You!
April 03, 2014
Mom & Dad I know in my Heart that GOD has reunited the both of You in Heaven! Happy 72nd Anniversary! April 4th, 1942! I miss and Love the 2 Greatest Parents ever! I Pray that we will all be together one day in Beulah Land! Amen, amen
April 03, 2014
Wishing you both a very Happy Annivesary !
February 22, 2014
Mother Cole,
Its been a year and we know you are happy reunited with the family and its all glorious.Little Miss Olivia and I talk and look at our pictures that we have and she tells me how she misses you and knows that you are happy and healthy where you are. Rest easy your job is done and now enjoy.I love and miss you and will never give up. I Love You !!!
February 20, 2014
Mom, Mommy, Mother! I Love You! Always in my Heart! GOD be with You till we meet again! I Praise GOD everyday thanking HIM for Blessing me with the Greatest Mother and Father ever! I have Peace in my Heart knowing JESUS came to take You Home on February 20th 2013! You have been Dwelling in Beulah Land with Dad, Beverly, George Jr., Barbara, Larry and all of our other Family, Friends and Relatives that GOD has welcomed to join HIM in Heaven! One Mother, One Father, One Wife!! Blessed Assurance JESUS IS Devine!! Amen, amen!!!
January 14, 2014
I just wanted to say I can't stop thinking of you and how lucky I was to have you in my life
January 07, 2014
Just thinking of you and wanted to say, I am so lucky to have, had you in my life.
December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! I will always Love, Honor and Respect the Greatest 2 Parents ever! I have Peace in my Heart knowing GOD has Blessed both of You with Eternal Life and Happiness in Heaven! Please tell Beverly, George, Jr, Barbara, Larry and all the rest of our Family, I Love and miss them too! Your Precious Great Granddaughter, Little Miss Olivia is a true Joy and Blessing from GOD! Please know that Paula, Gary and I, will always be Grateful for the COLE Family Values! GOD be with You Mom and Dad till We meet again! Amen, amen
December 23, 2013
Well Mother Cole, as you know Christmas is in two days. The gifts are bought and wrapped for the children. It is the first Christmas with out you, and it isn't the easiest. Olivia and I miss you so much and know that you are great up there with your family.I think about you every day and think that some day down the road,I will get to see you again.Just know that we love and miss you. From my family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
December 04, 2013
Mother Cole,
It is December now and I still miss you dearly. Thanksgiving wasn't the same this year without you here. We are approaching Christmas in a few weeks and that won't be the same either.I will always cherish the memories I have, the holidays and special occasions.This year I am focusing on Olivia and our new grandson Jaxon. You are truly a blessing to me and I miss you so very much. I can feel when you are with me and it feels so nice to know you still care about me and your Great-Granddaughter Olivia, we truly love and miss you.God Bless your son William, he is a very special man, as you know. You know all the talks we have and please watch over him and keep him safe, until God calls him home to be with his family. I truly love you and miss you so very much.
I give thanks to God for bring the Cole family into my life everyday, Bill is and always will be in my heart next to you and my children and grandchildren.I love you all and always will.
November 28, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving Mom and Dad! I miss both of you so very much. I am extremely grateful for the years we were all together for Thanksgiving. I know one day we will all be together again. Please tell the rest of the family hello. GOD Bless You, till we meet again. Amen, amen
October 08, 2013
What a GLORIOUS CELEBRATION it must be this year !
Philippians 1:3
October 07, 2013
Happy Birthday Mother Cole, I'm sure you are having a wonderful time being with dad and the rest of your family. I Love and miss you so much today and every day. God Blessed me with having you in my life and I thank you and him for that. Happy Birthday and enjoy this special day.
October 07, 2013
Happy 93rd Birthday Mother! I know You and Dad will have a wonderful celebration. GOD has reunited You 2, together forever in Heaven. Amen, amen
September 08, 2013
MOM and DAD:

You have strengthened me with Your Prayers, Blessed me with Your Love and Encouraged me with Your Hope.

"I give Thanks to GOD Always for both of You"
September 06, 2013
BERNICE R. COLE: Born Virginia Bernice Robinson on October 8, 1920 the seventh child of Mattie and Vert Robinson. She had 4 sisters; Louise, Beulah, Alma and Goldie and 3 brothers; Forrest, Spencer and William. She was educated in the Virginia Education System where She met Her beloved George, who also attended Virginia State University. Mrs. Cole desired to drop Her first name Virginia and use Her middle name Bernice as She was known.

Mrs. Cole moved from Roanoke, Virginia to Steelton, Pennsylvania in 1942 after She and Steelton's own son were married in April. They resided on Bessemer Street for a few years then on to Lincoln Street. During this time, Bernice and George became members of Mount Zion Baptist Church. Sister Cole assisted on various committees, including Sunday school teacher. While Brother Cole was involved in several capacities, including Director of the Men's Choir.

As their family grew with children; George Jr., Larry, Paula, Bill and Gary, they relocated to Oberlin in 1958. Still faithful to Mount Zion, the Coles continued their worship services there while rearing their children with Christian beliefs in Jesus Christ. As the many years have gone by with so many pleasurable memories, Bernice and George Sr. accomplished their mission!

Mr. & Mrs. Cole shared 60 years, 2 months and 4 days together when GOD called Brother Cole Home on June 8, 2002. Mrs. Cole cherished Her life with Her beloved husband and family. On February 20, 2013 GOD called Sister Cole Home. Oh what a great Blessing, having Faith in GOD the Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit! Reunited Together Forever! We have Peace in our hearts knowing Mom, Dad and all other family and friends dwell in Beulah Land! Amen, amen

Thank you to the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Ministers, Deacons Deaconess' and members. The entire Cole Family is extremely Grateful for our 60 plus years worshipping and learning together.
September 02, 2013
So many look to sports stars and actors and gaze in awe of them. However for me my Mom and Dad have always been my Heros! They sacrificed for Their family! They cried with us, laughed with us and prayed with us! Their dedication and determination of educating us in being clean, honest and decent! I shall be forever grateful to Mom and Dad for the qualities They instilled in me! They were never greeted by the cheers of thousands, however I will always have a billion cheers for Them! Mom and Dad I Pray that You Both know the Love, Honor and Respect that I have for You! To the World you were just mere humans, to me You Both will always be Super Heros! GOD has Blessed You Both with Eternal Happines in Heaven! Thank you, thank you! Amen, amen!
August 17, 2013
Hello Mom and Dad: I come to you on my birthday Saturday August 17th, 2013. I want thank both of You for giving me life and all the correct and good things you taught me. I am so honored and priviledged to have had the Best 2 Parents ever. May GOD Bless You both! I will see you again in Heaven when GOD calls me home one day. Please tell Beverly I Love Her and truly miss Her also. Amen,amen
August 07, 2013
Mom and Dad....I Love You!!
June 27, 2013
Hello Mom & Dad: Your Daughter in Law Barbara, has joined You in Heaven. GOD has called Her Home on Tuesday. As the Heavenly reunion begins, my Faith tells me You two, Beverly, George Jr., Larry, Uncle Sam & Aunt Anne and all our other family members will greet Her. Thank you, I Love You!
June 14, 2013
Hello Mom & Dad: Thinking of both you today, Flag Day 2013. Dad, it has been 11 years since GOD called You home. I miss all the times we spent together. Happy Father's Day! I Love You Sir! Mr. George E. Cole, Sr. My Father, my friend, my Dad, my Hero! GOD Bless You Dad! GOD Bless You Mom!
June 05, 2013
Hello Mom: Thinking of You and Dad today and everyday. GOD has Blessed You both, together forever, for all of eternity! Amen, amen
May 12, 2013
Happy Mothers Day !
I Love and Miss you and I think of you today as well as all the other mothers out there. You are a very special lady and the kind of Mother anyone would have like to have.
Ive been told and seen how special you are to so many.
I Love you
May 11, 2013
May 08, 2013
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM! This will be the first time in my life, that I can not physically spend Mother's Day with You. You will be forever in my Heart! I know, that GOD has Blessed You and called You Home to Heaven. This is Your time to be reunited with Your Mom and Dad as well as Dad, George Jr., Larry and all of our other Loved ones. Tell everyone I said hello. I will always miss You. Your reunion with Dad in Heaven helps me get through my sad days. I Love You!
March 25, 2013
For Mother Cole,
We will always love and miss you.
Love Debbie and Olivia
March 25, 2013
Mother Cole,
You have been called home and you do deserve to be there with you husband (Father Cole) and to be with your other sons and family.Your Eternal Happiness means so much to so many people. I have seen how your family is so important to you and them to you. Just know that they will always love you and never forget about you.
You were a Mother to me like I wanted and a Mother in law I never had,my love for you has always and will always non-conditional. I sat and told you everything going on in my life and how I truly love certain people and you would look at me and give me the look of approval or not, you never judged me and never would. I feel you with me and I know that I have felt you reach out and let me know that everything will be okay. And to me there isn't anything better to know you still care and you are still watching over some people here. So Thank You for being you and letting me in to be apart of your Family in so many ways.
I miss you so very, very much and just know you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you.
Olivia misses you as well and she say's to me, Nana Bernice is in Heaven with her husband and other family members. I miss her you miss her and so does Pappy Bill. I tell her yes we do and she say's, it's okay because she will always love and watch over us in her new body.I smile and she gives me kisses from you her and Pappy Bill. She will always remember you and I will do my best to talk to her about you and look at all the pictures we have.You will be in both our hearts forever.

I have a small saying that I just didn't have the courage to get up and read at your service, so this is for you and Bill, Gary and Paula and every one that Loves you, from Me.


When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me,
I want no rites in a gloom filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little-but not too long,
And not with your heard bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared.
Miss me-but let me go.

For this is a journey that we all must take,
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the Master's plan
A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heat,
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds.
Miss me-but let me go.

So thank you to all of your children for allowing me to be apart of the Cole family. And I Debbie, will ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT SPENT WIH YOU AND MEMORY.
Farewell, I LOVE YOU...
March 23, 2013
To my Dearest Mother:

No words could express the love I have for you. Through childhood to adulthood, you are the only women I will ever truelly love. I will never forget all the things you have done for me, and if I could pick any flower you would be a rose.

Your loving son Gary

I would also like to extend honor,respect,and appreciation to my brother (Bill) who went above and beyond to take great care of our mother until her eternal rest.
March 23, 2013
To my Dearest Mother:

No words could express the love I have for you. Through childhood to adulthood, you are the only women I will ever truelly love. I will never forget all the things you have done for me, and if I could pick any flower you would be a rose.

Your loving son Gary

I would also like to extend great honor, respect, and appreciation to my brother (Bill) who went above and beyond to take care of our mother until her enternal rest.
March 20, 2013
In Loving Memory of my Mother-in-Law.
March 19, 2013
My Dearest Mother: GOD has called You Home, You earned Your Eternal Happiness. You were the Best Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. You will be forever in my Heart. I miss You so very much, but I will always treasure the Great memories of You, Dad, Butch, Larry, Paula, Gary and I. GOD has given You a healthy new body. He's reunited You with Dad and all our Loved ones that have gone on before. GOD be with You till we meet Again! Amen,amen
February 26, 2013
Extending our condolences to the Cole Family . May God wrap you in his loving embrace and comfort you during this difficult time ! God Bless you today and always !
February 25, 2013
"So long...Dear Mother", by: Paula Cole-Miller

Rest easy..Our Dear and Beloved mother...
The Angels have been waiting for you!
For the time that God would call you home;
The Holy Spirit has seen you through!

And, you loved Jesus!
You taught us children to love Him, as well!
And when we reflect on our times together...
There'll be nothing but good things to tell!

Then there's George, Your Devoted Husband...
Who's been waiting for you to arrive!
...With sons, George, JR. and Larry;
And a host of friends and family by their side.

So rest well...Our Dear Beloved Mother!
Bask in the Glory and the Presence of Our God!
And know your life, had value and meaning...
Along every path, you were chosen, to trod!
February 24, 2013
February 24, 2013
Cole Family,
Sorry for the loss of your mother. Never think that GOD dorsn't know what HE'S doing. HE'S always right on time.

Love Always Your Brother in CHRIST, barry.
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