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April 16, 2014

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April 16, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 10, 2014
Happy spring. I have missed you in the warmer months. Carnations are simple and beautiful. I will have them in our home. Noah was over and remembering fun times you gave to him . thank-you. Till we talk again . Love always Becki
February 16, 2014
Hi Pat,
It is Sunday morning and I was thinking about you after I read the beautiful message that Katrina left you.
Oh Pat Katrinas mom passed away last week. She needs you now to so please be there for her and her Texas family.
It was heartbreaking news. I wish I could just fly out there and spend some time with all of them and hold Kat and Jim and give them the biggest hug.But I am still on chemo and need to stay on track. I didn't tell you but the cancer spread to my lymph nodes.It showed up on the CAT scan. I am very upset about this. They put me on different chemo for the next 3 months. Hope it works how bout?
Well I see Katrina sent some very nice pictures to your guest book. She is the best.I know you already know that. We have had over 30 inches of snow this winter it just keeps coming. Seems every few days we get more snow. Running out of places to put it. Everything is just so white you would probably love it but enough is enough LOL.
Till next time dear I hold you close in my heart and miss you so very much.
Till I see you again,
Vicki and The Flock
p.s Nan and Lori both say Hi
January 26, 2014
Hi Mom

Just thinking of you as I often do. Jim, the boys, the girls and I are constantly sharing our memories of you. We will just be sitting and watching tv and one of us will just start with "remember that time mom....". We laugh so much you're the topic of conversation because you were always so happy and funny.

You are missed more than I can put into words. My heart hurts so bad because I miss you so much and when I sit and dwell on the things I miss, it is truly unbearable. I know Jim suffers and he has a hard time knowing he can't pick the phone up and call you. I know you are in a better place but I just wish you were here.We missed getting your call on New Years Eve. You always called and you were hilarious when you would call and tell us about the fun evening you had. Christmas was difficult and it just wasn't the same knowing you weren't having the usual family festivities with our PA family.

I need you and pappy to get every angel you can and open your wings and be a shield for Aunt Vic. I am asking God and all of you angels to give Aunt Vic all of the strength that you can to fight this cancer. She needs as many guardian angels as possible to help our family to heal from all of the ailments and obstacles that are keeping us from being healthy and happy and quit trying to take away our peace and our faith. Aunt Vic and Aunt Lori need healing. They have been so strong and have fought so hard and have done everything in their power to keep on fighting, they need help, they need to have a little rest. So please get God and an army of angels and lets get them well. Nan deserves a break, she has had to carry all of this worry and heartache and she needs a time of peace. I know God can make this happen, especially with you and pappy by his side.

I just don't want to live without my Aunt Vic, she is the most precious gift in my life and Jim and I need her.

Mom, I love you and I know I will see you again one day, but I miss you so much and I long to see your beautiful blue eyes and that big smile and hear your voice. Until then, I will keep it together and be strong for Jim and the Dalton's, Aunt Vic, Nan and Aunt Lori. XoXoXoXo

Your Daughter-in-law, Katrina
January 19, 2014
Good Morning Pati.
How are you doing today? i miss you so much. i had a dream about you. last night. You were in a concert playing a piano and very well I might add. We were all there. You looked beautiful long blonde hair and healthy. i text Katrina and she said. you were letting me know how happy you are up in heaven. That doesnt really help all of us still stuck on Earth. You are missed by many. isaw Lori the other day she is still in Rehab but doing better. she is eating on her own and can even answer the phone. She took a few steps without her walker. Mom and I told her how proud we are of her she has come along way but she wants to come home so bad. She had surgery on her right eye and can see now we just needa get the other on fixed.
Shes been in the hospital 7 months already I just coulodnt imagine. i have been on chemo for 3 months already and had a CAT scan on Tuesday to see if the tumer is shrinking. i get results on Tuesday. So say a prayer for me.
My little Cricket and I are having a cup of chai tea. My Fredders has been gone for a month already. i miss him so much and lately I still cry at least once a day..Patti I am so sad and wish you were here to comfort me. i need you my big sis.Why did you have to leave us. i do know your not suffering any more Life down here has been pretty sucky lately. Charlie might have to have surgery on his other shoulder. its the same problem as his othere one was.
Lori said to tell you Hello.Well my dear love you take care til i see you again i will hold you always close in my heart and prayers. please come see me anytime in my dreams. it makes me happy.
Love always.
Vicki and My Flock xoxo
January 01, 2014
Hi Pat,
How was your Christmas up in Heaven. We all missed you at the Christmas Eve party. We all did wear our pajamas in memory of you.Remember last year at your house Liam was running around in his jammies and looked so comfortable you said we should all do that next year and so we did. Had the party at Aprils house it was nice but sad without you. Lori is still in Rehab and doing better. She is walking with a walker and going about 60 feet. Very good. She is scheduled for surgery on her eyes in 2 weeks. I am sure she will feel much better after those cataracks are removed.
Well here it is 2014. Hard to believe another New Year. Did I tell you my Fredders passed away on December 17th. I am heartbroken. I loved that little parakeet. Guess it was his time. How lucky are you that you get to see him. Wish I could. Tell him how much I miss him and Pappy and the other birds that left me here. Patti you were truly a wonderful sister and I cry a lot that you are not here. God always takes the best ones first. But its not fair to us left behind.
Charlie is out there cooking Pork and Sauerkraut. It smells good should be done soon.
Guess you saw the game the other night between Eagles and Dallas. It was a close game coulda went either way in the end. Romo didn't play he hurt his back. Any how Dallas lost and put The Eagles in the playoffs. Charlie is happy. It was a good game. Like Katrina said you and Pappy were probably at different ends of Heaven that night. LOL
I really do love and miss you.
Till I see you again.
Forever in my heart,
December 15, 2013
Green Bay and Dallas. This one is for you . I truly miss my beauty consultant. You and I know what this means. Not ready to watch xmas with the Kranks but will soon. Always Becki
December 07, 2013
Still looking out at the ice and snow that hasnt even begun to start melting. This kind of weather makes us think of you even more than normal. Jim talks about how much you loved the snow and how much you loved Christmas. He talks about how you would put your decorations up early and leave then up as long as you possibly could. We watched the Grinch last night with you in Jims thoughts as he watched it. He talked about how you would record all the Christmas cartoons bc you said you wanted to watch them throughout the yeat, not just at Christmas. We put your ashes with all the snowmen by the Christmas Tree bc we know you would want to be where you could admire the lights. Gosh, it is just so hard not having you here. The worst for Jim is not being able to call you. He is really heartbroken. He does as good as he can with it, but a part of him is just empty and sad. Plz send us some better days and good luck. We could really use it. We need a reprieve I love and miss you infinity and beyond
December 07, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom!
Today you would be 55 years young. I miss you so much and there isn't a day that goes by I don't think about you. You better be in Heaven showing those Angels how to have a good time. I see that you brought us snow in Texas for your birthday. I Love and miss you so much.
Love your son, Jim
December 06, 2013
Well today is your birthday and I hope you are doing something special up there in Heaven. Probably having some laughs with Dad. I know you know how much everyone misses you. Mom and I have plans to spend some time with Earl on Wednesday. He is gonna let us have a few of your special Christmas ornaments to share with Liam Jim and Katrina. They will always be special treasures on our tree. Frosty is on television tonight so I am DVR ing it for Liam to watch and say Happy Birthday just like Frosty does. I remember all those times he watched it at your place over and over he wanted to watch Frosty and you always let him. I am giving Liam this years Grinch ornament that was meant for you. Maybe I will just start collecting them for him as a special tribute to you the Grinch lover.
Well dear you enjoy your day.
I love and miss you. Till I see you again. Take care of yourself and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. This is going to be a tough Christmas remember you said we were all going to have Christmas Eve in our comfies so we could all be comfortable like Liam was last year.
He is doing good in Day Care and guess what Pat he is reading and very good. He missed you on Thanksgiving He knew you weren't there and hung his head and teared up. You will always be his loving Aunt Pat to him.
My love always,
Vick and The Flock
December 06, 2013
Happy Birthday Aunt Patti we love n miss u very much today was a hard day Thankgiving wasn't the same without u where's the spinach I didn't really like it but would of gave anything to eat it this year. Holidays r just so hard with out u it's just unreal u r not here I still can't believe it love n miss u always xoxoxo Liam misses u 2 he still doesn't understand where u r. Thinking of u always

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