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September 01, 2014

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September 01, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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August 14, 2014
Hey dad its 8/14/2014 moms birthday. I'm home with her but I didn't really feel like doing anything so we just sat here. I'm sure she would of like to be with you and ride around and laugh. Shana came over around 4:00 an took her out to eat. All her friends called her. We gave her some lottery tickets of course all losers. Gotta give us some good luck dad. We think about you everyday. Kim and the family left wed to go to cape may nj till Sunday. So I'm still very depressed being here. I'm missing Chris and the animals soooo much. Didn't think it would be this hard. Well I have to go to work at Tracy's hallmark in the mall. Its a little part-time job for now. Don't really like it. Hope I will be happy with something soon. Sorry for all my saddnes. I love you and talk to you soon!
July 19, 2014
Hey Dad,
It's been a few months since iv'e talked to you. I'm still in Albany not working it's been 6 months. I'm not doing to good I seem to be in a very nasty rut, Not sure what I should do. Part of me wants to go back to Binghamton It is hard to leave Chris and the animals. You know how it is with the animals so difficult. I don't have any money what so ever completely broke its kinda scary. Thank god i'm not on my own . We'll i guess i wouldn't of been in this situation. Don't think I told you that Johnney passed away in June he's buried at breezy pines with misty. Did you know that Jack Pichura died to in June just a few months after his mom, I;m not sure maybe you have seen them, Dad i need some kind of sign from you to let me make this very difficult situation. I've been putting job applications in binghamton so if i get an offer that maybe be a sign. I;m just so torn but I'm not myself I've sheltered myself so much here. I hardly ever go anywhere. Chris works and on the weekends he only wants to rest, Dosen't even want to go for a ride unless we take the convertible which i won't ride in. So anyway if you could give me a subtle sign to sway me one way or another. We all miss you so much. We all have your obituaries pic and i have mine on my dresser i say good morning to you and tell you I love you most everyday. Anyway sorry for talking so long its been awhile. Love you forever and always dad!
May 03, 2014
Hi dad thinking about you.. Today is the Kentucky derby. Had mom go and bet on 4 horses we did win place and show on all 4. Say a prayer for us to win. We actually have an OTB here in Albany I just didn't want to go myself and Chris didn't feel like it as usual. I'm seriously thinking of moving back to Binghamton with mom. I still don't have a job here yet. Tommorow is kim's birthday don't think they are doing anything special gramma mary died on Tuesday she made it to 100 yrs old. She was in a nursing home for just a few days when she died. The funeral was today mom and Shana and everyone all went to the service said it was beautiful. Well just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much your loved and missed today and everyday! Love you always.
April 10, 2014
Hi dad its April 10th the weather starting to get into the 50 & 60's after a long winter. It will be great for mom. She's going to be picking up Julie from school a couple days a week.. Kim got a job and works till like 3:00pm. What else is going on Karen not sure if you knew had breast cancer had radiation and now is having chemo. She seems to be doing good mom talks and visits her a lot. Brings her some cheer-up flowers. Karen has lost her hair now but she seems to be in good spirits for the most part. She's in a lot of pain with her knee. Prayers for her dad & for you in heaven. I'm still in the process of finding a job. Just not sure what I want to do. I'm still not to happy here in Albany hopefully I will think differently soon. Shana and Kim and everyone still doing good Shana working a lot better doing good. Kim starts her job on April 22nd she's excited henry and Annie still working. Julie is taking gymnastics and she loves it. Gabby just going to school playing sports and having fun with her friends. Hanks been travel for bae now. He flew a couple wks ago to fort Wayne he enjoyed it. Well I'm going to say bye for now as always we miss you so much and love you forever.
March 23, 2014
Dad I haven't wrote in awhile. I never told you that on you 1 yr of passing we bought lottery tickets and Shana won 20.00 we took that and went to Tioga downs with mom. We played some slots and Shana played poker. We spent the 20.00 not winning. So I told mom to take like 10.00 and play a game of her choice. A slot machine called lucky seven or something like that stood out to her and she won 115.00 dollars we were so excited like we won a million dollars. So it was for you dad and mom was happy. My visit with mom after a month came to an end today. I'm back in Albany and mom and I and the rest had a very nice and needed visit. Miss you and talk to you soon.
March 07, 2014
Dad its been a year ago today that we said good bye to the best father. We will be honoring your memory today as we do everyday. Today we will get your favorite hot pie oasis eat some pistachios. Kim put a pic of you in the local paper in memory and to surprise mom. She loved it. As always you are greatly missed & loved to the moon and back.
March 06, 2014
Dad this day last year you went to be at a happy place.II'm glad your not suffering anymore. You are greatly missed & loved by all that knew you!
March 02, 2014
Dad today is Sunday march 2nd you were still in the hospital. This week will be a hard week . you were really sick and never came home. Thinking of you & remembering that you are in a happy place now. Miss & love you forever dad!
March 01, 2014
Dad today is Saturday march 1st 2014 a year ago today is when I came here and you were in the hospital and never came home. You were to sick to come back home. All of us were around you the whole 5 days of you struggling. I still can't believe its going to be a year in a couple of days. We miss you & love you so much. I would rather miss you so much than see you suffering like you were. I know your at peace now. The other day Kim got a couple signs from you. She was driving in the car and heard Neil diamond songs. Of course thought of you and had some tears. Then later that evening her & hank were at the salvation army & I am I said from Neil diamond was playing how weird is that. Anyway I'm still here with mom. On Monday will be a month I've been here in Binghamton. I will be going back to annoying Albany. Love you forever dad!
February 14, 2014
Dad its been awhile. I missed talking to you on febuary 7th which was 11 months. I cant beilieve it. Happy valentines day dad! You were missed today mom cooked a roast beef delicious dinner. I've been here visiting mom for a while. Shana and Kim & hank & the kids came over. Kim ordered an oasis hot pie tonight she said pizza I said dad always called it a hot pie. We miss you so much dad. Shana & I had Julie in moms car today and she said oh look there's papas cane. It wasn't your cane it was the handle to the umbrella. It was so cute the way she said it. So everyone today pretty much spoke of the most wonderful man YOU DAD! I can't believe in march it will be a year that you passed away. Love you so much dad!
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