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May 27, 2017

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May 27, 2017

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 28, 2016
Hello father of mine,been thinking about you a lot,wish you were here so we could talk.Reamber we would talk in my kitchen you would talk about when you would drive truck,we would laugh, it was good times just me and you.and would talk about having sweet and sours at my house but it didn't happenYou left to soon and to young,you had plenty of time still here on earth,but just needed to write you,wish we had somewhere to go to bring flowers and kick it and talk,but I guess this is better then nothing. Well pop I will talk to you later love you miss you hug and kisseslove you one more timeforever your daughter Tammy
July 19, 2016
Hello sweet father,just thinking of you on this summer day in is a nice day a tad windy,but no need for a sweater.well I heard Uncle Steve came to see you, how sad here on earth but rejoice for you all I hope you are enjoying your heavenly time.We are all good here, as you can see,keep looking out for us and we will always be thinking about you, when we feel the wind on our face or it blowing through our hair,or just feeling the summer heat.sometimes I look up at the clouds and it reminds me of when I was young and we would go down to the park which we used to call the fields,and lay on the grass and look at the clouds me and Gavina would watch the clouds become shapes, animals all kids of thing's.them head young,innocent times were so good back then, we could go to the fields at age 8 with our friends and it was all good.Crazy now we live right by a park and HELL NO my kids can not go alone.or even together.times have changed sooooo muchwell pop gonna hit the road so good bye love you for ever.your daughter Tam
June 19, 2016
Well its father's day,and I wish you were here to hug or call to say Happy Fathers day.but anyway Happy Fathers day,hope you are relaxing up in the clouds,enjoying your day.we will be at a pot luck and I will be thinking about you the whole day.I love you and miss you soon much,words can't describe how I feel,In your last days here with us,I keeper a day to day journal and the other day I found it ,and I tried to read it ,well I got to your second day in the hospital and couldn't read on ,I just cried, and me just writing this now tears are pouring down my face..But I've tried to read it before and its day I'll buck up and read it all,and cry like no tomorrow, well father miss you so,reamber you made us what we are today,so be proud,we all came out good,thumbs up for you and mom,Love you always your middle daughter Tammy.
June 10, 2016
Hello father, we'll been thinking about you a lot,still can't believe my dear father has left us.But we can not change anything and we have to move forward, so we talk about you and all the good memories and fun time you have given us,I miss your smile and your hugs most of all your laughter, I just wanted to say you will always be in my heart ,you will never be forgotten as long as I you forever Your daughter Tammy xoxoxo
April 09, 2016
Hello pop,ugly,raining. Just was hot 2days ago.but Thanks for the rain we always need it.I'm tired and sleepy but wanted to give you a shout you
March 30, 2016
Hello my sweet father of mine,just wanted to give you a shout out,to say,HEY, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.just thinking about yeah.Easter was just here but anyways write you later ok at work....♡U
March 07, 2016
Hello pop well Thanks for coming into my dreams,it made my whole day.I woke up with a smile.& so want to Thank you for the sign.Well as you know I miss you so much but at least in my dream I got to hug you and tell you that I love and miss you.♡ We'll pop please stop in anytime my dreams welcome you Love you forever your daughter Tammy xoxoxo♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
February 01, 2016
Hey old man.. I thank you for praying with me before you left this side and thank you for always just being you. There are no words to describe you, but I'll try my best . You were the best teacher and friend that I could look up to and model my life by. Just an awesome Father. Like I said before you left I'll see you again maybe not on this side, but on the other.
Jeremiah,29-11 .

Well my dear old dad you really showed me to always see the bright side of things . Thank You! Thank You! ThankYou! May you sit on the right side of God's hand. Miss you everyday, I see you everyday on my walls..P.S. Gabriella kisses you every night before she goes to bed. Vincent is doing well. I hope you had a hand in that.And say Hi to Rita Hurley too.(aka mom) for me. I know you're dancing with James Brown and singing with Elvis. Your very humble son Anthony Becerra.
January 08, 2016
Well pop it is January 8th as far as I know that was your Birthday.but you are with you mom please ask her she would know for sure.If it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY but not here on earth where evers you may be.So keep sending me your lovely pipe and mis you.Ill write you soon.
January 07, 2016
Hello father of mine.Well Damm tomorrow would of been your Birthday but you are not here for me to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY,So I will light a candle and wish you a Happy Birthday and hopes you hear me.Well yesterday I smelled your pipe that you used to smoke when we were young,twice crazy,I was saying to myself what is that smell ,Ive smelled it before then it hit me.Its dads pipe.It was nice a lil bit of a good memory.Thanks dad love you and miss you a bunch.still can't belive you are gone.HEY WHERE ARE MY SWEET AND SOURS.Im still waiting I know we always talked about it but just didn't go through with it,just one more time,would be nice.So pop catch me in my dreams.hope to see you there,Love you xoxoxox Tam

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