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July 26, 2014

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July 26, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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April 19, 2014
Hey Dad!!! I swear I saw you driving today. It was the funniest thing. As I was coming back from the store with my mom we both broke us head to take a double look at his guy in the car in the opposite lane, we looked at each other and said "who did that look like", I said "Dad". My mom told me she wasn't going to say anything unless I said it first. I just started laughing. I was laughing remembering another time Bobbie and I literally ran up to a guy yelling Dad and before we reach him all the way about 2ft away we stopped and laughed at each other too. Ohh the funniest things something I tell ya Dad. I am almost finished with school, super stoked that I am actually doing this - I will not regret taking full advantage of my intelligence Dad, you always told me I had a good head on my shoulders, I won't let you down with that one. Hey Dad, kids are good, Brandon just turned 5 and your Boojuz will be 10 next month OMG - time flies.
Well just wanted to write and tell you I have you on my mind a lot lately. School has me really pushing my emotional and mental capacities bringing up feelings in my new career field. Sometimes it is hard to talk about, used to talk with you, but I know that I will feel better to get it out and just cry sometimes in your memory. I love you so much and miss you still everyday. I hope that heaven will reunite us as I dream oneday, that sounds wrong but I mean it in a good way, I just want to be able to see you and hear you laugh again and throw my arms around you.
Tell Mr. Sinatra your Shanz in doing it her way...hahahaha. Love you. XOXO
April 14, 2014
Hello pop just thinking about you.just wanted to say I miss you alot ,love you with all my heart.I wish just one more time you would pull up in one of your famous car you always had.but that was you.When we were growing up mom had a new car and you had a different car,truck every Friday.good memory.makes me just smile
:) well pop Ill keepa smiling just watch over all us.xoxo miss you much Tam
April 12, 2014
Good morning pop its me Tam just thinking about you.wondering hows it going over there on the other side.Damm you could have a big family reunion there with your mom dad, and all the other members you have there ,friends and all.Oh you could make you famous tocos yum yum.Everyone would love that.Damm im kinda jealous.but at least I no when I get there you and family will be there waiting for me.well pop just wanted to say hi and I love you ....oxox Tam
April 09, 2014
Hello pop just wanted to say howdy see hows going not to bad I crime pain all good there ,so you got it made.well im at work have to get back just wanted to say hi,let ya no I miss ya a lot still cant belive you are gone
Maybe ill wake up and then you wil be here.but that isnt the case you are but it stil hurts deep in my a knife stabbing at it.but I no you are stil around so good bye for now xxxooo love 4ever Tam
March 29, 2014
Hello father rainy today we need it how is it over there
Great I bet .here same ol crap wake up go to work kids have school there sports then gon to sleep and start all over again.Damm that is boring.but o well we are gonna go camping this summer.last summer was a blast.trying to keep in touch with the other brothers and sisters we text to say hi so that isgood well pop miss you alot love you till the ends of the earth always Tam
March 21, 2014
Hello father it me Tam been thinking of you alot .you know what I found Vera after so long she is with her dad and step mom,her dad passed in 94 wow if I would of known we could of seen him,but hope you are with them all.I wish there was a place we could go to see you bring you flowers and what ever.but we have this and we know that you are around its all good.Still a shocker that you are not here.Was with mom today nice we kicket it and went out for icecream.Talked about Vera her dad you and the kids.well spring is here so just wanted to say hi and love you.Thanks for the 411 about Vera I would of never found check off my bucket for now love ya again....Tam
January 08, 2014
Happy Birthday pop,well it would of been,just letting you no we are still missing you alot,still to this day I cant belive you are not here,CRAZY.I think about you all the time wanting to here your voice seeing your face,giving you a BIG HUG,just a simple Hi or just to say I love and you to hear it,But yoou are somewhere where I will not see you hear or touch you,just thimk of you and look at pictures,bitbthat is i guess better then nothing and we have great memories,well LOVE YOU Intell the end of time.....Tammy Lulu kid.
January 08, 2014
Happy birthday Dad I'm thinking of you everyday. I don't know if Angels get wishes but I hope yours come true, even in heaven. I miss you so very much everyday. Today I will be feast on sweet and sour pork in your memory. Rest in peace. I love you.
December 30, 2013
well coming to end of 2013 it's been the hardest year without you Dad. Nothing seems the same anymore because I'm so used to having you around. I remember when I felt happy or sad I'd just come home and you'd be there to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. I watched this movie last night with the kids called Paranorman, funny, buy that'd how I feel, like Norman. I see you, I hear you, I talk to you, but your just a spirit here with unfinished business. I miss you so much Dad. When I go to sleep your in my dreams or I'll fly and know that it's a sign from you. I just wanted to say I love you so very much Dad. Your in my heart por vida.
December 12, 2013
Hi Papa it's your little man i want you too know I love you and I miss you so so much its been one whole year since you've gone and as strong as I am Its still very very hard and I miss you daily.
I hope your looking down on my family and I along with all my sisters. I wish I could hear your voice telling me you love me and things will get better. I hope they do for my children's sake.
I talk to you all the time and I try and make the best choices I can in life even when it's not right in some peoples eyes. I love you and I miss you so damn much. You were the one I loved hearing telling me your words of wisdom and all the positive things I need I stay on track. I love you and words can't say enough when it comes to my feelings and my love for you I miss my daddy and i love you and all that you gave. You are my hero and my inspiration. Your life will live on in me.
I love you papa and I hope you miss me and my Jada and Mateo. Everyone says Mateo is like you cuz he is so dark and I love just the fact they remember you and they listen when I speak of you like I did when you spoke with me as a child. I can write forever believe I could but the tears fall and I love to cry for you. I'm just going to end by saying thank you for everything and being the dad and man you are.

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