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Daniel C. Adams
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June 27, 2012
The family came together and walked and raised money this past weekend at Rohnert Park's Relay for Life. Your nephew even camped over! All of the usual suspects were there. Our first Relay in your Memory was in June 2005! I made a request to the DJ to play some Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - and dedicated it to you. We met our fundraising goal of $2,500!

Miss You.
December 05, 2011
Dan- I haven't been to your guest book in such a long time. :-( I've missed some beautiful entries.

It's X-mas time....I know not your favorite holiday. I was at the Petaluma Hospice tree lighting ceremony on Friday night. A woman came up to me and asked me if I was Dan's Mom. She looked familiar but I couldn't remember who she was. She said she also remembered my "Rosky cookies" so I think it was another Mom from the Parent's Hospice Group who heard me speak of you. I probably brought cookies to a pot-luck where we shared our child's favorite food. The holidays are so difficult that they have a special weekly 'drop-in' Hospice group from Thanksgiving until after New Years.

I put all of yours and Chrissie's favorite ornaments on the tree! Even got the 2 spinners working. Your last X-mas was still the best tree when you talked me into getting a flocked one. Dan....you could have been a politician. You were such a good debator and negotiator.

You're in my thoughts every single day.
Love you.
May 11, 2011
Dan my memories of you are mostly of being so little at Monte Vista but go all the way up to being big kids! Throughout all the years of knowing you, you were always so funny and had such a warm feeling. You were always a friend to me even when other people weren't and all I can think of is that smile of yours. I am totally crushed finding out now what happened to you and feel terrible for your family. I cant imagine how they feel. I have always had you pop into my thoughts over the past several years and found it odd to be honest. I remember the last time I ran into you and you seemed so happy to see me. I have thought about you ever since then! I actually only found out about you being gone because I decided to go on a hunt for you and this is just devistating. I know it's been a long time since you've been gone but I cried for you tonight and hope you are in a better place. I read all of the messages your family has sent you, you are so loved and missed. The person your mom met that ran the 85 miles is a man named Orhan and he is actually my best friend! Such a small world. I wish so much that I could have found you before you left and I regret that so so much. We will be seeing you soon Dan, and you better be the same clown that puts a smile on my face when I get there! Xoxo
February 19, 2011
Dan... It will be 6 years tomorrow that you have been gone! It is hard to believe that it has been that long. It feels like it was just yesterday!! We're meeting at the mortuary tomorrow to celebrate your life... I think it's a very nice thing to do! I miss you a lot!

Yu must be coming through your nephew... the other morning Mike took him out for breakfast and the only place Daniel wanted to go was the "pancake house" which is IHOP! He reminds me of you in so many ways.

I love you Danny, and miss you more than you could ever know!

July 04, 2010
Your favorite Holiday. The 4th of July! We have a great view from Paul's kitchen porch. No driving or hassle with crowds. I wish we were all here together fixing 'smores and waving sparklers.

Love you Dan.
Mom xox
June 28, 2010
We just completed our 6th Relay for Life event under the team "Dan's Team of Family and Friends"... I can't believe you've been gone for this long! They did a really nice tribute this year at relay called the Memory Garden, It was a place you could go and reflect on your loved ones lost, or the happiness of those who are still here! I cried, and wrote you a letter...

Your nephew Daniel has found a few new favorite place to go... One being Crane Creek park (which he calls the nature park) and SIX FLAGS!!! You two are definitely related. I just wish you both had the chance to know one another. He sure can identify you though... At the LUMINARIA when your picture came up on the screen he yelled "that's uncle danny"!!! You're adored even by people who have never met you! I miss you so much! Keep good care of everyone up there...

I love you.
Chrissy (You get mad if I spell it any other way)
February 20, 2010
It's 5 years ago today since you left us Dan. Conincidentally, there is a Memorial service for Gilbert today too. Last night at the Vigil, Monsignor Dan said that Maddie would be waiting at Heaven's Gate to greet Gil and I know you'll be right there with her.

I try to keep in touch with your friends Dan. They are also good about checking in with me. There are so many places, moments and things that will spark a memory of you. I hope that never fades away.

You will always be my "favorite little guy" but I have to be honest, your nephew, Daniel Gilbert is a real close "runner-up".

Love you.
February 20, 2009
Daniel C - I went to Crane Creek park today and got there 20 minutes before closing...just enough time to make it to your bench, blow you a kiss and head back to the car. It's rained all week so the creek is really rushing. It's a beautiful spot. You had an earlier visitor today who left flowers but you probably already know that.

Four years later and some things still happen around here that you are involved with in some strange way that still make us all laugh. Miss you Dan.
February 20, 2009
Hi Beavis,

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of when you left this earth! I have to say it hasn't gotten any better just easier. I miss your smiley happy go lucky face, and your carefree attitude. You were the best brother any one could ask for, but the biggest pain in the butt too! I met a Daniel today and I told him that it was a great name, and that it was my brother and my son's name and he said, "oh that's so funny because my sister's name is Christina". I thought that was an odd coincident for a day like today!

I love you and miss you very much!
Your Sis
February 05, 2009
Dan - You would have either called in sick or just took off for the morning. Denny's was giving away free Grand Slam breakfast's on Tuesday !!!
December 01, 2008
Hi Beavis.... I was talking to mom about you tonight, and realized that about this time 4 years ago we were heading to see the Scorpions in San Jose with Dad and Mike. Hard to believe how long it's been. I still find it hard to believe that you aren't here anymore. I miss you! Tomorrow night I'm going to AC/DC with Dad, Christine, and Mike. It should be a good time. I know how much you love this band, so I'll be sure to sing a long to every song, cause I know you would be doing just that. Hope you'll be right along side us.......

Mike and I are living at Meridian and I must say it feels like home. You and I have some fond memories of this place. Justino came to visit and right before he left he stopped by the new house and right when he walked in..... He yells I feel right at home. It must be the memories he has too!!!!

I love you very much! And Happy Birthday by the way! Sorry so late.
November 06, 2008
Daniel C - a day doesn't pass that I don't have a memory of you. When someone asks me how old you would be, I have to figure it out. To me you will always be 23 years old. "Forever Young". Happy 27th Birthday Dan.

July 01, 2008
Hi Dan - We completed another 24h Relay this past weekend raising money for ACS. That was the 4th season for Dan's Team of Family & Friends. Our team was outstanding !! We raised $6,500. Chrissie, Mike, Daniel G, your Dad, Lois Hayman and Adam Wolf, Mrs. Reilly, Chris Callejas, Grandma Steffens, Aunt Mabel & I were on the team. I think we had the 2nd highest amount collected. Jason & Laura came with little Adison and Bryan and Amanda came with her folks and little Lillian Rose. With the help of a few 'rockstar's" your brother- in- law Mike Bakke was "partying like it was 1999!" He walked the whole time! I met another woman there who lost her 30 year old daughter a few months ago and her 7 year old grandson to leukeima just a year ago. It was very difficult for her but I think she made a lot of new friends just as we all do. Chrissie and I are going to walk in Santa Rosa's Realy in September with Exchange Bank. We really do feel like we're Fighting back, remembering you and celebrating for all those who have done well with their fight.

Sure do miss you.
March 30, 2008
Good Morning Dan,

Well Auntie Mollie is leaving today for Texas. Would just like to ask you to watch over here as she drives and to help her smile , smile, smile. It's all going to be new to her and it will be hard for her at times. Just guide her through the rough times OK....?
Love and miss you,
Aunt Char
March 25, 2008
Good Evening Dan,

Chrissie sent me pics of Daniel at Easter. Boy is he getting big. Can't believe in 5 months he will be a year. Brad and I have to get up there to see him. Only saw him at his Christening. That's what happens when you live far away, as you well know. I hope things were special up there Easter Sunday and everyone had smiles on their faces. Surely do miss you.

Love, Aunt Char
March 15, 2008
Hi Dan,

Was sorry to hear about Spooky but I am sure that you are having fun with her and she can run and jump and be with her Dan. It's hard saying goodbye, very hard. I remember your mom telling me one day that you told her , Mom I am not worried about me, I am going to worry about you when I am gone. Did I tell you that right after you left us, we went to a garage sale and a truck drove by and the person driving looked JUST LIKE YOU. The person just looked at Brad quickly and left quickly in the truck. Surely do miss you. St. Patrick's Day on Monday. Might cook Corned Beef on Sunday. We hate Mondays. Miss you lots,
Love Aunt Char
March 04, 2008
Dan -

You finally got your wish. Spooky left her "earth suit" tonight. It only took 3 years. I was ready to give her the boot 2 years ago but Mike Bakke talked me out of it. I'm glad he did because in that time, I got to really spoil her the way you did and Paul got to know her and see how smart she really was.

Chrissie feels like another part of you has left us....that bond you and Spooky had. We all wished it was with us. I told the vet that I wasn't sure if Spooky stayed with us all of the past 18 years or we stayed with her. She was a big part of our family.

March 04, 2008
Hi Beavis,

Tonight is a very sad night for mom and I. We had to put Spooky down. It was definitely her time to go. She wasn't in the best of health anymore. No matter what the circumstances are, you're just never ready to let anyone go. I am sure you will be taking good care of her. We knew she couldn't wait to get up there to you. I love you Bro!
March 01, 2008
Hi Dan,

Aunt Char here. Well, hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and you have been gone 3 years. On Feb. 20th this year , I was remembering you the time we visited you near Christmas. You were lying in bed downstairs and and we would talk to you and every once in a while you would sort of look around give a little chuckle and smile then go back to sleep. I remembered when I would call you and talk for a short time, because I knew how hard it was for you to be on the phone. I remember at Moms special party she had in San Rafael, the nice talk you and I had outside. Always meant a lot to me. Your Aunt Char really misses her Dan..
Hope you are having a BALL up there.

Love you,
Aunt Char
February 21, 2008
Hi Beavis,

We all tried to have a nice day yesterday to remember what a great person you were and still are. I joined Mom, Bryan and Amanda, Gram S. and Carmen at IHOP for a ittle "breakfast" lunch! I had Viva La French toast, which if I can remember correctly it was one of your faves. We had a really nice time.

For dinner I made a breakfast dinner for Mike and I. That was also a favorite of yours.

Mike and Daniel, Grandma and I all just returned from Disneyland on Monday! Justin met us there and spent a few days as well. We had a really good time, but would of had more fun if you were there. Grandma bought a brick for you to be placed at the entry of DL. We bought one for Daniel too so hopefully you will be put in at the same time!

I miss yu so much Danny! I still find it hard to believe you aren't here anymore. I read an article on my magazone the other day about a woman who lost her brother, and I could totally relate to her pain. It's unimaginable. Take care brother Beavis. I love you!

February 20, 2008
Daniel C -

I started the morning driving to work at 6:45 and was passed by a Clover milk truck with mud flaps that said "Got Milk?" I brought 3 dozen donut holes to work for my staff. They knew today was going to be a tough one for me. I wanted to share one of your favorite things with them since they've gotten to know you through me over the past 2 years I've worked there.

Chrissie and your nephew Daniel G. and Grandma Steffens, Bryan, Amanda and Lillian (new baby) and Carmen & I all met at I-HOP for lunch. It felt good to get together with the family and some of your friends. Coming home from work tonight, I saw a full Lunar eclipse. It was great that something so spectacular would happen on February 20, 2008.

I cried a few more tears today than I have lately and a little less tears than a year ago today. I still miss you like crazy Dan. We all do.
February 20, 2008
Lynda, I learned of this very sad news only yesterday. Please accept my truly sincere and deepest condolence to you and your family.
Niece of Phil Myers
January 01, 2008
Happy New Year Beavis! I love you!

December 25, 2007
Merry X-mas Dan !!

I made the Rosky cookies again this year. Chrissie said they turned out the best ever. Maybe it's because of my supper kitchen and new oven.
It was great having your Cousin Justin home for the Holiday and also got to see "Kiddo". Wished the day hadn't gone by so fast. It's beautiful weather and I would have loved to take a hike around Crane Creek. Maybe next year...
Miss you Dan.

November 06, 2007
Happy Birthday Daniel C !!!

October 31, 2007
Dan -
I know this is another one of your "favorite times of the year". Halloween....I've got lots of great memories of you and Chrissie over those 23 years.

Love you.
October 04, 2007
Hi Beav,

You have been on my mind a lot lately! I miss you like crazy. I think the thought of you missing out on your new nephew Daniel, breaks my heart. He is so lucky to be named after such an amazing and braze person. I wouldn't have it any other way. He's adorable Dan. Just like your niece! They look so much alike it's unreal. Yet, this time I really think he looks more like me than Mike, but who's keeping track?? I think about the time you watched Maddie for me while I went to the dentist, even when you were sick. It's about that time, seeing that I have the same appointment in 2 weeks. You loved that little girl so much. Mike and I aren't too lucky this time around, we don't have anyone to hold the little guy during Sunday dinner when he's wailing, something you used to do with Maddie on a weekly basis.

I really miss you Danny! I still find it hard to cope with the thought that you are really gone. It hurts like hell.

By the way, we had Daniel baptized 2 weeks ago, and chose mom and Jason Bach to be the godparents. It's the next best thing to having you! I love you Beavis Christ!

Your sis
September 30, 2007
To My Favorite Little Guy -

We just completed the last Relay of the season in Santa Rosa. I was on an Exchange Bank team of customers of mine and co-workers. Our team raised over $4K with the total event collecting over $341K !!! I think that is the Sonoma County record this season. Mike and your sister and nephew Daniel joined me in the afternoon for a few laps around the track. Daniel's first RELAY at only 7 weeks old !!!

There was one young man there who was running the full 24hours in memory of his father, who passed away last year from cancer. He reached his goal with a standing ovation from the crowd. A total of 85 miles! I also met new friends with whom I shared your story of how brave you were. It still amazes me Dan.

We miss you.
Love Mom
July 07, 2007
Hey Double D -
07-07-07 !!! You would probably be in Las Vegas this weekend with millions of others. A good reason to party and celebrate since it only comes once every 100 years. Miss you
June 15, 2007
Hi Beavis,

Tonight is the night before the 24 hour Cancer Relay. I can't believe it's already been a year since our last one. Time flies! We have raised $5300 as of tonight! Our goal was $8000 but we did pretty well. You would be proud. Mike raised quite a few $$$$ in your honor. Lynnette from WBF got a $1000 donation in memory of you. It really brought a tear to my eye to know that people still think of you so often and that you have really touched so many people. You have no idea, the impact you have had on people's lives.
I really miss you bro! I think about you all the time. Especially right now, as Mike and I await our newest addition. We are going to name him Daniel, after what would have been his favorite Uncle. Please look down on us during the fragile time. We need lots of prayers and someone too look over him. I think you and Maddie would be great for the job. I hope you'll be present at relay tomorrow, since we are walking for you.... :) I love you so much.

May 18, 2007
Sweetheart ~ You are always on my mind. I love you
April 24, 2007
Daniel C -
I went to Crane Creek today. It was so pretty up there. The native grass is green and high, poppy's blooming all over the place, a slight breeze and birds singing. It poured Saturday night and the earth is so dry, there were no mud puddles to speak of.

Miss you.
February 20, 2007
Daniel C
I would have preferred spending the day doing some of the things you enjoyed but unfortunately, I had to work. Beavis & Mike came for dinner. She made a "breakfast dinner" of Cheese Pudding in your memory. We listend to some Pink Floyd and the Beatles, Rubber Soul CD and talked about how much we all miss you. Andie even called to check in on us and read us a poem she wrote about her relationship with you. I want her to post it here for all to enjoy.

You are very special Dan to so many. We love and miss you.
January 31, 2007
Daniel C :
We trekked up the hill to visit your bench site Sunday and ran into Andie, Blake and Sadie. They were out taking Sadie for a walk and suprisingly came upon your bench. Andie had cell-phone in hand and was about to call Nolan to let him know as well. They had stopped to rest and take it all in when we came upon them. It was a real "God-wink" to catch them there the same time we were. Grandma Adams and Aunt Billie did very well hiking the steep hill back up to the parking lot. I'm hoping U. Steve and Aunt Barb return when we're not so rushed so we can explore some of the other trails. It's getting to be light longer so I plan on visiting more often.

We celebrated Beavis' Birthday Sunday. She turned 23 years old. She's now as old as you were when you passed away. We had a nice family celebration back at the house and the real beauty of it was that it fell on a Sunday so we were able to have a real crowd for Sunday dinner. It still seems awkward to me have a family celebration without you physically present.

It's getting near Relay season again and we've decided to return to the Rohnert Park event in your memory. I'm looking forward to another succesful Team. Bevis will be about 7 months pregnant. That's okay....she can sit and sell things from our campsite. It will be difficult to top our 2006 Personal Best of $7.5K last year but we'll give it our best shot !!
December 27, 2006
Daniel C.
Our second Christmas without you and the pain is almost unbearable. Grandma Adams, Uncle Steve, Aunt Barbara, Mike and Beavis all came over for Christmas dinner which made for a very nice day. Unfortunately, we couldn't stop talking about not having you with us! The great news is that Mike and Chrissie are having another baby!! He or she is expected to arrive sometime in July and we all can't wait. I know you are taking good care of everyone around you and count our lucky stars to have had such a wonderful and caring son. I think of you always and have paid a few visits to your bench that mom and Manda had commemorated in your honor. Your legacy will live forever in our hearts and body. I love and miss you more than words could describe.
December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas Daniel C -

Last X-mas 2005, I bought a poinsetta for my dining room table. It was our first X-mas without you. It stayed alive all year long. Occasionally, a leaf would wither and fall off and a new lush green one would appear. We would laugh at Sunday dinner "how could it last so long?" especially with my "green thumb".

In September, I had your Memorial bench put in at Crane Creek Park. I told myself that if the poinsetta was still alive by X-mas, I was going to take it up there and plant it in the woods. Well Angelea, my partner in crime, and I did just that yesterday. She was the "lookout" while I dug the hole and replanted the poinsetta. I had to pull off the last of the original red leaves so that it would blend in with the landscape. It had rained on Thursday so the creek was running pretty good. It was so peaceful to sit there and think of some good X-mas memories with you. I'm glad Manders and I chose that spot.

Someone has started to build a stone shrine in the creek across from your bench. I heard about it at at Hospice grief group. It's a spiritual oriental custom. Angelea and I each added a stone to the sculpture. I'm sure once the creek gets flowing pretty good, it may shift some.

This morning Beavis and Mike came to exchange gifts and we had our usual X-mas cheese pudding breakfast. I know you would want us to keep the same traditons. It's been two years now Dan since you've passed and it's not much easier on me.

We all miss you.

November 09, 2006
Dear Double D, well another year has gone by and your birthday has come and gone. It's your cousins birthday today and I called him to sing happy birthday like I normally do. He laughed and laughed and said I will always be his goofy aunt. I hope you enjoyed your birthday in heaven... Im sure Grandma Kijowski gave you one heck of a birthday dinner. Ask her where are my lemon squares... hahaha... she will know that they were my favorite. Well sweetie, we all miss you and wish you were here with us. Times are hard right now please pray for me... love Double C.
November 07, 2006

I spoke to your sister yesterday while she and Mike were at Disneyland. While waiting in line for one of the rides she noticed a tattoo on a lady in front of them. It read 'Danny' with wings and a halo. When asked who 'Danny' was she responded 'it is my brother who passed away'! What a strange coincidence that this happened on your birthday. Everyone down here misses you terribly Dan and we hope your birthday was better for you then it was for us. God bless you...and happy birthday! Give a big hug to Maddie for me.
November 06, 2006
HAPPY birthday Sweetheart, I love You
November 06, 2006
Happy Birthday Daniel C
October 13, 2006
Dan, thinking of you and your family today.
September 03, 2006
Daniel C

I had a memorial bench dedicated in your memory up at Crane Creek Regional Park. My first choice for the site was under the BIG Oak tree but it was already taken. The place we chose is quiet and directly across from the creek so come winter, you will be able to sit and hear the creek running. We also wanted the bench accessible to your two favorite Grandma's in case they choose to visit.

I've been there 4 times this week ! It's nice to have some place to go that I know was very special for you. In fact, having your bench there is incentive for me to get out and MOVE. Knowing that whatever trail I choose, I'm eventually going to come across your bench and your reminder to "Seize the Day", is a good feeling for me. It reminds me of when I was running in the mornings, I could be assured that upon my return, I'd meet you on the front porch, smoking a cigarette and usually talking on the phone. I hope your family and friends enjoy visiting you there as much as I am.

June 18, 2006
Wow Dan !! Dan's Team of Family & Friends raised some BIG bucks for the American Cancer Society this weekend. Over $7,500. We met so many people who were very interested in hearing about you and the way you really cared about people, your sense of humor and your complete attituded on life.

Your Dad was there the complete 24 hours. I'd like to say he "camped out" but since he never slept during the whole event I'll just say that he was there with you every minute. For me, I haven't been this tired since I pulled an "all-nighter" with you over a year ago! Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve even joined and raised some big bucks too as well as your Grandma Steffens & Christine. Ms. Hayman joined us too and really got going in collecting some $$$ for the team. Manders, Bryan, Jason & Laura were just as supportive. Jason's John Deere trailer, pulled by a golf-cart, made him the most sought-after being at the event. Bissel and Mike and "Little Kimmie" Palmer also were bringing in the donations. Grandma Adams, Auntie Mabel, Auntie M , Angelea and Nolan were there too. They all were getting into the spirit by helping us sell "glow sticks" for the night time Illuminaria. They maybe sold next year as the "Pottie Buddie" since they will light-up a complete "port-a-pottie" at 3 a.m., leaving your hands free for other tasks! Carmen and her two daughters were there at 7:30 a.m. and worked about 4 hours registering in hundreds of participants. Grandma Adams and Auntie Mabel and Elene helped too.

We're all so very blessed to have had you in our lives Dan. I know our efforts will help someone, someday never have to hear those words "It's cancer".

You are "Forever Young" in our hearts Dan and we love you .

May 21, 2006
I Love You So Much
May 21, 2006
I'm on the computer in your old room and listening to your stereo and Archie Bell & the Drells just came on with "Tighten Up". That will always be a special song for me because it brings back such fun memories of you and your sister with me in the car.

Amanda and I met with the Park Ranger at Crane Creek to select a location for a memorial bench in your memory. We've given them a few options and are waiting for the approval of the site.

We're also busy getting Dan's Team of Family & Friends together to raise $$$ for the 24Hr Relay next month. Jason & Laura have even registered and even Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve are participating. I'm sure you would be pleased.

You would think that after a year, our lives would be better. I can't speak for all of us but for me Dan, I miss you everyday...just some days a little more than others.
May 15, 2006
Hey Dan,
I think about you often. I have a great picture of you up at my desk - it's of us years ago floating in a canoe on the Russian River. Good times! I "googled" your name and found this guest book. I am so moved by all the entries. You are so missed. You are such a lively, loving, hysterical spirit and I'm so glad that we're friends. Your life is an inspiration and You are a hero of mine. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer - and through the roller coaster of her diagnosis I prayed to you and thought of you. Thank you for your friendship and good times - you are unforgettable in so many ways. Peace Dan.
Anna Banana
March 25, 2006
Hello Sweetheart, How are you? Last week, Bryan, Courtney and I went to see a woman, Karen Peterson. She is a Psychic medium, and Oh My God I was Impressed! When she began her readings, she immediatly went to Bryan and was saying Alot of things that were Ringing a bell to the both of us. After It was established in my head and i think maybe Bryans too, that it was you, She said, "He is showing us a baby"!!! Ok so now io was really tripping! so many things she said... So I am writting this today Sweetheart, to Thank You. I felt so good in there listening to her, and i am convinced, and i think that is wonderful... I love You So Much Sweetheart!!!
February 20, 2006
Dan...although it's been one year since you left us for your place in heaven a day hasn't passed that you're not in my thoughts and prayers! We had a nice family gathering at your mom's yesterday to celebrate your life. It was nice to see everyone but the void of you not being there was hard to accept. Everyone misses you terribly!!
Love, Dad XOXOXO
February 20, 2006
It's unanimous Dan....we are all blessed and lucky to have known you and have you as such a significant person in each of our lives.
I love you Daniel C.

February 19, 2006
To My favorite Little Guy:

The only thing that would have made today any better was you being here. Grandma S, Angelea, Mike & Bissel, U. Steve & A Barb, Auntie M, Manders & B, Nolan, Dad & Christine, & Paul & I all hiked over to SSU to see "Gus". Grandma brought 2 doz hellium balloons and we let them go off into the clouded sky. I overheard Auntie M say that they disappeared into the sky as quickly as you left us. Everyone stayed for the typical Sunday dinner.
February 01, 2006
My memory of you this time last year Dan was of you looking forward to so many things that were important to you. We talked one early morning, out in the garage, that you were so tired and ready to go but that things kept coming up that you didn't want to miss....Your sister's 21st Birthday, the SuperBowl, spending Valentine's Day with your Sweetheart. We both cried because we knew there was never going to be a good time to leave.

I ran into Andie Sunday & she pulled out this tattered envelope from her purse. It had some photos of you, Blake & Andie, a great one of you at one of Nolan's hockey games and then one of you with Nolan's sister. You looked so happy & healthy. She said she's been carrying them for almost a year. We all miss you Dan.

I've got to take a class over at SSU next Saturday & I'm going to check-out the pond & see if Gus is there?

January 07, 2006
Hey Beavis:

Happy New Year! Hopefully this one is a little better! Mom got us tickets to see John Edwards at the end of the month! I am so excited. I was jumping for joy! If you can, could you try to get through to us! You or Maddie. Preferably both of you! I miss you a lot. You've been on my mind lately. More than usual! Maybe you are trying to visit me....POSSIBLY! I love you Bro!

December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas Daniel C. You are truly missed.

December 21, 2005
Sweetheart; Christmas is coming in a few days... It is so hard for me to experience the seasons that i so vividly remember spending with you, but now without you.. everything about the winter makes me think of you..the rain..the cold air..I miss you soo much Sweetheart, and i know you are with me but it is still so hard... I love you So Much... P.S. my christmas wish is still the same... love sweetheart
November 24, 2005
Hi Bro,

Happy Thanksgiving Beavis! For the second year in a row Mike and I held it our house. The turn out was really nice. Amanda came too... I have thought about you a lot this week. More than usual! I remember this time last year you were at my house eating dinner with all of us! Then you got a wild hair up your butt and wanted to go to the movies to see "Polar Express"! We all went to a 9:30PM showing. I miss those times so much. Tonight at 6:20 we had a moment of silence in honor of you! It was nice to do that... I know you were here with us somwhere! I love you Danny!

November 24, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving Daniel C:

I've been thinking a lot about last years Thanksgiving. You made it so specail for all of us. Even Aunt Bille was here from Denver, and I can't remember the last time I'd celebrated Thanksgiving with Aunt Barb & Uncle Steve. You were so sick and could barely eat on a good day but that day, you ate TWO Thanksgiving dinners. At Nolans and Chris & Mike's.

I spoke with Angelea today and we were reminiscing about going to see the Polar Express last Thanksgiving nite at 9:30 pm. Remember, we had our own private screening...no one else was there except you & Manders, Bryan, Beavis, Mike, Nolan, Angelea & I.

I came to the sad realization earlier today, that without you here, there's one less person to try to sneak the browned turkey skin from. I'll miss that.

God bless you Dan.
November 21, 2005
Hey Big Brother,

You have been on my brain the past week or so. Everytime I turn on the radio I feel like Dire Straights is on all the time. It is either "Money For Nothing and Your Chicks for Free", or "So Far away From Me"...which that one hits home for me. At least the chorus does. I know that you are here with me all the time, but it isn't the same. The other day I was getting ready and I made a comment to Mike about how much I miss you, and Mike sincerely said..."WE ALL DO!!!" I asked if they talk about you at work and he said all the time. It was nice to hear that people keep the memory of you alive! A lot of my co-workers are getting ready to go to families houses for the holiday, and one of them mentioned that it is just her and her older brother. I got a little teary eyed and had to excuse myself. The Brother sister dynamic in other families really disturbs me! I miss our pep talks, our battles, our good times, our drinking times, but most of all I miss knowing that you are right there whenever I need you! I love you Danny! Try and get us through the holiday's...they will be tough for everyone, seeing that this is the first holiday without you!

November 08, 2005
Happy Birthday Dan,

It seems so sad to me that you and Justin won't be blowing out your candles on your anually shared Birthday cake as you have done for the past 23 years.
I know that Justin is missing that very much right now. He says that his birthday is really meaningless without you celebrating them together. He said he has only celebrated one birthday without you, and that was the one three days after you were born.
Justin has been talking about you 24/7 since he has been home. He really misses you alot Dan. He says he feels you with him every single day, and that comforts him, but he says he just wish he could wrap his arms around you and tell you how much he loves you, and how much he misses you, and he really worries if you are okay considering you always called your Mom or Dad around 3 in the morning to pick you up when you stayed over. You liked being home with your parents when you were little. It made you feel safe I think
I couldn't bring myself to tell a story at your's and Maddies
"Celebration of Life" get-together because I thought I would get to choked up in front of everyone, but I was thinking about telling the story about when you stayed with Tom and I for awhile at Christmas Time in December 2002. You and Tom were doing your marathon meetings and I was baking cookies for all those meetings you guys were attending. I loved you staying all those nights with us. I remember telling your Mom on the phone that I wished you would never go home I loved you staying with us so much! I think that is when you and I got really close to each other telling
all our secrets to each other everynight and laughing and crying about them all while Tom was sacked out on the couch. I don't think I ever got to bed before 4AM
for over a week....but I loved every minute of it!! Those are the kind of things that I am having a hard time getting over because it really makes me so darn sad to think we won't ever share a moment like that again! You were good for my head and my heart Dan...and I miss you so....

Love Auntie M.
November 06, 2005
Dear Dan:
Several of your family and friends got together today to celebrate your birthday. We were rained-out after an hour and decided to move the party down the hill from Crane Creek to our house. We served your favorite, cheese pudding and "little smokies". The hightlight of the day for me was everyone decorating their votive candles and sharing their Danny/Madison memories. Some were quite comical.
We all miss you so much Dan. You had a big impact on everyone you met. The Hospice nurse I saw on Tues. said you taught everyone something about how to live. I wish I'd had more patience and time with you to step back and soak that all in. I know it would help me now.
Rest in Peace Dan
November 06, 2005
Hi Beavis,

Today is your 24th Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!! I miss you so much. I know you didn't care for your birthday's the last few years, but we really had a nice celebration for you today. We remembered all the good times that we shared with you and Madison. I hope that where ever you both are, that you are happy and without discomfort. I love you so much, I can't stand the thought of you being gone. I hope you are finally happy Danny! You deserve it so much... Give my daughter a squeeze for me, if it can't be me to give it to her, there is no one better than you! Happy Birthday Danny!!

Love, Bissel
November 05, 2005
Tomorow would have been your 24th birthday! How time seems to pass so quickly but not the memories. Every day you're in my thoughts and prayers. Life feels so empty at times and thinking of the void left behind without you is to painful to accept. We all miss you terribly and November 6 will always be such a difficult 24 hours. Losing you without question is the saddest moment I've ever felt but to lose our precious granddaughter on your birthday just doesn't seem fair! I hope wherever you are you're surrounded by good friends, family and God. Even though we talk every day what I miss most is the time we spent together. With all my love XOXOXO
November 01, 2005
I guess you know Gram had her knee surgery done yesterday. It was difficult seeing her in so much pain. I told her that if you were still with us, you probably would have taken the day off from work to be at the hospital. I know how much you loved your two Grandmas. Her admitting nurse was one of your on-call Hospice nurses. What is the chance of that? I think it made all of us feel connected to you thru her, almost like you were there helping Gram. Her goal is to be able to dance at your sister's wedding in March.
Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts or a conversation. Fortunately, I have very loving friends that are very kind to listen to whatever I have to say about a thought or share a memory of you. I miss you lots.
October 15, 2005
Hi Dan,

I miss you.
Hope you like the farewell album...
It was good for me to do...
I started and just couldn't stop.

Your Mom really liked it...
and that made me feel really good!

I love you.
My heart aches for you Danny...

Auntie M.
October 14, 2005
Hey Danny, within 30 seconds of clicking off of your site I remembered Madison's last name, something I've been trying to do for over 3 months. I know it was you. Thank you.
October 14, 2005
Hey Danny, wow, so much time has gone by. I read what everyone has written to you, and I'm still sad we never met. You were so lucky though Danny, you were loved by so many, and they've been a blessing ot my family as well. I can't remember Madison's last name, and I would like to write to her as well, so if you or one of your family would like to send me a hint... thanks Danny. Search out my friend Tony for me will ya? Make sure he's not too lonely and that he's getting to know his way around. With love. Jenn
September 26, 2005
Hi Danny,

I just want to say thank you for what you did for me... it will be lots of fun... I'll think of you, and what you said the whole time.

I miss you so much

Love you!
September 05, 2005
Dear Dan:
I just came across a ticket stub dated 7 years ago tonight, September 5, 1998, where you attended an NA concert at San Jose Convention Center and saw Eric Clapton live. I remember you calling me from there that early evening and sounding so excited to find out he was performing and that you guys had snagged some tickets. That seems so long ago. I also came across some photos from that NA weekend of you and Rob Reese & Jason Hunnicut. I had them reproduced and called Rob to come get them. He was thrilled to have them. There's a great picture of the 2 of you together. He said he remembers that Labor Day Weekend so well and all of the fun you guys had. I remember you being so "jacked up" for at least a week after that convention.

I love & miss you Dan.

August 24, 2005
Hi Dan,

Wow, how the time has flied! I can't believe that anyone has gotten by this long without you! I am in the process of reading a book that mom got me. It is about losing a Brother or Sister. I have found such comfort in reading it. I really feel alone sometimes without you here. Life wasn't supposed to go in this order. I am scared to lose our parents, for that is all I have left...Really? I know Mike has been missing you a lot lately. I keep hearing him tell "Dannny" stories. Maybe he is just doing it in hopes we don't forget anything. Mom gave me some great pictures of you the other day. I have one in the book I am reading. I smile everytime I see it. As much as I hated to admit it...you were a ladies man! Everyone loved you. I think back to when you and I would hit a rough patch in the road, but somehow you would never let the fight go on for very long. I appreciate that now. I look at a lot of Brother Sister realtionships that other people have...and we were one of a kind. I thank you for your friendship, I just wish you were still here to fufill it!! I love you!
August 20, 2005
To My Favorite Little Guy:

Time has not yet helped to heal much. It seems too long ago that we spent all that time together. The more time that passes, I'm afraid of disconnecting from you. I know I have your memory & smile engraved in my mind and in my heart forever, but I continue to miss you every day.

August 05, 2005
Sweetheart, the time is going by but to me it doesn't make it ant easier. Now it just seems longer since Iv'e seen you. You just seem farther away and you are already soo far. The time for me to find things of our past that I forgot about is getting shorter and it makes me so sad to think that I have found all the surprises and reminders of you and this is all just getting older. I dont want that the older and longer the more distance.. I wish I could tattoo your picture in the inside of my eyes. I wish I could forever hear you wisper that you love me in my ears. but i can't. I wish so hard to change the past. Things that Iv'e said and done and things that I could have done for you. I just want you to know that I love you Sweetheart..
July 25, 2005
Hi Dan,

It has been a while since I have been on this site. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I went to dinner for Dad, Uncle Steve and Aunt B's Birthday's and it was so strange to be there without you. We talked about you and Grandpa all night. It was fun to sit and reminise. We were talking about your favorite songs and the ones that you loved to hear Uncle Steve and Dad sing. I think it was really hard for Dad without you. We all miss you so much. I hope you can get us through this tough time! It is so weird without you here. I can't stand the emptiness at mom's so I am sure she is having the toughest time ever. Bottom line, life is so different without you! I love you Dan!
July 06, 2005
Hi Danny,

I wanted you too know that I have been thinking about you lately. I remember this time last year you were over at my house shooting off fireworks, and waiting for your niece to be born! We sure have had some great 4th of July's. I really miss you Dan. I know Mom is having a hard time too!

Please send my daughter a huge Happy Birthday hug for me! Throw her a great party would you??? She'll finally be a digit! I know you will do something nice for her, she is your favorite person. I love you Beavis! Watch over me...I am having a hard time! Take care of my daughter for me and yourself too.

Love, Biss
July 04, 2005
Hi Dan:

You're on my mind a lot today. I received a lovely arrangement of Red, White and Blue flowers at the bank this week. A customer of mine who attended your funeral service, remembered me mentioning that the 4th of July was your favorite holiday. I guess I also miss nagging you to not spend your whole paycheck on FIREWORKS! I remember last year you asked me how much your budget could afford since you had just left Willowbrook and not going to start at Hunt & Behren's until 7/12/04.

I was surfing the radio stations today in the car and stopped at a Pink Floyd song. I can't tell you which one. They all sound alike to me. I'd like to think that was you saying hello to me. I'll definitely be thinking of you tonite at dusk Dan.

June 21, 2005
Well Beavis, it's official!!! I have your computer up and running! I am having such a blast...probably just as much as you did when you first got it! Thank you for handing it down too me, I enjoy being on the net and knowing that you once played everquest and surfed for girls on this thing! I will always remember that you were our family's computer nerd! You were the smartest of us all. Well Dan, thank you for all your guidance in getting this thing up and running! Now maybe you can get Mike on this thing...he doesn't know much!

Love Bissel
June 21, 2005
I sure missed you on this Father's Day! We did have a nice time visiting you and grandpa and then took in a little lunch at San Rafaels Joe's with Chrissie and Mike. Yesterday it was four months since you left this Earth. Our lives have changed forever and your void will last a lifetime!! I wish I could write more often but I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to say. I miss you terribly and find myself wondering down the empty corridors of life. I know we will meet up again in another life but until then keep looking over our families to ensure our safety.

With all my love!
June 20, 2005
Hi Dan,
As you know today is the 4 Month Anniversary of your death...I can't believe that it has been that long, but yet it feels so short. It is quite ironic, but I have seen both parents today. I think you had something to do with it...Dad came over and helped me set up the Internet on your computer and I am going to meet Mom for dinner at El Toritos. They are doing okay, but I know that they both hurt so badly without you here. I want you too know that I am doing the best I can to take care of them, and that they will be okay. I know that is what you want.

I miss you terribly and love you with all my heart. Take care!

Love, Biss
June 19, 2005
Dear Double D:

Four months today. It hardly seems that long ago. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I'm attending a Hospice Group on Wednesday nights, "Parents who Have Lost Children". From about 10 families, only 3 children battled with an illness. The others went very quickly, usually in car accidents. I feel so sorry for their parents, not having the opportunity like we did to tell you how much we loved you and how much you ment to all of us. On the other hand, they didn't have to watch their children suffer and grow weaker every day. I do have to say Dan, even though your body was getting weaker, your mind and spirit stayed very much alive until the end.

I received the nicest letter from Ashley addressed to the family. She did not know you had passed until she left you a message here at home. I called her back to give her the bad news. Her letter let us know what a dear and faithful friend you were to her. I think all of your friends felt the same way.

I miss you Dan. Please continue to look over all of us.

June 16, 2005
To my favorite Brother,
I am in the process of moving right now...you know how much I hate that! Anyway, I was reading my old diary and came across an entry that was about you running away. I wrote in there how much I missed you and that I couldn't live at the house without you! It also said that you were going to meet me at school and walk me home so we could catch up, because you and Melissa Keck were going to run off to L.A. I related that to my life now and I don't know how I am surviving without you.
I have needed you to be at mom's so badly right now! I am in a real rut and I need your advice. I need you to fix everything for me like you used to do. If I was ever in trouble you would always find a way to change it. I need your help NOW! I feel like I am in a situation that I can't make better. I don't know what todo. Please help me with your spirit! I know it sounds weird but I need you to help me...through a dream or something. Please do what you can. I love you. I miss you!

Love Sister Beavis
June 13, 2005
sweetheart, i just wanted to say thank you for invading my dreams last night. it was a crazy long dream with so many people in it, all you family and some others. but i am glad because i got to see you. you are usually sick but still well enough to get around. i love you so much, keep coming to me.
June 07, 2005
Hey Bro,
I think I may officially be recovered from the long night at the 24 hour relay! You would have been so proud to see us all making such a huge effort to help the next victim of Cancer. We all had a blast doing it too! I remember the last time I did the relay... it was with you at Casa Grande 2 years ago. You walked the Survivor lap. We all had such a great time. You and Mike and I all left and walked at Light up the night! We were on a roll. There were a lot of stories going around about you for those 24 hours.

We wished that you could have been therebut since you weren't we had a great time honoring your life and what you were and are! Your story inspired so many people...you just have no idea! I met a lady named Amy Fox, her mother owns the Apple Crate...she was touched by you so deeply! Her husband had Testicular Cancer, and is going strong today! She is an amazing lady. Her energy was unbelievable, and Dan knowing you... you would have loved her.

We are planning to do this every year to honor you and remember you, so keep up the good work... because you are the reason we are doing this!!! I love you Dan!
June 05, 2005
Dear Dan,
Your "Team of Family & Friends" spent the past 24 hours participating in the American Cancer Society's 24 Hour Relay for Life. You would have been very pleased with us. We started collecting donations on May 19th and in just over two and a half short weeks, raised over $5,500!! We ranked in 4th place for fundraising from a possible 40 Teams. There was chatter among our team members to make this an annual event.

Your two Grandma's were there to walk and cheer the team on. Grandma Steffens was selling "Rock Star" Energy Drinks to supplement the Team's collection efforts. Her slogan to walkers passing by was "It's like Viagra in a Can!" (you know Grandma) Aunt Ellie & Angelea had a very good showing of Team support by raising over $500 between them & with Tony's assistance. They sat many hours in front of Supermarkets collecting donations. Dad & Christine walked their share of laps too. Dad even returned at 3:30 a.m. to walk some more! Beavis & Mike recruited their neighbor Jeff to help out with the late night walking. The 4 of us never slept although I was caught taking a 10 minute "power nap" about 12:30 a.m. Bryan & Manders did there share too. Even one of Amanda's customers from 49er Pet came to show support and walked a few laps. Paul came by & walked a few laps, took some photos, bought a Rock Star and bought Mike a frisbee to keep the energy level going. Andie and Blake came by too. The family and friends that didn't walk, participated by donating. I was so touched by the response from everyone which helped us in exceeding our goal.

It was a very special event for me Dan. It gave me the opportunity to meet with so many people whose lives have been touched by this awful disease and also share my experience of watching someone I love so very much struggle every day and fight so hard to stay positive and enjoy every minute of every day.

I'm a little sore today and even more tired, but I enjoyed every moment.

I love you Dan. You'll always be my Favorite Little Guy. XOXO
June 01, 2005
Hey Bro, We are getting really close to the 24 hr Relay For Life. I am so excited, especially when I think of what fun we had a couple of years ago on the Willowbrook team. You were such a Solider...walking the SURVIVOR lap and taking part in what you thought you had overcome. You are so Strong and I am so proud to be your Sister. I don't think I ever got the chance to tell you that. I am so Proud of you and what you became. You are an ispiration to everyone. Who would have thought that you would be peoples HEROs'!! When I think of everything that you accomplished in 5 short months I think of my life...and I can't imagine conquering what you did in a lifetime!!!! You are amazing Bro hymn and I am truly honored!!!! I love you.

Love , Biss
May 29, 2005
Morning Double D; its sunday and only one more week and we get to go to Disneyland; can't wait. Everyone there is going to sing happy birthday to me. hahahaha... I wish... I know you've been watching over me lately, as things are really hard here right now. I wish you could tell Amanda how pointless it is to do what she is doing... that in the long run she's only hurting herself and her future. Been working and doing the same ole stuff but went bowling yesterday and bowled a 170. Getting pretty good at this. Had a barbeque with the neighbors yesterday, it was raining so it didn't turn out to be as much fun but oh well it was nice anyway. How are things in heaven going.... I miss you Double D...Hope you are watching over everyone and giving them guidance when they need it. Im sure we all wonder what heaven is like....Our faith tells us it's beautiful and peaceful and loving... Please ask the Lord to look favorably on all of us as we love him and try to do the best we can... Take care Double D. Love you.... Aunt Cathy
May 23, 2005
"The Whispers of Life"

There comes a time in ones life when they stop and take a long look at what their life has meant thusfar... Sometimes it has been good, sometimes it has been full of happiness and sometimes full of sorrow.... Through my experience of life thusfar... I can think of no one that hasn't experienced times of joy and sorrow...Just recently, my nephew Danny, past away.... in sitting at the rosary and funeral, listening to his Dad and Mom express their thoughts, emotions and memories of their son, I reflected on not only Danny's life but my own.... trying so hard to make sense of such a loss of a wonderful young man who enjoyed life his way... He was a risk taker... always pushed the envelope to the edge... but yet he lived a full happy life.. I wasn't present when Danny died, but I understand that up to the couple of days he still wanted to take a ride and smell the roses and view the scenery around him... he was in so much pain but he still made the attempt to "stop and listen to the whisper of life". Whether it was birds singing... cows mooing in the fields or the ocean banging up against the coast... Danny wanted to take it all in... I am proud of my nephew to have gone through so much suffering and yet still wanted to hold onto the things in life that are important such as "family"... God's creation of the various creatures on earth and the beautiful scenery of life". While I was sitting there I kept looking around me wondering whether we all truly understand the message Danny was trying to leave us... He use to say to his family and friends... "Don't sweat the small stuff". enjoy today for today... For a lot of us it is very difficult to do that... we get caught up in so many things that we forget to stop and enjoy the "whispers of life:... I know for me it is especially hard as there has been so much tragedy within my family the last three years.. it's hard to find beauty and peace amonst so much sorrow... But Danny did... he truly was an inspiration to me... I will remember Danny for many many things but the most I will remember him for is the message of taking time to enjoy the "Whispers of Life".

Thank you Danny, I love you "Double D" Love Aunt Cathy
May 21, 2005
To the family of Danny.

We regret that we had not seen Danny since he was a child but our family remembers the fun times they had as children playing together. As a parent since Dannys passing we have realized how at any moment our lives can be deeply saddened. We continue to pray for your strength as you go through this very tough time.

We have made a contribution to the relay in Dannys name and hope that progress is made with this terrible disease. My mother has had radiation and a masectomy and since she has not had to go through the full blown treatment I sometimes don't realize how devasting cancer is. Thank you for making a difference to help all families who are affected by cancer. Our very best to all of you.
May 20, 2005
To My Favorite Little Guy: Today it's been 3 months since you passed away and 10 years today that Grandpa Steffens passed away. I remember when he left here I felt about the same as I do today. He too suffered a long time with his illness. We hated seeing him that way just the same as it broke our hearts to watch you get weaker & weaker. We hated to see you go, but how you both suffered so. Your Dad & I attended a Memorial Service @ Hospice this week with some of your favorite nurses. It was truly great to see them all again even though the reason we met originally was such a painful one.

We've organized a Team Dan in your memory to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. There's 10 of your Family & Friends participating in the 24 Hr Relay for Life @ Rancho Cotate H.S. on June 4/5. Those of your family and friends not wallking are donating money. We got a late start but we're right on top of it. Bobby @ the 3 Cooks even dontated tonight. You touched a lot of people Dan. You probably never realized the impact you had on people.

I Love you Dan.
May 16, 2005
Hi Bro! How's it going??? I had dinner at mom's last night as usual and she asked me to install her Norton Antivirus. I hope I did okay...I tried to remember all the things you showed me on these damn things. I went to visit you today, it was a little hectic since they were having a service while I was there. I miss you terribly. When I have troubles I would most likely call you but now I am not too sure who too call. Your three month anniversary is coming up in a few days... it feels like it was just yesterday! I am reading a lot to pass the time...my focus always goes to my last images of you and Madison, but I guess that is the grieving part. Well Beavis, I gotta run...I love you so much!! Keep taking care of me. Love your SIS xoxox
May 14, 2005
Dear Dan- I know we haven't spoken much since our silly days in junior high.It was a while ago but I still remember it like yesterday. You were the class clown, the happiest person I've ever met.Every body just gravitated towards you, you have this energy around you that just made people want to be with you.God needed you. I know that everything that has happened has been beyond painful for every body that ever entered your life here on earth but I would like you to know that I am very grateful,for you have brought the best friend I could ever have in to my life.I tried my hardest to be there for your sweetheart as her world(you) was falling apart. I wish I could have seen you more than when you came to our store,but everytime I looked at you I could not hold myself together.I will always remember you for that huge beautiful smile you've always had,even when you were hurting the most.I will continue to be there for your sweetheart as she is always there for me.Please watch over her and visit her as much as possible for she misses you dearly.
May 10, 2005
Hey Beavis,
Well Mom made it through Mother's Day!! I know you helped her. She told me that she went to visit you on Sunday. I know you love the company. I miss you bro. I know Dad is on his way to see you today... he really misses you too. Take care of us Danny! It is so difficult here in this Hell Hole!! I wish I were living the good life with you and Maddie. Thank you for taking care of my little angel...I knew you would! Love you with all my heart.
Love Bissel
May 08, 2005
To My Favorite Little Guy: The one who made me a Mother and gave me my 1st Mother's Day in May 1982. I went to visit you today @ the cemetary. When I walked in, they had the theme song playing from an Officer & A Gentleman. You & I saw that movie together. I know it's one of your favorites. Paul's mom Hetty & Grandma Adams are coming for Sunday dinner tonite along with Chrissie & Mike. Your sister and I are trying to make it the best Mother's Day possible. Scott Media bought me a rose after Mother's Day mass today. Mary was there too. We're going to have them for Sunday dinner soon.

You know Dan, I thought the Mother's Day you were @ Los Gulicos was the worst ever but I never imagined this. A customer of mine complained the other day that her son lived out of state. I only wish that were true for me.

I love you Dan.
May 05, 2005
PS. Happy Cinco De Mayo!
May 05, 2005
Hey danny,
i miss you alot. i always look at your picture all of time. or at least every time i think about you which is always, so all of the time. Can you help me find a Current Event... THanks. Love, Kiddo
May 04, 2005
hey Dan, can you just sit here with me for a moment and cry with me. i'm sorry i couldn't talk to you earlyer. i know i spelled that word wrong but who cares! i really miss you a whole bunch...i cry every time i think about you. i love you very much! please help me with my tests that are coming up if you can...( i dont want you to get in trouble with God or anything) love you! Bye!!!
May 04, 2005
Hi Beavis Christ,
I cried today out of the blue. I was working, and just going about my own business when ROD STEWART's " FOREVER YOUNG" came on the radio. Whenever I hear that song it reminds me of you. We used to say that the song reminded us of David Hasselhoff running down the beach on BAYWATCH! I used too always laugh when I heard it and today I cried because if you were still here I would have called you and let you listen too it. I miss you Danny. Love you lots and I will talk to you soon!
April 27, 2005
Hello Beavis,
I was thinking about you a lot today, and wanted to chat with you! It is so neat how people can come here in hopes that you still have computer access to read this! The funny part is that you probably do. I always feel better when I am done. I went to visit you on Monday, and it was so peaceful. I went by myself, and cried...and laughed...and cried! Thank you for listening. The service for you on Saturday was beautiful. Mom is doing great with the computer. I think she is doing it all for you... you would be proud. I told her that it was okay too miss you but that she didn't have to turn into you. I went there last night and I walked into the house and all the lights were off and she was sitting(hibernated)at the computer. It was like walking into a room where you would be. I told her that if she had any questions she could call me because you tought me all there is to know. Thanks! We all miss you but you are in good hands now...you lucky dog! I love you.
Love, SIS
April 26, 2005
My Dear Daniel C: Saturday was a dificult day for many of us. You're at your final resting place, next to Grandpa Adams. I miss not having you home with me. During the whole service, the sun shined so brightly on you, even though it was mostly overcast outside. I will try to get to Mt. Tamalpais cemetery as often as I can. Dad presented the 2 Grandmas, Chrissie, Amanda, Auntie B & I with an 8x10 photo of you. I have it framed on the top of the computer cabinet so I can see it every time I pass your room. Aunt Char & Uncle Brad have given me their Dell. The only condition is that if I ever upgrade, I'll return it to them. I also kept your DSL and am learning how to navigate the informational highway. There were some problems reconnecting the service but you may have had something to do with it getting it up & running. Their system was down & the SBC tech was going to have to return at another time. He left it running & 10 min after he left, I tried it again & BINGO I'm in! Thank you.
April 23, 2005
Hey Dan,
I haven't talked to your sister in while. I can only guess at how much she's missing you. My daughter's been gone 3 months now, which is how long Maddie had been gone when you and your family came into my life. Are you watching out for them Dan? I hope so, take care of them and hold Maddie and Alice in your arms until Chrissie and Mike and Theodore and I are there. I'm so sad I never met you in this life, but I know that when we meet one day, we will recognize each other, and smile. Take care of the little girls Dan, and we'll do our best down here knowing that they're safe.
April 23, 2005
My Best Friend & Son:
Today was a special day for you and our families as we placed you comfortably next to your Grandpa Adams. We paid tribute to your life on earth and the hereafter. I feel your presence from time-to-time and thank you for looking over me as I navigate through a world without your wit and smile! I love you with every inch of my body and heart.
April 16, 2005
Hey Dan,

I haven't written because I just didn't know how to begin... I miss you very much and I'm glad I got to tell you how much you meant to me. I told your Mom a few weeks back that one of the things I admired most about you was that you never looked back, you just lived in the moment. And living was something you got to do more intensely during your last few months than most of us will ever achieve with longer lifespans. Thanks for teaching us how!

Love you,
Aunt B
April 16, 2005
Dan, I can't describe how much we all miss you. I remember all the fun times we had in school together and then again when Mike and Chrissie started dating. I am thankful to have her in my life, she has become such a close and dear friend. I promise I will look out for her and be there for her. We have so much fun together, but we often talk of you and Maddie, you are so great with her, I bet you are together 24 7! We know that you wanted to go sky diving before you past and was unable to, a group of us has decided to do it for you on your birthday this year! I am really nervous to do it but I will be thinking of you to get me through it. Chrissie will too, I know you will be with her so you can enjoy it. We miss you alot Dan, and Maddie, I know you two are together and make eachother smile. Lots of Love Tiffany
April 15, 2005
A moment doesn't pass that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. Your absence in my life is painful and has created a lasting void. I long for the day we are reunited again. I visit your photo album each and every day and relive our many journeys. God bless you and I hope your new life is without pain and discomfort.
April 13, 2005
Good morning Sweetheart; you were finally in my dreams last night. this is only the second time, and this time i got to see you and last time i was just running around in my dream looking for you. i just wanted to tell you that i love you and to keep on telling me you love me too.
April 08, 2005
sweetheart, I love you. You will be on my mind alot today. As today should make me sad, I keep thinking about you and how I know that you still love me and show me so. thank you for that sweetheart I know that you know how much I need it. I love you.
March 28, 2005
Happy Easter Beavis!
I didn't get too write you yesterday, since I didn't have access to a computer! I miss you a lot. Did you take baby Madison on an Easter Egg hunt? I know you guys had a great time. I heard from you a lot yesterday. I knew that you had come to visit. I felt very lucky. I lost my charm bracelet yesterday... and that threw me into a panic. I wear it everyday because of you! I started going to counseling, so I know that you would be proud. You always told me to go... I am now! I love you Brother Hood of the Wolf. Take care.
Love your, Sis
March 27, 2005
Happy Easter Dan. It's a wet one today. Mass was dilfficult this morning because they sang a song from your funeral service which made me think of you. Sweetheart & Grandma S are at River-Rock Casino this afternoon. I'm sure Amanda is missing you too since that was one of your final destinations from your many road-trips. We love you Dan. XOXO
March 23, 2005
It has been a month since you moved on to your new surroundings and little has changed in how sad I am in adjusting to the void that has been left behind. I miss terribly the road trips we experienced and the time we shared together. We were blessed with your presence this last week while having your urn in our living room. Shortly, you will be in your final resting place next to Grandpa Adams. God bless you Danny and know that you are missed by so many people. With all our love,
March 21, 2005
To "My Favorite Little Guy" I blasted the radio coming home from work tonite. They were playing Archie Bell & the Drell's "Tighten Up"! We sure would all enjoy that song when it came on the radio. I miss you Dan. It's been a month already and some days I get by okay and then others...I'm not sure how I'll get through the day. I probably think of you at least a dozen times a day. So many images of you pop into my mind throughout the day. Spooky misses you too. Her newest spot is on your futon nestled right up to your sweatshirts. Peace be with you Daniel son.
March 12, 2005
Hey Danny,
I'm so sad today, it's so hard to make it through the days with the people we love gone. I'm just writing to ask you to give a kiss to Alice for me. I miss her so much. Please watch over her and tell her that her Mommy's ok, just having a hard day, and that Mommy has to cry every once in a while to help with the grieving. Oh God, Danny, take care of my little girl.
March 12, 2005
To My Favorite Little Guy:

Don't ask me how I got here but you probably already know. You must of had something to do with it. I'm sending you this note from the computer in your room. I was missing you something terribly this week. I know Bissel gets a lot of satisfaction talking to you and Baby Madison via the net. I was feeling lonely tonite without you so I logged on (only took me about 45 mins to get to the site.) You knew eventually I would have to overcome this fear of the computer. I would of preferred having you with me to guide me. We never spent that much time together training me. I do recall watching over your shoulder while you played Everquest or scrolling thru music and playing songs you knew I'd enjoy. I was at Walgreens yesterday & heard PinkFloyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and immediately thought of you.

I returned to work this week and it wasn't easy. It's very hard to get focused and concentrate when all I think about is how different everyone of our lives are since you've gone. I contemplated having lunch at the park up the hill from the Bank but it brought me sadness because the last time I ate there was with you this summer. I really enjoyed those short lunches and checking in with you mid-day.

Thank you for helping me discover the internet tonite Danny. I love you.

March 09, 2005
Why did you have to go? I know you left too take care of Maddie, but we miss you so much! Life is so wrong with out you. It is hard to make any meaning of it. This isn't fair. Why wasn't it me? Why couldn't I take your place? I hurt with out you! Please take care of my little angel. I love you Dan!

Love Biss
March 07, 2005
Hey Dan,
So many people down here miss you and love you so much. I don't know why you had to leave when you did. People say it was "your time" but what does that really mean? How can it be someone's time when they're only 23 years or 4 months or 2 months? It's so hard to let go of anyone, but especially when they're so young. Please ask God to give us the answers Dan, and in the meantime, look after our little girls.
March 04, 2005
Hi Dan,
We never met, although I wanted to, time just ran out, as it so often does, and what is left is regret. I am so sad I never got the chance to meet you, to know you. Even though that is the case, you have done so much in my life. You made me realize once again how short our time really is. Because of you I have met an incredible person whom I really care about. Because of your leaving you have once again drawn another bond between your family and mine. I will never forget that. Could you do me a favor Dan? Please could you fit another baby in your arms? For I know you are already holding Madison, but please look around, she has another little friend, whose name is Alice.......
March 03, 2005
My Dearest Brother,
I can't describe the pain that I feel. You are gone, out of my life forever, but I think of you as often as I think of Madison. I miss you. I ache for our parents Danny. They hurt for the both of us. I don't know what life will be like without you here, for I haven't started living. I wake up every morning hoping that this is all a bad dream and you will be with us again holding my darling angel. Please talk to me Danny, I miss your voice saying " Hey Beavis." Tell Maddie to say hello to me, and take good care of her as you did when you and her were both here. I will be forever greatful for you Brother, I believe you chose your road to stand by your niece, your only niece and my daughter. I love you brotherhood of the wolf, Love your Ya Ya sisterhood.
February 27, 2005

You and I haven't talked since I joined the military right after high school. I will never forget you brother. The good times, and the bad times, we had them all. You were one of the people I was hoping to see at our future high school reunions, and I assure you, you will be sorely missed. No one could capture the attention of so many people at once as you could with your vibrant personality. Let me know how things are going up there pal. I deeply regret that I could not have talked to you before you had to leave us. I wish your family the very best; they deserve it since you are gone now. Peace be with you, man.
February 27, 2005
My Couragious Son,

Your time on Earth appears short in comparison to our lives but the time we shared is immeasurable. Your compassion for others was one of your strongest attributes and you have made me the proudest parent in the universe! You battled bravely this thing they call cancer and my hope is that there is a more peaceful resting place for you in your new surroundings. Forever gone but never forgotten. God bless you Dan!!!
February 25, 2005
Thankfully, you are beyond the pain and constraints of this world and looking down upon us who loved you so dearly, making our lives better daily by showing us wrong from right, helping us to second guess and lend a helping hand, the "Dan Adams" way when we would normally deal with it in some other way, had it not been for your memory to keep fresh in my mind that I live every last breath for and in tribute to you.

May I do something good for you and those you loved from every hour to every minute that they might need it, I do it all in devotional service to you, my dear friend.

Hope they got a Top Loader up there for you, brother!

Rest Dearly In Peace,
I really Love you buddy!
February 24, 2005
Dear Adams Family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I was a friend of Dan's in highschool and I will always remember what an incredibly amazing person he was.I will definately miss him and his strong personality.He will definately be missed by alot of our fellow classmates.

February 24, 2005
Danny Boy...as your dear sweet Grandma Ellie likes to call you. Sweet, sweet angel. Peace at last. No more pain, suffering, loneliness. You have beaten this illness and conquered the prize, eternal life with God Our Heavenly Father. As we pray to you please remember to pray for us- your family, friends, Ellie, and your St. Joseph Church family. Rest in sweet peace. God be with you.

Janet & family~
Shane, Ben, Erin, Jennifer
February 24, 2005
Lynda and Family,
We are so very sorry for your tragic loss. Danny fought the good fight, lived the last months of his live with dignity, grace and a spirit which will remain with all who are close to him forever. At last he is pain-free, holding Maddie and sitting as a guardian angel on the shoulders of all those he loved...
A poem I once read is as follows which signifies to me the last wonderful journey Danny has taken...

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things you have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung my eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long, delirious burning blue I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace where never lark, or even eagle flew. And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod the high untrespassed sanctity of space, put out my hand, and touched the face of God."

We love you, Lynda, and will always be there fore you...

Robin and Ashley Thomas
February 24, 2005
Danny C...

I love you. How can I know what to say? I don't even know if this is the place to say it, but I've always remembered you as my best friend, the boy I grew up with. I will miss you.

Sethie E.
February 23, 2005
Oh My Sweet Danny,

How I will miss you!
I know you are in a better place, and no more horrible medication or pain to deal with.
Best of all, NO MORE CANCER!!
I'm wondering if you can hear me, because I want you to know how much I love you.
Our family won't be the same without you.
I will never forget you!
You are my Godson,
my only nephew,
and my very good friend.
I don't know if you realize how proud I am of you.
I think the "C" in your name must stand for courageous and caring. Danny,how will I ever put you to rest?
You are like my own child!!!
I love you so...
We will be together again, but in the meantime keep talking to me.
I need to hear you!!

Auntie "M"
February 23, 2005
I've loved your Mom like a sister for many years, and I have loved you since your birth. I surely will miss your presence in my life and I know I also speak for my family, Tim and Mr Chuck. How wonderful it was to share pancakes with you on New Year's Day; it was just like old times. I've always loved Chrissie, too; and I have grown to love Amanda because of the love and devotion she has for you; and Mike because of the loving father he was (and will be again), and the partner he is to Chrissie. This is a sad goodbye for us all, but I hope and pray that you are free from pain and that you are enjoying your new life with our heavenly Father. Look down on us with good memories; those are the ones I have of you. Love from the three of us.
February 23, 2005
Danny, I am at a loss for words. We all will miss you so much, I keep thinking that you are now with Maddie and taking care of each other, in a happier place and feeling so much better. Your family is very strong I promise to be there for them as best as I can, I will look out for Chrissy, and will be there for her. You left behind a lot of memories to make us laugh down to the end, we love you and miss you!
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