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February 23, 2018

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February 23, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed.

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March 10, 2013
Hank, I really appreciate you coming to my Dad John Mellos service..I know how hard it was but I want to extend my deepest sympathy to you and your kids..I pray for you all to also find some kind of peace in the midst of a senseless tragedy. Keep the memories alive and keep pressing on for your children..easier said than done..I know.
October 08, 2012
Suzanne was a wonderful and caring person, a woman of many talents. What I remember and treasure most are the experiences she and I shared through our pregnancies, as new moms, and all we went through to create our families.

Suzanne was a good friend -- I could share anything with her, and she would listen, offering her support and advice. We had many good talks and shared lots of laughs. I feel very lucky to have known her. My heart goes out to Hank, Malcolm, Evelyn, and the rest of Suzanne's family.
October 07, 2012
I was a student in Suzanne's meteorology class. She was patient, kind and extraordinarily precise. Suzanne deeply cared that her class understood the materials. I appreciated the painstaking effort she put forth into teaching the class. She was a favorite professor of mine and many others in the community.

I knew her as a brilliant scientist who I will continue to look up to. My heart goes out to her family in this astonishing loss.
October 06, 2012
I was a student in Suzie's meteorology class at C.R. She was a great teacher and I have nothing but good memories of both Suzie and the class she taught. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.
October 06, 2012
Suzie was such an impressive person and mother. I remember running with her in Yosemite. She blew me off the trail. She will be missed. So sorry for your family's loss.
October 05, 2012

My wife Carol and I extend our deepest sympathy to you and your children, upon the loss of your beloved wife and mother - Suzie.

I had the privilege of meeting Suzanne in 1999-2000 during her participation at a winter weather conference held at the NWS office in Dousman, Wisconsin. It didn't take me long to realize that Suzanne was an extremely intelligent and gifted researcher. Nonetheless, Suzanne was easy to talk to and patiently explained some basic concepts to me (a non-meteorologist) in terms that even I could understand. It is no surprise to me that Suzanne was able to teach and guide so many, and still was able to do such a great job raising two young children.

I know words cannot express the depth of your grief, or the emptiness and sorrow that your children are feeling. I also lost my mother (to illness) when I was very young. Malcolm and Evelyn will need your continued strength and love, now more than ever, and also the love and support of your extended family.

You and the children will cherish the memories of Suzie - that wonderful wife and mother, a terrific person that did so much to educate and improve the lives of others. Thank You, Suzie!

As an avid canoe-camper/fisherman, I share your and Suzie's love of the outdoors. My faith and belief in God is cemented by my family's participation in self-guided wilderness trips, experiencing first-hand the beauty and diversity of God's creations. Suzie is preparing a tent pad for you in a better place - Heaven, which is really a very large 5-star campsite!

Our prayers are with you, Malcolm, Evelyn, and all your loved ones.

Kim Licitar, NWS (retired)
October 04, 2012

Dear Hank, Malcolm, and Evelyn, and extended family of Suzie,

You and she are constantly in our thoughts and our hearts. We are holding you and our memories of Suzie so close in our hearts as we grapple with the incredible loss of her. We wanted to share some of the ways we have cherished Suzie and your family. I know your hearts are aching with the loss of your mom, Malcolm and Evelyn, your soul mate, Hank, and, for all of the Seemans, Wetzels, and extended family, the loss of such a strong, smart, and really amazing woman/daughter/friend/niece… We are so, so, sorry this unthinkable, terrible accident has happened. Suzie still had so much more living to do. She is an irreplaceable gem.

We are very sad with the thought that we are not there now and will not be there this weekend to help, to be with you, and to celebrate Suzie with you and others who so loved her. We will be with you in spirit this weekend. Know that we are so here for you and always available to talk and to come there for a longer stay when it feels right for you.

We so, so loved our time with all of you, Malcolm, Evelyn, and Hank, this past August in California, and were especially happy that we got to celebrate Suzie's birthday together at Lassen… that fabulous, most perfect hike up the Manzanita Creek trail, walking and talking along the way… being out in nature with you all, and our boys concocting their lichen project, and some fun word play (always).

I just wanted to share some of what I will miss so much about Suz. First, I just have to state so emphatically something as you already know: Suzie was such a lover of life. And, of all that she embraced on this planet, her love for the three of you, Hank, Ev, and Malcolm, was immense. She loved you with every fiber of her body. I know you know this. I wanted to tell you how much I admired the many ways she exuded this great love: through genuine care and respect of your ideas, through careful listening to you and being responsive to your passions, your interests, your preferences, and planning…

A gift Suzie has left with me is to live as the very present, conscious and gentle parent she was with you, Malcolm and Ev… I will miss parenting along side her, learning with her, and our many, many conversations—talking through books on parenting and other topics of shared interest, exchanging good chapter book recommendations for Nick and for you, Malcolm. A vivid memory of just this sort of chat was last August: me walking around the garden in Petrolia…. we talked through recent good reads you, Malcolm, or Nick had enjoyed, and what else was out there for you two book worms. I loved this connection we had so much…. Eventually after a long chat, it would be time for one or both of us to turn to our kids… maybe Nick called me inside or Suzie needed to run because Ev was ready to play….

I learned so much from Suzie.

Since meeting at the Arcata Community Center to start off Malcolm and Nick's preschool year at the Child Development Lab, our families so easily wove together through hiking and tennis, dinners, and games, camping and swimming, both in Arcata and in Petrolia…

So many Friday nights on our way back to Petrolia, I'd swing by to scoop up Nick from playing at your house after school… Suzie and Ev would at the stove cooking. Evie was often eating olives or whatever tasty morsel of the dinner being cooked, while Nick and Malcolm were ensconced upstairs in their Lego world. Usually we'd end up staying for dinner and Hank would join. We'd fit in one last game, some ice cream… and Nick and I would be one our way ‘til next week, our next plan to the pool maybe or a bike ride to the farm…

When we suffered series of lost pregnancies, Suzie was right there, dropping by to our little nest in Arcata with a potted daisy, sending notes, talking and talking with me. She understood and listened to me fully… took Nick on his first night away from us— and we knew and trusted completely that he felt loved and safe in your home.

When Nick was little and I was busily trying to finish my dissertation and teach a class at HSU, Suzie would pick up both boys on Wednesdays until I could get there. What a gift it was to me to know that Nick was her loving care. Nick always loved to being with Suzie and felt fully at home in the fun, safe, calm, and kind and deeply nurturing vibe she joyfully created for and with all of you…always a fun project in the midst--a Rube Goldberg inspired maze—a gardening plan, or knitting project going on… Suzie brought such a thorough, thoughtful, gentle, and detail oriented vigor to parenting and life, really. She would bring Nick into the fold and ask him questions, deeply listening to his perspectives and ideas, just as she would with both of you, M & E.

Suzie was so organized, thoughtfully planned, and always followed through... She was a friend we could always count on. When we were back and forth between Petrolia and Arcata, she was instrumental in helping us feel we had a landing pad in town and meaningful connections. We loved also that she'd usually figure out a way to get down to Petrolia. Do you remember, Malcolm, our late night with legos and Donovan the art teacher, when you, your mom, and Ev came to camp at our house?

I admired and loved all of this about Suzie and so much more…

We have such a lovely last memory of a tied soccer game on your front lawn… our two families settling down post game for some sharing of puns, water, and last moments before we left for the east coast. Nick remembered with some bittersweetness, that we all agreed we'd be back for another round next year.

We already were missing your family since moving to Rhode Island, but now the missing is heartbreaking. Know that we love you and here for you. We share a really special past, full of warm, beautiful memories together as families… our dear Suzie will live on in so many, many ways. We look forward to continuing to build memories together, bringing the heart and soul of Suzie's zest, her vivid, creative, gentle, warm, positive, inquisitiveness, her love or nature and active interaction with us with us out into the world. There will be many more soccer games, hikes, swimming, tennis, chess, and Uno games together… and so much more, but we will sorely miss our Suzie. I can hear her voice now, saying “Evie” and “Malcolm” and “yes!” and “Hi Nick!” I can hear her so perfectly… I will just miss so much about living in the world lit Suzie up.

Much love and deepest sympathies,

Jen, with Nicholas and Seth sending their love too….
October 04, 2012
Dear Hank, Malcolm and Evelyn, my heart breaks for you and your families. I had the honor to share the most important part of my life with Suzie, while we lived in Madison. When I think of her love, passions, dedication, and her sweet, loving smile I try go beyond my dismay, my anger, my sadness. She will always be an inspiration for me, to reach forward, to help others, to enjoy nature, and to find happiness in small things.
October 03, 2012
Our sincere condolences to Hank and his family from Winston, Bonnie and Aaron Kavanaugh.
October 03, 2012
I am at a loss to describe Suzie's presence in my life. She was always giving, cared for others deeply and made sure they were included in her daily life. If it was not for Suzie, I doubt I would be swimming now! I ran with her, once, she was far stronger, but slowed down and ran with me the entire time. There are few Suzie's in our lives, but I was blessed to have her as a friend. For those that she left behind, her life was too short, but he example was long-lasting. I prayer for healing and strength to her family and friends.

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December, 2010, Eva and Marci visited the family in Eureka.

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