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May 25, 2015

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May 25, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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May 16, 2015
I love you and miss you so Much.. Still Is so unreal... Its so Hard without you. I look at your smiling face everyday. I love you daddy :)
May 03, 2015
Hi daddy.... Well Its that time. One year has passed that you are not hear with us. This has been the hardest weekend week ever!! Never in my life did I think that it would be like reliving last year all over again. I came to see you on Saturday~ Knowing that your really not there you are all around me. I sat with you for what seemed liked not a long time but I sat with you long enough to get a sunburn :) I sat and talked and laughed and cried!! Cried my eyes out!! Daddy we all miss you so much ... Our lives are not the same. I opened your box on Saturday and went through all of your stuff I just cant believe that you are not here.. Mom misses like crazy!! She is trying to hard but she has her days Please watch over her!! She needs you. I Love you my daddy and I know that you love me too!! kiss kiss kiss to you !!
April 17, 2015
Hi MY DADDY!!! God I miss you!! I cant believe its almost a year ago that you left us.........It has gone by so fast.. The last pic you and I took together was on the 15th of this month, I look at it every day and I cry, because I miss you so much, Tomorrow is a day that I will remember forever because I was on my way to you and you called my phone~ I answered and asked what was wrong? You asked me if I was on my way? I said yes why? and you said because i am lonely.... Every time I get on that exit and drive that way I remember that and I will never forget that day or you!!!!! I love you daddy Always!!!!!!
March 08, 2015
Hi Daddy I want to start by saying A HUGE Thank YOU for the sign that you showed me on Thursday Morning during the storm .. It was absolutley Beautiful.. I wasnt able to take a picture of it, but it is forever etched in my brain!! :) Daddy This week has been a very trying and stressful week. I had to do something that has broken me.. I have lost someone in my life that I thought was a very close friend.. But guess what~ she wasn't.. I am so sad , hurt,mad angry all of it. I am beside myself with it. But I do want to thank you for giving me the Strength and courage that I needed to do what I had to do. I love you Daddy and I miss you sooooooo Much.... The pain is still Like it was Yesterday.. I love you Always.. Kiss Kiss Kiss to you .. xoxoox
February 14, 2015
Hi my daddy, so where do I begin?? Last month was one of the hardest months outside of the holidays. With it being your 50th wedding anniversary, and your 71 st birthday.... Let alone everyone elses
birthday!! And then comes February and ALL this Snow!! Daddy!! My lord I know that you wouldn't be happy with all of this snow... So today is Valentines day, I have A lot of memories from past Valentine day's. You would always come home from work after driving all day long with Valentines for Mommy, me and Jason. I can See myself sitting on the stairs waiting for you to walk through the door with The little red heart shaped boxes with 4 Chocolates inside, and there was always a Little toy attached to the top of the heart.. When I go into the stores and see the little valentine boxes I am always reminded of you.... I love you my daddy and miss you terribly.... Kiss Kiss Kiss to you.... I love you ALWAYS ........... It Just still hurts so badly <3 <3
January 03, 2015
Every time I come to this site I see your smile and it makes me smile but it also makes me sad, because I miss it so much!! Hi Daddy, Well The holidays are over , It's a new year and yesterday was 8 months that you have been gone!! It has gone by so fast I cant even believe it. The holidays were so hard. For the first time in years Sarah and I spent Christmas Eve with Mom , Jason Cindy & Brett. It was Great and bittersweet all at once because you were not there. You were missed Terribly.. AS you are every single day!! I am hoping that it starts to get easier, but the pain in my heart hurts just as much as it did on May 2nd 2014 @ 10:15 P.M. I love and miss you so much daddy! Forever and always, Kiss , Kiss, Kiss!!
December 24, 2014
Hi Uncle,
just thinking about Christmas Eves of years gone by. How I loved those nights at Grandma and Grandpa's with all of us there. I'll never forgot my boy's first Christmas. I see the two of you in my mind as if it were only yesterday. He had on his red, terry Christmas pajamas. Wasn't he a beautiful baby? He needed to be changed and you jumped up and said you'd do. I have a picture of you with that huge, dimpled smile of yours looking at the baby and he looking right back into your eyes. Merry Christmas Uncle Joey. Miss you forever.xo
December 23, 2014
You know it's so hard, I cant even begin to tell the heartache that I have, That we all Have. You are missed so much. You touched so many lives! Things are so different without you. The holidays birthdays all of it. But I have to say that A New year is right around the corner, and I know that you would want all of us to make it A Great New Year. So my promise to you is that I am going to try my hardest to do that. I miss you so much Daddy It hurts so bad. I love you Forever! Kiss Kiss Kiss, Merry Christmas in Heaven Daddy I love you..
December 08, 2014
Hi Daddy, Thinking about you soo much!! This time of year is so hard. I went today and got you 2 special ornaments for my tree. One of the hardest things I have ever done. I wanted them to be perfect... For you.. The flowers on the stone are Beautiful, but we have been having such crazy winds and rain and BLAH!! I hope they stay.. But you know me I will go back to make sure they are just right.. (that's my o.c.d I get from you) :) Not a day goes by that I don't Talk to you . Just wish I could hear you again. We Love you and miss you soooooooooooooooo Much!! We always will!! I love you Daddy Forever <3 <3
November 25, 2014
Hi my Daddy, It's that time of the year, The holiday season . It was your favorite time for All the Good food. I know how much you loved Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and the leftovers!! Mommy and I were talking about that today because she is making 5 chocolate Cream pies Your Favorite!!! I remember how you and I would always fight over who would get the last piece!! :)~ (you always won!! ) Daddy I cant stop thinking about you, I think this is going to be the hardest Holiday season ever!!!!!!!!!! I miss you so much!!!

Love your Favorite Daughter Ever !! I love you daddy Always Kiss Kiss Kiss Always

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I saw this Picture and it made me think of you. I think it's because it's so beautiful and peacful, And where you are now is that way also. I love you My Favorite!!  Love you daddy!!

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