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August 04, 2015

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August 04, 2015

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 04, 2015
Happy Sisters day was yesterday and you were in my thoughts and prayers. You were in my dreams too!
I love and miss you as always thanks for the pennies
Love Karen xxo
August 03, 2015
Hi Mom,
Just saying hello, you know.. the 3rd. Of course I've been working with the brothers and it's hot out! We are going to see the Fantastic Four Thursday night and I can't wait, love seeing the hero movies with the two guys that hooked me on this whole superhero life style.
Of course I know that Jesus is the only real super hero and you get to hang out with him that's awesome! I miss you every day but I'm not sad because I know you are as good as you can get and as happy as you could be. That's why He died for us, so we can get into heaven and live for ever and truly be at peace without pain in our bodies or worry in our hearts. I know you had a place in getting Dave the job so thank you for that, he's going to love here and if he likes it he will never have to look for work again! You are our rock Ma!! love you always and I will see you again.. we all will.
June 03, 2015
Hi Mom,
We played cards at Mike's house the other day, good times! good food! and It looked like I might even win for a bit but Kathy ended up taking my stash. Donny got it all in the end when him and Kathy went at it - all in on their last hand. I picked up a scooter for the short ride to work and so I can see Baily at lunch time. please watch over me a little extra and keep me safe on this thing. We all still miss you like it was yesterday. May God pour out blessings on you as you enjoy his heaven. love you Mom!!
May 14, 2015
Hi Mom! Happy Mothers Day! Happy Birthday! I love you! I miss you! I'm so lucky you gave me my brothers to spend your days with or I would sit around moping all day. I'm still happy for all the other moms out there, it's called Mother's Day for a reason. Of course Ant took us to Twin Oke's on your birthday and of course I got the turkey plate. We have a good time talking about you and all the things you did for and with us when we were little and say things like "I Can't Wait Till You Have Your Own, than you will understand". Mom I understand! You were so right about it all. I will cuddle up to your gray blanket when I think of you because it was the last gift I ever gave you before losing you to heaven. I'm happy knowing that you are with Jesus and he will guide you into forever or at least till I get there. LOVE and THOUGHTS ALWAYS, from your favorite son.
May 11, 2015
Hi sis I got your penny from heaven yesterday on my walk as always I point to the sky.
miss you and hoping you had a great day yesterday.
RIP my beautiful big sister, love you.
May 11, 2015
I miss you Joyce. xo
May 09, 2015
hi mom, well here it, this has to be the worst weekend since the day you went home to heaven. Your birthday and Mother's Day fall on the same day. Me and anthony are having a lot of trouble dealing with this time. Not having you here to see or hug or talk to, is not getting easier, missing you is something I do every day, and the people that still have their mom here, I tell them to call and go see her all the time because they will be in my position one day where I can't go and see you or call you. I wish everyday that you were still here. So we found 2 birth certificates for you, one for May 9th and one for May 10th , they both have the seal on them so you have a birthday today and tomorrow , that is cool, and if that was the case you would have been 146 years old when you died, and that would have put you in the world record book. I called auntie Kathy the other day and I told her she has been like a mom to us these past 2 years, I think she really liked hearing that, and on May 30 we are having a card game at cousin mikes, I know you will be there with us, but I feel you with me all the time. You have kept me on a pretty straight path these past two years, I don't know how you did it, because when you were alive I was kind of wild but you know that already, i think Toni appreciates the work you are doing in me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a beautiful Mother's Day , I will be thinking about you like I always do, but more so tomorrow, when these days like tomorrow and on the 3rd of every month, my mind starts to... I can't explain what happens to me but I change for a little while , anyway, I love you mom more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow, enjoy your paradise with God and I can't wait to be with you, love david
March 27, 2015
Hi Joyce,
Jan is having surgery today so if you could look over her and give her your strength.
May she have a speedy recovery!
You know about Bo so you can hang out together. Blessings for Barbara too.
I miss you and love you today and everyday. David called and it was so nice to hear from him.
Rest in Peace
March 26, 2015
Hi Mom, I Miss you! & I Love you!
We got some bad news today about BO your old smoking buddy. Bo passed away yesterday from lung cancer, I think it's very sad. I know him and Barbara were very close to you and loved you very much. In my eyes they helped take care of you and helped you out by renting you the apartment, the food they use to always bring over to you, the company they would provide you with. Now that I see that I did not visit you even a fraction of the times I should have. You some how kept your cancer from me or I would have been there all the time or made you move in my house had we known. I should have been there for you,we all would have been. I look at your web page every morning to read any posts and just to see your face, that beautiful face. I'm so glad this page is here it's kind of like being able to text you in heaven. MISS AND LOVE YOU ALWAYS MA, YOUR STILL THE BEST!
March 04, 2015
Thanks for another great day!
They didn't have many nickel slots, mostly 1,2 & 25 cent, but thanks for lettinge win on the one I found!
Love Ant

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