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August 29, 2014

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August 29, 2014

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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August 27, 2014
Hi sis thinking of you and missing you and hearing your voice and laughter. Had a super fun vaca/family reunion in Florida. Sarah's wedding was abfab and you would have loved it. I just read your sons post and it is so touching and sweet. You would be so proud of them as they have become closer which is awesome. You are missed and loved very much. I am still finding the pennies from heaven that you are sending. I kiss the sky everytime I find one. Our family is well and everyone looks great. Hope you are having a good time with Mom,Dad,Larry and Donna. Love you always. Karen ??????????????????????
August 20, 2014
Hi Mom,
It took me a long time to write in this book but I haven't seen anything entered in a long time so here I am. It breaks my heart to open your website book and not see people talking to you. Your friend Melissa looks you up and e-chats with me sometimes. I look at it every day 1st thing when I get online. No one could ever love me like you did! No one could ever love you like I did! (sorry Ant & Dave). Mom I miss you so much even though I talk to you every day. It's like you and God are both in the same place in my heart now so I talk to both of you all day long. I'm so sorry that I have not made any entries till now but it's hard to put any thing in words when it comes to you. You are simply the BEST… Mom, Friend, Provider of food, water, clothes, home, and security, Advise Giver, Care Giver, Cooker, Cleaner, Boo boo fixer upper, Taxi, ATM, Police, Fire, and Rescue services, just the Best everything. You cared for all of us unconditionally all the time, you backed us up no matter what without ever thinking about yourself. You worked so hard and so much and all I did was call you up at work all night long saying me belly doesn't feel good when your not home. Well my belly is all better now, but my heart doesn't feel so good now that you're not on Earth with us any more. I just want so bad to just come up there and give you a great big hug and a big kiss on that beautiful face that I miss so greatly. It sure helps when my brothers and I are together. Ant has a special talent for keeping people busy and Dave has a special talent for saying things in such a way or keeping it to himself if he thinks it will hurt me some how. It's great to see them all the time and NO it's not always for work… Know this Mom; nothing will ever come between your sons, ever! You taught us to be good people and raised us perfectly! I don't know how many times I came home to you saying another person told me to tell you that you did a great job raising me.
Thank You Mom!
I want to thank everyone that writes and/or reads in my Moms book.
Please revisit anytime and feel free to leave a few words or photos if you like, I'm sure MOM won't mind.
May 13, 2014
Joyce, this candle is for all the joy you brought to my life. Thank you for all of your words of wisdom and all the laughs we shared. Love, melissa
May 13, 2014
Dear Joyce, happy birthday my friend!!!! I miss you so much. There are so many things I only wish I could call you and ask what you think because you always helped make good decisions. You were such a good listener too. I know god is taking good care of you and all my family members. You know this life is not easy and when its my time I know you will be there waiting for me again. I love you Joyce. Love, melissa
May 11, 2014
I'm telling everyone that I talk to, that my Mother is so awesome, that they named a day after you-
Happy Mothers Day!
I checked up on my baby brothers today & of course they checked up on me, too.
Lynn went to see her mom today.
I went to help out the guys at my Club in our old neighborhood where we were all born.
We did a bunch of work to fix up the place. All the guys there today lost their Moms.
I told them that I didn't lose my Mom
because you are always with me.
Love your little Anthony.
May 11, 2014
Dear Joyce, This candle is for your birthday and mother's day. You were a great sister and a great mom! You are truly loved and missed. I called David yesterday and made him laugh and I heard your laugh too! I know you are watching over us. RIP
PS Say hi to Frank!
May 10, 2014
Happy Birthday Mommy.
I love my brothers but.......
David wrote that we loved everything that you cooked.
I guess he forgot about THE PEA SOUP !
it looked & smelled like the stuff on the bottom of the pools we do. ew.
I wished I some right now !
thank you for all help & support that you have been giving us.
We could never get by without your love.
Going to dinner soon with the whole family.
There will be lots of laughs I'm sure.
See you there.
Love Always
May 10, 2014
happy birthday mom! today you would have been 74 here on earth, but you are in paradise with God, so you will never age again, never feel pain or loss, just love and peace. this is one of the hardest weekends because your birthday and mother's day are always together. i miss you more every day, and i know i always say it, but it is true. Today we are all going to twin oaks to celebrate your birthday, we were supposed to go to angelo's, but plans got messed up. We know those were your two favorite places to eat.i was talking to someone at work the other day, about how much things were different when we were kids as compared to now. i remember you use to let us go out and play all day, every day, rain or shine you sent us out. we never got sick because we were always out so our bodies built an immunity to everything, and to this day i am never sick. but what i was getting at was we were never in the house except to eat, sleep, let you know we were ok, and to get a hug and kiss. but if we didn't come when you called us, that's when we knew we were in trouble, so we knew to come running, besides we loved everything that you cooked. being a kid, with you as a mom was the best time of my life, i miss you as a mom right now, to be here and hear your voice and feel your hugs. i always look at mother's day cards and always seem to find the perfect one that i would give to you, and then realize you are not physically here to read it. but i know you can read everything in my heart. i hope you have a wonderful birthday and mother's day up there in heaven, and know that you are truly missed here. i love you david
April 04, 2014
hi mom, spring is finally here. it has been a long cold winter and not having you here has made it much longer and much colder. last night me and my brothers spent your 13 month anniversary at the movies watching captain america. it was a really good movie. it was great spending that time with them, i think we seem to be doing it more often, and i know that's what you would want.speaking of captain america, i remember being maybe 11 or 12, anthony would bring home our comics for me to read, and i would lay on the bed until i read them all, you would always check on me and say "are you alive in there", because you didn't hear a peep out of me. last night ant was talking about when he dressed as captain america, went to the comic show, they put his picture in the paper, and you were like what, they put your last name in the paper! i know almost every time i write to you, i have a story from when i was a kid. you were just the greatest mom, you let us be kids, as long as were weren't bleeding or killing each other, you were fine with everything. i could never go back and say i wish i had done something different as a kid, because you gave us all we ever needed. but as an adult, i wish i could go back(lolol). we are going to auntie kathy's tomorrow night to play some cards and have a lot of that amazing food that she makes, i know you wouldn't miss it, so i will feel you there, just like i feel you everywhere i go.the other day i though about calling you for something, then i remembered you probably wouldn't answer your phone. it's a weird feeling knowing that i want to call, then also knowing that i can't. some days are much better than others, i get those few days a week where i just want my mom, so i would call ant, and we are soo much alike, because he would say, i almost called mom too. thank you for giving me my two brothers, without them, things would be much more difficult. i love you mom, i can't wait to come to paradise to be with you and God. oh, before i go , softball starts on april 21, so make sure you clear your schedule, i need my mom watching over me and my team, no injuries, but a lot of winning. i love you david
April 03, 2014
Your in my thoughts and prayers. Love always Karen

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