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August 05, 2013
(This is the remembrance of Linda Patterson from the reception that followed the memorial service)

I am Linda Patterson.

I first met my future father in law when I was 16 years old and was going steady with his son. Dave and Lucie had invited me to go to dinner with their whole family in Chinatown. It was a fun experience, because when ordering a preset dinner with their large family, it came with all the extra dishes.

During dinner, my boyfriend's dad surprised me with a gift. He had bought it in one of little shops there, and I have kept it for nearly 50 years. The little box it came in says:

“Good Luck Purse
Put a penny in it and it will bring you good luck.”

Dave's dad gave me this silver dime to put in, so that I'd have 10 times the luck.
Next month his son and I will be married 46 years, so I'd say, it worked pretty well.

I knew early on that one of great things about marrying my husband was also getting his truly wonderful family.

My husband Dave & I lived at poverty level for most of the nine years that we lived in Married Student housing. But I always felt safe, because I knew that we had a safety net with Mom and Dad.

After a late show on Sunset Strip Blvd in Hollywood, my new young husband and I were horrified to find that our VW bug had been towed away. Dad got out of bed and drove all the way to Hollywood to get us.

When I was pregnant and we could not afford a working car, they loaned us theirs.

And they liked to find ways to feed us, like regularly taking their whole family and us to Mario's in Westwood for pizza and a movie. I loved that, Mom.

And they have continued to be there for us, with love and support, through out all of these years.

One of the many things I loved about Dad was his story telling. He had a good sense of humor and could laugh, even if the joke was on him.

My favorite story happened when Dad and his granddaughter Alissa, who was four years old at the time, were looking into a mirror together. She ask him in all earnestness, "Grandpa, what color was your hair before you we're fat"?

I am going to miss Dad and I am going to miss his stories. But I am keeping the memories.
August 04, 2013
(Below are my remembrances that I gave at the memorial on August 3, 2013)

I am David Andrew Patterson, with my given name coming my father and grandfather and my middle name coming from my great-grand father.

There is not time to talk in detail about all my father's positive characteristics, such as:
- The Red Cross recognized my Dad for donating literally gallons of his blood;
- He was elected an elder of his church at the tender age of 26;
- He would fix the door bell of a home-repair challenged friend;
- He rose to vice president in a company where only family members succeeded;
- He renegotiated service contracts as president of his condo to fund major enhancements that benefited all 300 units;
- He was a romantic who still called his wife of 66 years his Bride.

I am going to talk about him as a father. When you grow up as a boy, your Dad is often your hero. Some men learn later that their fathers had feet of clay. Not my Dad; he had feet of granite. His personality was polished via generations of upstanding Patterson men, who trace their roots all the way back to Scotland.

My father was a very hard worker. He had a full-time job to support his wife and infant son while going to community college full-time. When my parents moved here in 1951 for a better climate, a better job, and affordable housing, and we got a house near the beach. That meant he drove almost 50 miles six days a week, as he worked a half-day on Saturday. Sunday morning was church, which left Saturday and Sunday afternoons for home improvement projects. He also took classes at USC one or two nights a week. It took him 20 years to graduate, and his dedication made quite an impression on us. All four of his children all nine of his grandchildren graduated from college, with half of us earning advanced degrees. He retired at 67 after working 40+ years, but at 78, he started again halftime as the condo manager. This was the year after he had a heart attack and a quintuple bypass operation. He said the good news was that the commute was easy.

Dad was a natural athlete. He played basketball in high school, and became a pole-vaulter only because he saw a boy doing it and was sure he could vault higher. Which he did on his second try. As an adult, he loved tennis, skiing, backpacking, and fishing. He built a paddle tennis court in has backyard, and none of us could ever beat him no matter how much we practiced or how old he got. He later became hooked on golf, I think primarily because it wasn't easy for him.

My father almost never lost his temper, unlike some of his relatives. That didn't mean he was a pushover, however.

We spent holidays with his parents and family in San Diego. When I was 10, at a holiday dinner one elderly relative said the N-word. My father stopped the conversation, said he was not raising his children that way, and that no one should ever say that word again. And no one ever did.

When I was 13, we went to Tijuana. I invested all my savings into illegal fireworks. My Dad warned that when crossing the border, he wouldn't volunteer that I had them, but that he wouldn't lie. As soon as border agent saw me, he asked my father if we were holding. My Dad said yes, and I lost my stash. I was angry, and on the way home I shared with everyone in the car that I was sure that I had the stupidest father in all of Southern California. In retrospect, I learned a lesson about honesty that stuck with me as a man more than all the lectures I heard as a boy.

When I was 17, one church service at St. Andrews was on Martin Luther King. Our conservative minister claimed King was a just a communist rabble-rouser. At the reception line afterwards––all the while shaking the minister's hand––my Dad said he strongly disagreed, and he would have to go home to talk to his children to repair any damage from this misguided sermon.

Let's fast-forward 45 years to when Dad was manager of the condo. Jaime Guzman, who had worked as staff at the condo for 28 years, was diagnosed with cancer. After he could no longer work, my father instead kept him on the payroll for the last six months of his life, despite two of the five condo board members insisting that Jaime be fired.

As I reflect about Dad's life, I think we need to collect the positive attributes of all 30 of his relatives to match those of this one good man. As my sister said this morning, he set a new standard that will be challenging for the rest of the Patterson clan.

What I learned from him was to work hard, to sacrifice for your family, that age shouldn't stop me from athletic endeavors, the difference between right and wrong, and to do the right thing no matter how difficult the circumstances. As I think about these five lessons, they form my core values.

Dad, you amplified the legacy of your Scottish ancestors.

And, Dad, you're still my hero.
August 04, 2013
My thoughts are with my family during this sad time. Uncle Dave touched many people with his kindness and positive outlook. Sending my love.
August 03, 2013
My condolences to Dave's family. Dave was kind hearted and so helpful when I first moved here. Having someone in the office who we could talk to was really appreciated. Thank you for all you did Dave.
August 03, 2013
Dear Lucie & Family.......We sincerely wish we could be at the memorial service, but our hearts are with you all in love and sympathy. May all those happy memories of the past bring you great comfort and peace. Your brother Bill & Carole.......
August 01, 2013
Our condolences to Uncle Dave's family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. While we do not get the opportunity to see you often, you are regularly in our thoughts.

Ed and Nancy Ekstrom
July 25, 2013
Sincere sympathy.
July 25, 2013
My sincerest condolences to Dave's family. I live in the Estates where Dave lived and was the manager. I had the chance several times to meet with him regarding renting the rec room and other property related meetings. Dave was such a nice man with such an upbeat personality. I am sorry to hear of his passing. Until you meet again in heaven, may God give you strength.
July 24, 2013
My sincere condolences to the wife and family of David. May you all find comfort in the God of all comfort as you grieve the loss of such a wonderful man, and look forward to the time when his desire to use his legs again will be a reality. Isaiah 35:6
July 21, 2013
July 19, 2013
sorry to hear of your loss. my best to you and your wonderful family
July 18, 2013
I was extremely blessed to grow up near such a wonderful grandfather. He was a part of so many happy occasions and I treasure those memories.
July 18, 2013
We had the great pleasure of working with Dave as a vendor all the years he managed The Estates. He was straight forward; free with compliments for jobs well done and not bashful about expressing his concern when needed. Always appreciated his sense of humor and his respect/kindness to our employees. Our condolences to his family and friends.
Richard and Pamela Colyar - South Bay Security Gates
July 18, 2013
We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the Patterson family on the loss of their beloved father and grandfather. We pray that our Lord covers you all with His loving comfort and peace during this painful time.
July 18, 2013
Eventhough I only met him once, the world has lost a great man.
July 17, 2013
I was fortunate to work closely with Dave when he was on the Board and then Manager at The Estates Condominiums. When Dave learned that I was going to be playing golf for the very first time in a tournament, he took the time to coach me on the driving range and putting green. What a wonderful, kind, and generous human being. He will be missed by so many of us here at Horizon Management.

Lucie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
July 17, 2013
July 17, 2013
Dave-so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I remember him well from our days at Standard Paper Box. All the best to you and your family.
Bill Noack
July 17, 2013
He is a great man! I can see his great characters from Susan very well. May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
July 17, 2013
May God Bless the family this wonderful man left behind.
July 17, 2013
We were lucky to have him. I'm honored to share his name.
July 17, 2013
My prayers and thoughts go out to the father of Sue Stafford. Truly a great man who will be missed but not forgotten.
July 17, 2013
My thoughts and prayers go out to Dave's family. I remember his beautiful singing voice as he sat behind me at St. Andrews.
Val Schafer, Avalon
July 17, 2013
He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
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