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February 27, 2015

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February 27, 2015

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October 23, 2010
I knew Beryl as one of the founding members of West Cascade (before we named it that). We kept in contact for awhile, but it is a testament to her great character that I still remember her!
September 20, 2010
I am quite simply in shock. I was hoping to (shamefully) return a book I borrowed from Beryl some 15 years ago when I lived in Eugene and looked her up on the Internet to see if she was still in Eugene. We served together as co-presidents of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Beryl had a heart of gold. I just admired her so much - her enthusiasm, idealism, spirit of adventure... It doesn't seem possible or fair she is no longer on this earth. But I am sure she is some place better.
March 12, 2008
It is difficult for me to describe in English, not my mother language, my relationship with Beryl, apparently circumstantial and shallow but meaningful and influential. I met her during a bus ride through Patagonia, it was one of those wonderful surprises that life offers you from time to time. We talked non-stop during two hours and she ended up offering me her houses in Eugene and Harper’s Ferry. She also promised me a visit to Salamanca during her next trip to Europe…And she did it!! It was a short two days visit that we both enjoyed. What I thought was just a “travel talk” with an interesting woman in Patagonia became a friendship with a wonderful person that shared her life, her adventures, and her opinions with me. I keep all her e-mails and read them from time to time. Beryl left us too early but her spirit, her strength, her joy of living are still present in all the people that, like me, had the luck to know her even for a short period of her full and rich life.
February 01, 2008
It is February 1, 2008 and one year ago today, in the morning, Beryl passed away. She is missed by family, a world of correspondents, friends, lovers, acquaintances and some who never met her but knew of her through others and hoped to meet her someday. I think today there is a collective sigh and asking why so soon? We think Beryl had so much more to share with us all and accomplish in her life. I can’t help thinking that all around the world, we are bound together in our mourning and in our celebrating a life well lived. To honor Beryl, let’s take that collective energy and channel Beryl and go out and make a new friend or help an old friend or do an act of kindness or just be thoughtful and forgiving of each other and our enthusiasms. And then, let’s try and carry it on to the next day and the next and the next with Beryl in our hearts. Berylie-jon,
baamaane Khodaa, Khodaa haafez.
January 15, 2008
It is still very difficult for me to comprehend the fact that Beryl has gone from our lives. We shared so much with each other: Our Peace Corps training in Vermont, our adventures in Afghanistan, the many visits she made to us here in Germany, our visits with her in America, and the many emails we exchanged. Beryl was my main link with our Group as she always kept me informed as to what was going on, so that I never felt left out. She was truly the “Spirit” of our Group. I wish her Peace.
January 13, 2008
as one of Beryl's Peace Corps family I admit to a certain denial about her death; for I know she will call and say she is at the airport and to come get her; Beryl lived the values of peace through action; joining countries one person at a time; Berly, you will be missed.....
November 26, 2007
I knew Beryl many years ago when we lived at Wheeler. My husband, Lloyd, was the pastor at the Evangelical United Brethren Church there, and the Brinkmans were faithful members. I treasure many memories of times together there. Just a few thoughts on Beryl...She was her own person - didn't worry or care what others thought of her or what she did. She was always concerned about people who were hurting and didn't have enough to function well. She felt the needs of others but tried to do something about it - hence her involvement in the Peace Corps or similar groups who endeavored to raise the level of living to more than just living but helping others to learn how to better their own lives and the lives of others. Her wants were far less than the average person and she proved by her living that to share with others becomes a blessing not only to the receiver but to the giver as well. She truly lived her Christianity and was an example of Jesus' love. She will be greatly missed.....
October 14, 2007
My Honey,
I have no idea which word could explain,which word could be enough that how i miss you.but i know i will never ever will forget you.You are always in my life and you will be.I know you were very special person for my god and i believe good people leave this world very early.but i know your spirits will be shining till end of this world.
how i can forget all the moments we have spent i can forget your laugfing blue eyes,and telling me the life with experience.I feel so lucky because to knowing you,i feel so lucky to share a life with you with all good memories.I love you so much and i will always be loving are always in my prays and you will be.i know you are everywhere as a real angel now and i know still you want everybody in peace.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY.who ever know you here they still asking you and they still pray for you.they say what a special person she was having pray from all over the world.YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST BE HAPPY THERE MY HONEY.YOU ARE A REAL AN ANGEL NOW.I AM MISSING YOU SO MUCH
October 03, 2007
I too am one of the members of that storied troop, the first Peace Corps Vaccinators of Afghanistan, and met Beryl in Peace Corps Training in Vermont. She became one of my closest friends in the training group, and, although I never actually worked with Beryl in Afghanistan, I remained in close touch with her and often visited her and her team during R&R's at their "6-Pack House" in Kabul. After our cathartic experience in Afghanistan, our paths separated. I married Bernhard Niemann, a member of the German Volunteer Svc. (the DED) and moved with him to Germany, where I have been ever since. Beryl had met Bernie at about the same time as I did and was witness to our stormy courtship. We continued to keep in touch by snail mail and an occasional long-distance telephone call when I was visiting my family in Richmond, Va. Great was my joy when Beryl announced at our PC reunion in Vermont that she was retiring and would be moving to Turkey - she now would be practically around the corner! During the years that followed, Beryl often stopped over at our home in the Rhineland (between Cologne and Duesseldorf) on her way from here to there, and we always enjoyed seeing her. My daughter Rebecca, now 22, has known and loved Beryl since she was in primary school, and our dog and three cats also seemed to enjoy her visits, sleeping on her bed when she was there. I was a little out of sorts when Beryl developed a penchant for South America, which meant that she would not be swinging by our place anymore, but of course she stopped by to see Rebecca while she was in Nicaragua. That was Beryl. I understand from Theresa Murphy Woll, another member of our group, that she had just returned from a sailing trip and was busy planning another journey at the time of her sudden and untimely death. It's hard to believe that she will not be stopping by to see us again. It was wonderful to have known her and to have had the privilege of being one of her "Esteemed Correspondents". We miss her and grieve with her family and many friends.
June 18, 2007
Well, we just celebrated Marko's graduation, as well we should have. It was still a festive event, despite Beryl's absence. However, her absence, to me, was very apparent. The reality hit me - Beryl was gone. Most likely, none of us would have been in Artis' back yard celebrating the accomplishments of Marko had it not been for our great friend Beryl. I'm sure she was there in spirit and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Always the diplomat. The ultimate diplomat. Many a policitian could have learned some valuable lessons from that girl. As I got to know Beryl over the years, I was proud and honored to be a friend. I was always relieved when she traveled to other cuntries, hoping that others would think we Americans were all like Beryl. ;-} I won't repeat what many others have said about how great she was - she was indeed all of that and more. I have never met another person that spoke so knowledgeably and well-informed about politics and a variety of other rather serious topics, only to turn around and begin talking about the latest episode of some trashy tv show which she was following. I had some hilarious discussions with Beryl around some of these shows. She was into it in a big way. I will miss her, but I am thankful she was a part of my life. People like that don't come along everyday. Thank you Beryl!

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Beryl (far right) with Idaho, Oregon and Washington RPCVs at Aug. 2006 Campout
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