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Donald G. Brown Oct.1,1922-Jan.16,2013

Donald G. Brown

This Guest Book will remain online permanently courtesy of Sue, Barry, and Rob.
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June 18, 2018

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June 18, 2018

Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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January 18, 2017
January 17, 2017
4 years ago he passed on, but it doesn't seen that long ago because his words and spirit stay with me. Salute, dear Dad!
May 24, 2016
Love Letters To Americans Research Paper
Donald G. Brown passed away in the year of 2013, but his memories were not taken with him. Donald Brown is an author of the book Love Letters To Americans, an amazing book filled with memories about his life growing up, falling in love, family, life in war, accomplishments and how he fought for our country.
Donald Brown was born in Lynn, MA on Oct 1st, 1922 where he was raised as a farm boy by his parents Edgar, a policeman and Alice, a teacher. Donald attended Wakefield High School in Massachusetts where he did the school newspaper and edited the yearbook. He graduated in 1940. At age 19 he traveled through 48 states in his Model A ford he rebuilt, also hitchhiking and walking to prepare for his career in professional journalism. After Donald's journey through the United States of America he served our country in the 10th mountain division ski troops in World War II. After serving our country in Northern Italy he returned to Oregon in 1947 to finish college at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Donald Brown earned his BS Degree in journalism and a graduate study. He also met Marva Hutchinson on campus at the University Of Oregon in 1947 and got married to her later. Don became a public news reporter and business editor at the Eugene Register Guard, and went on to report things on news shows such as KEZI and KVAL and also to publish a newsletter called "Browns Business Reporter". He spent 45 years as a journalist. Marva and Don also had three children, Sue, Barry and Rob. Donald later built a log cabin off of Crescent Lake and a dome house in which he and his wife Marva Brown lived in their entire lives. After living with his wife in the dome house, Donald started writing his book Love Letters To Americans a book that mainly talks about things he has accomplished in life and world war II. The astonishing book was published in the year of 2003. Donald later past away soon after his wife died in 2013 but his memories stay with us in his book and family memories.
World war II took a big part in Donald Brown's book Love Letters To Americans. He told many stories about things he had experienced fighting for our country. At first Donald was not open to talking about his experiences or answering questions about war. Once he had started attending 10th Mountain Division reunions he became more open to his children and wife about his experiences in war. One story I remember from his book Love Letters To Americans was outstanding to me. In 1945 when Donald Brown was in World War II a head officer and Donald were looking for an extremely wanted man named Benito Moosalini. They traveled on a boat through a lake in Northern Italy in search for Moosalini at his lake house where they thought he may have been hiding out. Moosalini was no where to be found at the lake house. On Donald and the officers way back to headquarters they took incoming fire from German guns on land. Donalds boat broke down from the guns fired and the officer and him barely made it back with their lives. Donald later found out that that same day Moosalini was caught and killed not far away from where they had went looking for him. Donald also got the first alert to soldiers that Hitler was dead, which was unbelievably two days after Moosalini's death. Another amazing thing that happened in Donald's experience in war was getting excepted in. When Donald First tried to enlist into a a branch of the U.S. war he was declined because he lied about his age. He later enlisted into another branch of the war and was also declined because they said he had flat feet which was not true. The third time, he enlisted into the only ski troop called the 10th Mountain Division. He was happily accepted and fought in the war on skis and wearing all white. In Donald's book there are many different stories of his experiences in World War II.
The book Love Letters To Americans is a book I will always be grateful for because Donald is my great grandfather. Growing up I remember visiting Donald and his wife Martha at his dome home in Lapine Oregon and always ran around his memory filled home. In their home they had many things from when Donald was in the war displayed on walls or in the corners of rooms including his skis, awards, his gun and his 10th Mountain Division veterans hat he always had on. Marva Brown had kept the home filled with stuffed animals and a piano I grew up playing on with her. At a early age I remember my great grandma developing Alzheimer's and then becoming confined to a bed in the living room. I remember seeing how my great grandfather stuck by her side the entire time and took care of her. My grandfather Barry Brown always had taken us to there dome home and surprised them everytime by ringing the big farm bell outside of their home. Marva Brown past away April 22nd, 2010 but her kind heart is still with our entire family. Donald stayed in the dome after her passing and had family to visit him. I always loved going to my great grandfathers and bringing him pie and his requested ice cream. Donald Brown passed away on January 16th, 2013 with his grandson by his side, but his memories will stay with us through his book and the times we had gotten the chance to spend with him. Donald was held a special military honor funeral.
Donald Brown, a 10th Mountain Division ski troop veteran and an author is a memorable man who shall never be forgotten. His book Love Letters To Americans will always be something to turn to hear his voice.
April 29, 2016
Missing you, Dad!
April 28, 2016
I miss you great grandpa and am greatful for the times i got to spend with you. I remember grandpa Barry, Kai and I always had broughten over your requested pie and pecan ice cream. I am finding myself right now researching you and your memories for a book report. This is the second paper for school i have done on you just because you are such a admirable person and memorable. I only got to read to you my first essay on you and wish I could read you this upcoming one, but I know your watching over us all and we are praying. I love you great grandpa! -Kiana
May 29, 2015
I never had the privilege of meeting Donald G. Brown ... although, I too, was born in Lynn, MA.
Don was a Life Member of my VFW Post 1088 here in Kingston, NH ... and, in trying to track him down - found his Obituary instead.
Rest peacefully now my Brother in Arms and may God Bless all those loved ones you left behind.

State Quartermaster, Veterans of Foreign Wars - New Hampshire
April 01, 2013
Dad's Memorial Service will be held at 10:30 at Willamette National Cemetary on April 5th. We'll gather in the parking lot at the Administration Office at 10:00 to be met by the military escort. Contact me for more details.
February 08, 2013
Ah, the memories we have of all those years at Crescent Lake with "Peasant." What we remember most about Don was his great story-telling ability and his wonderful sense of humor. We thought the world of him and Marva, and I know he and Dad are having a lot of fun catching up. Love to all the family.
February 02, 2013
I met Don in La Pine at a veterans breakfast and he kindly autographed his book for me. I enrolled Don in the WWII Registry:
January 24, 2013
My Uncle Don (married to my mother, Nadine's, older sister, Marva) was a booming presence in my youth. I recall with amazement the log cabin built with his own hands at Crescent Lake. Summers there with my cousins, Sue, Barry, and Rob were idyllic in the way that only childhood can contain. Carrying buckets down to the lake to haul up fresh water for washing dishes and the smell of fresh pancakes cooked atop a wood burning stove with wild huckleberries in late summer are memories as vivid today as they were fifty years ago.

I will never forget lying in my bed at night gazing up at the rafters to see what animal shapes I could construct out of the knots in the knotty pine support beams that held the cabin in place. In some ways, my Uncle Don was like this himself; a solid beam in the house of my extended family.

Years later, when I was at Sue and Wayne's one weekend I recall picking up the phone, on a whim, and calling my Uncle. It had probably been years since I'd talked to him. No matter. He welcomed my call and an hour later we were still at it. Okay, truth be told, he was still at it! Anyone who knew him even a little bit knew what a great story teller Don was. The "gift of gab" some call it. Well, Don had it and was not at all shy about sharing his near photographic memory of the many experiences he had acquired over many decades of living.

Now, in his passing, I find it is the sound of his voice that I most easily recall. I miss him and also feel a sense of joy in the knowledge of how fully he lived his life, to the very end.

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