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Evelyn Arneson 1915-2012
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January 02, 2013
We are so very sorry to hear of Evelyn's death, as my Mom's Aunt she was a special lady in my Mother's life and that of her sister Joyce, and many cousins growing up. I enjoyed knowing her and having her be a special friend and Aunt to my Mom Elnore. May they share many good times together in heaven. Susan Frentz Riley
January 01, 2013
Rest in Peace Aunt Evelyn. Will always remember when you came to visit my Grandma.
December 18, 2012
Evelyn as many say a classy woman of intelligence, sweet as pie. I treasure the friendship and am happy to have known you, you were a blessing in my life.
December 12, 2012
Evelyn always had a smile and I enjoyed spending time with her. She played the piano while my grandmother conducted at church. They made a wonderful pair. They both had such a love for music.
December 12, 2012
I worked for a short period of time at a local "Manor" where Evie lived and she was a pleasure to be around. Always had a smile on her face and a lady of much thoughts and prayers to her son at this time...
December 09, 2012
wonderful friend, we will always miss this beautiful lady.
December 09, 2012
I will miss you. You were such fun and I enjoyed your friendship. Off you go to a peaceful new life. Rest in peace. Diane Dodd
December 09, 2012
Evelyn's goodness lives on in her son. Blessings.
December 05, 2012
She was a lady of class and everyone who knew her well enjoyed being around her. She always had a wonderful smile .
December 02, 2012
Evelyn was always so gracious when ever I would go to her home to visit with her. She was and (is) a lady of class.
I always could learn from Evelyn.
Thanks for the memories!