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Please don't submit copyrighted work; original poems, songs or prayers welcomed. reviews all Guest Book entries to ensure appropriate content. Our staff does not correct grammar or spelling. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use
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Good bye Jack,

You loved great adventures, time with friends, a good bottle of wine, Amber and Joanne...Not necessarily in that order.

Your most endearing quality revolved around your amazing people skills. You had a way of connecting with just about anyone because you truly listened to what they had to say. No boring conversations with you! I'm sure you kissed the Blarney Stone at least twice in your life.

My heart goes out to your family. You left a huge hole in their lives where you once stood. Your last comment to me was "Tell Joanne I love her". Wanted you know I passed it on... But she knew anyway.

You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. You were the linchpin for so many social functions and get togethers. The Oscars will never be the same ..... God bless and take care of you on your last voyage home... Until we meet again.

Love Rod and Gwen
Well, it has been a week today that we celebrated your Birthday. A group of your friends and I went to your favorite Schnitzel house. When we blew out the candles on your Pavlova cake one stayed on, I knew you were with us. We phoned and sang Happy Birthday to your twin sister and she said when she blew out her candles one stayed on also, so you had a busy day. Amber came and celebrated with us after dinner. We love you and miss you very much! Jo-Anne xoxo
Jack, I miss you so very much. From the time I met you, looking for a job a The Whistler Inn, you were on the roof of the new restaurant and pub that you were adding to the hotel, you asked me who I was looking for. I told you that I was looking for the manager or owner and was looking for a job. You told me you were the owner and came down from the roof to help me. You gave me a job and later promoted me. I was very impressed with a man that was hands on in building his own properties. I love you dearly and always will
Love oxoxodaroxoxo
Want to let you know that I did get a GPS. Thanks again for your valuable instruction! We miss you!
Julie Charney - Vancouver
Your friend and mine Bob(Tugboat) Timmons will miss you at my Grey Cup parties and being on your beautiful boat to watch the fireworks we had such a good time. Luv Jill Snider
Jack we miss you and the great times on the boat with you and Jo-Anne
Hi Jack,
Happy birthday.We miss you.
Happy Birthday Jack!
We miss you.
Pamela & Kayla
The first time I met Jack was 22 years ago at the Avalon with Jo-Anne. He was so handsome, a gentleman, business man and full of vim and vigour! Jack had a good heart and always spent time listening to people and their stories. Jack's business acumen and entrepreneurial skills rewarded him well throughout his life. He had great visions for the future, always wanted the best for everyone and he shared his success with so many people.
Jack and his girls, Jo-Anne and Amber would often drive down to my cabin at Mount Baker, stay for the weekend, trim a few trees, install coat rack, putter around, offer helpful advice, and we would end the night eating great pizza at Vicki's North Fork Brewery where we always met lots of new friends. Those friends were very shocked and sadden by Jack's sudden passing.
Last year, Jack noticed a weathered “old” bench sitting on my patio at Baker. I rescued the sentimental bench from Annie's garage sale. Jack takes one look at the bench, tells me that I can't leave the bench looking like that, and I should have known that the wood was teak! Jack says,” I'm going tell you what I'm going to do for you..... I'm taking the bench back to Canada tonight, strip it, sand it, stain it, varnish it and make Annie wish that she had kept the bench!” Today, the “new” bench looks amazing, and that is one of the many stories that will put a smile on my face and remember Jack, as well as his thoughtfulness, caring, generosity, positive attitude and having a love for dogs.
We all know how Jack loved making and getting a good deal. After a bit of research, Amber opened a Baker Vet account in the USA for her annual immunizations! It's the little things that count, and one of Jack's little things was his big 50 foot boat. Jack was thoughtful and invited boat-less friends on Snowson for fireworks and birthday parties. Jack wanted everyone to have a great time and we all know his famous saying, “Oh by the way, if you didn't have fun it was your own damn fault!!”
Jack and Jo-Anne had an amazing life; they were together for 22 years and travelled to 22 countries! Jack loved and lived life, he worked hard and he died too soon. Jack, thank you for being in my life, I will always remember you, and share your great stories. My heart goes out to Jo-Anne, Amber, your family and friends. Thinking of you on your birthday, thank you for so many great memories – we all miss you!
Sincerely and respectfully, your friend forever, Pamela xoxox
Happy Birthday Dad!

Love, Amber

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