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January 06, 2015
My little angel , We missed you this year at Christmas ,I went to visit our Son and daughter-in-law seen the grand-kids , had a great time,I did get a really bad cold and by the time I got home I was really ill.So I didn't have such a good start with the New year Hope that wont be a factor for the year.I'm going to try and be more active this year maybe use the gym more and do more walking, I know you will be by my side in what ever I do. Still missing you. I wonder if that ever stops, probably not unless you want it to.I guess we pretty much are in control of that.
December 03, 2014
My dear Love: I had a very nice Thanksgiving ,I went to Loretta's and went with her to enjoy Thanksgiving with Pearl's family,It was very nice, then we went to see Bro. Harry and family enjoyed that , I also got a call from our son and they invited me For Xmas, so he set everything up for me,& I will be flying there. I know you will be with us.I still think of you everyday and miss you. Always and Forever.
November 19, 2014
Dear Jerry -
Yes, it is true....your little Marilyn took a beautiful trip to Hawaii. But it sounds like you already know that. You were walking along side of her all the time.
She came back smiling, telling of the fun time she had and brought her hula sisters gifts from that trip. We celebrated our birthdays at lunch the other day and that was where she gave us her gifts. We got a beautiful calendar with all of the flowers of the islands, candy, and a coin purse with the hono and hibiscus on it. All treasures.
You are missed but continue to be in our thoughts.
Talk to later -
Claudine and Jeff
November 18, 2014
My dear Cookies. A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Hawaii, And I thought about all the wonderful times we had when we were there,And while I was there, every Island I went to You were there , I know because a little dove always walked up to me and stayed by my feet , And I would say to the Dove hi cookies I know you are here with me, and I felt that you were. I also went to the Elks Club And Put a Lei on the Memorial in remembrance of you and our times there. I had a wonderful time with friends and Family. Till we meet again I will always Love you.
August 29, 2014
My Little Sweetheart,Last night I know you would have been very happy to see our home filled with friends we both love, It was Our dear friend Mary's 86th birthday,So I had our favorites all come over to celebrate it, We had a great time. We all missed you.
Rest in Peace my love.
August 10, 2014
Dear Uncle Jerry
It's been one year since you left this world. Time is going by fast. I just wanted to let you know, how much we miss you. Our family gatherings are not
the same. We look for you in ever corner, then remember your not here.
You have left a legacy like no one else has. Your knowledge in so many areas are phenomenal.Your most looked up too for the love of your wife and son. The foundation you left for them.
You will always be in my heart.
Your song: ( Richer then I) Will go on
With fond memories
August 04, 2014
My little Love Bug: This candle will always be lit in my heart for you. Its been a year already how quickly that time went by. I wish you could see what your son & daughter in law did in the side yard, It looks really good, they came to visit me on your anniversary and did it all. We also went to a Luau and our little group danced The beautiful Hula Pohai Ke Aloha with you in mind. we also dance The Prayer. Few of the family attended. I am doing better but their is not a day that you don't cross my mind.I will always love you.Rest in peace my Love.
July 30, 2014
Your candle will not go out! So many special memories of our times together as special friends.
Much Aloha, Claudine and Jeff Foge
June 15, 2014
Hey Dad, Happy Fathers Day. I miss you and love you very much.
June 15, 2014
My Dear Husband : This Fathers Day I am thinking back of how much of a wonderful dad you were to our son,I cant tell you how many times he has expressed that to me, and just by reading the post he posted on your Birthday ,pretty much say's it all. Next month will be a year already that you left us, its so hard to believe that. We both miss you,and today my thoughts will be with you. and as the song goes that you and I liked so much,I sign off saying,Cause your the best thing that ever happen to me.
May 08, 2014
My dear brother,
The legacy you left here definately was not wasted. By your life you taught us much. You had an exemplory work ethic. No one knew more about how to fix something than you did.The example you set by your loving marriage of over 60 years to my beautiful sister-in-law was a testament to the commitment you both shared. You were my brother.You are deeply missed. I am however resolute in the fact that one day we will all be together again. In the meantime say hello to mom, dad, brother Phil, my brother Ronnie, and sister Diana. Love, Your Brother Frank
May 08, 2014
Happy Birthday Jerry. I sure miss you 'Dad'. I miss that smiley face and wit you would come up with as you would slap you forehead in a whisper of Awww-geeez. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you or put to use the things you taught me like the Back and fourth's or Timmy it's only a suggestion. So as you celibate your 81st Birthday know from the bottom of my heart. I love you and miss you deeply. Say hello to my folks for me. Hugs!
May 07, 2014
Hey Dad, Happy Birthday. I miss you so much. Every day I wake up and go to the mirror and I see you in my eyes. I sometimes wait to make a decision on what to do because I know somehow you will help to guide me as you always have. And sure enough somehow it comes to me. It makes me proud to talk about the two people that raised me and guided me all my life, my Mom and my Dad. You would be so proud of Mom. While we know that at times she struggles emotionally because she misses you so badly she really does have it all together and takes care of things. We talk almost every day and she helps me get through some of the tougher days. Funny part is, she thinks Im helping her. Truth is we help each other. And its all because you built such a strong foundation for our family in our values. So while I miss you, I also know that you are always by my side. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you.
May 07, 2014
My little cookies, today you would have been 81 years old, and I know you are celebrating it big time with all of our dear family & friends that are there with you,I can only imagine how beautiful and peaceful it is there, I miss you so much,I don't think that will ever go away,their is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you all I have to do is look out into that yard and see the many beautiful things you did, I see you and our son working together in the back yard, the beautiful trees that you shaped in the court yard All those things I hold dear in my heart.Happy Birthday my dear husband.
March 27, 2014
My dear Husband: Yesterday was 8 months since you have been gone, Our yard and all the plants that you planted looked pretty sad this winter, but you would be happy to know that they are springing back, Yeasterday I tried to trim the maple trees the way you did , and I cut the cord of the extention cord. I think it was telling me to stop. I did a pretty good job,even though I had to finish by hand with the clippers, The red Bark tree I couldnt do because it to tall. But it was nice to be out there, I felt that you were there with me.I'm still missing you more than ever.
February 15, 2014
Jerry - Your friends, Jeff and Claudine, are thinking of you. We celebrated Valentine's day and thought of the beautiful anniversary party where you and Marilyn celebrated your 60th year together last year. We were so blessed to be included in that celebration. You are always being thought of with much love. We miss you. We are keeping an eye out for that girl of yours. We are all still dancing!
February 01, 2014
Today twenty seven years ago you retired, that was the best choice you made,in those years we did so many beautiful travels,you gave us a second home that we used to get away which was always filled with friends and family, I am so thankful I had you in my life , I miss you..
January 26, 2014
My Dear Husband I t has been Six Months today that you left me, and their isnt a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you,not to mention our wonderful friends that still talk about all the thing you did for them, when you were able. I thank you for giving me our wonderful and caring son who is here for me everyday, I don't know what I would do with out him. I miss you so much and I will always love you. In a few more days we would have been married 61 years,You always gave me strength, you are my Rock.
January 26, 2014
My dear sweet husband Its has been Six months today that you left me . And Their isnt a single day that goes by that I don't think of you & miss you ,I am so thankful that you gave me our wonderful son who is there for me everyday, I know he misses you also.And so many of our friends that still talk about the nice things you have done for them.
You will always be the love of my life.
And I will always love you. Marilyn
October 07, 2013
We are sure missing you Jerry. Sometimes we think we see you in all the favorite spots where we would meet randomly throughout the weeks...that is the special time that we say, "Jerry we are missing you and thinking of you all the time"..Rest Peacefully dear friend.
Jeff and Claudine Foge
September 01, 2013
My Dear brother (Jerome)every time I look at my yard I always see you, You made my yard a place that I like going to, I will always try to keep it looking the way you did it. God Bless you and I love you. Evie
August 12, 2013
My dear Husband ,their isn't a day that goes by that you are not with me in beautiful memories, just as I walk around our home and yard, All the beautiful things you did to make it our home, I miss you so much, But I am thankful to God that you are not suffering any more,that gives me peace also. You will always be with me and I'll always love you.
August 08, 2013
Our most special memories are the smiles, looks of pride and eyes shining with tears when watching your beloved Marilyn performing the hula. We were priviliged to know you as a neighbor and friend.
August 07, 2013
You will always be with us in our hearts.
We love you more than you will ever know Gramps. HANG A LEFT GRAMPS, HANG A LEFT!!!!!
August 06, 2013
We will miss your welcoming smile and your positive attitude. We know that in your new home, you are still "terrific." We love you.
Betty and Bob Day
August 05, 2013
You will be missed, Will remember you for your kindness and your smile.

Rick & Shirley Garcia, Lincoln,California
August 05, 2013
To my mentor, my strength, my father and my best friend. You were my inspiration and the go to guy. You always built me up never tore me down and were always there when I needed help. Those are super qualities for a human to have, and you had them. I will miss your blessing at the dinner table, and your kind smiles. I will miss you beyond words my days will be empty and thank you for being apart of my world so many years. God truly blessed me with your life. May God continue to Bless Marilyn and all your family and ease the pain of your loss. My your peace and your wonderful memories be all our guide in our lives I will always miss you Gerry... God Bless You Always
August 05, 2013
We will miss your smiling face and see you again over the rainbow.
August 05, 2013
My dearest, sweet brother Jerry. How I will miss you. Until we meet again. I love you. XX00
August 05, 2013
He was a great Uncle. He always had a smile on his face. He taught me that you could achieve anything in life as he would say"just go do it". I love Uncle . Say hi to Mom
Aloha Maxine
August 04, 2013
He was the greatest man I have ever known! You'll be missed. Your legacy will go on in Gavin he will know all about you and how much his daddy loved his gramps! I love you
August 04, 2013
"God bless my daddy, Who's over there. That is my daddy, So please take care. I hope in dream land we'll meet again. Said a tiny little boy, in his tiny little prayer". Dad you are truly my hero and I thank you so very much. I Love You.
I'll see you when I get there.
August 04, 2013
My loving brother. He exhibited strength, character, and love of family. He will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.
August 04, 2013
You are with me every day my dear husband, I will always cherish your special care and love you have given me.
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