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Gilbert "Gil" Contreras
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November 01, 2006
I have not forgot you Gil and I put you on find a grave dot com. I always will remember this date Nov 1st...See ya soon enough...:)
November 01, 2006
Would have been your 46th Birthday today. You were the first person I thought of this morning as I got up and blow out the candle I burned for you all night. I still miss you as if it were yesterday and you will always be thought of while we get our grandchildren ready for a big night of Trick or Treating. As Nick and Tim and other were getting ready we spoke of Uncle Gil. You will be celebrated in our thoughts throughout this special day. With all my love, your Sister. Until we meet again.
July 31, 2006
A year has come and gone and yet it still doesn't seem real. You are still very much a part of our daily conversations, because we miss you so. You are truly loved by your family, baby brother. Gone but not ever forgotten. I love you.
June 16, 2006
Gil, I will love you and miss you forever. Life has its idiosyncracies and a way of keeping us all united. I will never forget our time together. Even after this year, I still feel your presence.
December 28, 2005
Dearest Brother, another Christmas has come and gone and it was very different. Just like the Christmas after Dad passed. We were all together with the exception of you. But you were in our hearts and prayers. It has been a rough year without you, but I know as time goes on it will get a little easier. I love you always, my dear baby Brother.
December 25, 2005
Merry Christmas! I know you're having the best Christmas ever Gilbert. I hate to say it but I'm a bit jeolious because you allready are with the Lord Jesus and I'm still here on the earth. I really miss you bro, but it's ok because I know I'll be with you and all the other Saints someday when my time arrives. I'm ready now, but it's not up to us when the time comes. I always remember eating my first real tamale that your family made during Christmas when I was a little kid. I know you probaly can't really hear me, but I'm sure God the Father relays prays to our loved ones. Well, I'm off to Christmas morning worship services Gilbert. I'll see you soon!!!
November 07, 2005
Happy Belated Birthday, Gil. You know me...always late. I bet you're just giving 'em hell in heaven!
November 03, 2005
Dad I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Everyday I think about all the good times we had together. I learned something from this experiance "don't ever take life for granted because you never know when God will take your love one away from you". Everyone will always have a piece of you when they look at me your daughter your pride and joy.
November 01, 2005
Contreras Family:
I am so sorry for your loss. I just learned of this sad news 2 nights ago. Gil and I had worked together way back when we were both employed with Diamond Tile about 17 years ago!Gil was the kind of person who you would want in a co-worker and friend; sincere,honest,hard working, and also an occasional joke or two. It was a pleasure knowing and working with him. He will be truly missed. I am so sorry that I was unaware of his illness, it was just recently that I had asked around in the "Tile Business" of Gil's where abouts so that we can again work side by side. Gilbert you will be missed and I will think of you as I stack that tile! Peace be with you Contreras family~~~~
November 01, 2005
Today would have been your 45th Birthday. Talking to Mom last night only brought back her memories of the night her and Dad took us out treak or treating and she was about to give birth to you. The memories are painful for her because you never think you will out live your children. It is still very painful for me as well. Everytime someone asks about the granite around the fireplace or the rock on the walls I feel sad, I wish I could share these things with you. To my cute little baby brother with all my love on this day.

I Love you always until we meet again.
October 31, 2005
Well, my friend I still find myself pinching my arm and trying to wake up from a dream when I think about you gone.I want to Say Happy Birthday on November 1st. You know we were born a year apart but only 5 days apart on the calender. I made fajitas today and thought about all the things we did together in life. I can't wait to see you again Gilbert. God knows when each and every one of us will leave this life. I never question God. He knows everything. Tell him hi for me please. You were one of the main reasons I would come home to visit. I'll never forget you carnal. I know you are in the best hands know to mankind. Our Lord. So, I'm sure I'll see you soon enough Gil. Until then, Glory Adios!!!
September 28, 2005
Dearest Brother Gilbert, today marks 2 months since you left us even though it seems like yesterday. I can still hear your voice when I think of you. Mom still cries every time we talk about you, you were the baby and you will be always. As I write to you it still tugs at my heart but my memories are well preserved. I will love you always. Your sister
September 21, 2005
Dear Contreras Family,

My sister Linda and I went to school with Gilbert and Fernando at Bowling Green Elementary School. I was saddened to learn of Gilbert's passing. We have fond memories of the good old days when we were kids running around the playground and goofing off in the classes. May all your great times together provide comfort.

Kind regards and condolences,

Karen Louie
August 28, 2005
It was a month ago today, that God has taken you away. It seems like it was just yesterday.

Your daughter Marya Marie turned 21 today. She grows more and more like you each day.

Please bring back her smile today and let her know that everything will be okay.

I would like to "THANK YOU" for giving me a Beautiful Daughter, that reminds me of you each day!!!
August 18, 2005
Iwant send out a special thank you 2 skinny Lenny Bro Gil always always talked about you,and he loved you like a carnal should.I just wanted to say thanks for submitting those photos, that was the most respectful thing i think anybody coulid have done for Gil you were as true afriend to Gil as he was to all that new him and you new him well thanks again homeboy love and respect always tony aka (Teee)give a call some time and maybe we can trade some photos of the one and only Geeeee
August 18, 2005
Rosie my love and prayers are with you.Gil or as i new him Geeeee,was always smileing and telling stories about my uncles Ed mighty whitey and my God father uncle G(scarey Gary)Rajotte,Uncle Gil You were always a great friend to my dad and family when ever you d see me you always make me say comepick me up cause thats what id tell you and my dad 2 do.thanks for loveing my dad and being you Geeee.iam gonna miss you and my dad misses you so much every day,but dont worrie cause dad says he knows your ok and we will look out 4 Rosie .and never ever ever forget you,dad said that by remembering someone when they pass away keeps them alive 4ever love ya anthony (ant dawg)andrade
August 13, 2005
Been thinking of you my dear son, the missing you is getting hard to bare. Remember when you never liked to talk about death, and hated me to even mention it. I just don't think it should have been you first. I will never forget you my Little son . Love you forever MOM
August 12, 2005
I may not be a familiar name to all of you who knew and loved Gil. I am Tony Andrade's daughter and I knew Gil pretty well. He always made me laugh and smile. Everyone in our neighborhood knew when Gil was at our house because you could hear him a block away yelling from his truck in the middle of the street TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! That is what he called my dad, and my dad would yell back from the house GEEEEEEEEEE!!!! If anyone I have ever known was a TRUE friend it was Gil. To Rosie and the family I can't even say in words how sorry I am about this. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. To Gil: you will always be in my heart and never forgotten. I love you!
August 11, 2005
To any & All that knew and loved Gil,Know this, he made the world a better place.And represented the true meaning of the word(Friend).Gil God,all mighty knew what he was doing when he made us Brothers,Friends,Carnals.For that I will always give thanks!Gil thanks for allowing me to be T,and allowing me to spend the last couple weeks of your life with you.Bro my life will never be the same with out you here,though I know you are and will always be right by my side.As a man you always made a stand,As a friend you were always quick to defend,As a brother there could never be another.You trusted me my friend to tell me your dieing wish's & feelings.I hope that Iam able to make you proud and to do all that you asked me to, the way you wanted it.I know you and the the broters Rajotte Ed ,Gary are together Again and knowing you three, probably raising cane up there ha ha.Oh and iam sure you loved rubbing my in memory of tatoo in there face,s .G its hard to be T without you my G but iam gonna keep on keeping on.I use to call you the president of the Elvis and Ed aint dead club now its on me to be presedent of the Elvis,Ed and gill aint dead club .Cause as long as iam alive I will never forget you.you will live forever through me.thanks for loving my children and I unconditionly and most of all thanks for always being my friend I love you carnal, your homie T. I"ll see you when I get there.
August 08, 2005
Dear Virginia, Marya & Family

Life's path, yet a lonely one, shared with others, will meet one day soon. For we grow together as the floral ground cover, receives his suns warmth; it allows all creations to grow as one, no regrets, sorrows, for the only path leads to him our father. We grow in his light of joy that we follow his path, we will all meet again and rejoyce, for our memories are as one, cherished and not forgotten. Keep your memories close, near to your hearts as we walk this path together. You're all in my prayers. With Love, Denise
August 06, 2005
Daddy i just want to say i will always remember the good memories we had together. I was with you the day before you pasted away and we said our good byes for now but, we will meet again love, your only daughter Marya
August 06, 2005
Rosie, my "ROAD-DOG", my friend. I can't say "I'm Sorry" enough for not being there for you, but I promise you will see me soon. I'll explain when I see you.
The world lost a very special man but what an Angel heaven gained. You know he is turning things upside there! That's the Gil I will always remember. He could walk into a room and light up the place with just his smile. What a genuine man he was. I'll never forget the day I met your new boyfriend. What a shocker to see it was Gil, my old Jr.High buddy! It'll take a little time Rosie, but soon these memories will bring a smile to your face when you think of Gil. Until then, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Gil's family, too. Stay strong Rosie, you can do it...I know you can. Candice, Karolyn and Troy all send their love and condolences. I will see you very soon! I Love you!
Your ROAD-DOG and friend, TRISH
August 05, 2005
I did not know you Gill "GRILL" but Charles talked about you with such admiration. He looked up to you and loved you very much. To Rosie, Mariah and family, I'm sorry for your loss may God be with you all.
August 05, 2005
One can't help but smile when you think of Gilberts' smile. He had such a presence.

My condolences to his loved ones.

I went to school with Gilbert and hadn't seen him in years...just received notice of his passing, I am so sorry for your loss. Noreen
August 04, 2005
We were very sadened to hear about Gil. We will keep you all in our prayers.
August 04, 2005
To everyone that knew and loved Gil:
My thoughts and prayers are with you all, he will be greatly missed!
Mariah & Nani:
I know you are trying your best to be strong for your Mom right now and she needs you! May our love and support help you through this hard time! Me and Emily love you all!

God Bless....
August 03, 2005
I remember how you always told me that you grew up with my "Uncle Jimmy" and how sad you were that he had passed. Well now you both are in heaven together looking over all of us with that big smile of yours. Rest in Peace Gil, you'll be missed.
August 03, 2005
to the family members of mr.gil contreras.sorry about your loss.my heart goes out to you.may god bless.
August 03, 2005
Hey Uncle Grill (Gil),
I will miss you a lot! I love you. You and Aunt Rosie were my favorite. I will never forget you.

Aunt Rosie. You stay strong and I'll always be there for you if you need me.

God bless you and we'll all be together again one day.

August 03, 2005
I grew up a few houses over from Gil and remember him well. Even though he used to tease Denise, Sabrina and I constantly, we knew it was good natured and just his way of showing us some attention. I'm truly sorry to hear of his passing. One less beautiful smile in the world. Much love to the family.
August 03, 2005
Rosie, Eddie and I are so sorry for your loss Gil will be missed by so many.He was a great person so kind and hardworking.Like you always ready to lend a helping hand no matter what it took. All of us from Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie want to say "mahalo" to both for always being there for us and helping when we needed. Gil we will all miss your wonderful smile and beautiful spirit. A Hui Hou for now Gil we will meet again. We are all here should you need us Rosie.
Aloha & Malama Pono
August 03, 2005
Rosie and Gil's Family -

I did not know Gil nor do I know many of you, but I do know loss and the pain of it. Know that I am praying for you all that God's love, comfort and strength will surround you....

1Th 4:13 & 14
But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

Hugs and Prayers,
August 03, 2005
Love is the lamp that lights the universe; without that light . . . the earth is a barren promontory and man the quintessence of dust.
--Mary Elizabeth Braddon

All of us are lighted by love. Child care, car repair, concluding a report -- are easier tasks when we know we're loved. We don't feel quite as alone and conspicuous in a crowd of strangers when we recall that someone special loves us. No new adventure, first plane trip, or first day of a class or new job feels quite as threatening when we've got the company of a loved one in our hearts and minds.

You might be thinking, "But I don't have a special loved one now." How narrowly we define being loved. We have friends who love us, who think of us even when we're not present -- just as we think of them. And no one of us is ever away from the protective realm of a Higher Power who loves us always and everywhere we go.

Wherever we look there is someone who, like us, will find the day easier if he remembers he's loved.
I Love you Monica.
August 02, 2005
Rosie, All of are prayers are with you during this diffcult time in your life. We know how much you loved Gil and love him still, and most importmant how much he loved you. His smile will be greatly missed, never saw him without it. I will also miss him always asking for TURTLE (my little bro). He loved your family and friends just because they were your family and friends. He will be missed by all who had the privlege to know him.
We love you!
August 02, 2005
gilbert i remember when you helped me and lyn build the dog run so i would not worry about my dogs getting out of my yard. you were so kind to me when lyndon's father died. i will miss you and i know you will be in heaven with your father. till we meet again.....love demetra god bless you.
August 02, 2005
Dear Contrearas Family my deepest sympathy for your loss Gilbert was a dear friend to me and to my family members he will truly be missed. You all with be in our thoughts and prayers.
August 02, 2005
Dear family,
We went to school with Gil and we were shocked to hear of the sad news. We Loved Gil, his smile would light up the room when he'd walk in, and he always made us laugh at parties growing up. Gil, we know you are up there having a blast with Scary Gary =) We will miss you Gil. You and your family are in our prayers, God bless.
August 02, 2005
I don't know where to start, Gilbert / "Jobert" and I grew up together and his family became mine. My story is a familiar one; as Gilbert and I grew older we began to start our own lives which caused me to leave the Sacramento area. Unfortunately, I haven't seen or spoken to Gilbert for sometime, therefore, I only have memories from long ago which I will cheerish forever. During our youth and adolescene we became brothers, therefore, I have lost a family member. My deepest sympathy to the Contreras family and especially to Mrs. "C".
Gilbert you will missed by many and never forgotten. "Avenue"
August 02, 2005
Dear Virginia & Family,

I'm so deeply sadden with the sudden loss of such a Special Man.
August 02, 2005
My Dearest Sweet Baby Brother how I miss you already. I know you are safe in your new home, but my heart still aches. I miss our morning conversations while you were fighting traffic going to work and the conversations about Xavier and Dylon. As Lenny said "you were a true warrior" to the end. Always know that you are deeply tucked away in my heart with nothing but great memories of when we were kids. All my love until we meet again. Your Sister Estelle
August 02, 2005
Uncle Gil, you will be missed very much. I know you are now in a better place. My prayers and thoughts are with your family, and all of us that miss you. May God be with us all.
August 02, 2005
I'll never forget your smile Gill everytime I saw you there was always this BIG SMILE on your face. You will always be remembered and never forgotten, I know my Aunt Rose will keep your spirit alive and we will always remember the good times with you.We will always love you Gill and we will all meet again. Missing you Uncle Gill! Love Tomasa
August 02, 2005
Rosie, we are so sorry to hear about Gil. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless You.
August 02, 2005
Dear Gilbert, I'm going to miss that smile of yours so much! You were a man with a big heart to go with it too. I was very happy I got to talk to you the Monday before you passed over to heaven. You said you loved Jesus and knew He was your Saviour, so I have no doubt where you are and that I'll see you again. My prayers and love are with Rosie and your family. God Bless you Gil until we meet again!
Love, Karen
August 01, 2005
August 01, 2005
My heart goes out to Rosie and Gil's Family. I grew up with Mariah, Gerardo, and Puanani. I Knew Gil for about 10 years. He was a great guy! He had such a big heart and I know he will never be forgotten. May God watch over his family and friends through this hard time. Stay strong Rosie because I know he is up there in heaven with Donald!
August 01, 2005
To Rich, Nick and Family: Our Deepest Condolence to your Family.Your Family is in our Prayer's. God is looking over all of you. -Ingram Micro Family-
August 01, 2005
Gilbert! You were a special little brother. I have so many great memories of you. You lived your life with such pleasure. Just like "Elvis," You were always concerned for your families well being. I know that "Rosie," will miss her companion. I know you are traveling with "Dad," now. You left this world with great strength and courage. I will miss you, but I know we will meet again. Love Monica
August 01, 2005
Well, I don't even know where to start. I thought Gilbert would live forever. He was the coolest, funniest, and most loving friend I ever had in my life. I've known him since I was a baby. He would talk and kid around with total strangers and before you know it they were his friends. He loved his Mom and Dad very much. He looked up to Fernando his big brother. He loved all his family for that matter. He was Gilbert Contreras, the one and only ever. Oh, and when he drove the "55 High Boy", It was like going back to american Graffiti. I can still see Gilbert coming down the road playing Elvis & the Beach Boys. I remember during football practice at Burbank, coach Moack said," Contreras you aren't hitting hard enough". The very next play Gilbert hit a guy so hard it broke his collar bone. Gil felt bad afterwards. He was a warrior!! I am in deep mourning since I found out about his passing so I scanned some pictures to remember My Life Long Friend..I LOve you Gilbert and your family and friends.
August 01, 2005
You will be missed Uncle Gil, until we meet again. Keep your angels watching over us. We will miss your smile and your presence during FAMILY TIME. Don't worry, we'll take good care of Aunt Rosie for you. Much love always, your niece Celia.
August 01, 2005
Peace to all of this man's good family. Monica is one of my dearest friends and her pain is my pain. You all have my condolences and best wishes.
Ruth Ehman
August 01, 2005
You were one of my best friends growing up. Even though I haven't seen you in a while, I thought of you often. My deepest sympathies go to your entire family. Rest in Peace,,,, your friend, Jim Doucette
August 01, 2005
Rosie we are so sadden to hear about Gil. He loved you so much and I'm sure he is your guardian angel watching over you. Who's going to yell for my husband at a party, "Hey Turtle".. We will miss him greatly and we love you.
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