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December 07, 2014
Wanted to wish you a happy birthday today Mom. I am thinking about you and miss you much. Thank you for all your help. I know you are here with us. I love you.

May 14, 2014
Love you forever mommy
May 14, 2014
Hello Mommy, it's me ... If you can forgive me for not saying happy Mother's Day , I of course was thinking about and wanted to call you, silly me right? I've sort have been lost and have falling apart. I guess this is not the time or place I know mom you taught me a lot better , but I do very much miss and love you I promise I will be there to visit you soon .
Love you mommy forever
May 12, 2014
Hi Mom,

We had a great time yesterday celebrating you on Mothers Day. We miss you and love you so very much.

January 20, 2014
Just wanted to let you know how much you are missed. This weekend made our hearts sad but also brought back many good memories. 2013 was a rough year. I miss you- I miss my dad- we love you very much. You are with us always....
January 18, 2014
Thinking of you on this day Mom. We love you.
December 26, 2013
Merry Christmas Mom. We love you !

December 24, 2013
My Loving Kim,
Today is the day it all started. I so remember the call, Then, Tony and I went to the emergency room, and there you were!
I truly did not believe it would end as it did. I really thought you would be home for Christmas.
Well, I was so wrong.
You were the glue that held our family together, and I can not tell you how much Tony and I miss you.
So, this Christmas Eve, Tony and I are at home, alone, wishing you were here.
I love and miss you more then I could ever explain.
You were always the best of everything.
I Love and miss you daily.
Your Melody
May 22, 2013
It has been a very long time since I last saw Aunt Kim, since I was a very young girl, though she and my mother Dorothy kept in touch over the years. I was so sad and sorry to hear that she is gone. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family.
May 12, 2013
Hi Mom,

Just wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day. The day was different, but I felt you close by. I love you very much and miss you. Thank you Mom.
February 10, 2013
Grandma, im going to miss you. To me you were the best grandma ever. ill never forget talking hours on the phone with you, ill never forget your laughter, you always made me smile. id always loved to make you smile also. ill miss grandma. your always in my hart. love you.
February 10, 2013
Kim, I am honored to have had the chance to know you. You are a wonderful caring woman and will be greatly missed. Thank you for all the kindness you showed me throughout the years. I love you and miss you.
February 05, 2013
Mommy you are my best friend and I will miss you so much. It is hard for me to think that I will never be able to hear your voice again. I love you so, much and miss

Love you,
February 05, 2013
Amanda McNulty
February 05, 2013
This letter was written for my wife who is struggling with Kim's loss, but Mandy wanted me to share it..

"Mandy my lovely wife. My heart aches for your loss and my soul burns with the pain of your pain. I cannot understand how this affects you because as you have said, I have not yet experienced a loss so close to know how you feel.
However, I hope this may help just a little bit. I did not speak at your mom's funeral, but if I did hear is what I would have said.
Kim Johnson - from the first day I met her, to the last day she was sweet and kind. On Thursday, the day before Kim left on her next journey, Kim greeted me with a , 'hello Robert'. Kim was so comfortable with what I am sure she knew was coming, she was not scared or worried for herself and I hope Kim knew that her children and grandchildren would continue to grow and learn to love and be kind as they already are and do.
I was blessed by knowing Kim and was fortunate to spend a little time with her before she passed, as was everyone in the family. It is sad to see her go, hard to let go and even harder to say fare thee well. I am not much on faith on the unknown, I prefer to see vs. have faith in what I don't see. But faith is needed to be able to hope that it is not the end, just a new beginning.
Faith and Hope. Without hope, we are all doomed. Without faith our possibilities are limited. I have always been an optimist. I have always said, things are going to work out, we can do this. Well, I suppose optimism can only carry me so far, can only carry any of us so far. So how can my optimism spur me on in this situation? Well only with faith. I need to have faith that Kim is still here. Kim can still see us and hear us. Perhaps we cannot reach out and touch her anymore, but she will always be able to touch us, those who live and still carry and honor her memory.
I look out in the cemetery and see so many headstones. So many people who passed long ago. So many of these people's memories are no longer honored because their loved ones have passed as well. That is a difference to me. As long as we are here and honor and remember Kim, as long as we visit her resting place and take the time to honor her time on earth Kim will remain with us. Always on our mind, always next to our hearts.
My lovely wife. I cannot promise that this will help, I cannot promise that I will always be here next to you, for as anyone, my time here is not something that I can measure. Only after I have taken my walk can my time here be measured. I love you and will honor you and your mom for as long as I am able. I feel for your loss and mourn for Kim beside you. Together I hope we can honor your mother, Kim as she would ask and expect."
February 04, 2013
From the first day I met Kim and from the last time I saw her, she was sweet and kind. Greeted me with a "hello Robert".
It is hard to see Kim go and harder to accept that she has moved on to her next journey.
Faith and hope. Without hope we are all lost. Without faith, our possibilities are limited. For me, faith has new meaning. Faith that Kim is still with us, gives me hope. Perhaps we cannot reach out and touch Kim anymore but she will always be able to continue to touch us as long as we continue to honor her memory.
Jon, Tony, Mandy and everyone else morning Kim's passing: I am truly sorry and profoundly sad at the loss.
~God Bless~
February 02, 2013
My son Ryan just reminded me of Mom's favorite song. Imagine, by John Lennon. She loved the Beatles. Here's the link. Listen to the words:
January 30, 2013
Grandma, you were the best grandma ever, you always went out of your way to spoil us and always cared and wanted to know if we were safe. You have a great sense of humor and you are very funny, I am going to miss making you laugh. Thanks again for everything, see you in heaven.
I love you,
January 30, 2013
Ive known my Grandma from the day i was born. we were very close and i miss her very much. she was always their for me and had an understanding ear. the thing i will remember most is how much laughter she had. i miss you so much and will remember you always.

Love your mister
January 30, 2013
My mom had an enormous heart filled with passion, compassion and empathy. It's ironic that in the end, it was her heart that failed her, because it was her heart that drove her every act throughout her life.

Goodbye Mama, you have done well, rest in peace.

Your loving son
January 29, 2013
So sorry Melody and Tony - our prayers and love are with you always...
January 27, 2013
So sorry to hear of Kim's passing. Though we had lost touch & thought about her thru the years, I will always remember her for her wicked sense of humor ( the English part). She was really my sisters friend but helped me out when I was a new mom, knew nothing or anyone. May she rest in peace & may your memories comfort you in the days ahead
January 27, 2013
The queen, the queen-the queen of every thing. That is what I always said to you and that is how it will always be. I love you like my own mother. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts. You will be missed dearly. Love you so very much.
January 27, 2013

You will remain in my heart forever. I love you and miss you so much.
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